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aree my love,,, can you rec me some nice aes blogs to follow my dash is so bare lskdnfksl n i trust your judgement smooch thank you so much angel

ya ofc angel !! idk how many of them you already follow tho but here we go,,

@jeil , @auroringly , @kjh , @gikwang , @127 , @lovelyugyeom , @shyejeongs , @tristecancion , @seunghee , @4walls-exhibit , @mjukbebi , @ifyouloveher , @leetm , @bobateas , @jimmin , @1attes , @04yuta , @minhee , @freshrosetoner , @blossaem , @3000s , @1vrses , @1220mm , @cusps , @1wice , @ristrettos , @liplove , @floraisun , @nmju , @chamgmin , @jaetens , @ikon , @wooyoung , @kikwang , @opseoyo , @stigmz , @97lov , @1ovehotel , @p6y , @afterwarmth , @taipoca , @criwolf , @1of1qirl , @softgyeom , @fromluv , @hhearteyed , @unlovers , @chenlezhong , @xxpalette , @1ov , @10jimin , @sowon , @212s & @peachmyeons !!!!

Idk how many of them are pure aes but I love them all anjskdnakj


Happy Pride Month!!! We’re a tad late to the party but it took us a bit to put this together since we were all really busy!

Thank you so much! We really appreciate everyone following us♥

Also here is a bonus that Owliix did on his phone lmao

                                                                           i’m a champion,
                                                          of the people who don’t believe in

                               🎀 C H A M P I O N S . 🎀

[ ai voice] OHHHH MY GOTTT!  How does this trashy blog have 200 followers?!  No idea, but I appreciate every one of you!  Thank you for sticking with me this far!  It means so much!

I still remember when I first made this blog && was pretty sure nothing big was gonna happen… but through the crack and angst and terrible OOC mood swings, here we are.  I couldn’t be prouder.  I owe all this to YOU GUYS.  You, the person reading this.  I’m so thankful for you.  And I wish I could address everyone individually, but even though I don’t have enough room to talk to every single person in the world… I’ll try to give shout outs to at least some of you amazing people!  Even if I don’t mention you by name here… please know that I appreciate you so, so, so much.

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I feel like crying in a good way cause it’s not even been FOUR DAYS since I rebooted her   &&   I was graced with so many people/old friends excited for my return.      I’m in complete shock right now,   I can’t believe I made it to ONE HUNDRED so quickly.     It took me so much courage to finally decide to return,   &&    I want to give a personal shoutout to CENT ( @anradh  i luv u )    for giving me that final push!     This was the best decision made,    &&    for once I actually feel like myself again on Tumblr.      I’ve been blessed with so many positive people,   && have created so many wonderful friendships while being here    &&    for that,   I really want to give a big THANK YOU.      You have made this experience exciting   &&   just downright amazing once again.       For once,   I’m actually having FUN running my blog    &&    I feel so safe being surrounded by all you lovely people.    I’M TOTALLY NOT CRYING RN ( nope,  im totally crying while writing this ).    I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!     

You guys mean the world to me,    &&   I just want to say how blessed I am to have found you guys.   Some I may not talk to as often as others,   but you still have helped me remain positive  &&   being able to talk to you or see you on my dash makes me smile.    Thank you for being such amazing friends!

  @afleurdelish​ , @roseruin​ , @finalpetal​ , @mettatoniic​ / @hisloyclty , @hyacinthsgirl​ / @hiiddeneyes , @azothbladed​ , @lapucelledelespoir​ , @warblossomed​ ,  @anradh​ /  @rialoir , @ladydiaochan , @scathanna / @ululeis , @ghaisgich , @bowofbenbulben  ! !    

This is to the people I interact with or admire from afar,   thank you for making this reboot worth while.   Everyone of you have such amazing portrayals     &&    I personally admire the work that goes into every single character whether it be ORIGINAL or CANON. 

 @zordestiya , @nordiixa , @motherfuckingredsaber , @noircisaint , @aeristheancient , @fragilefated , @fcrestmaiden , @goreus , @rosaxui , @boargored / @rcyalsword , @serialten / @popokki , @sweaterquccn , @oncexfutureking , @hyperpoint ,  @crinosgf ,  @wiltedapathy , @krulbred , @artisaen , @maluspuerum , @regalius , @warcrowned , @indulges , @wrathsinned , @demoncorrupt , @motherfreakingtwinkaleidosticks ,  @tateboshi , @talahdorei   !!   

&& ALL OF YOU!   THANK YOU !   Keep being you   &&   remember to smile cause your worth it!