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I don’t really like to do this kind of things, but I need more blogs to follow, so if you post any of the following please like/reblog and I will check your blog

  • seventeen (!!!)
  • super junior
  • b.a.p (mainly zelo)
  • bts (mainly suga)
  • f(x)
  • block b

ps. I will follow as trashywassi

anonymous asked:

who is one of the nicest bloggers you know on here?

I’m blessed with so many nice bloggers tbh and I can’t pick anyone but I’m going to try. I’m just going to tag people I talk very often or just cross thru my mind.
@bagginses ; @novxcaines ; @melisandlre ; @strangerhypnosis ; @ronweasleyi ; @eggogorgon ; @elevnns ; @mcavoy ; @dqrthvader ; @jimhopps ; @dadharbour ; @promiseleven ; @alexsummerrs@ruvenreyes ; @m11kee ; @eggo-loving-eleven ; @eggo-my-leggo ; @jimparscns

Here we go with another follow forever and another crappy edit. I know I just did one in December (I think) but I actually reached 1,000 followers now, for some reason, and I can’t think of anything better to do than another follow forever thingy. Here’s to hoping I won’t forget anyone, if I did, I’m terribly sorry for being a moron and I love all of you ♥

Thank you all for following my sorry ass, welcome to my blog and I hope the stay will be somewhat enjoyable.

Mutuals ➝ bold (if I missed anyone, please tell me!)

And I have no idea why Tumblr inserts these random line breaks in the middle of names, it looks terrible but I can’t figure out if there’s a way to fix it…

A - F

@abluelightinthedark @accordingtomel @actual-saphael-trash @aesthetic-trash-right-here @apofiss @bake69neko @banelewis @bathildahotshot @canislytherinthings @cityofheavenlyships @clairles @claryfightwood @clarygaywood @demiromanticmickey @dimshums @diosraphael @diosxmio @elitefourkylewantstobattle @ericadays @fandomzonejedi @fliederfuchs @flowercrownedraphael 

G - M

@geeky-sova​ @harry-daddario @hereweareatlastsherlock @hoteldumorts​ @immortal-saphael​ @jaceslewis @juuuunaaaaoooo@kazankazan @klarolineandkalijahisthewaytogo @latinalightwood @latinosaphael @littleinkhorn @magnusisfabulous @malecandsaphael0 @majestic-pise @matthewbane @max-nausea @mobiletoybox 

N - Z

@otppurefuckingmagic @perpetualmalec @poesdamneron @protectraphaelsantiago @puppysimon @raphaelsantiagosavedhimself @raphaelsantiagotheleader @raphaels-lewis @raph-bane @raphsantiagay @sadlyamundane @saphaelapproved @saphaeldaydreams @saphaely​ @shadowhuntercz @simonlewisthenerdyvamp​ @simonlewlove @singitforthegirls @skeletordidntdieforthis @softshumjr @solkoroleva @spacemlm @spoopy-raph @stiles-and-the-sourwolf​ @su-pectrum @tania-terror @taskete @thedownworld @theonetruenorth @vampiresofhoteldumort @victaj @warlocksass @why-malec-why @worldbelow @xofemeraldstars

rosemaries-and-rue  asked:

Hi! Congratulations on your 8k followers :) Your art is absolutely amazing and I love that you exist! So, may I request cherik having a breakdown after a huge fight with one another? Sorry I just love angst...

so i’m not very good at angst

rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to get to know better
Tagged by my faves @charitydingle @darlingaaron @itwasjustmisplaced

name: Rachel
zodiac sign: libra ♎️
height: 5′4″
orientation:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (idk I’m gonna go with grey-ace for now)
nationality: American 🇺🇸
favorite fruit: blueberries & mangoes 
favorite season: summer but also spring how do I choose 🌞
favorite book: A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara 😢 (come talk to me about the Aaron Livesy parallels)
favorite flower: tulips 🌷
favorite scent: rain 🌧, grass after rain 🌱, new cars 🚗, new fridges, sautéed onions, coffee 
favorite color: green
favorite animal: puppies 
coffee, tea or hot cocoa: coffee ☕️
average sleep hours: 7-8 😴
cat or dog person:  🐶 dog
favorite fictional character: Aaron Dingle duh
number of blankets you sleep with: 1 💤
dream trip: northwest USA
blog created: this one? almost exactly a year ago!

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I haven’t made any follow forever recently, and i kinda hate the name follow forever… so since x-kit profiler works again - here, have a mutual appreciation follow thingy post!!!

@psock, @punkpeqqy, @leeonardmccoy, @winterscldicr, @sorridence, @mafloys, @jackfryst, @lucekage, @ladyofthewinterfell, @agentdaisie, @nyotauhurra, @bartonromanoffs, @amonqthieves, @daisyskyewalker, @skyyequake, @buckybarnesz, @ninerose, @jmkirk, @karlurbvns, @james-tee, @atsebastianstans, @vulcaia, @coybones, @byerwill, @wilsonsam, @peferparker, @jamiefrazser, @darlene-alderson, @ofkingfrank, @mccoyleonrd, @starcwars, @jimckirk, @hisbarnes, @yikesevans, @newtcarmender, @thefvlcon, @downfallofusall, @swolseb, @buchunan, @montgscotty, @barryallhan, @agentntasha, @scarlett-maximoff, @robertdowenyjr, @falconwings, @buckybarnmes, @falconisms, @vibraniom, @natashastark, @tchallae, @profssorxavier, @sehbs, @bvckyseb, @almightybarnes, @marogtrobbie, @team-spidey, @sebandchris, @thblackwidow, @outlawquake, @arianagrandes, @daisyridlay, @andorcassian, @scottlamg, @clintbartcns, @ajmeskirk, @missharleyquin, @scxrlettwitch, @thiccevans, @cosimageekhaus, @buckyrogrs, @pietrosjollynipnop, @falsegod, @beefybucky, @sergantbarnes, @pesmenos, @compliedsoldier, @wandamximoff, @sbstianstan, @victimsteve, @stevejames, @stteve, @buckuy, @bucannons, @aqualman, @buckxbarnes, @victimbucky, @tattooedbucky, @clarabosswald, @brickhousebuck, @steverorgers, @buckycap, @mvrgaerytyrell, @stephaniebaetriz, @claireetemple, @havleyatwell, @dclete, @vintagelesbionage, @harleynquinzel, @criminalreid, @clexatavia


My tumblr is so dead recently because I’ve been out for quite a while and hence unfollowed many who posted things I didn’t like seeing on my dash.

So I’m doing the following spree thingy :)

Please Reblog / Like if:

1. You make gifs, graphics, edits / manga colouring etc. (direct follow, but depending on content)

2. And that you post:
- multi-anime*
- seasonal anime*
- boku no hero academia
- katekyo hitman reborn
- erased
- magi
- natsume yuujinchou
- charlotte
- akagami no shirayukihime
- kyoukai no kanata
- ao no exorcist
- bungou stray dogs
- owari no seraph
- … can’t think of more for now but any mixture of anime!
- or bonus if you post cartoons occasionally (danny phantom, xiaolin showdown :D)
- any supernatural / fantasy / action / superpower / magic / school anime in general.

3. Please DO NOT Reblog / Like if:
- you post yaoi / yuri
- your blog has any ecchi or hentai content
- you post majority of yuri on ice (i wish to see other anime other than that, I already have enough of it on my dash already.)


5000 Follower Thingy

HEY! So I’m about 50 followers away from 5000 so I'm going to start my thing for you guys. 


This idea was created by @thesniffler and I hope they don’t mind I'm using their idea. 

So! The rules

1. Send me either a message or ask shipping me with a character from the potter universe and In return, I will write a short blurb of a kiss and a character of your choice, it will be around 3-5 paragraphs. 

2. I need a situation, a character, a type of kiss (cute, comforting, sexy ;) etc.)

3, For my ship thing you don’t have to go in depth about anything. 

Rules to participate!

1. Reblog this

2. Must be following me

3. Only One submission per person

Info about me

I’m a nerd/geek. I’m rather introverted but if I feel comfortable enough I will speak out. I’m really passionate about the things I care about. For example, i was a part of a peaceful protest and also a pro-LGBT thing at my school. I am Bi, I have medium black hair and dark brown eyes. I suffer from Depression and Anxiety as well as body image issues. I love music and I play guitar and ukulele. I’d rather be alone than with humans as well. I love rain and sleep. 

That’s pretty much it. Please follow these rules. I really love you all so much and thank you for almost 5000 followers!

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Tag 🌌

Was tagged by @bubblegumdan thank you!

Rules: answer the questions and tag 20 followers you would like to know better!

Name: Nokire

Nicknames: I have like 2 irl friends who call me by that name, one of them calls me Nono, and I call myself Noki 76% of the time when i talk to myself, and Icy that is how half the people here call me aha

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Height: 1,71m

Orientation: Panromantic/Asexual

Ethnicity: European/French (does that count as ethnicity? idk anymore ‘m sleepy)

Favorite fruit: honestly any “red fruit” like strawberries, blueberries, etc + green apples + grenades i haven’t eaten any in years rip

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite book: The Stranger, by Albert Camus, I read it for school and it stuck with me a lot. Also, 1984 by Georges Orwell (I kept typing Owell instead or Orwell help), and Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.

Favorite flowers: oh boy I love flowers, here you go: Iris, daffodils, lavender, poppies, hydrangeas, roses, to name a few!

Favorite scent: Roses and Lavender, libraries and old bookstores, 

Favorite color: Purple, blue, dark green

Favorite animal: I really like birds! any and every bird

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: I drink more tea because we never have hot chocolate home (my parents don’t want us to buy iy because we’re not kids anymore) and i used to hate chocolate when I was younger but now I love it? it’s a tie between these

Average sleep hours: I’m trying to get at least 6h each night but it varies from 0 to 8, usually.

Cat or dog person: i’m kinda scared of both, but definitely cat person

Favorite fictional character: Castiel from spn, probably

Numbers of blankets i sleep with: 1

Ideal trip: there’s a lot of places I’d like to visit, since I did that school project on the northern lights last year, I promised myself I’d go see them someday, and we’d found a place in Finland that seemed funny with a friend so we said we would go there (we probably won’t but. i want to go there one day)

I’m tagging @acephan, @princephil, @palephantom, @apollodiangelo, @amazingsavannaisnotonfire22, and @cuzicuif you haven’t already done this, and if you want to,of course! No pressure or anything

Thanks people! I’m happy you like my stuff enough to follow my little blog thingy! Thanks for the hearts, the reblogs and the nice asks (except the weird sexual ones, bwahaha).

I’ve been on Tumblr for 4 months and a half, I wasn’t expecting people to like my stuff, haha. I’m usually the guy in the background.

Anyway, thanks again, and I can’t wait to tell you more about my projects (a short movie coming soon, and two little video-games to be made!).


Shiratorizawa Academy

Haikyuu!! Season 3 ll Episode 1: Greetings