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YOOO guess who’s reached over 2k followers!! Thank y’all so much ❤ ❤
I have absolutely no idea how these  follower-special-thingies  work and how they are supposed to look like. But I like to use them as a motivation for me to draw something and share it with you since I think that you, as my followers,  should see that I’m actually able to do decent fanart as well (✿´‿`)
(I just don’t want you to think that the only thing I can do is reblogging lel)

I’d really like do draw more but, unfortunately, I just can’t find the right motivation to sit down and draw stuff on a regular basis ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) And even if I feel motivated, I mostly lack on having ideas most of the time. So if there’s anything you’d like me to do for you or if you have any ideas you’d like to share with me, please lemme know!

But anyway, again,  thank you for following me! ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ

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Join Sophie, Agatha, Tedros, and the other students as they begin a new era in the Endless Woods—The Camelot Years—where Evers and Nevers alike must move beyond the bounds of school and into the biggest, boldest adventures of their lives.

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Hi! Congratulations on your 8k followers :) Your art is absolutely amazing and I love that you exist! So, may I request cherik having a breakdown after a huge fight with one another? Sorry I just love angst...

so i’m not very good at angst


To clarify, i have no problem with Bigby and Were-McCree looking so much alike.
(idea of Han-Snow from @welcometoicee‘s tag on the post)

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43 with Alex summers? For the follower prompt thingy if that's ok :3

43: “You have no idea how much I want you right now.” ft. Alex Summers

Part of my 1000 Follower Fun drabbles set

Originally posted by fyeahlucastill

Hot sweat clung to Alex’s t-shirt as he leaned his shoulder against the gritty brickwork of the mansion. The summer sun was blinding, the gel in his hair leaving the smell of old aftershave in his wake. He wrinkled his nose, stuffing his hands into his jeans pockets with a sly smile.
(y/n) leaned back on her heels, cracking her knuckles and smiling wryly at Hank who stood opposite, kicking off his shoes and shaking his feet.
“I don’t want to be carrying out a body bag today, you know” Alex scoffed.
Hank adjusted his glasses, a half-smile playing at the corners of his mouth.
“I’ll go easy on her”.

Alex looked up, a curl of blonde hair falling over his eyes.
“It’s not her I’m worried about”.
(y/n) chuckled, sweeping her hair back over her shoulder with her wrist. She straightened her back; intensity growing in her eyes as she spread her feet and dropped into a defensive stance.
Hank let out a cry, throwing his weight forward. Alex tensed, his fists gripping against the inside of his jeans.
(y/n) barely flinched, her face icy, determined.
When Hank was just inches away from her, face contorted with concentration; he flew into the air, limbs flailing as he landed on his back, gravel crunching with the impact.

Alex felt his breath hitch in his throat, his heart pounding as his eyes darted to her. She blew her hair out from around her face, biting her lip.
God. She was incredible.
He felt something stir in his chest - some primal feeling deep within him. He bit his lip, his jeans suddenly too hot, not fitting quite right against his skin.
He wanted…
Well, he knew what he wanted.

She rushed over to help Hank up with light and deliberate steps; but he just shrugged her off, looking a little dazed from the whole incident. He shot Alex a look - something Alex couldn’t quite read.
(y/n) then strutted over to Alex, a grin wide on her face as she pushed her back against the wall, folding her arms.
“How’d I do, Summers?” she breathed, raising a brow to him.
Alex felt dizzy. He leaned in, swallowing hard.
“You have no idea how much I want you right now.” he muttered, his breath burning hot in his throat.
(y/n) flushed red, lowering her eyes to his lips.
“You know, I was just thinking the same thing”.