somebody responded to us posting that emma watson is a clueless activist with this

and i’m just like… yeah because emma watson was born to rich parents and got sent to a freaking private boarding school in oxford and getting tutored in drama from a very young age, and landed a role in a very visible movie franchise .

like… both people who work on this blog are lower middle class at absolute best. if i had a rich mummy and daddy that sent me to rich people school and paid for a better education then maybe i would be a some kind of ambassador that makes speeches that don’t say anything as well, but instead i’m just a local activist who tries to support people in the best way she can with the resources she has.

for what it’s worth i’m from roughly the same geographic area as emma and i’m just like… maybe if i was a rich pretty cis girl i could work for the UN in promoting equality in an ineffective way too, but instead i’m working class, transgender and finding it hard to even get a job as a shitty position in the same city she went to school, all because we both played the cards we got dealt and she happened to have all aces.

jesus. think before you speak, y’know?


Is that what you want to do? You wanna sit here and label me just another case of some crazy ass combat vet who lost his mind, huh? Maybe that’ll appeal to some shit-bag jury in some shit-bag court. It wasn’t on a battlefield … That’s not where my life went to shit.


We already teased them a bit in our last post. But here are the genderswap designs for all the potential love interests! Hope you like them :)

Jennifer Hun - Fabienne Delacroix - Yasai Rīki
Dalia Fields - Petra Nile - Jaida Roots

(This was just for fun. It’s not canon.)

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A Dating Sim set in the Victorian Age

The pirate rants

Considering what has gone on today regarding loo getting harassed on twitter, It was nice to see a post by an Adlocker in support of the Sherlolly ship. That was really cool to read, especially after receiving a not so nice comment on a post of mine by an Adlocker and then getting messaged from that same Adlocker, telling me how I should ship my ships. It made me very angry because I thought Adlockers were cooler and above that kind of behavior. It came off as total TjlCon behavior and it left me kinda sour on shipping Adlock. But after seeing that support post for the Sherlollies, my faith has been renewed because I know that the majority of Adlockers do support the Sherlolly ship and the Sherlolly ship supports the Adlock ship. 


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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A Dating Sim set in the Victorian Age


Just a quick update to say we’re sorry we haven’t been sticking to our regular schedule and haven’t been posting our own content the last 2 weeks :(  
There’s been some big changes going on and it’s been kind of hectic for us lately. Long story, short; admin Ari had to get a new job and admin Sum has been cramming for midterms rip so we haven’t really had the time to actually get together and write some of our own posts.
Plus, 2 weeks ago our dog had puppies! She gave birth to 3 healthy and adorable puppies :‘3 And funny enough, they came out looking like the bears from the show We Bare Bears! Take a look!

Also, it’s not out normally scheduled day, but keep a look out for some new content

- Admin

A massive *Thank You* to our followers

All TWO THOUSAND of you! 

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From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for following our blog and supporting the amazing, AMAZING Outlander fic community to which we contribute.   

Every like, comment, reblog, and tag from you means so much to us, and your prompts are so often the spark that kicks our imaginations into overdrive. You inspire us and keep us going every day! 

 So, wherever you are in the world, however long you’ve been following: 

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Our other survey got so many responses (yay!) , surveymonkey wanted us to buy a membership (less yay). So! we started this one on google docs! 

We would appreciate if y’all could take the time and fill out our survey! We’re collecting responses on the demographic of our followers, and we’re also opening the floor for follower feedback on our blog content.

The first page is demographic only; which are required questions, but the comments/concerns part is not mandatory!

If we collect enough responses on this survey I plan on creating a follow-up survey with proposed changes and additions, after all the mods have reviewed the responses of the survey.

Please note that all mods have access to this survey, so this is not the time to be a dick to a mod you have beef against.

Thanks for participating! -Mods at NB Support

p.s: special thanks to mod dave and mod kasim for doing these. 

Some headshots of Jaiden, a potential lover in Vicboys.

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A Dating Sim set in the Victorian Age

Dance with me my old friend
Once before we go
Let’s pretend this song won’t end
And we never have to go home
And we’ll dance among the chandeliers
And nothing matters when we’re dancing [x]

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Dorian Pavus - @rikyocosplay

The Iron Bull - @raddigested / @bara-roses-cosplay

Photography - @xxyumeganxx

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You typically won’t find us talking about politics on here since we usually do that on our personal Twitters/Tumblrs, but I feel like it’s important to bring something up now that things aren’t looking too good.

First of all, if you support any aspect of Trump’s presidency and/or voted for him, unfollow us right now. We don’t need you following us and supporting that pig at the same time. And considering I (Trash) am a queer Mexican-American woman, I take a lot of the shit he’s doing personal. So yeah, we’re not going to need the support of anyone who agrees with the racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamphobic, xenophobic pile of earwax currently sitting in the White House.

Also, you’re following a blog (our blog) that revolves around a m/m relationship where at least one of the men is POC and the other is widely believed to be as well (I personally believe McCree is POC, but hey, that’s currently up for interpretation). If you support Trump, you have no business supporting McHanzo, like, at all. That probably means you’re in this (i.e. following us and engaging in McHanzo content) for the fetishization of same-sex couples, which is an entirely different issue I’m not going to touch right now. 

Moving on, we want to let the rest of our followers know that we’re here for you. Aside from this post, we want to remain a safe space for everyone who feels like the political landscape of the world is a daunting place right now. I know how scary it feels to be caught up in all of this and to hear something awful every day. To our LGBT followers, to our female followers, to our POC followers – we are with you. We stand by your side and are here for emotional/moral support during these troubling times. To our Muslims followers, I want to extend an equally supportive message, and I pray that this American ban is smacked down as soon as possible. The fact that citizens here legally are unable to travel in or out of the country is disgusting. We stand by you and if we can help in any way, please let us know. 

For everyone out there worried about what is going on: remain vigilante, remain hopeful, remain defiant. Giving in means they – Donald and all of his lackeys – win. Protest any way you can, even if your form of protest is simply existing. Exist and live and thrive, despite what he or anyone else has to say. We will continue to provide you all with content that hopefully lifts your spirits and can take your mind off of the outside world, if only for a few moments.