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MBTI Types as Scientists

INTP: The Scientist. Practically invented science. Probably set the trend for oversized chalkboards covered in messy, illegible chicken-scratch formulas. The person they talk about when someone mentions “standing on the shoulders of giants”.

INTJ: The scientist who has their own secret lab with advancements far beyond the rest of the scientists’ in the lab. They would share their discoveries for the practicality because they truly do enjoy spreading the knowledge, but the advancements are so great that nobody else is ready. Not yet.

ENTP: The scientist who comes up with a theory to counter every theory you have just for the lols. Has some pretty good, original ideas when they’re not taunting the other scientists with their BS. Is one of the few scientists that brings out INTP’s goofy side; they’re kind of an annoying team but… certainly unstoppable, nonetheless.

ENTJ: The scientist who runs between different projects, pointing out the issues with each experiment, and working with the other scientists to perfect the desired outcome. Used to get into quarrels because people found them intrusive this way, but they’ve since learned that it’s really only because ENTJ is passionate about being factually confident, and genuinely wants to help actualise 

INFP: The scientist who secretly sets out to merge science with magic. Often draws inspiration from their favourite fantasy novels, and makes considerable progress toward concepts such as self-aware plants through the genome. Has somehow roped INTJ into the project; the two of them stay late at the lab to transition from day-science to fantasy-night-science. INFP calls their project “Operation: Follow your Heart”.

INFJ: The scientist who spends a lot of time sitting completely motionless, expanding a theory into great depths, envisioning its significance into its future, and final stages, whilst staring out the window, gazing into their slightly visible reflection. Often times expands on the ENxPs’ ideas (that were originally jokes), pointing out their likely public effects, good or bad. One of the most tolerant scientists, but things can get to be a bit much for them, sometimes. It’s not unreasonable that they gravitate towards the window.

ENFP: The scientist who accidentally finds their way onto a new groundbreaking theorem. Was probably messing around with one of the other scientists saying “what if we did […]”, then, as they thought about it, the conversation grew into “maybe we actually can […]!”. Causes a bit of chaos in the lab, as the research projects they start are often passed off to a more fastidious scientist to finished, whilst they go off and begin another one. Not the most practical, but every lab has its working parts, right? 

ENFJ: The scientist who shows the other scientists new ways to improve their safety within the lab, using important precautions that most people surprisingly overlook. Makes sure that everyone remembers to consider the data as it comes along to compare to their predictions, and how it might affect their conclusions. Simply wants to help everyone be the best that they can be!

ISTP: The scientist who really only shows up when they want to. Can be gone for weeks, but will show up again one day, like nothing happened. When asked to follow a specific method, they unbendingly refuse because they think those methods are pointless, and over-complicated. Somehow achieves spot on results using their own methods, bewildering the rest of the scientists. Whenever someone tries to ask about their methods, they’re gone for eternity!

ISFP: The scientist who decides to replace the common Greek variables with their own made up, more interesting, and pleasurable symbols in their formulas to help them remember the information better. Also doesn’t like being told to follow a specific method, but doesn’t want to stir conflict, so they secretly perform which methods they personally think will yield the best results on their own time. As long as their results are accurate, nobody has to know! Shhh!

ESTP: The scientist who tests all of their experiments on themself for science and for fun. They would have tried it on other people too (like their friends) but ENFJ said it was “unethical”. Contributes a lot to the presentations, often marking the differences between the essential and irrelevant apparent and understandable to everyone.

ESFP: The scientist that finds new ways to make things glow, and decorates the whole lab with the glowies as a surprise. Not everybody is amused or appreciative *coughENTJcough*, but there really is no stopping them now, so it’s best just to accept the glowies; at least they can save on the electric bill. Sort of.

ISTJ: The scientist who defends you against ENTP’s trollish-counter-theories by explaining how they contradict concrete, proven theories that all the scientists in the lab follow already because they’re sick and tired of hearing this nonsense. *Drops stack of books on the table* Read them.

ISFJ: The scientist who quietly worked on one of the lesser funded projects, because people “didn’t think it was as important”. Ended up discovering something monumental, like an effective way to communicate with plants and animals by observing the nuances in their reactions to stimuli. Doesn’t really take any credit, even though they were one of the only people on the project.

ESTJ: The scientist who heads the new research projects in the lab. If they’re going to be conducting new experiments, they’re most certainly going to do it the right way! Takes genuine pride in the way the lab is run, and values all of their subordinates for their specialities, enjoying the collective scientific air.

ESFJ: The scientist who revamps the stapled little pleasures of life to share with their friends. Experiments with different elements / components and invents a few different kinds of herbal and medicinal teas. They dominate the micro-scale scientific archive with their knowledge (take that, hellen!).

How do you want the world to see you?

Photo taken by me on my FUJIFILM XF1