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Heey! It’s Ivy! 
Well I’m here because I decided to make my very first follow forever! I’ve been blessed with 8k followers which makes absolutely no sense and even though I had my veeeeery long hiatus, you guys still sticked with me. So I just wanted to take a moment and tell each and every one of you how thankful I am for making my experience on this site as amazing as it is <3 

I had to choose between life and school, and as stupid as I am, I chose school…which is the main reason for my hiatus.. But I’m finally back again with my shitty edits, gifs and rants and I won’t disappear on you like I did last time! I’m atm actually scared of having so much time as I do..

Back to the ff –> I wanted to show some appreciation to all the blogs who made my lovely dash into this amazing place I can absorb myself into, allowing myself to get lost in both place and time… .Which is why you’re seeing this pose!

If we’re not mutuals or if we are but you forgot about me please don’t be scared ;; I want to thank everyone regardless of being a mutual or not :) And so I decided to write a little message to each blog because I love you all <3 

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BTW: My least favorite type of shippers are those who ship them but not really.

“I ship EunHae but they’re not gay” like whaaaa.

“They prolly kissed, I ship them but they’re not gay” like WAT.

“Oh so there’s photographic evidence of them getting dicked down and I’m all for it, but they’re not gay. I ship it tho. But lol #nohomo

Are y’all team EunHae or team Bromance?? This blog is EunHae as in I legit think sexuality doesn’t matter and if they are together, it’s perf. If not, still perf.

Don’t follow my blog if you ship them, but you’re against them actually being gay.

We don’t actually know but don’t bring ya homophobic ass into my blog, homosexuality is not a fetish. Stop treating it as a kink.

JWXNGS FOLLOW 5EVER!!!1111!!!!!!!
(wow, someone ban me from photoshop. i literally had too much fun with this. ok.) [graphic vers.]

Wow, okay. So I just hit 500 followers like a couple weeks ago??? It literally boggles my mind that I even have 1 follower??? Like wow, just having 1 makes me super happy and nervous because I don’t wanna disappoint them, but to have 500+ followers, is truly the most awesome thing on earth!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FOLLOWING ME. I really do not understand why you guys follow my crappy blog at all. I want to hug each and every one of you and shower you guys with confetti and sprinkles. :) And loooveeee; lot’s & lots of looooveeeee!! c:

You guys are A+, okay? ♡♡♡♡♡

-duckbutt, -got7, 2ndmotion7unior, adoratoryalicegame, awesomaticrobotronicb-y0ngguk, baekluminous,  bambamms, bangyongguks,  bbuyojuseyo, beenzinsbiwoneipo, blankedpage,  blondejonginchaebi, chaooticchoijaes, coffeeandchapstick, cupcakemini5daegyo, daenana,  dandyjinyoung, dewusional, dijousdinosoor dohdoro, dokitokidokiexoplanetfortaesgot7asks, gots7gotsxvn, gyiyomiihailjacksonwang, hamshibahanbinn, heartamplifierhenkeaiherewegobebehoewon, hyericious, imperyeol, incrediyeolivegot7j-arks, jackandjael, jackseons, jackseonwangjacksonweng, jacksonwings,  jaebumah, jaebuming, jellehanne, jjongblingjoonghyun, joonmai, jonghyun-ahjonghyunar, jonqhyunjoycelukyjung-koook, junqkook-ah,  jxwonskaindheartaed, kevinwoo, king-minokimberlyrad,  kimrileader-jb, leetaeminlim-jaebeom, littleshineelove-xtc,  markeursmarkitten, markjesticmarkjin,  marktherapper, marktuan-s, marktuan,  marktuat, marktuon, marktwons,  markyienmarkyieuns, melonhun, milktea-obsessionmintytaemin, minzees, musingtragedy, namdivaohnobeenzino, onpoutpohroro,  prankchanyeol, rirakkusurubmesomevixx, seouldreamsseheartlesssexyguykai, shineesque, silverjonghyunsleepyheadedsojint, snugjaetbak0, teambgasm, teddiursaringtherealjonghyun, tuansandwich, ughjacksonwang, useoba,  vanillatokkivitaminyeol,  wangjackseons, wannagorocka,  winnerxa, wooyoung, xauruxiuhmin, yeollovemebaekyg-boys, yghigh, yiqieyoochum, yongguksfingers, & yugyeomk.

After procrastinating for several months I thought it was high time I sat down and actually put this together. So, below are my absolute favorite blogs I have found during the year and a half I’ve been on tumblr. Whether we’re close friends, have only talked a couple times, complete strangers or not even mutuals, each of these blogs makes my dashboard flawless and I’m so happy I follow them. <33

adlerology | aikencharles | anderscn | anicemurder | ankorage | aquatia | armories | aryasnark | asandalinbelgravia | asgardis | asmallsandstorm | astrnomy | augustusmilverton | awtson | bakerstreets | baskervielle | baskervillee | bbenedicts | belgravs | bellagravia | benedicked | benidect | boswells | caulfields | chaplins | charlsmagnussen | chekovel | chemistries | chrlstianbale | cmberbatch | crieffery | crieffmartin | cumberbatchs | cumberpegg | curlock | damnbenedict | davidburked | dctorbones | dearmycroft | deductings | deductionless | deductives | drugsbust | dyrwolves | earhat | eckleberg | emptyhaerse | enedict | ewmartin | ffitzgerald | foxxcordelia

georgeknightley | geronims | getsherlock | ghostbees | ghosthalogens | gibaloo | greglestrade | halloawhatisthis | hamishwatson | hamlets | hannahbalmontanabal | hannibowl | hannisballs | henryknght | hisvulcan | hoaxsuicide | holmesen | horologists | imadler | ireneadler | iresearchedyou | itsthesolarsystem | jamesmcavoy | jawnwutson | jchnwatson | jimorriarty | johnferno | johnvatson | johnwaltson | johnwaltzson | johnwatsyn | killmartinfreeman | kingofmeth | kirketeer | korovievs | lauefeyson | leepace | lestraad | lestrade | lorasbaratheon | lordkirkmartinfreeman | marymorsstan | marymorstran | marysmorstan | meiringens | methcafe | mhlfoys | microftholmes | microftly | microfts | miecroft | moriairty | moriartlock | moriarty | moriartyi | mrholmestheyounger | mvcroft | mybritishobsession | mycrofteas | mycroftly | mycrofts | mycroftses | myecrofts | mysteryholmes

nathanielfick | nigelbruce | ofcrime | ofhiddleston | ofmycroft | ofsherlockholmes | oswaldery | pantylock | peetamerllark | pieceofgold | posthumes | pulpflction | reichebach | reichenism | robbstharkrobbstrark | sallydonovan | sallydonovar | sanssa | seducededuce | sherkeys | sherlck | sherleg | sherloce | sherloche | sherlock | sherlockholmse | sherlocklives | sherlocknes | sherloeck | sherlokided | sherlottered | shirelee | shlockholmes | shylocks | sidgwicks | signofthreesome | silverstags | sirmorgan | solominvitaly | starkwalk | tattlecrimes | thelioninhighgarden | threepipe | trustyourmindpalace | ughmoriarty | usherlock | vulcam | v4r | waltzon | willwatsons | winterfelll | wttsons | wutsons | zherlock


27kb’s Follow Forever 2015 *:・゚✧

Ahh, I delayed this all the way, I was waiting for the first anniversary of my blog, but no way I wouldn’t want to celebrate reaching 15,000 followers ♥☆ I wanted to do a short list but it was so hard to choose (and i ended up adding mostly mutuals whoops) ; u ; I want to thank all of you for making my tumblr experience so cool and being so nice to me! Both followers and mutuals!

♥ All these blogs are perf ♥

✿ฺ - a-sakuras - akaashie - angel-nymph - aoikoi - besho-san - cafepastelle - campanulla - chii-sweets - chiibunni - daniieru - dollybun - electric-candy -✿ฺ 

-✿ฺ fandeuci - feariie - g-ureum - hamaiasa - helloteaparty - hime-lulu - hitsu-ji ileftmyheartintokyo - kasaobake - kiiseu - kireitea - koibunni - kokejokokuuri - kyeoptea -✿ฺ 

✿ฺ-  lacey-hime - linausagii -  maco326 - madokakaname - milkuemilkuetea - mintykat - miuroko - mochieu - neouii - niji-iro - nommi - peachysakura - pinkfairysugar - princesskealie - princesskeru - prizumi -✿ฺ 

✿ฺ - rinmatsuokka - ryeousakii-sh - sakura-milk - sarapoi - starieu - starmiyas - sugar-honey-iced-tea - sushipng - sweet-kokoro - sweetdreamsmydears - ✿ฺ

thattsundere - tsukimiis - tsukissed - umekori - valdiety - vanillabell - vapid-vanity - wavue - yegurt - yuneji  + BLOGROLL -✿ฺ  

amazing blogs to follow!

this is a SHORT list and does not include all the blogs that i follow and enjoy. these are just a few of my favorites, but i love you all!!

astrology blogs:

@astroadvice (super informative and nice!)
@astrollusion (a great girl and a great blog)
@astroloholics (!!! just all around awesome)
@astroshy (a perf person and a perf blog)
@elvenstrology (she slays tbh just follow)
@emoastrology (so nice to their followers!)
@feministrology (she’s just perfect?! how)
@hollastrology (greatest person ever so cool)
@hostrology (bc how can you not follow her?)
@moonsmells (their blog is just goals tbh)
@pinkstrology (she’s the best and so sweet)
@pizzastrology (her blog is !!!! and so is she)
@thenatalchart11 (they know what their doing)
@zodiacale (follow them forever they’re great)
@zodiacdad (read above, awesome blog)

other blogs:

@citrinewishes (my personal blog)
@jibbering (humor and shitpost blog)
@oceanoftea (aesthetic/personal blog)

hi guys! it’s been just over a year since i started using tumblr and honestly it’s been amazing <3 i wanted to take the time to thank the blogs i admire and love through a follow forever~ each blog i follow is absolutely perf, i’m so sorry if i missed one;; the complete list of who i follow can be found in my blogroll! thank you all for being wonderful and i really hope i can get to know all of you more :) here’s to another beautiful year~

-chiish | 1lla-1lla | aegchu | aeilsyn | ah-chim | ahniyah | aifuku | babo-shii | cashiku | catbaoo | chickabiddy | chxsua | creme-milktea | ddaebakk 

eggdae | electrail | eol-jjang | eo-nni | fashion-and-seoul | forever–chasing–paradise | ha-roro | hajihyun | honesu | hoshisuki1015 | hyokko | ippeuni | jjajangmyeon

kebinhyung | koiisora | koiyiri | koreanfashionblog | korean-summer | kotoshiu | kumoyun | kyohaku- | liliest | menghai | milait | myeongdo | nommi | oilait | oliveteas | pyokki | ruiiruii

shin-chia | simpatie | soraangel | starchaii | strawkyu | sukka-tea | suraishii | sweetmelondrops | totoro-cafe | tsuinchocoreto | uyu-chaa | velvety-sweet | xiangxiin | yeojim | yuksicho | zuttou

and of course a big thanks to all those who follow me~ i love you all! :*

i am in the process of redoing my other account (striplucas) to make it more multifandom, but to do that i need some amazing accounts to follow! and since my followers on this blog have perf accounts I thought this would be the best place to make the post!

so like/reblog this if you post:
  • the 100
  • once upon a time
  • arrow
  • the flash
  • the fosters
  • agents of shield
  • new girl 
  • hart of dixie
  • teen wolf
  • chasing life
  • supernatural

if you do i will check out your blog and follow you from my striplucas account and also this account if i’m not already :)