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Hello! I hope you're having a good morning/day/evening/night! I wanted to ask what your main blog is, cause I can't seem to find it anywhere! That is, if you have one, though I'm 100% positive you do. I just started following your ask blog, and I wanna see all te awesome art on your main! So if it isn't too much trouble, may I please get the link for your main?

It’s on the top of the page guys

deansbreath-deactivated20171119  asked:

Hey I am that anon who told you they were too shy to create a blog, I don’t know if you remember me. Anyways, I did it and I plan to start posting as soon as possible! In the meantime, could you recommend me some of your favorite supernatural blogs to follow? 🖤 ps. sorry if there are any mistakes, my english is not that good

Of course I remember! And congrats on starting your blog! Make sure to have fun with it and just be yourself!

As for some awesome blogs to follow … well,  I follow so many,  it’d take forever to list them all,  so here’s a handful to get you started:

@cas-you-assbutt-dean-needs-you @ozonecologne @vinnie-cha @sketchydean @princesscas @cassammydean @yourfavoritedirector @yall-mothafuckas-need-misha @timetraveldean @bubblemish @bbycas @ephemeralcastiel @moansmisha @beefcakemish @ultravioletcas @i-can-show-you-my-world @casthegrumpy @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper @almaasi @unforth-ninawaters @dean-bangs-cas-in-the-impala @mamawantswinchesters @hells-finest-gentleman and many many more.  

Honestly,  just scroll through my blog and follow everyone I reblog from.  You can’t go wrong!

Best of luck!


I just saw that this person deactivated their account … huh … well, the rec still stands! Everyone go follow these awesome blogs!

When you promised a couple costume but your boyfriend is really into it.

Aka second part of When creators of your game gives you AU before fans even make some.

Never applied make up on me so I suppose it’s how you put on foundation ? Thanks youtube makeup artists.

Also happy Halloween and all !

yourfriendpolo  asked:

and your art is sooooo cutee!! (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚

Ahhhh thank you very much for thinking that. Here! Have some tiny Riddlers as a token of appreciation. I love your work, and to have you follow back is unbelievable. Keep it up and have an amazing day! :’D

1000 witnesses
  • Harry: I thought we agreed this was going to be a small gathering.
  • Draco: We did.
  • Harry: You call 1000 guests small?
  • Draco: I need as many witnesses as possible!
  • Harry: For what?
  • Draco: For when you finally become a Malfoy!
  • Harry:
  • Harry: Wait, we're not just having a garden party?

anonymous asked:

do you have a personal blog where you can post about drama, no offense but i just want to see cats

nah dude, this IS my personal blog. and like……it’s not a paid subscription lmao! 

here’s a cat’s butt (this is the rudest Pangur image I could find)

Hi angels 😇!

Because a few days ago I hit 6k (THANK YOU!!!!!), I wanted to make a follow forever to thank you for blessing my dash every single day! 

bolded - mutuals

# - F

@1cyphrs​, @1honeyoongi, @4jjh, @7aehyng, @aegyoh, @arsejimin, @agustdv, @bbyboyjm, @bfkook, @blushguk, @bpgfs, @btsjimln, @btssmutgalore, @busancity, @caughtinalies, @certifiedtaehyung, @cherryprincejin, @chimjpg​, @cowjimin, @daegucci, @evilpjm, @fluff-tae, @freehoseoksdick

G - L

@gwangjuhope, @happychickenday, @harunyany, @hobiini, @honeybcy, @humbleyoonmin, @ilovbangtan, @inktae, @jeanguk, @je0n, @jeoniful, @jeonify, @jeonsguke, @jeovkks, @jikookdetails, @jikooksgirl, @jimin-bean, @jiminparks, @jiminrolls, @jiminsangel, @jiminshugs, @jimintrbl, @jinbaby, @jinsluvr, @jiyoongis, @joonienamjoon, @kayonennka, @kimseaokjin, @koalachim, @kthgss, @lordparkjimin

M - V 

@mewchim, @nicejimin, @ofsuga, @oktaetae, @parkejimins, @parkjimin1, @parkjiminer, @parkjmzl, @parksjmin, @pawjimin, @pjminis, @pjmjjg, @pjmksj, @poeticsuga, @rapmonstor, @rapperjungkook, @rosejimin, @rosykook, @shelovesjinyoung, @starprincejimin, @sugaspiano, @sweaterpawsjimin, @taecheol, @taegay, @taejagi, @taesflower, @tahyungs, @ultjeon, @vjngkook

I love you! 💛

Biowareaspirant's 100 follower giveaway!

Hey everyone!

So I’m at the halfway mark to 100 followers, which is awesome when you consider this crappy little blog got started up just a handful of weeks ago. 

Originally posted by unoobang

I’m doing this giveaway because I love getting awesome followers, and meeting awesome fans of Bioware work. You guys have been super aweome sauce. And because my current followers have been so awesome, I wanna give back a little bit.

First Prize: digital deluxe edition copy of Mass Effect Andromeda

Runner Up Prize: A Funko pop figurine of your choice (Bioware-related ONLY)

Only one person will receive the First Prize.

I will award the Runner Up Prize to up to three people.  


1. You must be following me to participate in this, and yes I will check.

2. Giveaway blogs are NOT allowed. If I find your giveaway blog trying to participate, you will be blocked and automatically disqualified from participating.

3. If you are aiming for one prize over the other, reblogs will enter you for the first prize and likes enter you for the runner up prize. You can do both as often as you want to increase your chances for one prize over another if you like. Just be considerate to your own followers.

4. Only Bioware and gaming-related blogs please. I especially don’t want to have to sift thorugh new blogs to block the porn blogs.

5. For the giveaway to be successful, this blog must hit 100 followers on or before March 16th. SO REBLOG AWAY, MY LOVELIES!

Please please please help, my dash is almost dead and I need some other awesome witchy/wiccan/pagan blogs to follow! If you post any of the following please reblog or like this so I can check out your blog:
• spell craft
• witch tips
• spoonie witch tips
• divination
• astral work/projection/travel
• crystals
• herbs
• kitchen witch
• wicca/pagan religion
• astrology
• basically anything witch related (I’m still trying new things out so I want to learn as much as possible)
Please help a fellow witch out🌸🌞❣️