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this is it. i’ve finally pulled (most of) my shit together and im finally doing the giveaway i’ve been saying i would do since 2k followers,,

so a big big thank you for 5k+ followers!!!! i love ya guys


  • one reblog = one entry, multiple reblogs are allowed! you must add ‘entered’ in the tags so i know if you’re joining or just promoting (which is much appreciated hehe)
  • likes don’t count, you can use them for bookmarking tho!
  • must be following me! this is a giveaway celebrating my followers after all
  • giveaway blogs are not counted
  • i am willing to draw canon characters or ocs but not mecha, full furries (i guess i can do like.. ears and tails at most), or anything nsfw
  • keep your ask box/messages open so i can contact you if you win^^ if they aren’t open by the time i pick winners, someone else will be chosen
  • winners will be chosen through a random generator, if winners don’t reply within 48 hours, someone else will be chosen.
  • giveaway ends on october 18, 2017!
  • i still have the right to reject an entry or a request
  • no shaladins/piladins/palotors/,,, the usual

if you have any questions, feel free to shoot an ask!

(also takes this moment to shamelessly promo my instagram)

Reblog if you don’t think the Undertale Fandom is Dead

I’ve seen a lot of people saying it’s dead, it’s really not. It may have fewer numbers than when it started, but it’s still going strong. The Underfell fan game is in beta, people are still making amazing comics and characters based on it. 

It’s not dead, every fandom has it’s highs and lows, it sucks some people just say it’s dead. I don’t know who y'all follow, the blogs I follow are still going strong with it :3 

Despicable Me is so important

if you follow my blog at all you’ll know that I absolutely fucking love Despicable Me. Like… LOVE. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. The writing, the comedy, the timing, the animation; it’s all incredibly well put together. 

In fact, I’m a fan of Illumination Studios in general. 

Granted, I’m not a fan of their movies. 

LE GASP you say. How can you be a fan of a studio but not all their movies

Becuase, dear reader, their movies lack a lot of things. And, for the most part, many of their movies aren’t really displays of “We Do What We Want”. They’re more “We Do What the Audience Wants.” Which… sort of makes sense. They’re a new studio. They don’t have the funds to really take huge risks yet. But god, their audience-pleasing choices can be so…. 

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Like remember that time a few people stood up and said “hey those Minions were sort of cool”

and Illumination Studios said 


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And brought us one of the most annoying things to grace this planet. 

Goddamit Illumination. 

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💜 NYA! 💜 Happy Voltron Fandom Positivity Day!!!

(-^    v  ^-) if you’ve been following my blog at all~ then you already know that this Pidge is all about that fandom family vibe!!!! (^O   w O)^ MUCH LOVEEE!!!! *throws confetti in the air* so thank you so much to @stargazershiro for organizing this exchange!!! My piece is dedicated to @lyrikin !!!!!!!!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU FANDOM FRIEND!!!! (-^    O ^-) and the best of luck with your writing project! gawd knows i’m not a writer!!! so you’re heads and tails above me just by trying your best!!! YOU GOT THIS!!!! <3 <3 <3

If you could please reblog this, that would be very much appreciated! Last night tumblr deleted my blog – thiniest – and as a result I have lost all of my followers and all of the blogs that I followed. One of the best parts of my day was coming on here and answering asks and giving people advice, and now I’ve lost that, and the community of support that I had. I’d be very thankful if you could help spread the word that this is my new account.  

Reached over 8,000 followers this morning!

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