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OOC: its not munday but it IS national selfie day so here I am! I never actually got to talk to anyone oocly on this blog so I guess now is the time? i never really do munday so i guess this is a meet the mun’ post seeing as I just passed 650 followers!

facts about me: been playing pokemon since the original red, 24, pansexual, lover of alien looking things and cats, fav games in the pokeseries are sinnoh (HHGGNNN) followed by b+w, fave pokemons are vaporeon, salamence and scolipede! i like gaming a lot! ~ my name is ky and my twitter is here! (feel free to follow if you like my art!)

thank you all for following me in this short amount of time!! it means a lot, i never thought this blog would even take off the ground so i am so happy it has and im thankful to you all! <3

Julie’s really following Even’s day with willhell….

hi! if you post any of the things below, can you like this post so i can follow you? i wanna fill my dash up!

  • anything marvel comics/mcu related
  • dc comics/movies
  • horror movies/aesthetics
  • american gods
  • the office
  • parks and rec
  • pokemon
  • rick and morty
  • stranger things
  • fire emblem
  • marina & the diamonds
  • chuck
  • aaaaaaaand any of the actors/actresses within what i listed

the next time some of you white rp’ers wanna whine and complain that the rpc is too mean to you and why do all the people of color in the community say we hate white ppl….look at that series of bullshit right there. all of it. i have never seen somebody go to such LENGTHS to degrade people of color in a community of FICTIONAL WRITING.