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First off, I’d like to say that I was totally inspired by @inabadromance!! I LOVE the idea of this and thought it was sososo cute ; u; <33 so s/o to her!!

I’ve gotten a few asks about my favorite simblrs in the past and I’ve finally came around to it (5yrslater)!!! I’ve been following these blogs from the get-go and I find each and every one of these blogs amazingly inspiring, enjoyable, and they all really make my simming experience a positive and wholesome one. :’) ilyguys ok *cries* thank you for being you!!

I bestow these medals of Annie’s approval upon: @inabadromance, @glitterychaostriumph, @bananahut, @bratsims, @essiesims, @lunarian-sim, @femmesim, @suzychi-sims, @ichosim, @plushxsims, @sims3melancholic, @onlypeachy, @obsimmian, @20-44-sims.

Fics I Didn’t Know I Needed - March 23,2017

Every now and then, I get in a bit of a spell where I lack motivation and inspiration to write.  When I get into the mindset that nothing I write is good enough/just plain shit, I just like to read, refuel my brain with new ideas and when I read a really good fic that gives me that new inspiration and help me continue the fics in my drafts, I feel so much better about my writing.  I’ve decided that every time I get in this funk, I’m going to share my list of fics that help me get out of it, help me continue my stories and give me new kinds of ideas.  These fics and the people who wrote them are AMAZING and shouldn’t go unnoticed in my eyes, so I’m going to share them.  And to anyone I feature in this post, thank you for your dedication and talents.  You’ve helped me write when I’m down, out of it, or just plain bored with your works.  

Without further ado, here my first ever, “Fics I Didn’t Know I Needed”.

Innocent Doctor (Spencer Reid) by @crimindsaspe - Holy shit, this one’s good.  I’ve always liked the idea of Dom!Spencer, and this is just perfect.  The way you describe how he’s different around the team versus the reader is just…  Bravo Shannon.  Bravo.  This was such a turn on (that sounds creepy oops), I can’t wait for more chapters. Part Two

Tale As Old As Time Ch 1: Provincial Life (Spencer Reid) by @beautiful-bau-beau - This is so beautifully written, and I adore the fact that you’re doing a take on the fairytale.  I’m always thinking about putting the characters in another story/situation, but nothing like this.  Absolutely wonderful.  I’m really looking forward to this one!

Long Way Down (Spencer Reid) by @bookofreid - This was equally sad and charming.  The way it’s written gave me chills.  Just some absolutely wonderful writing, the kind of writing anyone would aspire to accomplish.  It’s just plain beautiful.

Dishwasher Safe (Spencer Reid) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction - I read this way back when it was first posted, and I’ve gone back to it and reread it a few times because that’s just how much I love it.  Flustered Spencer is the cutest and Sub!Spencer is everything.  So hot and so good omg.

Penelope and Derek’s Matchmaking Service (Spencer Reid) by @huh-imagine-that - This one is also a bit older, but can I just say, cuteness overload!!!  It’s another one I go back to and just enjoy to read every time.  Just a fluffy little fic for when you’re down, it really helps bring you up!

The Ultimate Test (Spencer Reid) by @hanny-bananny - Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Just so beautiful.  The flow of this is wonderful and amazing.  I wrote one similar to this, but mine I feel hardly compares to yours.  This is the epitome of a beautiful disaster, because it’s sad but the way you wrote it is just too marvelous.  Well done.

Secrets and Lies (Spencer Reid) by @criminal-minds-fanfiction - This is what a call a fan fic.  The idea is new, the story is told incredibly and it’s definitely something you’d go back again and again to binge read.  Scandalous, cute, angsty.  It’s a little bit of everything.  **Bonus:  Help! Not Just Anybody is a continuation, which Cherry has just finished, and binge reading this series has become a regular thing for me.  So, so good.

Becoming Real (Spencer Reid x Luke Alvez) by @dontshootmespence - This one will hit you right in the fucking feels if you’re all about fluffy Spence fics.  Even if you’re not a huge fan of the ship, this is still just plain amazing and 100% worth the read.  I can never get enough of your work, I come back to SO many of your fics, but this one is sooo so good.  Kudos.

So there you have it.  This was the first installment of “Fics I Didn’t Know I Needed”.  These won’t come often, but every time I read a good one or I just can’t get words down or I’m just like ‘hey, I should tell someone about this,’ I’m going to add them to my list.  I highly recommend everyone read all of these and if you aren’t already, follow everyone mentioned because they are all beautiful human beings and they write some amazing things and they all fucking deserve it.  

And once again to anyone mentioned, thanks for writing and being awesome inspiration.  It’s fics like these that make it easier to write!

random ik but...

okay so,,, i was just thinking,,, i love my mutuals so much… so why not let them know randomly in an act of an appreciation post ?? im sorry this is so spontaneous i just feel like shouting out to all my best internet buddies so everyone else can check them out bc theyre literally ALL THE BEST. just saying. FOLLOW THEM NOW !!! (pls you wont regret it i promise) in no order:

@smol-anime-phan133 : ty for being with me through life, you’re literally my therapist and i need you to know that any time you need it, i’ll be there for you bc you’ve always been there for me (even during my 12 yo random phase im v sorry) and I appreciate you💕

@malecfangirl101 man we go wayyyyyy back, but i still appreciate you so much, you’re actually one of the most fabulous people i know. it’s a shame we don’t see each other irl as much but im so glad we text bc seriously it’s great to be able to be so open and yet random and weird to someone as accepting as you ✨

@nutellalester don’t even get me started you are such a bean, daniel !! you contribute some of the best bants to the gc and all the amazing creations (art/writing) you make is literally so good,,,also youve got literally the best music taste ty for existing 💛

@huphilpuffs okay so not only are you literally one of the sweetest people, but you make the prettiest gifs ??? how is this fair at all ??you’ve got so much talent and overall just loveliness and support im super happy to know you ty for everything ☺️

@misshktt oml where do i begin?? youre funny, supportive, open and generally just a really great person to be around !! you literally are toriel it’s not even funny the resemblance is uncanny,,, except less goat and more pure bean ty 💙

@actualhatter there’s so much to say about how great you are i literally could ramble on forever but for everyone’s sake i’ll try to be short: you’re funny, kind, really good at drawing AND you share my addiction to tøp and josh dun in general?? how could a person literally get any cooler?? ty for everything fren 😊

@phantastically-over-life phil lester defence squad unite haha thanks for listening and even agreeing with me when i ramble endlessly about my love and appreciation for phil, you’re really great and friendly, i love talking to you tysm fren💗

@philmeup-dildo i have a feeling this might be the longest paragraph purely bc you are literally one of the best people i know,,, you listen to everything i have to say (im sorry i ramble and complain a lot lol) and overall are just so supportive and kind, as well as we share heaps of interests (okay our music not so much bUT STILL) !! ty for being so open and letting me vent and bant with you bc seriously you have made me laugh when i really needed it so ty for everything 🤗 (also my mum loves you more than me im pretty sure)

@totallynotlevi // @totallynotfics you were one of my first internet friends, Levi, and although some of our interest have changed im so glad we still talk regularly bc you’re literally such a great person and im so happy I’ve found someone who loves pj and tøp as much as me 💚

@you-could-say-im-relocating-it you are the purest and funniest bean to ever exist, our gc owes you for making us laugh all the time with your supportive, funny and relatable personality !! if you ever need anything pls feel free to talk bc id love to get to know you better 😁

@little-cheeky-monkey you deserve the world, honestly im so glad we are mutuals, you’re pretty (even if you don’t realise it yet,, believe me), funny, supportive, really kind and just generally share my love of dogs and hp !!! (pls pet your dogs for me btw so pure) ty for everything and just being yourself you matter a lot ❤️

@heck-yeah-fandoms funny! great! supportive! those are only some of the many words i could use to describe you, ty so much for being a great fren i appreciate talking to you, you make me smile 😋

@pepperminthowell have you ever met someone that’s just so great and the thought of them being in your life fills you with joy??? you’re that person to me and basically the whole gc,,, seriously thank you for everything it means so much you are way too lovely and good for this world 💜

@isle-of-the-glowing-eyes although we talk on my other side blog, i just wanted to add you here bc you are really relatable, kind and im glad i feel i can be open around you bc you’ve just got such a great personality !! not to mention we also have a huge addiction with tøp oml ty for listening to me ramble haha 🌸

@dan-phil-obsessed we’ve been talking for quite a while now, and i can confidently say that you are honestly one of the nicest people to ever exist. everyone is kind in someway or another so you probably hear me say this a lot in this post, im not lying when I say that but for you seriously I can 1000% say that you are so genuinely considerate, not to mention really pretty, and great at photography/writing 💖

@phandomsandbandoms ty for being such a funny, witty, relatable and overall amazing person. your taste of music is one everyone should aspire to, not to mention your personality and sense of humour !! basically you’re goals tbh 👌

@glittering-litter i can relate way too much to you honestly you have all the tøp (yes I went there) notch memes and literally such a good music taste !! ty for always listening to me annoyingly talk about phan and emo bands whenever we talk hah you’re really great 🙌

@lestersdog ty for making the gc and Tumblr itself just a generally better place, you’re so nice and easy to talk to !!! your kindness and awesomeness is appreciated by me and so many others 💓 also your pride selfies were actually the cutest thing ive ever seen oml

@pasteldoothowell we haven’t talked one on one, but seriously from what i can tell when you talk in the gc you are a really fun person to be around !! ty for just your general awesome presence i feel blessed 😄

@peachou okay so we don’t really talk on private chat but seriously this may come off as creepy but i love your blog so so much and for you to actually follow me and like my posts blows me away !! you are so talented and i just wanna ty for being really amazing 💟

@softiednp this whole group chat, incase i missed someone individually, means the world to me tysm for everything you all are great people that i absolutely love talking to !!! you don’t even know how much i love y'all !! oml 😩👌

honourable (mostly) mutual mentions that i stalk and admire from afar: (pls feel free to message me seriously you’re all super cool) @wispyphil @fringegaps @florallylester @phanamored @philester @disgustinglygay @stardustphan @hazyphil @macaronidan @decaffeinated-shipper @yodastolemylightsaber @femtastico @britishteacup98 @lozzyg @lost-boy-ben @nonbinary-lester @suchaderp @sparklephil @adorkablephil @astronautdan @clouds-howell @shittywerewolfstudent @fallinghowell @opinionated-internet @stumpostar @tea-and-cozy-idek @purepastelphan @dansforeheadcurl @japhannie @eli-howlter

if i missed anyone pls punch me, chances are i either wrote you on my list but accidentally missed typing it out bc there’s so many names or literally thought we weren’t mutuals bc you are too cool to be following me :))

Isaac Lahey Imagine- The Girl In The White Dress (Part 2)



A sigh of relief left Isaac’s lips when your eyes drifted open. You looked around the room briefly, noticing you were in the hospital. You furrowed your brow at him in confusion after noticing his hand was gripped tightly onto yours. You sat up and brushed his hand away, earning you a rather wounded and upset look from him. “You don’t remember, do you?” he asked in a disappointed tone. You shook your head and instantly began racking your brain, trying your hardest to remember what happened, as usual this method panned out to be unsuccessful. “What’s the last thing you remember?” he questioned, gazing at your rather bewildered expression. “I remember- I was at Derek’s loft and we were all watching a movie and- and that’s all” you said slowly. “So you don’t remember leaving and wandering around the forest bare foot all night?” he asked. You shook your head again, you’d never done anything like this. “So you don’t remember-” he began saying, before cutting himself off. “What?, Isaac, remember what?” you asked desperately. He swallowed thickly, but before he could say anthing else the door swung open. A very worried Stiles and Lydia ran in, they immediately began hugging you, followed by Derek, Kira and Liam with Malia and Scott re-entering with coffee and hot chocolate for you all. Isaac stood up from the chair beside you, allowing Stiles to sit down. Everyone began crowding around the bed, bombarding you with questions and reassurance. Isaac slowly backed towards the door, your eyes following him. He shot you a weak smile before exiting the room, “Isaac wait’“ you mumbled, but the sound was drowned out by the pack’s rambling.You knew it was more than his claustrophobia that lead to him leaving you like that.

“How many times do I have to tell you Y/N? If you need help with your siren thing tell me!” Stiles said sternly as you left the hospital. “And how many times do I have to tell you? I can take care of myself!” you retort. “Evidently not, you could of died, well you would of died if it wasn’t for Isaac” Stiles was now using his dramatic hand gestures. “I’m not a child!” you shouted, standing still. “I’m just trying to look out for you, you’re my sister i’d go out of my freakin mind if I let something happen to you” he sighed. “I know you are and I appreciate your concerm” you said, pulling him into a sibling hug. He took off his jacket and put it around your shoulders, it was a cold night and your dress was still abit damp. It hadn’t been that long since the rest of the pack left you and Stiles, luckily Mellisa was able to make an excuse for you to be discharged otherwise you would of been stuck in there all night. “How exactly did Isaac save my life?” you asked, getting into the passanger seat of his jeep. “He didn’t really tell us the full story, but when you left Isaac woke up and went after you, he told Derek to wake the rest of us up and we all went looking for you” he shrugged. “Did he mention what happened when he found me?” you questioned. “No, why?” Stiles looked both intrigued and concerned. “Just wondering” like your brother, you seemed to have attained the gene for overthinking. You needed to know why Isaac was being so off with you at the hospital. You intended to find out sooner rather than later.

Come Monday you were determined to confront him at school, this task had seemed more difficult than it should have, due to Isaac ignoring your texts and Stiles keeping an eye on you 24/7. You lingered in the hallway longer, maybe there was a reasonable excuse for him not meeting you, maybe he was just a bit late. You were pacing back and forth for about ten minutes into your first period, before you heard the sound of rattling keys and heels coming your way- shit. You didn’t need to see her face to know which teacher it was, the one that was always trying to reinforce dress code to any girl who dared to have a centimetre of skin on show. You assumed she was picking up anyone out of class for detention, due to the rise of students skipping lessons, no name, *Scott’s Pack*. You ran into the girls bathroom, like hell were you getting yet another detention with her. While in there, you thought it would be the perfect time to apply some more lipstick because why not. You then began to apply a fresh coat of mascara when it began. You felt a tight pain in your chest, you gripped onto the sink and looked into the mirror in front of you. There they were, your eyes glowing a bright silver. You tried to reach into your pocket, to grab your phone but the pain was so excruciating you dropped it. Scott, Malia and Liam were out on a wolfy mission so it wasn’t like they would hear you from their lessons. “I cant do this here” you kept muttering to yourself, before you began screaming in pain. You fell to the ground, while clutching onto your stomach. Your vision became blurred as the silver in your eye grew brighter. “Not here” you managed to say one last time, before you were no longer in control.

Unlike last time, you were aware of what was happening to you. You could see, remember and feel everything you were doing but you couldn’t control it. You were in the forest wondering around once more, until you reached a lake. It felt familiar, it must have been the same one that Isaac found you in, but why did the Siren in you keep going back? You wanted to cry, but you couldn’t. The impulse was so strong that even you for a moment wanted to feel the water against your skin. You slipped your shoes off and grew closer to the edge. You were trying to resist, battling with part of your own mind. Stop, you took one step forward, Stop, you entered the water. Stop, you took another. “Stop!”

You felt yourself be grabbed and pushed onto the hard forest floor. You must have blacked out, because when you opened your eyes they were yet to adjust to the harsh sunlight. “Isaac” you said, noticing him sitting beside you on the floor. “Yeah” he said soothingly, running his hands through your hair. “How do you always manage to find me?” of all the questions you had, that was the first you wanted to ask. “I don’t know” he shrugged. “I know when you’re lying” you claimed, causing him to sigh. “I feel an urge, like I need to be with you, wherever you are and whenever you lose control. I can hear your voice and it’s like a void that wont go away, until I’m with you again” he explained, staring down at his hands. “Really?” you asked, you didn’t know what to say. He simply nod his head. “I think I call you, you’re always the last thing on my mind before I shift and the first thing on my mind when I wake up” you admitted. He finally looked at you, it felt as if he was looking at your soul through your eyes. “I like you, a lot” he randomly blurted out. It took a moment to sink in, you shook your head and let a tear fall. “I’m sorry” he quickly apologised, wiping the tears from your cheeks. “Don’t apologise-” you began, you reached to hold his hands instead. “I like you too, but you need to stay away from me” you claimed, it broke your heart to say that. He didn’t say anything, he simply stared blankly at you. That was the best and worst thing you could have said to him in that moment. “I’m too dangerous Isaac” you continued. A slight smirk spread across his face, he couldn’t help it sometimes. “What?” you asked in annoyance. “I’m a werewolf, fuelled by the moon with razor sharp claws and teeth and your scared that you’re too dangerous for me?” he asked. “I managed to get you here easily enough, what if the next time I get you into the water, what if I make you hurt someone or yourself?-” you began to ramble, terrified by the thought. This time, he leant forwards and kissed you. Your body seemed to relax under his touch as you melted into his arms. You pulled away from one another slowly and gently opened your eyes. “You’re not going to hurt me” he assured. “You don’t know that” you whispered. “I do, and you know deep down you would never hurt me” he claimed. You reluctantly nod and gave a weak smile. “I’m going to help you and nothing is going to stop me. I’m going to be with you every step of the way” he soothed. “I don’t doubt that” it’s the chances in life you don’t take that you regret and Isaac wasn’t going to be one of them. “I love you Y/F/N”.”I love you too Isaac Lahey”.

He stuck to his word, but nothing could prepare you for what would follow in the near future:

“They wont stop glowing“ Stiles shouted in a panic. “Y/n, don’t do this please” Isaac was shaking you. “Someone needs to get Lydia, we need Lydia” Kira exclaimed. You couldn’t believe what just happened, did you really just do that? You would never forgive yourself and you weren’t sure anyone else would either…

Part Three? I’m sorry, school has been crazy and I will be for the next few months especially. I actually have an excuse for my terrible uploading schedule. Requests are currently closed x 

About me~

First of all, thank you @astudyindetermination for tagging me!(follow them you wont regret it i promise) here you are!

I am 5′7″ or taller
I wear glasses 
I have at least one tattoo
I have at least one piercing
I have blonde hair 
I have brown eyes
I have short hair
My abs are at least somewhat defined
I have or have had braces
There is something I would change about the way I look

My Hogwarts house is: Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
I am an introvert
I like meeting new people 
People tell me that I’m funny
Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me
I enjoy physical challenges 
I enjoy mental challenges
I’m playfully rude with people I know well 
I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it

There is something I would change about my personality

I can sing well
I can play an instrument
I can do over 30 pushups without stopping
I’m a fast runner 
I can draw well
I have a good memory 
I’m good at doing math in my head
I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute 
I have beaten at least 2 people in arm wrestling
I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch 
I know how to throw a proper punch

I enjoy playing sports 
I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else
I’m in a orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else
I have learned a new song in the past week
I work out at least once a week 
I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months 
I have drawn something in the past month
I enjoy writing

Fandoms are my #1 passion 
I do or have done martial arts (bitch I teach them)


I have had my first kiss 
I have had alcohol 
I have scored the winning goal in a sports game 
I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting (last night ahaha)
I have been at an overnight event 
I have been in a taxi 
I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year
I have beaten a video game in one day
I have visited another country
I have been to one of my favourite band’s concerts

I’m in a relationship 
I have a celebrity crush 
I have a crush on someone I know 
I have been in at least 3 relationships 
I have never been in a relationship
I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them

I get crushes easily 
I have had a crush on someone for over a year 
I have been in a relationship for at least a year 
I have had feelings for a friend

I have at least one person I consider a “best friend”
I live close to my school
My parents are still together
I have at least one sibling 
I live in the United States
There is snow right now where I live 
I have hung out with a friend outside of school in the past month
I have a smartphone

I have at least 15 CDs
I share my room with someone

I have breakdanced 
I know a person named Jamie
I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce
I have dyed my hair
I’m listening to one song on repeat right now 
I have punched someone in the past week 
I know someone who has gone to jail
I have broken a bone
I have eaten a waffle today 
I know what I want to do with my life
I speak at least 2 languages fluently
I have made a new friend in the past year

Oh my god i have just realized how many things i do (help me i have a tiger mom) i tag @pucn @studyingdayandnight and @sarahlovesstudying


600 followers! Are you kidding me… I love you all. I have drawn a fast sketch with Nick’s as a super cool chief and he did a great cake for his Carrots. (what cedule…oh THAT cedule. Ahaha. It’s…not for Carrots, right. It’s an axident. It’s just visible for tumblr, it’s not visible for them at the picture lol) ANYWAY. I am sooooooooo happy!!! 😍 😍 😍 I would love to thank these amazing people, because without them I wont be at tumblr that long!!! Follow them as well, you won’t regret! @pyrophoricitee @nekomimiranger @fourthdimension99 @fox-comics @thatzootopianfox @cloudyloudy @emgmusic1 @reddoshirousagi06 @ihavewaytoomanyproblems @ryutolbx @trashasaurusrex @judylavernehopps @crewefox @nicolaswildes @rem289 @aoimotion @progressoftomorrow @andyourteeth @helthehatter @zootopepo @judys-carrot-pen @taylorillustrated @sami01 @kisu-no-hi@ziegelzeig @nami-things @sprinkah @spintherella And many many many others!!! *happy tears* Ok! There will be more art coming soon!!! And… Now… Again. Let me… *sniff *

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ok i put this off for ages!!! so I wanna start off with thanking y'all sOOOooO much for 1k!!!!!! I think I turned this blog into “”“mainly Astro”“” last September or October ??? so it’s been quite a while,,.but I love all y'all so much ❤️❤️❤️ there’s not much that makes me happier than editing and talking to yall !! thank u guys so so much i love love love u <333

faves- bolded <33

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Honorable Mentions ~ (aka essays declaring my love for pingu squad noot noot)

@fairymyungho ,,,shveta darling. I love u so much and ur the best mom I’ve ever had. you are literally the sweetest person I’ve ever met on here and I’m so thankful for you. sometimes I still read that email you sent me a long time ago bc it is honestly one of the nicest/most motivating/heart warming things someone has ever sent me. i love it when u send the group chat voice notes of you laughing hysterically at something one of us said they literally make me SO happy and no ! u don’t sound like a dying whale ! u sound like a beautiful majestic bird ok I love u so much. i always know i can rely on u and ask ur for opinions or advice. ur the wisest chick i know and i look up to u. i’m so thankful that i can have real meaningful conversations with u. (p.s thanks for stopping the fights w Kaylah before they get too serious ) I love u shweeda

@simplesanha gravy,,,the cause for all of my suffering,,probably the reason why I returned to being an official woozi Stan once again. Gaby I love u so much you’re my favorite hoseok Stan. I know u don’t talk a lot in the group chat (except for when someone mentions jhope or smthing shady)…but when u do….u make me laugh a lot. you’re so sweet but also so savage which I admire about u…I love u so much. u have this light about u that i really love!!!! ur so bright and thoughtful. u always have smth good to say. u are so kind and thank u for sending me pictures of dogs a lot I’m so grateful (burger king still sucks)

@pastelsuga Hanna!!!! my wife!!! I’m so grateful for u and ur puns..although they’re not as good or as frequent as mine, they’re still really gud ok and I really appreciate them. ur the best Hanna montanan/goat/egg I have ever met. ur always so happy and energetic and I love u so much I picked a gud wife. you’re literally such a goddess and I love u and ur fluffy hair !!!!! I love torturing u with jongin pictures..,u always brighten my mood and I love u a lot u nerd. ur so strong and i admire u so much. I love u even tho u put the group chat on silent a lot :/ stay tru

@joyridingmikey maru child….1/3 of the beagle line,,I love u and ur memes. over the past few months I have collected a lot of memes but I will never reach ur collection,,,I’m still amazed. I’m also amazed by ur artistic skills!! like wow!!! thank u for drawing Kim jongdae (a while ago) …I really appreciate it. truly. even tho u make fun of my height and say u don’t care about woozi the “old small man” and u like to spoil shows and u suck……I still love u. ur still one of the three stooges ,,godo lick in life Maru,,,ur still young,,,and way cooler than me when I was 13 :/ stay cool. Stan Maru.

@dinosgf-deactivated20161019 Kaylah,,,,i know u aint on here anymore but imma include this anyway,,,,,most of the time when I’m sad I go back and listen to ur voice notes tho. Kaylah,,,,,,,,,I loaf u so much. ur always on the same exact page as me,,u always know exactly what I’m thinking,,,we hate the same people, we say the same things at the same time, we’re practically the same person. if there’s someone who makes my day every day it’s u Kaylah. I never get tired of ur shadiness or ur typos. I love how creative u are,,,u truly express it through your 50 Dino urls. u are literally the funniest person I know,,,,u never fail to make me laugh. I love that we can joke around and make fun of eachother and fight all the time but still when I need something ur really there for me!! ur truly my number one fan…always being the first to reblog my edits and leave compliments. sometimes I think about when u asked ur dad to tell u to do ur chores so u could get out of a certain call ! and i just laugh out loud. ur constantly full of humor and love for Dino,…I truly admire how quick witted u are. I love u so much Kaylah. thank u for having Lipgloss jam sessions with me and tagging me in numerous pictures of dogs and jongdae. I love u so much !!!!!!!!!!! I honestly can’t even express in words how much I appreciate u and everything u do. ur such a great friend and I’d sell my left foot and all of my hair to meet u irl. ur truly so genuine and I know that whenever I need anything I can come to u. no one hypes me up more than u do and u help me love myself!! there’s no doubt that if knew eachother irl we would dominate the world. ilysm more than words can say.

@all of the pingu squad

……I love all of you guys so much. I had a really tough school year last year but I joined the sanha net and met you guys and I honestly believe y'all are how I made it through the year without breaking down completely. y'all make me so happy. there’s not a day that goes by that y'all don’t make me laugh. you guys are so supportive and always have my back, even tho y'all live far away. you guys boost my confidence so much and motivate me and make me laugh and cry and scream and I’m literally!!!! so glad I met y'all. I’m comfortable telling you guys anything and I can’t even express how much I love y'all and I hope we can all meet one day ️️️

the cashton clique is adding more people wooooo. okay guys since we thought there was some inactive people and we want to replace them, we are adding more people into our super rad cashton clique gang aye! btw thanks to kalinn for the edit :—)

- rules -

mbf juana and emily
reblog this post / likes are ok but just to keep track /
be a calum or ashton girl else you wont be chosen

- increase your chances -

lol you cant
um tag something to get our attention with #cashtonclique
be active and friendly please!! seriously this is v important
follow all the members of the group ((giving follows back aye))

- you gain -

new cool friends bc this group is v punk rock
imessage group chats you wont regret seriously
help with polls / html / advice / boys / feels / anything rlly

- information -

this ends when we find about 4-5 nice calum/ashton girls
feel free to make posts/ask anything you want
btw this is the network page


I just wanna say again tysm for following me it literally was the best day of my life and the feeling i got was so heartwarming that when i thought that i could make someone else feel like that i just couldnt resist so i grabbed a pen and an old napkin (i couldnt stop myself sorry) n i decided to make a list for you to follow and here it is xx hope you follow them all and make us all cry at the same time:


sorry if i tagged anyone twice and if i didnt pick you :( there will be other chances where i will do things like this.


xx have a nice day
tarek !!! taylorswift

Follow Forever time!!

Here are the book blogs I absolutely love! Their blogs are awesome and they’re really nice, so follow them! :)


That’s it so far! If you’re looking for cool book blogs to follow, just follow these people and I swear you wont regret it.


anonymous asked:

Suggest blogs pls :)

Hindi ko sila close lahat pero alam ko mababait yan sila tsaka magaling magblog. Check their blogs nalang if you want. Hahaha! :)

































































  Follow them you wont regret it. Hahaha! :) Sama mo na din yung magli-like nito. Yun lang, enjoy blogging! Hohohoh! ;)

I decided to create this list that new people in the fandom should (and truly a must) follow! I swear. I have enjoyed this simple ( & hella crazy) fandom. Everyone is great and awesome in their own ways, everyone is giving and respectful. These are the people who knows how to talk to you. Like knows how to sit their ass and be subjective with their thoughts and stuff. I tried my best to look and not to miss people in this list. I have categorized into 3 groups according to what I really know about them by my dashboard and prince of tennis tags.These peeps are cool they make your dashboard lively with tenipuri craziness and be sure to approach and make friends with them. You wont regret a single thing.

Awesome People

(Great Headcanon Peeps, Artist,Writers, & Tenipuri / Tenimyu Bloggers. Bonus: Anime blogs)

akayahasclaws, animeobsessedgirl1, atsushikisarazu, balkonzwerg, choutaroubaby, echibrat, fairfei, forget-the-rules-iam-the-rule, genichirousanada, hyougay, kenyaoshitarii, kikigabriella, kunimitsuchin, knisterkyuukahikari, lastmimzy, logicandfeels, luffypatch, midnightxxstars, nuisancehelicopter, ohime-sama, piyotan, plaidshirtdazeandknights, princeofidiots, pupinapuri, renaissanceass, shay–sama, shishido-ryou, shy-ghost, stormew, stormy-maya, kiyosumisengoku, thelastperformer, thelaziesthufflepuff, turnandinabauer yuushioshitari


captainrim, ha7ko, headfangs, lovedreams01, msty-ichi, pinkhoneybuns, ukimilk, zandred

Prince of tennis dedicated blogs

akayadoesart, ask-seigaku, ask-shitenhouji, askgoldenpair, askhyoutei, askrokkakuawesomethingsaboutpot, fuckyeahmomokai, fuckyeahprinceoftennis, fyeahtenipurimusic, gattahavemypot, ibuntamarui, statusesfromtenipuri, tenipuri-myu

Graphics! Graphics! Graphics!

aokinsight, brandonsenpai, dressrosashikaruzaizenvevo, mofochika, manuelaggm, rikkaidais tenimuhou

I know I have missed some but dont worry as the Tenipuri fandom grows this follow forever list will not stop, I will continue to spread other awesome blogs to follow! Thanks everyone! & Stay tuned! Peace out
[Edited: added one name that I missed!]

Interchangeable - Chapter 2

Summary: Look, they’re here, yet they’re over there. That’s how weird this situation is. Like, he’s here in London, sharing a flat with whom? Ah yes, with Dan. But there’s also Dan. And when there’sDan, there’s Phil. (2009x2015 cross-over tbh)

Genre: fluff what do you think

Warning: some real flirting from Phil(past obviously) ah yes a rare fic with no swearing. exciting

Words: 1, 149 words (ah yes this was a bit rushed sorry)

A/N: ???? updating ??? never heard of it. Shoot me my teeth aches like hell. I just want to rip them off and throw them at the guy living next door and I wont even regret it. Oh AND I’M AT 800 FOLLOWERS WHAT IS THIS. And of course of course who could I forget, CONGRATS TO MY CHILDREN ON REACHING 1,000,000 ON THE GAMING CHANNEL. They now have three golden play button awards at their flat; if that doesn’t excites you ???? how. Enjoy this crap for now <3

Chapter One//Masterpost//Next Chapter

Dan never knew what really happened yesterday, it was too blurry on his memory for an early Tuesday morning. Then when he woke up, Phil wasn’t on his side.

‘He’s probably making breakfast…’ His thoughts trailed off to cold side of the bed. ‘Might as well get up.’

He decided it’s too much of a bother to wear pants so he only threw on a t-shirt that’s been fished out randomly on the drawer. He headed to the kitchen, and Phil wasn’t there. Then to the lounge.


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Hahah wow I never thought I would reach this at all. Not gonna lie. Never have I reached this milestone before in my years of rping and I am so grateful for everyone who follows me. It’s only been  2 ½ months since I made this account and I’m so thankful that you’re all here. I wish I could do something more but Uni has me swamped and I can’t really spend time holding any contests so a bias list will be done. Instead I drew the bias list for ya guys which I’ll put in a separate post as well. I would also make this short and sweet but I won’t be able to. So without much time wasting, some words about some amazing people I follow and have befriended since Rping as Geno. 

@nullandvcid: You are here for many reasons. One of the first people I spoke to here when we both started these accounts (or well sans for you). But hey! Look at us now! Almost 3 months later. Shipping trash babies together who are just too sin and cute for life. And also just being adorable together. God I love this nerd so much. Still find it hard to believe I’m with you not gonna lie hun. But guys want a G!Sans that’s really cool I suggest giving Coon a look cause I really love their portrayal. 

@crrcr: It’s baby sin. Or JD. Just…. Are you sure you aren’t Error because I’m pretty sure at times you are. But JD has been there since the start as well and has put up with some ridiculous things since I’ve spoken to them. So has their Error. They have suffered because of Geno. But wow if you aren’t following this Error I recommend just checking them out!

@ofbrcvery: Hey there you trash baby did ya think you where escaping this?!?!? Guess what you aren’t. Shelly has been here for at least year and followed me since on one of my OCs that I have kind of abandoned sadly. But hey they are still here and even though we don’t RP much I still love this trash baby. So you want a well written OC. Check this tot out you wont regret I promise! 

@agirlandherowl: Another person who has been here since I made another RP account like my child how are you still here. I followed them due to my love for a comic called The Wicked and The Divine. Like if you read it and want a Minerva I suggest this tot here cause they play her really well.

@ofcure: IT’s Gummi. Who started screaming at me about plots one day when we first talked which I went along with. I love Gummi guys. Like I love all the ideas that Gummi comes up with. Like their OC. Gummi has thought up of how their muse would be in different worlds and universes and I love that! But yes go check out this tot who has an amazing OC guys!!!

@determinedecho: You want a laugh with Echotale Frisk. Beck here is the tot. They are so fucn to speak to and just everything they decide to spring upon us is the best whether it be from ridiculous IC tweets to random drawings they do. But yes. Go check this tot out if you haven’t yet. I enjoy their RPs when they appear. 

@perseverance-and-justice: This nerd here. I haven’t spoken to you much and I really need to. But damn I love their muse Emily. They are always a laugh and the mun is so sweet. You guys should check them out at some point cause I love seeing them on my dash.

@sansgst: Hey there Feth or well my birb. You were going on here anyways but the moment you said not to put you here I laughed and was all yes definitely calling you out! But Hell yeah guys. If you want lots of pain and angst then my birb here is the one you need to look at!!!

@askinfresh: Are you sure you aren’t Fresh cause I think you are. But wow I didn’t realise this awesome tot was following me for a while because I am not smart like at all. But damn am I glad I realised and followed because ahah wow Fresh has been nothing but an ass to Geno and I need more of this and just cries. 

I wish I could write about so many more people I love but right now I’m tired to right more and if I do this post will become so ridiculously long. So here’s some really cool people that I love seeing on my dash and wanna interact with more IC and OOC sometime in the future:

@quiiestis // @tdutcha // @lilvoidchild // @reaperpaps // @realknifc // @clphys // @nigie-uno // @neonphasmatis // @edgeysans // @nacrelustrous // @vigilantjudge // @fishmxma // @skeledxd // @the-sansational-support // @under-mania // @coolestskelebro // @deplxydog // @brotherlless // @swaphys // @dilatcry // @speargained // @dreemxrrs // @darlingblooky // @madomadotsuki // @fontswap // @reapertale // @nxcecream // @sleighbcggy // @deadlycherry // @spearsandbones // @bluebcrry // @faithgained // @ofthepantheon // @mutemade // @mrgxatdad //

God I know I missed some people but I haven’t slept at all and right now my brain is meh. But once again thank you all for following and I hope I’ll get to interact with more of you at some point.