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Hey there beautiful freaks! so I just hit 1000 followers (THANKYOU SO MUCH I’M SCREAMING!) and I’ve said for a while now that when/if I ever do I will post my follow forever. There are a lot of amazing blogs that I’ve loved following in my four years here so. I couldn’t put everybody (I’m sorry okay. I wanted to!).

Italics are the people I would LOVE to get to know better because I love you and your blog and we don’t talk. Bold are people I consider my friends because we talk/are in the squad/ you are amazing.



aaussieswiftie13, abiander, all-too-well, alloveverdoes​, allt00swift altoowhale, australianswiftie, babyduckpsychology, bad-blood-instyle, bae-tay, bec-grace, becauseyoulovemebb, beneath-the-starlight, blank-space-baby13, bloodrunsc0ldboneschemistry, brissie-swiftie


cam-saroyan, candlelightdreaming, cara-in-space, casuallytay, cecelivesin1989, chasingusarounds, cherrylips-crystalskie-s, child-of-swift, coloursthatscream, comeswiftly, dangdeerjohn, darkandtwistymeredith, daydreamslittlethings, dressedlikeadaydream​, drinkingmaplelattes, drops-of-swift


egyptianswiftie, emotionallycant, enchanted-x, eversoswiftly, fangirlwiththecurls, fear13less, feariess, forgetyouaslongasilive, foxes-found-wonderland, finallyclean13, fragilelittleflamee


giordann, giulia-swift, grammysswift, hashbrownswift, heavybreathingswift, heldyourpride, holdingontoyoufordearlife, hopeyswift


i-can-be-a-duck, idkmybfftaylor, iknoowplaces, imalwayscalmandobjective, imanexcellentdriver, inscreamingcolour, its-just-a-spark–but-its-enough, ivegonebacktodecemberblr jordi-moo, justmakingsurre, jxmesdeandaydream


keepshirtkeepsword, kingdomlightsshine, klossified, ladynakhita, like-a-radio live-laugh-bakeitoff, llamallamabingbong, looselips lordemusic, long-list-of-ex-loverslongliveshakingitoff, lovemakeslifelookhard lyyssaaaa13


materialdiamond, maddiemadelinemaddie, meet-me-in-the-pouring-rain-x, michaelaconlin, michhelleex, mictaylor13, minimist, monsqueaky, mydignitybrokethefall, naynaywarbler neverbeenanywhere-cold-as-you, newromaantics, newromqntics, newsoundtrackxnightatthebonesmuseum, nightthingschanged


oohiremember, one-day-we-will-be-remembered, phantaysia, pineapple-pegicorn-swift, playbackathousandmemories, purplelephantsarewrong, purrfectstorms, purrfectaylor


qldswifties, redheadswift, redlipstyles


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w-andrlust, w-ildest-dreams13, w-o-nderland13, wearetheffoxes, webothwentmad, wefoundwondreland, whereupisdown, whisperaswepass, wildest-swift, wishyouwererighthere-rightnow, womenofcountrymusic


x-forever-and-a-day-x, yassyy, yourememberitalltoowell


1989tour, 1989updates

hello lovelies <3 I just wanted to say thank you for 500+ followers!! Around 12 days ago I did my first follow forever when I had 300 so I wanted to thank you all for helping me get this far does that make sense lol and I appreciate every single one of you :^) So the blogs that are listed below are some of the greatest blogs I’ve ever followed and you guys should follow them if you haven’t already!!

Bolded: Fav blogs/Super nice people I’ve talked to at least once ((aka friends))

Italics: Mutuals


1004cmm 17hansols 17minghaos 7teenpls adorewoo adoreyoo aesthetictaehyung ahhansol akavernon americanhyung awoozing badboyhansol beautifulmachlne blue-ivy-carter byehoshi c0ups camera-seventeen chanhyeong chickencoups choicoups coupskwan csoups dino-jpg dinochans dinosmj dohdoro emohoshi fairyjunhui fuckuhansol fy17trash gwihoshi 


hakyeonsbutt hannsanghyuk hansolies hansolsheavenlyhair hansolsverno hansoulvernon hansvc heartwoozi heavenly-reflection hiphopunit hjsoo holyvernon hongjiisoo hongjiswoon hoshi-mochi hoshiest hoshijpg hoshis-got-me hoshuajong hosijak howminghao httphoshi idkleechan itseventeen jaehopes jeongahns jeonghansols jeongshua jhoubi ji-sooh  jihoon jiiminniemouse jishooah jisoo-pls jisoobabe jisood joashua jsoos junpeach junqcoups jvnhvi kingscoups kittyjunhui kmsngyu kwonhoshie l-eechan 


maknaewoozi minghaon minghaoooo mint-ee mvngyu nezuminseok officialcoups ohhwoozi peachyhansol pledisseventeen realseokmin s-oups seokminniie seokminsbf seokmoo seunggkwans seungheol seunkgwan seventrash sevuenteen shiningjisoo shiningmingyu slightly-woozi snyoung starsjihoon suho-the-richman svnteenish sweet-loathe 


taesthetic tfwjisoo the8ght vernonie vernonquit vernons-wavy-hair vernonshit vernonsmac vernonstop vernony vseoks w-ozi whoaseventeen withscoups won-woo wonwoo-wow wonwooe wonwooha wonwoojpg wonwooslegs wonwoowho wonwowsvt wooniversal wooszi woozication wooziepie wooziscalves woozismiles woozistop wooziu woozxi yaboyjeonghan yaodoubleming yawningchan

Special thanks to jiiminniemouse and blue-ivy-carter for supporting me in what ever I do. You guys are seriously awesome and I’m so proud to know you irl (lmao we literally live right beside each other). I love you guys way too much <3 and thanks for ditching me with ur new boys have fun with them lol jkjk 

If I forgot you please let me know!! Thank you again <3