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Top 20 DCTV Characters (As Voted by My Followers) - #1. Dinah Laurel Lance
There was just something I needed to work out. I know that the world isn’t fair. I know it’s a terrible place where people deserve to get punished and they don’t. I just, for just one night, I needed the world to be different.

listen, everyone going on about how it’s unrealistic for steve trevor to fall in love with diana in a matter of days (or however long this movie lasted). 

well let me tell you, if i met a goddess who looked like her, who loved people so fiercely, wanted so desperately to see the good in the world and bring justice, and fight fights that seemed impossible, who was funny and kind and intelligent, who spoke multiple languages, and fought like a badass warrior – hell yeah, i’d be in love with her too. 

tbh, considering how much i want to cry over this movie, i already am, so you can go suck it. 


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HRT Day 79: feeling really good this week. I had an interview for a better part time job on Monday, and it went really well! Between that and getting ready for the coming semester, it’s been a great time.
And on another positive notes, look! Boobs!