follow your bliss

Why Revisited


must we bang our heads against the wall
while standing before an open door
are we hoping to one day make it fall?


do we eternally try to recapture the past
ever wasting precious moments
which by nature were never made to last?  


are we lost, wandering in our own doubt
perpetually trying to fix everything
everything we can do nothing about?


shall we ever search both high and low
asking, no demanding answers
to simple questions we already know?


can we not see beyond our empty fear
forever seeking that missing something
when all that we seek is waiting here?


Follow your bliss, and the universe will open doors, where before there were only walls.
- Joseph Campbell 

Just following your bliss. Just following your bliss. Just following your bliss. JUST FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS!

We want this conversation to be sort of a reorientation for you. We want You to start giving yourself permission to go where the fun is! To go follow the path of least resistance. To go where you believe you will feel the best. We’re asking you for just a little while to be more irresponsible. Because the responsible thing that you’ve got going on
is not working out that well for You.

Because when you start being responsible instead of following your own bliss, then you feel resentful of those people who are thriving in the face of responsibility. The most irresponsible people you know are thriving the most!

’‘That’s just not fair! Those basketball players!! How dare they follow their dream and make millions of dollars? Those dropouts of college or those that never went to college - Bill Gates! How is it that he could follow his bliss and just do what feels good to him? How dare he thrive when the rest of us are following our responsibilities and doing what we are supposed to do and keeping the rules?”

And we say, There are some rules and some Laws that your guidance has been pointing you toward, that as you start listening to the way you feel!

Get on a Rampage of FUN for a little while and watch what the Universe yields to You. And show Yourself the ability that You have to get rid of doubt before it starts tomorrow. By staying in a happy feeling good mood.
Watch how traffic treats you and others treat you. Watch how you rendezvous with people. Watch how the nice people of the planet find their way to you. Watch how you move around in a sort of bubble of Wellbeing while the rest of the world is doing whatever it’s doing that’s none of Your business.

—  Abraham

Here is thing I learned when I was 29, which I now give away for free:

If you want to do a thing, do it now, or as soon as feasible. Because there might not be a later.

If it is a complicated or expensive or hard thing that takes many stages or has a steep learning curve, start working on the parts you can work on while you can work on them, then move on to the next thing. Accept that there will be a lot of failures along the way, and that you can come back from nearly any mistake that doesn’t involve making a left turn in front of an oncoming semi. Concentrate on yourself and what you can do, and don’t rely on other people to fix things for you, even though you might love them or they you. (This doesn’t mean you can’t love friends or family or partners. Friends and family and partners, in the long run, are the thing other than Useful Work and Adventures that make life worthwhile. Well, all that, and a really nice coffee and tea kit in the kitchen and the skill to use it. But that last thing isn’t terribly expensive unless you make it be.)

But to succeed at a thing–a job, a relationship–in the long term, the thing is: You Must Commit, even though commitment is scary. And commitment is scary because once you’re in you’re in. It’s not bobbing around close to the shore, paddling with your feet. It’s both feet and swimming as hard as you can out where the rip currents and the sharks are, where the water turns blue.

You can’t hold back because you’re afraid of getting hurt: you have to accept that you are going to get hurt, and put your hand in the fire of your own free will.

It’s like climbing. You can make sure you’ve got good ropes and a belayer you trust (you SHOULD make sure you have good ropes and a belayer you trust!), but there’s moves you can’t make unless you’re willing to risk falling. I’m not saying follow your bliss off a cliff, in other words: part of being prepared and committed is having the right kit, whether it’s money in the bank for the lean times when starting off as a freelancer, or a partner who supports your work, or being young enough that starving in a cold room for a few years with pneumonia is romantic (I have the T-shirt!).

That’s why it’s scary. It’s scary because you are taking an actual chance.

But: things don’t work out the way you want them to if you just kind of drift along seeing what will happen. Nice things might happen! …but they didn’t, for me.

Basically, what I figured out was that I had to be a protagonist if I wanted anything to happen, and part of being a protagonist was accepting that I might fail. And then have to deal with that failure. And that if I didn’t do it I would more or less inevitably fail, but I could pretend to myself that it wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough and that I didn’t know why.

Seeking success, in other words, meant letting go of a layer of ego defense.

This realization directly led to me having the career I always wanted, and doing pretty well at it.

It also led to me having the best relationship of my life. I wish I’d learned it when I was sixteen, rather than twenty-nine, but I had some things I had to work through first. 

So that thing you want to do? Assuming it’s not illegal or immediately fatal? Do it now.

am i compatible with/not compatible with..

the only incompatibility i see is astrology and capitalism. the true purpose of the natal chart is so one can discover his talents, develop his passion, resonate strongly with his sense of self, and release his best qualities into the world. the idea is following your bliss so you are happy and make a living while exercising your joy. this is what you are HERE to do. astrology is the inner language that maps out a life direction that will celebrate your talents and teach you important lessons. a person with a tonne of virgo, pisces, and sixth house influence is probably here to work in health care. it FEELS good when they are in this industry because it vibrates with the same music as their soul. but maybe someone with a chart full of taurus and venus and neptune could be here to play music. but will he SURVIVE in this day and age if he plays music all day and does not participate in the working labor that brings in the money? can he really pour his talents into the guitar or the song book if he is forced to work 12 hour days just to get by? all his musical talent and passion is suppressed by the formula of modern day capitalism. or maybe he is profoundly intelligent, full of Sagittarius and ninth house planets and wants to be an academic. but he cannot afford higher education. he feels disconnected from his true self. he is working day and night and breathing but he is not truly living. it’s sad that chances are he can probably not change it right now. we are craving to exercise our joy in a world that is bound by materialism and the need to contribute economically to exist. his needs are neglected. i’m not turning this into an argument over whether or whether not capitalism is right or good. it’s the way its right now. astrologically, it makes it harder to follow the whims of our chart. this probably relates more to those who are here to practice in art, like writing, or painting, or even just those who want to work from home. there’s not many people in the world who can make a decent living doing an art, or being self ruling. this makes it hard. i’ve found people who are reflecting the direction of their chart in everyday life, prompted by astrology or not, tend to be more satisfied. it is a soul agreement after all. - cherry