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My hair decided it wanted to play nice today even though I forgot my hair brush, so I documented this rare phenomenon with some gratuitous pictures of myself, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombshell, AKA Me

heyyy, i’m currently looking for more active blogs to follow because my dash is dead and i only follow like 80 blogs. So please reblog this if you post any of the following:

  • troye sivan, halsey, dua lipa, lorde, lana del rey
  • marvel, dc, disney, star wars
  • skam, b99, riverdale
  • any movies or tv shows tbh
  • fashion, lit, mythology

any aesthetic or multifandom blogs or anything else you think i’d like (tag page for ref)

  • maybe put in the tags what you post about so i can know!
  • i will mostly likely follow blogs who post original content or who already follow me
  • you can still reblog this even if you don’t post any of the things mentioned above, i pretty much post about everything so i will be checking out everybody who reblogs!!<3

also mutuals, if you could reblog this post to signal boost, it would be very appreciated!!



I’M SO BORED, I don’t have enough stuff in my dash, the number of blogs that I follow is almost the same as the ones who follow me, and maybe that’s the problem xd

Sooo… I’m doing this again:  Like or reblog this post if your blog is related to:

mcl, eldarya or mystic messenger

and I’ll follow you asap  ♥ uvu

I need to follow some more blogs!!

Please like/reblog if you post any of the following! I’ll check out your blog!

  • Spells/hexes/jinxes/curses
  • correspondences (crystals, plants, colors, etc)
  • kitchen witchcraft
  • divination of any kind
  • green witchcraft
  • eclectic witchcraft
  • deities/gods/goddesses
  • spirit work
  • witch tips
  • brujeria
  • hoodoo/voodoo
  • bees!!!
  • really any kind of witch related content and some witch aesthetic would be nice too!

anonymous asked:

Oh! Sorry no I meant Bodhi Blogs as one thing and then Finn blogs as another! I didn't mean as a pairing. Sorry again for how confusing that must've been.

Lol yeah ngl that was super confusing for me for a sec because I thought you meant as a pairing and i was like “that’s a thing???”

but ok yeah I can rec blogs for that! 

Bodhi blogs: @sniperpilct @bodiirook @bodhisskywalker @bxdhirook @bodhirocking @bodhirookandor @gillevo @semisweetshadow

Finn blogs: @finndanmeron @letdiegolunatouchjabbathehutt @miraculousfinn @luminousfinn @jedifinn @poesfin @jediknghtfinn @landocalrisslan 

also i’m dumb because when i was going through the list of blogs i’m following to find these i realized that i actually do follow quite a lot of cassian blogs so here are some of those too: 

@cassiiann @cassianandr @andordamerons @andrcassian @assian-candor @mrscassian-andorr @andhor

i really want to get this blog back into full swing, and I’m especially looking for people who want to develop long and in-depth plots (bonus points if it has something to do with her boss @legalbastard’s upcoming election)! pls feel free to give this post a like or slide into my DM’s if you’re down for this type of shit