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//Can I just say shoutouts to skin AU blogs?

  I always honestly love to see content that is still justifiable in universe

  And has some semblance of canonicity

  Yet the content is unique, and different

  and often based off a single piece of official art / maaybe one like

  Flavour line text on an announcement post?

  So shoutouts to skin AU blogs, and their creativity <3

More of Roby,, them as a child, Now with 100% more eye


Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

((happy first anniversary undertale! [full view here]

even though I’m not involved in the fandom anymore, and this blog is dormant, I still wanted to do something to celebrate this day. Undertale influenced me a lot, not just in allowing me to create wonderful friendships and granting me amazing experiences, but for changing how i think about things and view the world. it’s an incredibly positive game with a nice message and it leaves you feeling good and wanting to be a better person. i still love this game dearly, and will probably hold it close to my heart for years to come.

Thank you for following this blog, and thank you for experiencing this game with me!))


What was it I was going to do? Ah of course. Scans of LN3. But I still haven’t checked if someone already uploaded them, because I was pretty sure I saw some scans already. As you can see I’m quite unreliable, don’t trust me!! But for now, here are the scans of the illustrations for 55 Minutes. As usual, I‘d prefer these to not be reposted but if it cannot be helped, then go ahead as long as you don’t claim you did the scans. Enjoy~!

1D Members and Politics: Niall

So I’ve been promising (threatening) full profiles of 1D members politics.  And I thought I’d start with Niall.  Because in these days of Backpacking holidays and snapchats don’t we all sort of wish when we’d first heard of 1D we’d thought: “That Irish one looks great - he’ll be my favourite”.

Aaron Butterfield recently posted this:

Niall is, by all accounts, actually really smart. I have a friend (I use that term loosely, more like an acquaintance) who interviewed Niall and Harry (I don’t know why the other boys weren’t there btw) around the time of Treyvon Martin’s murder and she said Niall was talking politics with one of their team and he was so switched on and so engaged.    

Which I believe, because it confirmed what I already thought (that ancient strategy for navigating One Direction). Although this isn’t the only source that suggests that Niall is politically aware, engaged, and generally on the right side (unfortunately I don’t understand enough about Ireland politics to get a good sense of where Eoghan stands)*:


As far as I know the first, and probably most frequently mentioned, example of Niall’s political beliefs is his Obama appreciation. He was such a big fan on Obama that the others bought him an Obama statue for his 18th birthday (although I’ve heard rumours it was actually Lima and no-one paid him back, which is amusing - so I’m going to believe that).

Being pro-Obama isn’t a particularly meaningful way of understanding the politics of someone outside America though.  Because the American political system is so far to the right, thinking the Republicans are terrifying is pretty standard. What is more interesting about Niall’s enthusiasm is the reason he gives for it.  You can watch tiny Niall explain that he fell in love with Obama, because when Obama came to Ireland he gave a really inspiring speech. You can read the speech that Niall liked in the Guardian liveblog (scroll down to 17.2) and imagine what parts of it affected 17 year-old Niall so much. 


Niall’s post about the marriage equality referendum in Ireland is the most politically explicit post about elections from a member of One Direction:

I’ve always found it weird that they’ve didn’t even tweet a civic “get out to vote kids” message at the UK election - but as it is this is the only thing a 1D member has ever posted commenting on an election before it happens.

On top of that his party politics are reasonably clear. An Irish news site reported that both him and his father were Labour Party supporters, and that he had been out delivering leaflets for the Labour Party just before his audition.

I’m also incredibly fond of his response to a question about whether 1D would let Tories use their music as part of a political campaign (in the aftermath of OWOA - which while incredibly charming is morally wrong): 

“ “I’m not so sure about that,” he responded. “So I’ll give you a politician’s answer – and not say much at all and you can work it out.” ”  

I may be projecting - but that reads to me like an excellent way of saying “Fuck Tory Scum” - when you can’t actually say “Fuck Tory Scum”.


As I’ve said before, I realised that Niall was the most politically reliable member of One Direction when I watched this video from an interview he did in New Zealand, where he was asked about the Auckland Mayoral Election:  

For a bit they’re joking around and then Niall gives a coherent, social democrat plan to improve public transport and education in Auckland, including how to pay for it. Niall understands politics - he understands the meaning of what he’s saying and he understands where he stands (unlike Lima who doesn’t know the political difference between building a bridge and a public transport system).

Politically that’s what makes Niall stand out from his bandmates for me (and why I think he’s Lima’s best hope for not becoming Gary Barlow).  He strikes me as someone who is engaged with politics and has a coherent worldview.  He is a social democrat, he understands social democracy.  He’s a good egg and I’m glad he got his backpacking holiday and is now enjoying London.

Is there anything I’ve missed? I’m really into politically onto it Niall - I welcome submissions and suggestions.

* Similar caveat to last time I posted this - I really don’t agree that women leaders are the answer.  For reasons that will be clear to anyone who has read more than four of my posts.