Happy 618 everyone!
Gosh, I can’t believe we have finally completed this episode, it took us so long. You guys only saw the first part a few motnhs ago, but we have been working on this whole episode for more than a year now, so it’s really satisfying to see it all come together like this.
And don’t you worry, more episodes will follow in the future!
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Credits under the cut:

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Miraculous Pride: A Miraculous Ladybug Pride Charity Zine

Miraculous Pride Zine is a collaboration of fanworks intended to appreciate LGBTQ+ fanart and fanfiction for the show Miraculous Ladybug! It’s time to shine a light on the wonderful character interpretations out there and appreciate the full rainbow of content in our fandom!

Donations are not mandatory but highly welcomed, as we will be donating all proceeds to LGBTQ+ charities around the world!

Zine Format: Digital Download

Theme: LGBTQ+ characters and ships, pride-related creations, etc.

Content: Art, fics, and 2-3 page comics!


Signups: Jul 1 - Jul 22
Creation time: Aug 5 - Sept 16
Release date: ~Sept 22

More info will be added as we approach the signup date, so follow our blog and track the tag #miraculouspride for updates!

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hello hello!! it’s sure been a while since we last made a post; this time it’s a thank you, post. though, technically, it’s 11.5k, we’ve decided to host this g!veaway in order to show the people who follow this blog our gratitude for always staying on our side. 

(since i’m in no editing mood rn jdgbfdj please take this simple post) as shown in the image, the winner of this give away will be receiving the first 3 volumes of haikyuu!!, english translated!!!

in order to enter the g!veaway though, please go over these rules and make sure you abide to them! ^ ^

  • you mbf our blog since this is a g!veaway for our followers after all!
  • ONE LIKE / ONE REBLOG, each count as an entry so if you do both you’ll be having 2 entries!!! 
  • no g!veaway blogs!!! please only reblog this post to your main blog!
  • whether you are a minor or an adult doesn’t really matter, but if you are a minor please do make sure you have your parents permission to give out your address and that it’s okay with them for you to receive a package from outside! (the volumes will be shipped from the uk)
  • as mentioned above, you must be willing to give us your address since we’ll be having the items shipped at you!

the g!veaway ends on the 28th of august, and if you’re wondering “why so late?” that’s because fyhaikyuu’s been created on august 28th of 2015, thus we’ll be also celebrating this blog turning 2 years old! 

with no further ado, once again we thank you all for sticking to us all this time and we wish everyone who enters the best of luck!


We were so surprised to find - that over 1,000 people followed our blog! - Rutile Twins

 I am greatful people like us so much. They’re all so kind. - Fluorite

 I was kind of nervous about it but, everyone is so nice! - Rhodonite 

I predict we will gain many followers! How exciting! I can’t wait! - Padparadscha  

…Thanks, everyone. You don’t know how much it means to them all. - Lars 

 (I can hardly believe it. Thanks so much to those reblogging, getting us exposure! And many thanks to those that followed. It makes me feel like my art is worthy. :3  <3, Moma Roxy)

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Instead of a video, we want to introduce our talented voice actors in a mini demo. Don’t expect much gameplay.  It’s only meant for announcing the voice cast. 


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A dating sim set in the Victorian Age

We want to thank everyone who has followed our blog, liked or reblogged our first post, or has contacted us about getting involved.

We wanted to let you know that we have a twitter account that we will be using to keep in touch with fans on twitter. The account is @lwt_promoteam

We also have an Instagram account- lwt_promoteam

If you have any questions or suggestions for us please feel free to message us.

Girl Meets World Network: Members Announcement!

Today is the day. We’re announcing the members of the gmwnetwork! First we’d like to say thank you to those who have followed our blog and sent in applications. Choosing wasn’t easy, but the members we have chosen are:

@bjllpotts @callmecottoncandyface @chochxng @dacutiehart @friarlucas @ginnywaesley @girl-meets-boy @highqueenlucy @hug-a-mermaid @kirayukimuras @leethompkins @matthewsjosh @mattmeetsworld @randomestfandoms @reyrose @riarhkle @rilayafever @rileysmatthews @rileysrobot @rileystown @rucadora @sabs-carpenter @southside-serpent @thunderbjrd @winstonkipling

The members page has all of you on it, so you can check each other out, and even use the search bar to search for people who ship the same things as you! If you want anything changed on the page, or you ever change your url, please let the blog know so that we can keep it up to date.

The group chat will be on skype (no video calls involved!), so if you’d like to be part of that, please send us your skype username. There’ll be one big group chat for everyone, and then six smaller ones for the shippers of these ships: smarkle, rucas, rilaya, riarkle, lucaya, and zayadora, so please also let us know which of these chats you’d like to be in (it can be as many as you want).

And to those who weren’t chosen, please don’t be sad. We’re going to be opening applications in a couple of months again, so you’ll get another chance to join. Plus, everybody can tag their GMW content with #gmwnet, and take part in the blog challenges that aren’t specifically for members!

Happy blogging everyone! And members, keep an eye out for the first challenge tomorrow!

London Fire: Structural engineer is monitoring Grenfell Tower's stability after devastating blaze

The London Fire Brigade says that a structural engineer is monitoring the stability of Grenfell Tower, the 24-storey residential block which was engulfed by a devastating fire in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The building has been described as safe for now, and firefighters continue to work inside.

“We have got a structural engineer, who in conjunction with my urban search and rescue advisor, is monitoring the stability of the building,” London Fire Brigade Commissioner Dany Cotton said.

Follow our live blog on the Grenfell Tower fire here

“At the moment the building continues to be safe for our crews to go and work in.”

Cotton also said crews had only reached as far as the 19th and 20th floors of the building so far.

People who escaped the 24-storey Grenfell Tower in north Kensington spoke of others, including children, screaming for help, some holding babies from windows and others jumping from their flats high above the ground.

Cotton said there had been a “number of fatalities” but could not say how many due to the size and complexity of the building.

She told reporters: “This is an unprecedented incident.

"In my 29 years of being a firefighter, I have never ever seen anything of this scale.”

Here’s what we know about the fire so far.

Accceptance Post

Thank you all who have applied for the network. The admins have reviewed the applications! Sorry for the incredibly long wait~

We would like to welcome the following blogs to our network:

@earlyconfession @namgerine @v-mons @velvetjjks @ilysoftjimin @tae-all-the-way @herbanistic @haneulismykoreanname @weareonereacts @thedrawingscometolife

Welcome to the network~

After your acceptance, please do the following:

  1. Reblog this post so we know you have seen it
  2. Add a link to the network somewhere on your blog (We will be checking this!)
  3. Tag any of your new moodboard content with #btsmoodnet in your first five tags so we can reblog it
  4. Track the #btsmoodnet tag to see other members’ creations!
  5. Participate in challenges set by admins (optional)
  6. Produce content at least once in two months
  7. Any change in URL should be notified to the admins
  8. Review the rules here if you want to!
  9. Enjoy your time with us!~

To applicants who were not accepted, please message one of the admins or leave an ask in our inbox to know further!

Sad news!

My friend Gabriela, or k-pop-girl-groups, has just had her account deleted. We don’t know why.. Could be a hacker. But if any of you are mutual followers of our blogs please don’t fret! We’re working together to figure out happened and Gabi is currently trying to contact Tumblr support! I’m sad to see her posts gone, all of them were amazing, and I hope she can fix this situation with help! Thank you for reading this and have a wonderful day/night!

anonymous asked:

i figured out recently that i'm trans but i'm having trouble coming to terms with it. how do i deal with this?

Honestly it took me three years to accept myself as trans, so I’m not really sure what would be best.

Maybe try to follow more blogs like ours, and think about what being trans means for you and you’re life (and make sure you think positively there as well as negatively too, focus on this being a step for you that’s going in the right direction)

Can followers help anymore? - Matthew


A special thanks to EVERYONE who liked, reblogged, and especially followed our blog! You send us requests and support and keep us alive and thriving. We have three small things we are going to celebrate with!

  • One was suggested by an anonymous user; the mods make their own aesthetics board and post it.
  • The second is we made a Discord Server! A link to the server will be posted shortly, keep your eyes peeled.
  • The third is we are opening up Mod Applications again! Depending on how many people apply, we will either bring in one or two new mods!

Again, another massive thank you to each and every single one of you; you’re all brilliant and we would have struggled to come this far without you!



This is a pretty bold move tbh and I’m hoping I don’t regret it. We’re only adding a person as a moderator. Just one person. Here are things you should tell us if you’re interested in joining the blog:

  • Your age (we’re going for someone around our age; don’t lie, we don’t judge)
  • your first name
  • Your gender
  • What language(s) you speak
  • Your blog(s)
  • What fandoms you’re into
  • Examples of what you would post (three at least)
  • If we can message you through tumblr or not
  • Who’s your favorite admin and why (admin disappointment still counts)
  • What you do for your fandom (ex: fanart, fanfics, cosplay, generally support, etc.)
  • Your ships (we’re trying to avoid fanwars)
  • and if you became an admin what would your admin code name be?

WE WILL NOT POST YOUR SUBMISSION OUT OF RESPECT FOR YOUR PRIVACY. These are just generally fun questions and I hope someone decides to join us.

To submit your form thing (?) to join our blog please click here

Hope this is all cool with chu guys! If you’re concerned for kpop content don’t worry, I’m starting to learn about all of them. Stay lovely bebs!

-Admin Daria

(prepare for me to reblog the shit out of this post)

Edit: Submissions are due by July 26 ^^

ps i shortened it so it doesn’t look too long

hey guys

Go follow @pidgeaholic , a pidge appreciation blog started by @bpd-kogane (go follow @bpd-kogane too he’s cool). I help run the blog, I think I’m a mod? Maybe? ??? Anyway, I’m expecting some quality Pidge content from that blog, so you should too. It’s gonna be great.

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hello!! can you please ask you followers to follow our new blog @sunset-lemonade ? we're a positivity blog that also posts song recommendations and photography. it's alright if you don't want to! but thank you anyway!

Your blog is very calming and I enjoy the scenery and wide variety of pastel colors
If any of my followers want to see a calming blog that isn’t as pink as mine and brings a different flavor check out @sunset-lemonade

anonymous asked:

Sorry that people aren't that active on your blog much. If it makes you feel any better then I just want you to know that I go on your blog almost every day and that you are such a big inspiration to me!(If I wasn't so lazy and forgettable about passwords then I would follow our blog like a thousand times if that was possible :P )

Thats the problem man, I will never know about people who look at me but dont show themselves or whatever– but thank you qwq