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On this day in music history: August 26, 1985 - “The Head On the Door”, the sixth album by The Cure is released. Produced by Robert Smith and Dave Allen, it is recorded at Angel Studios in London from Early - Mid 1985. Following the UK success of their previous album “The Top”, Cure leader Robert Smith, continue to expand the bands more pop based sound (but maintaining their characteristic dark edge) begun on the previous effort with their next release. “Door” is the first to introduce new members Boris Williams (drums) and Porl Thompson (guitar, keyboards) and marks the return of bassist Simon Gallup to the band. The album is a pivotal release in the bands career as it is their first release to receive significant support in the US from both college radio and the burgeoning commercial Modern Rock radio format, as well as video outlets like MTV which increases the bands fan base beyond its small but loyal cult following. It spins off two hit singles including “In Between Days” (#99 US Pop, #15 UK) and “Close To Me” (#13 UK). In 2006, a two CD Deluxe Edition album is released. The first disc is a remastered version of the original album, with the second disc featuring Robert Smith’s original instrumental demo recordings, early band demos, and three live bootleg tracks recorded in Paris in December of 1985.  "The Head On The Door" peaks at number fifty nine on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the by the RIAA.

Korn: A Beginner’s Guide

So I’m not sure how many fans here are newer fans, but in my opinion, whether you’re new or have been a fan since the very beginning it’s always nice to learn and see how far the guys have come.  So here’s a rundown of Korn’s history.  It’s probably going to be long as fuck :)

Munky and Fieldy were in a band called L.A.P.D. which David Silveria (at age 16) joined.  They released some music in that band, but not long after they broke up.  Munky recruited Head who he knew from high school to join them.  Now, if you’ve seen Who then now?  (and if you haven’t you really should) they talk about how they recruited Jonathan.  According to Head and Munky they were at this club, and just as they were about to leave they heard Jonathan singing, which caused them to stop and stay for the whole set. They were amazed by his voice, and seeked him out to try out for their band.  

According to Jonathan he said he didn’t want to do it at first but he went to a psychic who pretty much told him he was stupid if he didn’t do it so he went and tired out. And the rest is history.

Now, the story of how they came up with the name Korn is interesting because I’ve heard different versions.  According to them in Who Then Now? Jonathan said he suggested Corn and they decided to change the spelling and all that.  But I’ve also seen this version where basically Jonathan tells a story he heard in Bakersfield when he was a teenager between two guys that had sex with each other.  I won’t go into details cuz they’re gross but feel free to watch the video if your curiosity is getting the best of you.

With their unique sound (at the time there was nothing like it) Korn are considered pioneers of Nu Metal. In 1994 they recorded and released their first official album KoRn which includes the songs Blind, Faget, Clown, Shoots and Ladders, and Daddy.  If you listen to Daddy all the way through you can hear Jonathan breaking down, as they decided to keep the recording going which I think adds to the emotions behind the song.  

“When I was a kid, I was being abused by somebody else and I went to my parents and told them about it, and they thought I was lying and joking around. They never did shit about it. They didn’t believe it was happening to their son…. I don’t really like to talk about that song. This is as much as I’ve ever talked about it…” – Jonathan Davis on the song Daddy

Life is Peachy was released in 1996 which includes the songs No Place to Hide. A.D.I.D.A.S., and Kill You. If you watch Who then Now, you can see the band recording this album, and you can see Jonathan as he records Kill You, where it becomes emotional for him again (it’s a song about his step mother) , making the other band members tear up as well.

Follow the Leader was released in 1998, which features songs Freak on a Leash, Got the Life, and All in the Family featuring Limp Bizkit.  The album also features Ice Cube in Children of the Korn and Tre Hardson from Pharcyde in Cameltosis.  If you listen to My gift to you and fast forward after the song ends, you’ll get to hear Cheech Marin in Earache My Eye where the guys all switch instruments. This was their most successful album to date, charting at the top and winning many awards.

Korn have always been all about the fans.  During Follow the Leader they did this huge tour to promote the album, doing signings at stores to meet fans.  They also launched KornTV which documented them during the album recording process and gave fans a chance to ask questions.  For Issues, they issued an art contest where fans all over the world were able to make artwork that the band would determine would be their next album cover.  For Issues they also performed the album at length at the Apollo, being broadcasted through radio stations all around.  For Untouchables the boys did a performance that included songs from the new album. The performances was filmed and played in different theaters and later released into a DVD.

In 2005, Head announced that he would be leaving the band.

“I was addicted to methamphetamines and tried everything … rehab, stuff on the Internet, but nothing helped me kick it. I was trying on my own to quit and couldn’t do it. I wanted to die. No one knew what I was going through. I could not quit. Church was my last shot. I would sit in church high [on drugs]. I would wonder why people would go up to the front after the service. But one day it was for me. I said [to God], ‘Show me how to quit.’”

“the last year I was in the band, we were gonna kick out the bass player, Fieldy, and this guy’s girlfriend couldn’t be on this side of the stage because there were fights with another wife in the band. And obviously the drugs – it’s no secret I was into the drugs, so crazy stuff, like having to finish our blow right before we got to the border because they were gonna come check to see if we had anything.”

While away from the band Head released two books, and two albums:  one by himself and another with his band Love & Death.

In 2006 David Silveria announced that he’d be taking a hiatus from the band.  (Now I’m not very clear about what happened here because at the time I wasn’t following the band as closely so feel free to message me or make a post about what happened.  I know there was a falling out, but I’m not clear on the details.  I’m going off what Wikipedia and the internet is telling me and we know they can’t be very reliableJ)  

In 2008 Ray Luzier joined the band permanently.

In 2012 Head took his daughter to the Carolina Rebellion Festival.  Head played with the guys from Red and also stopped by to say hi to the guys from Korn.  That eventually led to him playing Blind with Korn for the first time since he left the band. And well, that’s how Head came back to the band as they began the recording process for The Paradigm Shift.

Important Videos to Watch

Who Then Now 

Who Then Now 2 


Alot of this info came from wiki and some from my own memory so I apologize for any mistakes :)


BSC Black History Month:  When Beyonce’s Unapologetically Black Moment in Music Pays Homage to An 80′s Hip Hop Fashion Pioneer

With the release of her new song & music video Formation Beyonce’s lyrics & visuals made nods to black culture highlighting everything from our

love of well seasoned food - “I got hot sauce in my bag swag”

Our talent, promise, influence & innovation “I just might be a black Bill Gates in the making”

Rejecting the policing of our girls’ hair & shaming of its texture - “I like my baby with baby hair & afro”

Beyonce also goes on to honor 80′s hip hop fashion pioneer Dapper Dan when she & all her back-up dancers don custom tailored Gucci two-piece outfits.  For those who are unfamiliar Dapper Dan, is a tailor from Harlem New York who became  famous in the 80′s when he started using Gucci, Louis Vuitton & MCM fabric kits to tailor one of a kind outfits for Black music elites.  Clients included Bobby Brown, LL Cool J and Salt -N-Pepa.  Dapper Dan’s work was also featured on Eric B & Rakim’s Follow The Leader  album cover.