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Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you please write a steve rogers imagine where you are going to meet the team and Bucky was your childhood bully. and so bucky starts to be rude and mean to you (obviously when steve isn’t around) and steve is totally unaware of the fact that bucky was your childhood bully. thank you so much, i love ur writing!! 

A/N: thank you love, glad you do <3 || it’s long ;3

Warning: None

Steve slid on his pizza shirt and tried to fix the wrinkles that were bugging him. You giggle as you watch him struggle with straightning out the wrinkles.

‘’This shirt hates me.’’ steve growls.

A few more tugs and he gave up, he mumbles an angry comment underneath his breath and removed his shirt. He went back into the closet and started to scan around for another shirt.

‘’So, are you excited to meet the team?’’ steve shouts from the closet.

‘’I don’t know.. What if they don’t like me?’’ you ask, biting your lip.

‘’You’re right they’re not going to like you,’’ steve sighs.

‘’They’re going to love you.’’ steve finishes, poking his head out of the closet and smiling at you.

The word ‘love’ didn’t really fit with the feelings that Bucky had for you. You haven’t met the team, but you’ve met Bucky for sure. And Bucky wasn’t a stranger nor an acquaintance. He was your childhood bully.

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