me: okay turner…don’t let yourself get emotional over this
me: alright you can do this *deep breath* 
me: *loud screaming*

i CAN NOT even start to believe that so many beautiful, talented, fantastic writers are following me right now (except you porn blogs. nobody likes you), and continue to stick with me throughout everything. i might not say it a lot, but i really do appreciate you guys here. i was super hesitant on joining the marvel fandom at first. especially since the character i wanted to pick up was one of the more popular one’s in it and i wasn’t here from the beginning (i joined pretty late. after civil war came out) but you know, i’m happy i didn’t let that get to me,

             plus, i mean. who could get mad about more tony’s popping up ??? exactly. nobody.

because i’ve met the best people through having him as a character, and honestly, nothing is better than friendship to me. 

i don’t want to make this post too long (also i don’t even know what else to say. i’m way too overwhelmed by all of this), so under the cut are the blogs i want to give special shout out’s to. seriously, if you aren’t following these people, please consider changing that. you will not regret it.

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You’re all great, especially those of you who comment on my things! Because of Tumblr’s system it’s not so easy to respond to your messages and I don’t know whether people will check back again to see if I’ve replied, so I just wanted to say I read every one of them and they make my heart so much bigger ♥

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(I also try to visit almost everyone who reblogs my things, fyi)

Also, if there’s anything you’d like to ask - from favourite crystal gem to hopes and dreams, do feel free :3 

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dreamhighsarang  asked:

hello~! i'd just like to thank you for always having "hope you're having a good day <3" as a hashtag on your posts, because when I log in on tumblr after a long day, it's what I most commonly see first, and it brightens my day. ♡

No need to thank me, and it really makes me happy seeing that everyone loves the tag, I’ll keep it forever haha 

Thankyou so much  ❤️

A terrible rush job celebrating my fave hitting 1M subscribers on YouTube!!! Super proud of you @thatsthat24 and everything you’ve accomplished up to this point! You’re gonna go far, kid!! I love ya, Thomas!😋❤️


Guess who’s hit 500+ followers? As celebration I’m going to do a giveaway!

There will only be one winner, and you will win:
One (1) Azura Necklace
Your choice of *either* a Nohr or Hoshido small pack of cards

1. You must be following me, this is kinda for my followers anyhow. ;3

2. If you live outside of the US I would need help with the shipping. If you’re not willing to do that, then please do not enter.

3. You must be ok with giving me either an address or PO Box I can send your prize to!

4. Entries are recorded via reblogs and the winner shall be chosen through a random number generator!


I hope someday it hurts you, knowing you hurt me. I hope that you remember the pain in my eyes, bloodshot with bags underneath them from endless nights of crying. I hope you look back and it breaks you knowing you broke me. I hope one day you may realize, you were my moon, sun and stars, but I was just your nightlight. I hope one day you realize, you broke me. And I hope it breaks you.
—  @avie.xx on Instagram
천문학 - Astronomy

밤하늘 - Night sky

우주 - Universe

태양계 - Solar system

공간 - Space

은하 - Galaxy

행성 - Planet

지구 - Earth

태양 - Sun

달 - Moon

보름달 - Full moon

반달 - Half moon

월식 - Lunar eclipse

별 - Star

유성 - Shooting star

별자리 - Constellation

혜성 - Comet

분위기 - Atmosphere


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