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so this week i got to 100 followers ?? thank you soo much to each one of you that follows me ?? idk why you did it but thanks for sticking up with me:( ilysm !!

this is a list of some of the blogs that i follow but all of them are really cool and i love them so much (i’m just including my mutuals because i’m lazy as that but i’m not bolding my ‘favorites’ because i don’t want anyone to feel bad)

i didn’t ordered them on alphabetical order but from the ones that followed me first to my recent mutuals

@phlippingphandom (you follow be from your main blog obvs but it’s the same <3) @glitteryely @little-cheeky-monkey @phanhallows @gorgeous-howell @cihkennugget @tylertherulerofmars @vincent-phan-gogh @goddesslester @philpancakes @ephemeralester @phanadeux @cursivehowell @yourlocalphantrash @pleasingdaddyphil @dayphil @elliesfics @our-smol-beans @rotting-souls @mae-your-genderless-bae @jpgghowell @serenephil @luminousphil @clarabears @gengarphil @treephil @plantpotphil @aberrati0n @fivesosphangirl @theylikeboys @sleeplesslester @fadedawayy @neilandtodd @homesicklester @placebophan @princessdan @phanniephil @energeticwarrior @stardustphilly @fuglybutterfly @bork-borf-boof-heck @thephantastickat @lovebirdlester @blushinlester @starrylester

i love each one of you and thanks to the ones that’ve talked to me (also sorry i can’t keep a conversation ?? i’m really bad at it) and given me advise when i’m a mess (i’m always a mess but lets ignore that).

  • Every article from every godforsaken mainstream "feminism" site: I just wanna talk about how getting my nails done today was the most Empowering™ feminist act ever and how doing my nails and makeup and things that most women feel pressured to do is actually a radical activist statement when I do it because having long nails is my social praxis (I totally know what that means) and I'm using this $60 waste of money to overthrow the patriarchy. Also I'm just gonna throw around a bunch of buzzwords like "intersectional" while using "q****" both as a verb and as a way to describe myself even though I'm a totally gender conforming woman who literally only dates men.
A Letter to My Followers!

Hey, guys!
First of all, thank you so much for being so nice. I know I haven’t up dated recently but I do have a good reason: school. I’m homeschooled and have a winter vacation rather then a summer vacation and, sadly, vacation time is over.
I’m back at it and as much as I love to write, my education comes first. So, again, sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a little difficult getting back into “study mode” but once I’m ready, I’ll pick a certain time for imagines. Mostly likely Saturday and Sunday.
To everyone who has a request, just know that I’m trying to get them all done! Running a blog can be a little hard sometimes but I do love it and I love all of you.

Love, Admin Nan.

P.S. You know what’s really crazy? I got only a few messages and requests all of my break but the second I started school and got super busy, the messages just came pouring in. Also, Tumblr has been eating my chat messages lately and even deleted a few chats. So if I don’t reply for a few days, try sending it again.

Also.....OVER 14,000 FOLLOWERS!!!!

Yaay! Thank you guys so much for keeping this blog going for all these years! This March it will be 4 years! I hope I can continue to bring you the Fire Emblem content that you love!  I love how this blog makes me think about Fire Emblem every day.

I never thought that back in 2013 that this blog will become this popular. Just thinking about 1,000 followers is a lot and now its at 14,000 thats just crazy.

With Echoes right around the corner and then Fire Emblem on the Switch on the way in 2018 we will have years of more Fire Emblem for you guys to confess about! …..speaking of the Switch I see all the Youtubers getting their free Switches…..Do I have enough followers to get a free Switch Nintendo? =P

Again Thank You Guys So Much! It means a lot that you guys stick around and contribute to this blog. This blog has given me some good friends and I hope that trend continues!


1,000 Followers Raffle!

We’ve hit 1,000 followers!!

To commemorate this milestone, we’ll be having a raffle for our followers. There will be four winners. Each winner will get one free commission from the mods!

In order to enter the raffle, just reblog it, add #raffle in the tags, and make sure that you’re a follower! The deadline for entering will be March 15th.

Good luck to all. And thank you for following and supporting this blog!

anonymous asked:

Could you maybe rec some other OW blogs that aren't run by shitty racists? I was honestly contemplating leaving the OW fandom entirely due to the shitty racism/homophobia everywhere before I stumbled on the beacon of light and hope that is your blog

@cioji @twospiritmccree @ttalon @itsthighnoon @cyrioci @poonpie @ruushes @zencios @kotors @tarahana @couriermccree @ulyss-s @gaygabrielreyes @marictheirin @butchstoothpick @lukefox @wiedzmin don’t post ovw all of the time but they are good and i appreciate every single one of them


It’s my birthday! I’m 23 (so old, SO OLD)…

Anyway, I want to thank you all for being here with me and making my dashboard so beautiful! :) 

@phoebe-halliwell, @lilispotter, @holandrodens, @swanshope, @aurorasawyers, @maliasfur, @jeromemonaghan, @rhysand, @mallec, @sararwmirez, @aprilkeepner, @teamtraumas, @jayhalsstead, @summermarissa, @joeypacey, @carolineeforbes, @ravernreyes, @alecslightwood, @faithsumners, @truestydia, @sistersdanvers, @bellarkism, @martym, @miikaela, @ironsnarks, @ellenpompeos, @erinlindsay, @blackcanari, @apskepner, @foggyseaside, @applejacksotp, @doona-baes, @veronicaloclgc, @lukeskywaler, @bonnieberries, @waltzingwithfire, @emma-swan, @averysparkle, @linseymorgan, @sophiabuzh, @c-atnips, @claryalecs, @paceysjosephine, @dream-site, @martinlydias, @little-greysanatomy, @sloangrey, @queenkepner, @onetrueslayer, @kepnerrrd, @savingsciles, @wood-chris, @leave-me-hypnotized-love

Follower Millstone Event

I am overjoyed!! We’ve reached 10k followers! I never imagined when I started this fandom side blog that I’d be able to get so many people interested <3

Since I am very grateful to all of you, I’d like to give back! So this is my Fic Request-a-thon Event


Just send me a pairing and a prompt and I will write you a short one shot! You may send multiple ones, ones based off of art, scenarios, songs, ect.

How long? I’m thinking I will continue to accept prompts until probably Saturday (2/25), at which time we will stop.

What is the ‘request’ part? Not all stories are something I have ‘ideas’ for, but I will be filling as many prompts as possible!

What will you do? I will do any pairing/fandom you’ve seen me blog about, but I am most practiced at writing lapidot, klance, bubbline, otayuri, mabifica and gen SU fics. Other possibilities are also overwatch, avatar (both series), other yoi pairings like leoji, most hs ships like davekat and vrisrezi, PMMM, hq, and more (check my tags).

will you do NSFW? Yep, there is some stuff I won’t do (like non-con) but smut requests in general are on the table.

Can I send you my OC? I’m less likely to write stories about OCs (I will be opening commissions in April tho), but if you want gen stuff like ‘two girls makeout in the rain & one of them plays guitar’ then I can probably do that.

I appreciate & want to support you. Thanks!! Same!! You can always buy me a coffee if you want on the right-hand side of my page or just send some good vibes, y’all are awesome!

Anyway, those are the rules, feel free to send me asks if you are confused, and let the requesting begin!