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After procrastinating for several months I thought it was high time I sat down and actually put this together. So, below are my absolute favorite blogs I have found during the year and a half I’ve been on tumblr. Whether we’re close friends, have only talked a couple times, complete strangers or not even mutuals, each of these blogs makes my dashboard flawless and I’m so happy I follow them. <33

adlerology | aikencharles | anderscn | anicemurder | ankorage | aquatia | armories | aryasnark | asandalinbelgravia | asgardis | asmallsandstorm | astrnomy | augustusmilverton | awtson | bakerstreets | baskervielle | baskervillee | bbenedicts | belgravs | bellagravia | benedicked | benidect | boswells | caulfields | chaplins | charlsmagnussen | chekovel | chemistries | chrlstianbale | cmberbatch | crieffery | crieffmartin | cumberbatchs | cumberpegg | curlock | damnbenedict | davidburked | dctorbones | dearmycroft | deductings | deductionless | deductives | drugsbust | dyrwolves | earhat | eckleberg | emptyhaerse | enedict | ewmartin | ffitzgerald | foxxcordelia

georgeknightley | geronims | getsherlock | ghostbees | ghosthalogens | gibaloo | greglestrade | halloawhatisthis | hamishwatson | hamlets | hannahbalmontanabal | hannibowl | hannisballs | henryknght | hisvulcan | hoaxsuicide | holmesen | horologists | imadler | ireneadler | iresearchedyou | itsthesolarsystem | jamesmcavoy | jawnwutson | jchnwatson | jimorriarty | johnferno | johnvatson | johnwaltson | johnwaltzson | johnwatsyn | killmartinfreeman | kingofmeth | kirketeer | korovievs | lauefeyson | leepace | lestraad | lestrade | lorasbaratheon | lordkirkmartinfreeman | marymorsstan | marymorstran | marysmorstan | meiringens | methcafe | mhlfoys | microftholmes | microftly | microfts | miecroft | moriairty | moriartlock | moriarty | moriartyi | mrholmestheyounger | mvcroft | mybritishobsession | mycrofteas | mycroftly | mycrofts | mycroftses | myecrofts | mysteryholmes

nathanielfick | nigelbruce | ofcrime | ofhiddleston | ofmycroft | ofsherlockholmes | oswaldery | pantylock | peetamerllark | pieceofgold | posthumes | pulpflction | reichebach | reichenism | robbstharkrobbstrark | sallydonovan | sallydonovar | sanssa | seducededuce | sherkeys | sherlck | sherleg | sherloce | sherloche | sherlock | sherlockholmse | sherlocklives | sherlocknes | sherloeck | sherlokided | sherlottered | shirelee | shlockholmes | shylocks | sidgwicks | signofthreesome | silverstags | sirmorgan | solominvitaly | starkwalk | tattlecrimes | thelioninhighgarden | threepipe | trustyourmindpalace | ughmoriarty | usherlock | vulcam | v4r | waltzon | willwatsons | winterfelll | wttsons | wutsons | zherlock


27kb’s Follow Forever 2015 *:・゚✧

Ahh, I delayed this all the way, I was waiting for the first anniversary of my blog, but no way I wouldn’t want to celebrate reaching 15,000 followers ♥☆ I wanted to do a short list but it was so hard to choose (and i ended up adding mostly mutuals whoops) ; u ; I want to thank all of you for making my tumblr experience so cool and being so nice to me! Both followers and mutuals!

♥ All these blogs are perf ♥

✿ฺ - a-sakuras - akaashie - angel-nymph - aoikoi - besho-san - cafepastelle - campanulla - chii-sweets - chiibunni - daniieru - dollybun - electric-candy -✿ฺ 

-✿ฺ fandeuci - feariie - g-ureum - hamaiasa - helloteaparty - hime-lulu - hitsu-ji ileftmyheartintokyo - kasaobake - kiiseu - kireitea - koibunni - kokejokokuuri - kyeoptea -✿ฺ 

✿ฺ-  lacey-hime - linausagii -  maco326 - madokakaname - milkuemilkuetea - mintykat - miuroko - mochieu - neouii - niji-iro - nommi - peachysakura - pinkfairysugar - princesskealie - princesskeru - prizumi -✿ฺ 

✿ฺ - rinmatsuokka - ryeousakii-sh - sakura-milk - sarapoi - starieu - starmiyas - sugar-honey-iced-tea - sushipng - sweet-kokoro - sweetdreamsmydears - ✿ฺ

thattsundere - tsukimiis - tsukissed - umekori - valdiety - vanillabell - vapid-vanity - wavue - yegurt - yuneji  + BLOGROLL -✿ฺ  

amazing blogs to follow!

this is a SHORT list and does not include all the blogs that i follow and enjoy. these are just a few of my favorites, but i love you all!!

astrology blogs:

@astroadvice (super informative and nice!)
@astrollusion (a great girl and a great blog)
@astroloholics (!!! just all around awesome)
@astroshy (a perf person and a perf blog)
@elvenstrology (she slays tbh just follow)
@emoastrology (so nice to their followers!)
@feministrology (she’s just perfect?! how)
@hollastrology (greatest person ever so cool)
@hostrology (bc how can you not follow her?)
@moonsmells (their blog is just goals tbh)
@pinkstrology (she’s the best and so sweet)
@pizzastrology (her blog is !!!! and so is she)
@thenatalchart11 (they know what their doing)
@zodiacale (follow them forever they’re great)
@zodiacdad (read above, awesome blog)

other blogs:

@citrinewishes (my personal blog)
@jibbering (humor and shitpost blog)
@oceanoftea (aesthetic/personal blog)

i am in the process of redoing my other account (striplucas) to make it more multifandom, but to do that i need some amazing accounts to follow! and since my followers on this blog have perf accounts I thought this would be the best place to make the post!

so like/reblog this if you post:
  • the 100
  • once upon a time
  • arrow
  • the flash
  • the fosters
  • agents of shield
  • new girl 
  • hart of dixie
  • teen wolf
  • chasing life
  • supernatural

if you do i will check out your blog and follow you from my striplucas account and also this account if i’m not already :)

I hit 300 followers the other day! (I procrastinated like crazy in making this .-.) So here goes my first ever Follow Forever! (Sorry if it’s a little different than most follow forevers, As I said, this is my first, so I’m not 100% how to do one, so I’ll just do how I imagine it should be done!) 

First, the people who I consider friends from here! (Go follow all of them, they are fab omg) 

bitch-whisperers (irl best friend <3 ), ihearttroyesivan, dan-is-our-moon-child, saucysquids, little-tillies, l0lnothanks

Now for some of my favorite blogs! (The ones listed above are obviously included here)

troyesivan, tyleroakley, troyesivanismyqueen, tyleroakleyismyqueen, forever-troyler, sivoakley, thisistroyler, tilly-oakley, troyesbooty, tylerthehaterslayer, haveyouseentheirbutts, troyleroakley, tyleroakleysbooty, ayytroyler, ayyyy-sivan, tyleroakleyfanpage, troylersawesomeworld, troyes-lip-ring, whatsagarb, bloggin-sivan, tylerslittleshit, winktroyler, whoistroyeanyway, troyelicious, betweenatroylersandwich, i-cupcaketroye, heartbreak-troye, troylercrazy, ijusthappentolikeboys, fr3ntus, frentus-wants-to-frickle-frack, troye-aka-beyonce, itmetroye, 5-seconds-of-troyler, troyesquiff, troyleristheway

Even if I didn’t list you, I do love you. I appreciate you putting up with my blog every day. You are all fabulous people, and I love every single freaking one of you. You are fantastic. <3

So somehow I managed to hit 1K followers today (before this blog even reached its one month anniversary wow), and to celebrate, here’s my first follow forever!


4rcticmankeys 505dancingshoes aboutfabmoretti adoringarabella al-xturner alex-tuna alexanderdavidturners alexblogguy alexthebandguy alextunrer alexturnerswife alternativelyalternative arabe1la arabellahunt arahella arctic–me arcticcunts arcticezzy arcticgodzilla arcticjamie arcticmonkeyed arcticmonkeysmileskane arty-monkeys


babyhaimyours boburnm brainstorm-s certainromancing christonsom cutebunn cxrnerstoned dance-little-turner dancinghumbug dancingto-electro-pop do-i-wanna-know doiwannasuckturner eviltwinofarabella freshprincesofsheffield gallagher-turner-bugg


hannahhvnt harmumford heldxrs highgreenvevo i-thought-it-was-dark-outside i-wanna-b-yours ihatealexturner iwantalexturnerhard iwantyoudownonallfours jamiecooking jamiecookingmama jamiecoook kaneofficial knifeson lightningmonkey lovelikefallingsnow


mattfuckinhelders memeomalley mileskanevevo mileskant milesmonkey monsieurturner nickomalleh nickomalleycat oldyellabricks quiffed-jesus robot-from1984 ronnievjr sexyswine singanotherfuckingshalalala singing-areckless-serenade skaiass skybluelacoste strokingthemonkeys supercoolarcticmonkeys


temp1es thehipwaffle thesameshite tightredpants tinymobboss turnerfrutti turnerofficial turrneralex ughticmonkeys vandenberg-child visurientyouth wirralsquirrels yourkneesocks

☆☆☆ Aye, I decided to make a faves page because I’m always looking for  fab/perf blogs to follow and this will be such an easy way. ☆☆☆

            So I’m going to be picking 5-15 blogs to be part of my faves 


  • you don’t have to be following me, but you are most likely not even going to be considered if you aren’t
  • blog type doesn’t matter, just have a fabulous blog
  • reblog this post (likes are only for bookmarking)


  • promos on request + automatic promos
  • a spot on my faves section
  • help with html
  • help you to reach with goals and more!
  • a new friend


  • reblog this post 
  • there are really no other ways to increase your chances, im doing this strictly based on your blog/posts


  • the deadline is April 1st
  • crappy banner made by me aha
  • message me if you have any questions! 

Good luck x

Follow Forever 2015

Thought I’d do a follow forever to showcase all of the amazing blogs I’m following. I recommend you follow all of these guys they’re perfect. Jesus christ this took a long time.


irl friends




aeverelle agentgui ahseert all-the-jily-feels allagorr allhailgrilledcheesus alltheshipsallofthem amyisnotoriginal anleep area11blaze areaelevenband asdfghjklholly ask-jily ask-ridgephos ask-thesapling asknano asksuperyogs askthatleochick askthecannibalclone askthemobscast assholeoftheday atomjenkins


batcii ben-c billiemilou bilvee breezejay bristalrose british-geek


calumthomashood candyvalkyrie caora cercia colbaltwires cordelia-fangirl crayogs curlyfry-was-here-rawr curlz101 cyndagirl


dave-striders-shades dontbeanassbutt dontgrowupitsatrappp drunkfeferi


eggplantwitch emc2spaam emiskullduggery ermahgerdfangirl


fakeahcomics fanfic-tastic faramihr fetchalgernon fififorever13 findajilyfic fluxynano fuckyeahjily


gerard-tops gingerhaze grandiosefacade grellotaku


hakuryyuu heartdeyna huetothis hufflethena hybridpanda45


iamatinyplanetexplorer iamthemasterofthepixies iamthemuffinwoman idlepace indra-and-ashura internyognaught issiecmerry itstubar


jenkem-sniffer jerkidiot jobanky jrogers611


kawaiikittenmeow keromabe kittykatfox kyrallei


lalnable lalnasounds lav3nderwolf letscreateasmorebaby littlenerdyscot loaded-goat-complexlongiloquent lukadarkwater


mag1ca maydeofhope meelane meerodi melleh17 mermaigic mermeme miladyswan mindfulwrath mkhunterz mladysailing musictrance mycaruba


nanomage natsuxlucy neonnox night-nettle nikbol ninoneedsknow


obiwanthekenobi onerandomactofstupidity organsofsight outdatedfad


p-h-a-n-t-a pengwenpenguin perlockholmes phoenix-fangirl pikachewbites pinkxephosarchive pocketpadfoot poolshack potting-lilies princecolbalt problematicyogscast proshyak purdyfuckinoutlaw




radicata randomxephos romrapaara russia-aph


s1mply0utstand1ng sammehbutt screamtownbeautyqueen shinobaradolove sigma-time-lord sjips sjinnuendo sjinpossible sjinspirations skylarwindsong smasonsmanseverything sohopenguin sometimesifangirltoohard sototallylittlewood soyrwoo spamsamzed sparkstheyesterday spiritedandloyal squirelife standardwhore stitchedstars


tea-sipping-zombie thatonevaleriegirl thatsthat24 theamazingcurlyfry thechromedog thedarklinkfell theedgeoftheexplosion thefrenchandscottishone thehiirablog theinterwebsseries themeganstory theshadowdryid theyogversity tposykret3 tsukidaisy turpy53




winonasskarmory witheredkitty




yogblox yogscast-nilesy yogscast-paco yogtexts yosgcast