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Singapore by Yik Keat 

In the words of the artist Yik Keat:

My name is Yik Keat and I’m a photographer based in Singapore. Raised in this modern and futuristic city, I am proud to call here home and it sure is amazing to be surrounded by the vast amount of culture and so many beautiful architectures in such a small place.

These series of images are a collective of what I shot over the past two or three years, enjoy!

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i finally felt motivated to hang all my haikyuu art up and here’s the result (no surprise most of it’s iwaoi)! i didn’t even realize how much i’d bought, but i feel beyond honored to be able to have pieces from so many unique and talented artists, and i thought i should share.

special thanks to the following people for continuing to be sources of inspiration and joy:

@yaboykeiji - mars… i will always be one of your biggest fans. your style and growth never cease to amaze me, and i really, REALLY wish you the best in anything you decide to do in the future. you’ve served as such an inspiration for me, and i’m just rooting for you in life in general. you’re wonderful and loved.

@kevinkevinson - you have by far one of my favorite blogs of all time. i share a lot of the same interests you do, so i enjoy pretty much everything you draw and talk about and reblog. your style just.. the freckles.. all the characters glow and having them surrounding me on my walls makes my day. also, i wish you the best with your run!!

@cousaten - your postcards are some of my favorite things i’ve ever purchased, and i definitely will be returning to buy more from you in the future. you’re so quick to produce such astounding art, and i love the more traditional route you take sometimes. all the iwaoi and daisuga makes my heart happy, so thank you!!!

@kittlekrattle - the iwaoi zine’s not pictured, but you should know that i ADORE it <3 you did a wonderful job organizing and getting them out in a timely manner, and the amount of effort you put into the project is evident and so so appreciated. your art is beautiful and smooth and makes the whole zine something really special!

@radio-silents - BECCA, you’re so brilliant and your style is that of actual comic books, it’s magnificent. i wish i could afford to buy every print in your store because those dissected bags and their headcanons are the best. i love that you’re into marvel and spideypool (bc.. me too, lol), and i will probably be following you and your art to my grave. you’re such a lovely person!

@eicinic - your art is some of the most distinct and breathtaking i’ve ever seen; in fact, i just ordered more from you a couple minutes ago, ahaha. it’s so atmospheric, and the style is just so recognizable, basically a brand. it’s going to be so neat to see what you’re able to produce next!

i can’t wait to continue following and supporting all of you in any way i can, and i hope you’re doing well!! thank you so much for sharing your abilities and allowing me to own and cherish your work.

  • *The Wattersons are separated at the mall. Nicole finds Anais.*
  • Nicole: Anais! I’m so glad I found you first! You are the voice of reason among raving lunatics!! Where are the others?
  • Anais: Well, I think Darwin’s still holding the door…
  • *cut to Darwin holding the front door open for shoppers*
  • Darwin: You’re welcome!...You’re welcome!...You’re welcome!…
  • *cut back to Anais and Nicole*
  • Nicole: I know! The others??
  • Anais: Oh. Well, Gumball didn’t have enough money for that massage chair, so he said it would be cheaper to buy stuff to make one, so Dad, Granny Jojo and I followed him to try and stop him, but he kept yelling at Granny Jojo saying she had no say in the matter ‘cause she’s broke, so she got mad and ran away, and Dad followed her 'cause he thought she’d get got by strangers, and when I told Gumball we had to catch them so you wouldn’t get mad, he called me a ripoff artist for some reason, kicked me in the shin, and ran off. So I don’t know where they are.
Norman Reedus - Secrets Are Revealed

Originally posted by reedusgif

You and Norman are in a relationship and you are both really happy, there is one thing, though, no one knows that you two are together. The other cast members and your fans have no idea, so when the two of you are caught having a PDA, you kind of have to explain yourselves to the fans at Comic-Con. You are overwhelmed by the amount of support you get from the fans, then at the end of the panel, once everything is out in the open, Norman does something you never expected.

Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Swearing, sexual references, and fluff!

Chapter 1

It was a boiling hot day in Georgia and you were on set, you were an actor on The Walking Dead and you loved it, sure the weather was extreme but, if it wasn’t for this show you would’ve never met the man you would fall in love with. You would’ve never met Norman Reedus.

None of the fans knew that the two of you were together, hell, none of the cast knew, you just weren’t ready to tell them yet. It was hard, keeping your relationship a secret, but you both knew that it was for the best. You would tell everyone when the time was right.

The cast just thought that you were best friends because that’s how you acted on set, they didn’t suspect anything, not as far as you knew anyway.

You were currently sat in his trailer lounging on his couch with his arms wrapped around you as you watched a show on TV with the AC turned right up so you could both cool down, you both jumped when someone knocked on the door and you heard the familiar voice of Andrew Lincoln, “Norman? You’re needed on set,” you and Norman quickly pulled apart and sat normally so Andrew wouldn’t suspect anything, Andrew walked into the trailer and he smiled at you when he saw you, “Oh, hey Y/N, I didn’t know you were in here.”

“Hey Andy, I was just spending some time with this guy, and plus the AC in here is way better than it is in my trailer,” you said with a grin, you prayed that he didn’t suspect anything.

“Fair enough,” he said with a chuckle.

“Is that all I’m good for? The AC in my trailer?” Norman asked playfully.

“Yup, it’s all you’re good for,” you replied jokingly, “Anyway, I will let you two get to set to film your scene, I’ll see you boys later,” you said as you stood up walked out of Norman’s trailer to go to your own.

You sat in there for about an hour or two alone, you just sat on your phone and scrolled through your Tumblr to see what people had been up to, you smiled when you came across a piece of fan art of you and Norman, the artist had made it look like you were posing for a photo, it was amazing. You decided to click on the source of the image and sent the artist a lovely message saying that you really loved the picture and that you were going to show Norman next time you saw him, you even gave them a follow and started scrolling through their blog, they were very talented, you got so caught up looking the pictures that you didn’t even hear Norman enter your trailer.

You felt someone poking you in the side and looked up from your phone to see Norman looking at you with a cocked eyebrow.  “Watcha doin’?” he asked you in an amused tone.

“Just looking through this blog, she draws us, all of us, she’s very talented, take a look,” you said, he sat down next to you and gave an impressed nod when you showed him the first picture of the two of you that you had found and then a few more of the two of you and a couple of the other cast members.

“She is very talented, I really like the ones of us,” he said as he pulled you into a side hug.

“Me too,” you replied as you snuggled into his chest and continued scrolling through the blog. You giggled when the blog owner messaged you back a massive paragraph thanking you and telling you much she loved you and that you were her favorite. You sent her a message back saying thank you and that you loved her too, you loved interacting with fans, even if it was only over social media.

“You want to go for something to eat? I fancy some food from that diner a few blocks away,” Norman said as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“Of course, you know how much I love their food,” you said as you got up from the couch and walked out of the trailer with Norman on your tail.

Since it was a nice day the two of you decided to walk there, it was only a fifteen-minute walk so why not? The streets were surprisingly empty for a hot summers day, but that gave Norman the excuse he needed to hold your hand as you walked down the desolate streets. Out of the corner of your eyes, you noticed that he was looking around, “Norman? Everything okay?” you asked.

“Yeah, I was just looking around to see if I could see anyone, there is no one so that’s good ‘cause that means I can do this,” he said, you furrowed your brows at him and opened your mouth to say something but he quickly silenced you with a quick, short and sweet peck to the lips.

“Getting a bit risqué doing that in public aren’t you?” you said with a smirk.

“There’s no one around, it’s fine, now come on, I’m starving,” he said as he led you round the corner and down the street to the diner. He opened the door and let you go in  first, such a gentleman.

Fifteen minutes later and you were sat in a booth across from Norman eating your food, your phones pinged and you both lifted them from the table and unlocked them.

The picture that came up stopped your heart and made your breath hitch in your throat, “Oh shit,” Norman said in an exasperated voice.

Your eyes connected with Norman’s, you both looked like deer’s caught in the headlights, “They know,” as those words left your mouth you felt like your entire world had shifted, everyone knew about you and Norman thanks to some ass-hole who took a picture of the two of you kissing and uploaded it to the internet. You had no idea what was going to happen now.

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anonymous asked:

I've seen your 'reblog is good for artists' post, and I have a question about liking/reblogging. In most cases, I see original drawings that say 'don't repost'. Is the artist referring to not putting up on other websites or do they refer to reblogging in general. Thank you for your time and please continue along with your amazing artwork!

thank you for your kind words ♥

by not reposting i am pretty sure they intend not to save and repost their work on other websites (of course every person is different but USUALLY do not repost means do not save and reupload somewhere else). i am sure they’d like their drawing becoming widespread, and by reblogging it the original source (that is, the original artist) is always there! you can help the artist getting recognition, notes, and let other people get to know a new artist they might like and follow as you do! 
also let me tell you, reblogs, notes, feedbacks and nice messages are what boost us. we draw in our free time and we put a lot of effort in it even if we could just idk, sleep the whole time lmao. coming back home after a tiring 9hrs-long shift, opening tumblr and see those nice messages and the nice retags and reblogs just- makes us happy. makes us feel worthy. makes us WANTING TO PRODUCE MORE AND MORE and especially when you’re living a stressful everyday -like me-, having motivation to draw is what keeps me away from dark thoughts 

anonymous asked:

What are ur artistic inspos? I love ur drawings btw 💀

Thank you!

And I’d say the artistic inspos that come to my mind right off the bat would be these!

I draw a ton of inspiration from a lotta sources, mainly animation and comic art.

Not only general media but there are amazing artists that I follow here on tumblr and on twitter that continue to inspire me to create~

Here’s the list I made of some cool artists I follow

anonymous asked:

hello ania! i've been following you for some time and i was checking your motivation tag recently and it's amazing how much you have improved! i was wondering...i've started being serious about drawing a short while ago, so, what helped you in the beginning? i know practice is super important so i'm trying to practise everyday. i have good and bad days, i guess we all do. but sometimes i get lost regarding what to look for or where to start. what do you suggest? thank you, keep up the good work!

hello non! thank you for this kind message :) This is totally normal and yes, we all have good and bad days. In the beginning, my main source of practice was the internet, so use it well!! Look at all the tutorials and websites that are available to you. Looking at youtube tutorial videos are also very useful because it is shown to you how the artist draws.

My most important suggestion would be to do not overthink. Overthinking leads to hours of not knowing what to draw and then you end up wasting your evening sitting and holding a pencil/pen in your hand with an empty canvas (this happens to me a lot so don’t get frustrated). I cannot tell you what to draw or what to look for because everyone has different preferences/ways of drawing but draw what you like. Just start it. Draw for leisure. Draw what you’ve always wanted to draw. When you draw like this, you then realize in the middle of your drawing ‘oh i really need to practice hands wow’ or ‘i need to change up my poses more’. You start to create your own path based on what you think you need to practice most.

Here are some resources I’ve linked that help:

remember to take breaks! Good luck.

elizaxgrace  asked:

Hiya! Just wandering what are your biggest artistic influences/inspirations?

Hello! Thanks for the ask ^_^ As for my biggest influences? Wow, there’s so many! But I’ll list a few:
Nesskain - his vibrant use of colors and his anatomy:
Ani - the way she does landscapes and handle shapes:
Coey - his grasp on anatomy from every angle plus amazing and original designs:
Skelliotrope - how she bends shapes and still makes it look so damn good:
Vashito - because he’s my chatting partner in crime and we can talk about ANYTHING. Also he does sexy art:
I could list so many more, cos I follow so many amazing artists! But from the top of my head, these pop out. I also have to say video games have always been my greatest source of inspiration! It makes me want to do so much fan art and to improve so I can DO said fan art! I hope this helps in some way <3

CSers.. tags tags tags

I haven’t seen one of these posts in awhile and if you are new to fandom hopefully this will help. As you might know tagging is really important. Firstly it helps people find things when they come to your blog, secondly it helps people who aren’t following you find your amazing work. Captain Swan Fans find your works dedicated to our lovely ship by using these special tags. This might not be comprehensive so please feel free to add to this blog if you come across it. 

The Main Tag #Captain Swan (Some people use #cs )

Fan fiction: 

#cs fic rec - this is what you can use to reblog other people’s stories on your blog if you love something you’ve read and you want to share.

#cs ff  #cs fanfic - main cs fic tags - I’ve also seen #cs fanfiction

#cs au ff - or #cs au - when you write an alternative Universe - you can always find some lovely manips and AUs in this tag too. 

#cs smut - this is self explanatory but if you are looking for some racy fics.. this is your tag. 

#cs fluff  or #cs angst - special kinds of fic

#cs prompt - this is typically a short/mini ficlet based on a prompt from a follower to a writer.  Great tag to look at for some short and sweet fics. 

#cs fanvid - amazing fan videos

#cs manip - artists who take pics of jen/colin and create new AU types of images with a photo editing tool. These are incredible. 

#cs fanart #csfanart - these are tags used by some of the amazing artists in our fandom

#cs edit - blogs with gifs and art that are created from show clips

#cs graphic - gif sets & edits

#cs media - articles and vids from different media sources

#cs meta - Meta is a way our shipmates express thoughts about particular scenes, there are comparisons made, character descriptions, scene explanations, sometimes speculation about what could come.

#cs crew, #cs mafia - when you address the cs fandom outside of the main tag. Sometimes you will find fun Get to know you events under these tags. 

#csss - this is used for the cs secret santa gifts. Definitely explore this tag because its amazing. Def helps to get through the hiatus. 

#cssv - this is used for the cs secret valentine gifts. Also helps with the hiatus because these come out typically right before the spring premiere at valentines day. They are also generally lovely, smutty, and fluffy fics/pics. 

This is a sampling of the main tags. Always remember to tag your blogs so that they will get visibility by your fellow shipmates. The better you tag the more people will find the work and see it. 


The second trailer for the anime adaption of One Punch Man by Madhouse (Hunter x Hunter (2011), Death Note, Death Parade) is out!

Synopsis: In this new action-comedy, everything about a young man named Saitama screams “AVERAGE,” from his lifeless expression, to his bald head, to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking fellow doesn’t have your average problem… He’s actually a superhero that’s looking for tough opponents! The problem is, every time he finds a promising candidate he beats the snot out of them in one punch. Can Saitama finally find an evil villain strong enough to challenge him? Follow Saitama through his hilarious romps as he searches for new bad guys to challenge!
(Source: VIZ Media)

As a reader of the manga, I highly recommend everyone check out the first few chapters. The comedy is great and the art is brilliant. The artist, Yusuke Murata (Eyeshield 21), has a firm grip on perspective and choreography when it comes to his art. Check out some of these scenes from the comic compiled into gif format!



One of my cosplay friends did a Jumin cosplay, he got inspiration from one of @mekakyu Jumin fanarts! (You guys should go follow her! Her drawings are amazing!)


Another fanart from one of the Korean artists of Zootopia. More wedding scenes. 



  • Please show your support and also follow, retweet, and like the artist’s work.
  • Please do not repost (reblogs are fine) or edit the description without any sort of permission.
  • Do not remove or edit the source.

Artist’s Account’(s):
pere__c‘s Twitter Account
Original Post:
Click here!

anonymous asked:

why wont you tell us how you learned how to draw? we look up to you and want to become as AMAZING of an artist as you are. If you wont give out you "secrets" can you at least tell us what things help you to create your designs (ex: art anatomy classes, coping people from your fav anime etc) *bows* arigato

First off, don’t take this reply offensively.  I will be going off on a rant because I’m personally upset about how much was asked based off of very little information but it is not your fault that you don’t know what you don’t know.

I have no secrets (are there even any for learning how to draw? Please let me know if you find out).  I’ve answered the same question multiple times in different ways and this will be added onto that list.

Now this is only the way that I see things so feel free to disagree.

It’s fine to look up to me or anyone but I wouldn’t recommend trying to attain what they’ve become because I personally find that to be literally impossible.  I look up to Shunya Yamashita and Artgerm and Dan Luvisi and countless other amazing artists and yet here I am on my own path doing my own thing.  The only one who can be as amazing as I am is me because I am me and no one else is. I find uniqueness in experience to be absolutely beautiful. The mentality I do recommend is to be better than the you from yesterday and with time and experience you will be your own amazing artist.

As for what you consider “secrets”, I can probably say you already know what the best kept “secrets” already are.

  • DRAW EVERYDAY - take necessary caution if you draw for long periods of time.  Take a 10min break for every hour to stand up, stretch your legs, etc.  Stretch the tendons in your arms regularly.  ♦I try to draw everyday and I have an alarm on my phone that goes off every hour with a 10 min snooze.  There are DECADES of experience under my belt and even with that I have so much more to learn!
  • DRAW TO LEARN - I mention this all the time: if you attempt to draw without ever attempting to attain any sort of knowledge, you’ll progress slowly.  Observe, record, translate, apply, experiment, repeat.  An artist’s eye should be trained to see things in a way that helps with drawing.  Drawing from the basics and building on top of that is the way to go.  ♦Whenever I don’t know how to draw something, I look it up, collect references, pay attention to examples in real life because everything I see or even hear or touch can be beneficial to me as a creative artist.  I break it down so that I can understand it better.  Usually that means using shapes and quick lines at first and then getting more detailed after I have a nice grasp on the basics.  Whenever I draw a polished piece, everything I learn comes into play and even that process has plenty of potential to be a learning process because I’ll try something I haven’t done before.
  • DRAW FOR FUN - or out of love/out of passion/any number of positive drives that will keep you motivated.  When drawing gives back to you, it becomes something more, something special.  You won’t want to stop expressing yourself, your ideas or anything else when the act of drawing ends up being beneficial.  ♦I draw for me, first and foremost.  I enjoy drawing what I want and how I want and if that changes, I lose my will to draw and my drive diminshes.  I then look at the benefits of drawing when it comes to sharing.  People are inspired by my work so I share my work to spread inspiration.  In turn, I receive inspiration to draw because people are learning to love what they do even more and I appreciate that so much.  Part of me wants to draw for the sake of others in that sense.  It becomes a give and take experience; inspire to be inspired.
  • DRAW WITH A CLEAR PURPOSE - if you set out to pick up a spoon in titan form, all you should expect is whats necessary, the arm and hand.  For those who don’t understand that reference: if you’re gonna set out to draw to get better, you should know what you’re expecting.  You personally know how good or how not good you are.  Based on that mindset, take the necessary actions to grow.  If you draw like someone with a couple of days under your belt and you try and draw like your favorite artist or in a style you admire, don’t expect a masterpiece or you’ll disappoint yourself.  ♦I remember wanting to draw like one of my favorite artists, Shunya Yamashita but I always got feelings of discouragement and inadequacy due to my overall lack of ability when I tried and inevitably failed.  It wasn’t until I understood my place in comparison to his place—I haven’t been drawing for nearly as long as he has and I simply lacked experience.  Now I know that I’m on an artistic journey that basically lasts a lifetime and I’m okay with that.  I don’t get discouraged if my hands or eyes or anatomy is no good; I will draw to improve on that and with consistency, I’ll see growth.
  • DON’T COMPARE YOUR WORK WITH OTHERS - Let’s face it, you are simultaneously better and worse than someone else.  But what’s that sort of thinking gonna get you?  A big head who thinks there’s nothing else left to learn or some dangerously low self-esteem who thinks they’ll never become as good as such-and-such.  Sure, talented people may have a head start when it comes to drawing but anyone who is still drawing to this day required dedication.  And dedication is just one of many main ingredients to building masterful skill.  Fortunately, the fine arts require skill moreso than talent and therefore anyone can learn to be a skilled artist.  As long as you don’t limit yourself or belittle yourself, the possibilities are endless.  ♦I am no master of anything but there is one thing I know more about than anyone else and that is myself.  I compare my work to others still to this day but I’ve learned to embrace my humility and better myself no matter what.  Because at the end of the day, it shouldn’t be about whether I drew better than the other girl/guy but rather, did I draw better today than I did yesterday.  Friendly competition is nice as long as it benefits your personal race.

Now this reply has gotten extremely lengthy so I’ll cut it shorter than what I planned.  The worse thing you can do is rely on someone else to teach you because it is up to you to learn.  I took 3 years of French in highschool and didn’t retain a single thing from all those classes.  Seek out information and absorb it when it is presented to you, whether it is from a fortunate source like a teacher/professor/master, an obvious source like an art school/art books/drawing classes/the internet or an overlooked source like life and the world around you, it is up to you to learn and apply what you’ve learned.  Avoid making excuses; just do it if it’s what you want.  For as long as you have time and health, reach for your goals and become an amazing person and then some!

Also, because you weren’t aware of the fact that I share information when I can, you can inform yourself even further with any of the following previous tumblr posts:

And a final piece of advice from me to you anon since I became slightly offended even though you were well meaning: don’t assume nor expect anything of anyone.

Giving advice is the least I can do for the support I get from everyone and I gladly share things to you guys when asked (that is if I’m not lazy or busy or going through something)!  But please understand, it is respectful when you don’t claim something over someone especially when you’re unaware.

It’s More Than Just A Remix Cover.

As most of you have probably heard, Marvel Comics is “paying tribute” to classic Hip-Hop with a set of 50 new variant covers blending Marvel Comics characters with Hip-Hop inspiration making comic covers that “riff” on albums that have been released over the last 30 years or so.

The thing about it all is that nothing about this tribute that EIC Alex Alonso of Marvel Comics is trying to push out there is new at all. If anything, this newest campaign from Marvel Comics is more of a shark-biting campaign attempting to use and cash in on the popularity of Hip-Hop and Black culture while at the same time excluding most, if not all of the people of Hip-Hop culture and those that contribute to it.

Years ago, artists and creators such as Julian Lytle, Sean Causley, Ron Wimberly, Michael Axt, Jared K Fletcher, JC Etheredge and others were part of the Longboxes on 22’s Tumblr (created by Sean & Julian), where they merged their love of Hip-Hop and comic book culture to make amazing album covers. My involvement with the site was in creating track-lists for the album covers and surreal “Source-style” reviews for said albums. Over 50,000 followers. Massive visibility. Take a look at it:

Also, artist Kenny Keil had been making fantastic mashup covers for the longest time as well. He’s also did artistic work for Big Boi and 2Chainz. Take a look here: and here:

These creators spoke to an audience that felt alienated by most of the geek crowd when they went to comic cons or comic book stores because of their love for Hip-Hop and the culture. It helped others relate and bridge a gap with others between Hip-Hop & comic books. It brought folks together. There was a love in the creation of these covers.

And all the covers these artists created MADE SENSE. There was a rhyme, reason, and purpose behind every piece of art and cover.

All of these talents of various ethnicities, which have had their work seen to and from across an internet of millions over these last five years were simply shark bit with Marvel’s latest cash grab.

I’m sure there’s other artists out there that got bit too, but I can only go from what I know of and have record of. These folks did hot covers for YEARS before anyone at Marvel gave one damn about cashing in on this.

It upsets me heavily. Especially since not one of these talents were even involved in Marvel’s latest endeavor. It feels as if Marvel, Axel Alonso and whatever editor wished to push this forward saw all these works over the years, waited for things to cool down a bit and jacked the concept without a care.

And as the press releases continue to flow amongst the geek sites regarding these Hip-Hop covers Marvel is doing, you’ll read of people praising Marvel for their continued “Columbus-ing” of a culture that they don’t really mess with.

Let me correct myself, they mess with the “culture” but they stay away from most, if not all of the people who are a part of said culture that build this creative cool stuff. Marvel takes what they need, and then they jet.

Speaking of culture, remember that Marvel Comics is the same publisher that has damn near 50 new comic book series on the way and not ONE BLACK WRITER on the current roster. They have Black characters and Black team books, but no Black writers. Again, they love the culture and push diversity strictly on the page and next to never behind the scenes.

So the shark-biting that is currently being done here is not surprising. I guess Marvel Comics is doing these Hip-Hop variant covers to back up all that street cred they’ve been building for years while hiring a multitude of Black writers, artists and people of color… <side-eye> <sarcasm>

And yes, I do sincerely understand that Hip-Hop is mainstream now. But the comic book business on the regular loves Black culture but rarely involves Black people and people of color in it. They just bite the creative works of the cultures and sell it to white audiences.

This is much deeper than just remixing a comic book cover.

When you look at the first wave of Marvel hip-hop joints, outside of the A$AP cover, from an art direction stance, nothing else really makes sense. If anything, most of those covers that Marvel is putting out mocks hip-hop in some cases rather than embracing it. And that’s no offense to the artists that created their covers. If an editor told you to do it, I get it. If that’s what you felt, cool.

But they don’t reach a true potential.

This stuff isn’t made in a vacuum. And this isn’t the first time something like this has happened before w/Marvel:

And then to top it off, there are 50 covers and only three Black artists have been allowed to play in Marvel’s sandbox for this project (Sanford Greene, Khary Randolph, and Brian Stelfreze).


Respect to the few Black artists that are working at Marvel right now. We see you. I know there’s not many (because there’s not), but we love y'all.

After October passes, these Marvel hip-hop variant covers will disappear and it’ll be on to the next thing for them. After they’re done with those 50 covers, Mr. Alonso will just look at the culture, wave & say “Bye, Phylicia” then move on to the next thing without a care.

But I won’t forget this.

And neither should you.

But will the fans care? I don’t know. For most, as long as they get their stuff it doesn’t matter to them.

Equality and true diversity in comics doesn’t matter to them as long as they get their stuff.

So don’t ask me about the next Marvel movie, comic, cartoon, synergy-filled whatever because I don’t ride with Marvel when they shark-bite my friends.

And remember, Black people and People of Color, here’s what Marvel (or one of the most influential people at Marvel Comics) thinks about YOU:

I’m done.

*Side note #1: It appears that since I wrote this piece, Marvel Editor Tom Breevort replied to the masses with a response that sounded like it came from the mouths of press release firms and lawyers. It rings empty and hollow:

*Side note #2: Since the release of my post, plus the tumblr posts of David Brothers, artist Kenny Keil and many other media side regarding Marvels 1-way relationship w/our culture, Marvel Comics EIC is saying that the cover artist list of 50 Hip-Hop variant covers is not complete and on his twitter feed displayed a Keron Grant Wolverine cover based off of DMX’s “Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood” followed with “12 down, 40+ to go in coming weeks.”

Still doesn’t make up for the next to non-existent hiring of Black writers, artists, editors and other positions at Marvel Comics over the years. 

This ain’t progress.

Time for another KZD Giveaway!

As we reach yet another milestone for KZD, we realize how amazing it is to have the followers that we do. Whether you’ve been following us from the beginning or just started following us recently, it’s a pleasure to have you all turn to us as your #1 source for all things solo Zayn. What better way to show our appreciation than through another giveaway!

We all know how important art is to Zayn. We find it incredible that there are so many artists who create such amazing pieces of artwork that are inspired by Zayn himself. 

From now through Saturday, November 14th, 2015, REBLOG this post for a chance to win a piece of Zayn fan art! Favorites/likes don’t count. MUST be following KZD.

One winner will be able to choose ONE piece of fan art from one of the following stores ($50-USD limit):

@cyrilliart - store

@aki-anyway - store

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@pointlessdonothing - store

@seefirefly - store

@maestolenpencil - store

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@prettymuchjustsomezain - store

@thrina - store

Good luck and thanks for following KZD!

(credit: art pictured in banner by - @thrina)

So, I got this in my ask box today.  I haven’t included the URL of the person who asked, but I feel like I need to publish my reply.

Well, for one, because none of the work on this blog belongs to me - it’s somewhat my responsibility to let others know that they CANNOT take art found on this blog and post it elsewhere without sourcing the artist.  I have found numerous blogs, groups and other internet communities that shamelessly repost art from my blog (in the same order I post it, so I know they get it from me) and DO NOT SOURCE AT ALL.  That is the reason for my disclaimer.  It doesn’t seem to deter them, but it makes me feel like I’ve at least made an effort to stop art theft.

TWO - Not only do I post others art, but I also reblog art, edits, gifs, etc directly from creators here on tumblr - and their work gets reposted from my blog.  How do I know this?  Some people have linked back to ME as the source from shitty places like weheartit, funnymama, or even on tumblr.

THREE - Sourcing should be a no-brainer.  You wouldn’t write a research paper and NOT source all the books, papers, resources you used to write it, right?  Well, the same applies to art, even fan art.  If it’s not yours, YOU HAVE TO SOURCE IT.  That’s a real life lesson.  And I’m just trying to reinforce that notion on this blog.

FOUR - I really don’t give a flying fuck if you want to repost art I’ve posted - AS LONG AS IT’S SOURCED.  If it’s sourced, good for you!  Give credit where credit is due!  It doesn’t matter if it’s on facebook, tumblr, a forum you frequent, whatever.  As long as you retain the artist’s source link, go for it.  But don’t repost it places with no link back to the artist.  That’s wrong.

FIVE - I have never had an artist come to me and ask me to stop posting their art.  In fact, it’s been the opposite - I’m usually thanked for showcasing their art and sourcing back to them.  So unless, you are an artist I’ve posted art from and you don’t want me to, I don’t see why any of this is your business anyway.

SIX - If you’re going to yell at someone, you should track down all the blogs that post/repost unsourced art and yell at them.  Not me.

SEVEN - If this message comes across as somewhat snarky, angry and sarcastic, it’s because it is.  If you want a nicer reply from someone, don’t SHOUT AT THEM IN THEIR ASKBOX IN ALL CAPS AND DEMAND AN ANSWER.  It’s rude.  And frankly, I’ve gotten tired of people being rude to me in my ask box, because it happens all the damn time.

This may seem out of the blue to many of you, but I have received A LOT of rude messages like this recently (and not just about sourcing).  I just don’t publish them.  And sourcing is an important and touchy subject for me.  When I say “Do not remove source. Do not repost without source,” most of you know that I’m trying to protect artists from theft, miscredit and not being credited at all, right?  I never claim any of the art, edits, gifs on this blog are mine (unless they are, in which I usually link to myself in the actual post).

If someone has an issue with how I run my blog, or what I do to ensure that the artists I feature are credited for their amazing, hard work, then you can unfollow me.  I don’t want people following me who don’t see the importance in sourcing - and I’m sure out of the 25,000+ followers I have, there are a few that only follow this blog to steal art from it.  And that makes me really sad. 

I know I’m overreacting to this, but it’s like that cliche saying “the straw that breaks the camel’s back."  If I had known that running a huge blog would invite people to feel like they could step all over me and make demands of me, I would have preferred to stay an anonymous less-than-100-followers personal blog.