follow these perf blogs

amazing blogs to follow!

this is a SHORT list and does not include all the blogs that i follow and enjoy. these are just a few of my favorites, but i love you all!!

astrology blogs:

@astroadvice (super informative and nice!)
@astrollusion (a great girl and a great blog)
@astroloholics (!!! just all around awesome)
@astroshy (a perf person and a perf blog)
@elvenstrology (she slays tbh just follow)
@emoastrology (so nice to their followers!)
@feministrology (she’s just perfect?! how)
@hollastrology (greatest person ever so cool)
@hostrology (bc how can you not follow her?)
@moonsmells (their blog is just goals tbh)
@pinkstrology (she’s the best and so sweet)
@pizzastrology (her blog is !!!! and so is she)
@thenatalchart11 (they know what their doing)
@zodiacale (follow them forever they’re great)
@zodiacdad (read above, awesome blog)

other blogs:

@citrinewishes (my personal blog)
@jibbering (humor and shitpost blog)
@oceanoftea (aesthetic/personal blog)

hi guys! it’s been just over a year since i started using tumblr and honestly it’s been amazing <3 i wanted to take the time to thank the blogs i admire and love through a follow forever~ each blog i follow is absolutely perf, i’m so sorry if i missed one;; the complete list of who i follow can be found in my blogroll! thank you all for being wonderful and i really hope i can get to know all of you more :) here’s to another beautiful year~

-chiish | 1lla-1lla | aegchu | aeilsyn | ah-chim | ahniyah | aifuku | babo-shii | cashiku | catbaoo | chickabiddy | chxsua | creme-milktea | ddaebakk 

eggdae | electrail | eol-jjang | eo-nni | fashion-and-seoul | forever–chasing–paradise | ha-roro | hajihyun | honesu | hoshisuki1015 | hyokko | ippeuni | jjajangmyeon

kebinhyung | koiisora | koiyiri | koreanfashionblog | korean-summer | kotoshiu | kumoyun | kyohaku- | liliest | menghai | milait | myeongdo | nommi | oilait | oliveteas | pyokki | ruiiruii

shin-chia | simpatie | soraangel | starchaii | strawkyu | sukka-tea | suraishii | sweetmelondrops | totoro-cafe | tsuinchocoreto | uyu-chaa | velvety-sweet | xiangxiin | yeojim | yuksicho | zuttou

and of course a big thanks to all those who follow me~ i love you all! :*

Mini weekend promo :)

to celebrate the weekend, I decided to do a little promo for you all (also since I haven’t done one in ages lol)

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