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You don’t belong in the Feminism or LGBTQA+ circles if you idolize hatred.

Rather it be for men, cis, straights, whatever, you don’t have the right to spit words of venom over an entire root of people for a simple trait they share then turn around and give other people love for a trait they share.

Not only are you romanticizing toxic behavior, but you’re fetishizing certain characteristics in return. Being a supporter of equality and love in their entirety, i don’t believe you should be able to gain confidence after throwing someone under the bus for being who they are.

It makes me feel uncomfortable to hear someone give me praise for being bisexual / a girl after i know they threatened someone for being straight / a boy previously. Even if they haven’t done anything wrong they’re still getting wave after wave of posts saying their less than us just because.

Being bitter isn’t cute. It’s rude, impolite and unattractive.

Feminism isn’t ‘vengeance.’

LGBTQA+ isn’t a ‘competition.’

Feminism is equality. LGBTQA+ is love.

We’re not trying to stand in taller than anyone, we’re trying to stand beside them. We can fight for that without sparking unnecessary flames for people who may be fighting their own battles.

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I love how Albert has like, these two tough looking guys in perpetual sunglasses who drive him around and just kinda stand behind him menacingly while he snarks at people and while they are referred to as “his team” they’re never actually around when he works, so it’s safe to assume they’re there specifically to help him make a cooler entrance 

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