NEW VIDEO: “How To: EGG (Makeup Tutorial)”

This week I decided to teach you guys an el-EGG-ent look for the summer. Hope it’s egg-zactly what you were looking for! <3

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There has been a few mentions lately of ADHD girls getting dissed by the world. I just want to offer a few bits of support: a) I’m a girl, grew up undiagnosed—I was that annoying friend, that unsuccessful student, on and on.  No one EVER suggested that I was ADHD, even though I’m classic. I barely graduated, despite being smart as a whip. I failed math every year. I was put on academic suspension my first year at the university. 

 I finally connected all the dots while I was doing EBD screeners for my students. I was self-diagnosed for about five years. Before that, I figured out strategies to survive on my own; I went back to school at age 31 to complete my undergrad in elem. ed, graduating magna cum laude, then went on to get my masters—all without a formal diagnosis, all without meds.  

I took myself in for a diagnosis at 41. I am on Adderall now, and I LOVE IT. I don’t think I feel normal, and hope to god I never do. I love my shiny self. She’s fun. I get in trouble on a daily basis for being the way I am.

I see lots of ADHD girls in my classroom. It is true that most people  don’t understand the huge spectrum of ADHD and the unique ways it can manifest. And even if they do, most people lack the tolerance and patience to work with ADHDers. It’s sad. Our classrooms are not set up for ADHD students. 

But….we all know the brightest stars have been (or are) these insanely unique ADHD souls. Stacy Turis wrote a great memoir about being a Shiny girl. ADHD is a really tough road, but it’s an extremely interesting one to travel. I think it’s my superpower, to be honest. 

Please feel free to pass this on to any chicks who are frustrated with the “ADHD and Your Son” books . If I’d have known someone who was like me when I was in middle and high school, maybe I wouldn’t have been so hard on myself. Being a girl sucks. Being a Shiny teen sucks. The combo is a killer. 

Princess Leia is classist for calling Han Solo a nerf herder, implying that nerf herders are lesser because they’re poor, even though nerf meat and fur are used throughout the galaxy. She didn’t complain back on Alderaan when she was going to holofilm premieres in nerf fur coats or when she was running around the clubs on Coruscant in nerf suede heels, but she, a literal princess, has the nerve to call a poor man a nerf herder as an insult. Rude and churlish.


#falloutboy got me like

I’ve been thinking about an AU where Prince Dean builds a secret cottage deep in the middle of an enchanted forest to hide Castiel and their baby. Castiel is a witch and the King (John) has declared all witches must be put to death. Dean he knows his dad would have no mercy on Castiel or the baby. He’d see them both as abominations, no matter how much Dean loved them, so Dean takes matters into his own hands to protect them.

Dean used to follows his father’s line of thinking, believing that witches where evil, but that changed when he met Castiel. Dean had been wounded in a hunting accident, separated from his men. He was lost, bleeding and in danger of dying in the forest when Castiel found him. The young witch nursed Dean back to health, using his knowledge of herbs and potions. It was a dangerous thing to do, Dean might have denounced him even though Castiel saved his life or John’s soldiers, who were searching for the missing prince, could have uncovered him at any moment, but Castiel never faltered in his determination to help the prince. 

Dean fell in love with him, and even once he regained his strength and returned home to the castle, he continued to visit Castiel in secret. When Castiel told him he was pregnant, a quirk of his magical biology, Dean was overjoyed until the reality of his father’s decree dawned upon him. 

By getting Castiel pregnant, Dean will out him as a witch to everyone and not even being Dean’s lover will save Castiel’s life. In fact, it will condemn him even quicker if John believes a witch has gained influence over his heir. 

The only way to keep him safe is to send him into hiding, deep into the enchanted forest where only Dean would be able to find him.