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I will be always one to say that Malec is probably the most important and my personal favorite ship in TMI / Shadowhunters, and it serves as a clear example of the thirst for representation on TV just like movies like SWTFA did, Malec is clearly the overall preferred ship in both the book and the show because it speaks to so many people. But I don’t like to see that people are saying things like “people only watch this show because of malec” or “everything but malec is bad” or “this is clearly the only thing they are doing well” I love Malec…but it isn’t the only thing they are doing well. This is not to drag everyone excited as hell for everything related to them because well I am one, but to show some other great things they are doing and showing with the characters and the story itself.

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En la falla que tenim baix de la finestra, tenen permís pa tallar el carrer a partir del dia catorse, pero…

…com aixo es pals cobardes, ells han montat la carpa hui (dia 9) i han posat altaveus apilats fent una muralla de 3x5 de PUR ESTRUENDO FALLER. La primera canço ha sigut una tan bonica i tradicional valensiana com es FOLLOW THE LIDER, la segon SATURDAY NIGHT TIRILILARILARILAA, se caga el basto, folklore ortodoxe.

Les persianes tremolen per la emosió que dona esta selebrasió de la nostra cultura que es la discomovil i tallar carrers.

Anava a astudiar pals 4 examens que tinc la semana que ve, pero pa qué, si aço es molt millor!, i ademes: