Observance A: the pyramid goes from dark brown to practically white when they cut to the closeup

Observance B: Other small things change color, like the genie’s midriff and the weird dog’s ear

Observance C: I actually don’t have anything funny to say about these mundane inconsistrencies, sorry

Feminist: You should date me even though I’m overweight it doesn’t matter even if you are an extremely healthy person and you like a healthy weight you have to date me because fuck your preferences.

Same feminist: I won’t date a guy who is under 5" or over 250 pounds.

hey @slocotion you’re a mega huge inspiration to me and your ocs have a special place in my heart. i know i asked u a million years ago if i could draw ur ocs so i had to just finally doodle up a little thing letting you know how much I really love your art and it speaks to me and it is a HUGE INSPIRATION so-

please keep sharing those amazing beautiful ideas you have in that head.