Well this was certainly unexpected! I haven’t had this blog a month, and I’m already to 150! Thank you so much everyone who’s following me! Since I have so many fandoms, I have a lot for this list. It is in alphabetical order for all of the lists, cause I had it pulled up on mobile.. If I missed you I’m sorry i still love you but I’m scattered brained and a bit hyper. Please forgive me. If I tagged you and we haven’t interacted its cause tbh i love reading your roleplays and I am way too shy to ask for starters so I just stalk from a distance.

You know. It occured to me some of you might not have known I moved, and I followed you and you never realised it was me. So. I was formally dream-demon-bill-cipher, vincey-is-me, parableofstanley, and a few oc blogs. So if I tagged you, but we haven’t interacted here, we might have interacted somewhere else.

My Nightguards (FNAF FANDOM)

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RANDOM LOVELIES THAT ARE AMAZING (includes multimuses and fandoms not listed above)

brotadashi// chaosiiism// cinispetalis// completetheobjective// curiouscompanions// insxnixm// kingjxck// krazy-rp-hatter// multimuseteahouse// musesofhorror// mxdeready// qxihfkdzilzh// sanitysxbestfriend// stepfxrd// sxptic// the-dark-king-ghadius// thetroubledtrix// hookedpirate

Seriously though. If I tagged you, I would LOVE to RP with you! It’s just being a multi-muse blog I’m a bit shy, so I’m hesitant! Thank you so much everyone! AND HAPPY ROLEPLAYING EVERYONE!

wowie wow I recently got a bunch of followers and thought I’d say thanks by making a follow forever bc i don’t post anything original so a shout out to the people who do and a really bad graphic thingy

I’m not gonna alphabetize these tho so

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Thank you all for doing what you do!

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I've seen the first 3 episodes of RHOC and i'm kinda bored.. when it's all the juicy drama going to start? does it worth watching? (i thought that if i wanted to watch @ TRH i should start with the very first episode of the very first series). Please answer me! (feel free to share your experience with me); xoxo!

To be honest, I often have people ask me why I still watch these shows after all these years, and contrary to the masses, I like it when it’s more comical and less drama.  Jeana interacting with her family and early Vicki are some of my favorite scenes.  

But most people like the drama.  The first few seasons of OC are pretty boring if you want drama.  Wait till Gretchen shows up and tries to dethrone Tamra “I’m the hottest housewife in the OC” Barney for the title of “hot new girl” it gets pretty intense.  I’m sure most people would tell you to skip the beginning of OC, but I would suggest watching them all in order.  

When my boyfriend finally agreed to watch them all with me, we started by order of location premiere date (easily found on wiki), and watched each location start to finish.  If you do it that way, you’d watch Orange County, New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, DC, Beverly Hills, then Miami last.  

As you say you want drama, I’m going to recommend going (sort of) in order.  Jersey is drama from Day One.  DC and Miami are short, but action packed (1 and 3 seasons respectively), so I’d start in order (beginning with all 10 seasons of OC, but then if you get bored, watch something else that’s high drama, and come back to the slower ones once you’ve done that.  

If you choose to go completely in another direction, you could watch from most to least drama (I still recommend watching an entire location before moving on to another, though).  If you go this way, I feel Jersey has the most drama, so I’d start there.  It’s all fighting all the time and it’s exhausting, so be prepared.  Miami was pretty drama-filled, so I’d do that second.  Then Beverly Hills for sure.  It’s been pretty crazy the last couple years.  Adrienne was pretty boring, though.  Next, IMO, would be DC.  It was only one season, but there was like 2 whole episodes about the Salahi’s basically sneaking into the White House.  It was insane.  Atlanta has always been a whole different kind of show. I’d put that next.  Then New York and OC last.  Everyone says those ones are boring, but….to each their own, I guess.  

DO NOT underestimate the foreign ones, too.  Vancouver, Cheshire, and Australia are all wonderful, and I was really upset when I found out Vancouver was cancelled after only 2 seasons.  I don’t know where you’re watching them all, but pretty much every single episode can be downloaded from torrent sites, if you know where to look.  

Get to Know Me Tag

tagged by bae-bae-jiyong, thank you! :D
HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY! :O im sorry i missed it.
also, we have the same bias… you have good tastes. B)

☆Name: Iris
☆Nickname: asian, femme fatale, jellybean
☆Birthday: November 15
☆Star sign: Scorpio
☆Gender: Female
☆Height: 5 ft 6
☆Favourite color: Red
☆Time right now: 10:53
☆Average hours of sleep: around 6 - 10
☆Last thing I googled: “got7 a song for you” .. i wanted to rewatch it.
☆Number of blankets I sleep with: 1
☆Favourite fictional character: Danny Phantom. he was my shit.
☆Favourite famous person: Im Jaebum <3
☆Favourite book: N/A?
☆Favourite TV show(s): Friends, House, Modern Family
☆Current Dramas I’m watching: Im in the middle of rewatching Dream Knight, My Love From Another Star, and about to finally start watching That’s Okay, It’s Love.
☆Favourite band: Big Bang & GOT7
☆Favourite singer: Jaebum & Daesung <3
☆Last movie I saw: Does it count if i didn’t finish it?
Not finished: Spy | Finished: Captain America: The First Avenger
☆Song(s) I’ve had on repeat: SHINEE - View (i am obsessed with this song.)
TAO’s whole album and the entire Just Right album :D
☆Dream trip: Traveling around the world with my sister & two best friends.
☆Dream job: N/A
☆Hobbies: binge watching/rewatching shows. writting, drawing, cooking

i didnt really add any jokes this time cuz i’ve done similar tags like this before, so i would just be repeating my jokes?

tagging all my new followers (i wanna get to know you! tell me about yourself!)
swageyamaas | mother-is-basketball | ja-krease | dont-worry-just-be-gay | flamingdinopuppy

and anyone else who wants to do this tag! i wanna get to know my followers! ^^

(thank u so much holyvernon​  for the edit, check out her blog and other pretty edits too!! )

This is a special shout out to ppl that i consider as friends /cuz im 2 lazy for another FF and i want to thank my friends/ in order to celebrate my 2k. Dis gon be kinda long and includes some personal stuff so :-)

But!! First of all to all my followers, my blog is only 2 months old, and this number of followers amazes me a LOT and makes me really happy. Thank u so much for puting up w my shit and make me feel loved. It really means a lot and i really love you, all of you! I might not be following you but i’m familiar w most of you, and i appreciate it a lot. Please know that you can always come and talk to me. I’m not that bad i’ll do my best :>


♔ The Hoetrinity ♔  (AKA BAD, WORSE, WORST)

My #1 hoes, tiny satans. U guys are younger than me, so u have no idea how much i want to protect u. U guys are like my lil sisters, no shitting. I can be %100 asshole aka myself when i talk to u guys nd gossiping w u hoes are one of my fave things :-)

the8ght - Ilya, my lil marshmallow, the most kind hoe i’ve ever met. sometimes u r just too nice and im like??? how????also u r the first supporter of wonweyza so im gonna make u my maid of honor u know that right :-) i’m glad that i suggested u that we sud get on 2nd base :-))))) look where are we now :-)))) i lov it how u dont judge me nd tell it ok whenever i say something shitty.. u are a talented lil dumpling nd i love u v much. never ever change.

hansvc - cAREN REMEMBER U WERE LIKE MY FAN :-))) and ur first mssg to me was “BE AN ASSHOLE TO ME” u kinky fuck, i knew we were gon’ be good frandss since that mssg :-) u got no chill nd i love dat. BUT U R A FUCKING BULLY AND TOLD MY SECRET TO EVERYONE AND IM NOT GONNA TRUST YOU LIKE EVER AGAIN ALSo KNOW THAT. I DRAW A LINE BETWEEN U ND ME SO PLS STAY IN uR LANE FROM NOW ON. anyways,,,  i want u to do good in school but also stop pushing urself 2 much. i love u v much nd im always gonna fight every1 who tries to hurt u. (u know i was the queen bitch in HS :-) ) I LOV U


The Meme Team™  (aka my first friends here)

Ok BUT U REMEMBER THIS ?????? I’m always thankful 2 u guys u were basicially the reason i felt comfortable enough to fuck around lmao. Awwhh the memories,,,

kingscoups - Klara ok we basicially communicated in memes when we firs started to talk?? Lmao the rain and the door thing… I remember u comforting me nd saying that its ok that if i make mistakes since english is not my first language nd stuff ;;; U r rlly cute and i lov u thank u for being my first friend here my lil meme;;;;

snstd  - LI MY GORGEOUS BABY U KNO THAT ILY RIGHT??? whe u first followed me i thought u were 2 cool for me… my blog was like 2 days old… Thank u for being my friend i adore u and ur face like a lot xxxx

vernony - Amaya my lov!!!! remember u ate soap,,,,,, i lov u and ur snaps lmao u r too cute im srs i adore u and ur memes. I kno ur school just started so bbe patient nd dont forget 2 study i lov u my precious child.


☾  oftavanduvas - TAV MY NERD U R LIKE THE HOTTEST NERD EVER. U always got my back abt wonwoo posts. I rlly want to fight u, u know that right? If we meet some day, im gonna hand u a pair of boxing gloves nd gonna kick ur cute butt. U know my weird thirst abt some individual ppl and u r totally ok w it… But no srsly, i really love you please know that ookkaayy?? nd im allllways here for ur nerd ass, don’t u ever forget.


☾  gwihoshi - Denna my lil fairy!!! I love nd care about u so much. We have a lot in common  and i love it. U get my music taste nd also my taste in man lmao. U r v talented nd i kno u gon be famous one day nd as i told u im gonna be ur #1 fan. Don’t forget to give me VIP tickets or i’ll reveal our aLL mssgs (NOW THAT’D bE A SCANDAL) Anyways, please know that im alway here for you and love you so much. #Turkishgirls4lyfe




kicktae / djseungkwan - MICA U ASSHAT. U BROKE MY HEART, BULLIED ME THEN ACT LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. I TOLD U MY BIGGEST SECRET ND TRUSTED U… But… im still so red for u.. Lets forget the past and move on…I will shower u w my love, nd stop judging my taste in men…  i lov u..



╳  And lastly,  all my younglings on svntnetwork  y’all so cute nd nice nd y’all got no chill dats why i’m glad that we met :-)  ╳