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Molly Hooper Appreciation Week Day 2: In my Wildest Dreams
(Fanworks focusing on AUs)
[Day 1]

Well, well, well. I love AUs and crossover, so I was thinking about this one for a really long time. I always pictured Molly Hooper and Mary Morstan as Sam and Dean from Supernatural (even because I would love a canon friendship between the two, and a spin-off to hahah), so here’s my Hunters!AU. :D (Bonus: Sherlock Holmes in the background as an Angel.) I will probably draw more about this in future! Drawn & colored in Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop. Hope you like it! Please, do not repost here or on other social networks without my permission/without credit - just hit the ‘Reblog’ button, thank you. :3
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You! Yes you! You’re going to be at Dragon Con this weekend, right? Because if you are, you get to hang out with the Wolf 359 crew!

That’s right, me, @iamzachvalenti​, @mewthril​, @amateurziarko​, and possibly a few other members of the team will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta this weekend! We’re nominated for a Parsec Award for Best Long For Speculative Fiction Audio Drama, and will be hanging around seeing the various sights! 

But WAIT, there’s more! We’re going to be holding a hangout/informal Q&A session on Saturday afternoon, with our friend @thelaurenshippen​ of @thebrightsessions​! Exact time and location subject to revisions, but you can find all the details at the Facebook Event page. <— Click there! 

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“This is how the story end” by Ronny Garcia
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I drew this one during a live stream :) It was a really fun one to fuse and it could even look like an Alola form of Rapidash :D 


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My first ever Speedmation Video

Watch the timelapse of me animating a comic panel by Surfcage

Im so glad I recorded this one, it was so much fun and great practice.

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#331.5 - Cacnea are native to arid locations, where they survive by storing water in their bodies for extended periods of time. Their yellow flower blooms once a year, which they use to attract prey with a strong aroma. As they age, their flower will bloom less as they become more active at night. A Cacnea close to being fully mature will not bear a flower, and will instead seek out prey that is exhausted from the day’s desert heat.

Requested by @obamasmomjeans (it’s not Cacnea -> Maractus, but, still).

Other Gen 3 Pokemon

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