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  • MCL forum: no smoking ever, nobody's allowed to even mention smoking, if you so much as think of mentioning smoking you shall be Banned Forever because there are Young Impressionable Players who might get the wrong idea about drugs
  • MCL: *makes Castiel smoke and gives Candy a literal smoking pipe as a clothing option* oops
> ID: Go penguin sledding!


ID’s job, you decide, is boring as hell.

This is a well-informed executive decision formulated based on the fact that you’ve been in his office for all of ten seconds and you kind of want to kick out a cubicle wall just so something will happen. You suddenly understand why he was so focused on his freaking cardigan, because despite the temperature gauge reading something perfectly reasonable, the moment you entered the premises, you suddenly became slightly chilly. You’re pretty sure that slight chilliness is a universal constant of offices.

A synthetic breeze wafts past your belly, and you shiver. The main sound you can hear from here is the clack of computer keys, and quiet phone conversation. This is fucking depressing.

By the time you make it to ID’s desk, you’ve lightened up just a tad - at least there’s more sound than at a wake, now, and the cubicles are personalized for all that they’re cubicles. This doesn’t stop you from dramatically smacking down a paper-wrapped package on ID’s desk, leaning over on it to show off your new scar. It’s still pretty gnarly looking and bandaged up for the most part, but the edges are shallow enough that you can drag down your collar and poke at it proudly.

“HEYA, buttercup,” you greet, “I’m here to rescue you from your death by BOREDOM! Check it! Got us both a new LOOK - c’mon, c’mon, OPEN it, and don’t ever say I don’t follow through, AIGHT, dude?”

It’s a folded button-up sweater, not that you expect ID is going to use the buttons if he can get away with it, cashmere and bright fuchsia in its entirety. You salvaged the damn thing from Clydes’s closet, because he’s only ever been able to wear it the once and ID totally deserves to have it. Plus, you can’t wait to see their eyes bug out - ID, when he sees the cardigan, and Clydes when… well, when he sees the cardigan on ID.

(You’d warned him! You’d totally warned him about this sweater. He probably figured that you were gonna steal it for yourself, of course, but - well. There are better causes.)

“Got your FLOWERS, bee tee dubs,” you inform him. “QP said they were for HUMILITY and that if you’re gonna send flowers then you should at least TRY to make ‘em believable. I just thought they were PRETTY, but I was also on enough meds that I could actually APPRECIATE the pun insteada smackin you one.”

anonymous asked:

Where do you think Dylan and Eric went wrong on 4/20 ( planning wise ) ( gun selection) yeah this is a loaded question but I love reading people's views on the subject. Have a great weekend ! Xoxo :)

Shitty gun selections and loaded question, nice pun. ;) Ultimately, Dylan and Eric’s pièce de résistance,was The Bombs. They spent time testing pipe bombs and the like and even spent far too much time (and risk) testing Napalm and yet the one most important ingredient, the kick off to start NBK - those propane bombs - and they skipped over the testing of them. Now, I’m sure the thought had crossed their minds (one would hope?) to test them. And they probably considered heading up to the mountains and testing one there but that it might’ve attracted attention with the loud boom and devastation or maybe the flames would’ve started a brush fire and before you know it, you might have a major forest fire on your hands - yipes! Or the ranger might’ve been scouting the area and caught them, etc. etc. Anything could’ve happened - who knows? But the options was either to risk testing one of them to be absolutely sure they had them rigged correctly or go on faith and overblown confidence that they simply would just..go off on sheer faith that they would. They chose the latter and that was their big overly confident mistake - to believe that they would just go off simply as they anticipated them to.

The official reason the bombs didn’t go off was supposedly due to faulty wiring. The other problem is, a propane tank needs to heat up a fair amount of time first before it’ll reach a critical point and explode ( see BLEVE). According to the boys’ planned morning schedule, they didn’t even appear to factor in very much time to allow for the bombs to go through this type of heating process. The boys were also a bit complacent and sloppy on finishing touches for NBK as it drew closer. Eric didn’t even get his remaining ammo until the evening before, April 19th, which was supposed to be the original date of the attack. He had reminded Mark Manes a number of times to purchase the ammo and luckily the dude followed through. That’s just far too late to be gathering needed components for the attack.

The morning of 4/20, the boys spent a lot of time scrambling with final preparations like going to gas stations to buy more propane tanks. Why would you wait until the very morning of of to do that? They also found themselves visiting their old places probably stalling and saying their goodbyes in a way: they were seen driving up to Blackjack by a coworker and then leave suddenly and also witnessed by a couple of people standing outside the Bowling Alley where their morning bowling class met. They spent a lot time driving back and forth between Eric’s house, gas stations for the propane and back to the school where they were seen at various points early on, chilling and walking around. By the time they were up to their launch schedule, Dylan was racing into the parking lot rather recklessly (yet one more time and his very last) and he nearly collided with Chad Laughlin driving out of CHS.

After the boys realized the bombs weren’t going to do what they were supposed to, it all rapidly devolved into nothing more than your simple run-of-the-mill school shooting. The two claimed they weren’t going to be like all those pussy school shooters that came before them and yet, they were. The only difference was there were two instead of one shooter. Worst part about Impromptu Plan B - aka “oh shit!, bombs didn’t blow! weeell, we can’t back out now, can we? sooo, yeah, let’s make it up as we go along!” is that unlike bombs blowing up everything arbitrarily, these boys could have decided and chosen exactly who they wanted to exact revenge on. At least, at first? At the start of the shooting while they still had the element of surprise on their side? And after that, they could’ve then gone after anything else that was in the way. They could’ve had a semblance of being methodical and headed off to the gym and started their attack on the jocks. If this was their “Judgment Day” then shouldn’t their Plan B have allowed for them to sweeten their revenge in some sort of satisfying way by taking it on those they hated most of all? Instead, they just attacked whatever was nearby and then attracted attention and so everyone ran off and by then, the authorities were alerted. Throughout most of the attack, their minds were still half on those god damn bombs. Why the hell didn’t they blow? The two bombs symbolised the both of them as made of FAIL. Yes, apart from those shitty weapons they selected (and could’ve gotten way better ones for the same amount of money..), the boys basically blew it with those bombs…and not the way they wanted to blow it.😏