follow the dotted lines

Chicken Parm-Stuffed Spaghetti Squash by Tasty

Large Spaghetti Squash
2 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts /cut into strips
2 Eggs /beaten
Italian Style Breadcrumbs
Marinara Sauce
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
Grated Parmesan Cheese
Italian Seasoning
Oil for frying

With a sharp knife, slice the squash in half. (If the squash is too tough - puncture in several places forming a dotted line around the squash. Microwave for 3-5 minutes to soften. Allow to cool before cutting in half - following the dotted line). Scoop out the seeds - brush with oil, salt, and pepper, - and roast face down in a preheated oven at 375˚F (190˚C) for 35-40 minutes (until a fork can easily pierce the skin).

Meanwhile, slice the chicken breasts into strips. Place flour, beaten egg, and breadcrumbs into three separate bowls. Coat each strip with flour, then egg, and then roll in bread crumbs.

Heat a well-oiled skillet over medium/high heat. Fry the chicken strips (in batches if necessary) until golden brown on all sides and cooked through. Set aside on paper towels.

Once the squash has finished roasting - remove from the oven and let it set for a few minutes before turning over and pulling at it with a fork. Shred the inside of each squash, being careful not to poke through the skin. Pour marinara sauce over shredded squash. Top with chicken strips, then more marinara, and finish with mozzarella and Parmesan cheese, and a pinch of Italian seasoning. Return to the oven to bake for 10-15 minutes until the cheese has melted. Enjoy!

Oh My My My - IX


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: language and angst.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: please don’t hate me part 2


Safe to say that you and Peter got close. Suddenly, Bucky was a thing of the past and something your heart didn’t dwell on anymore. You were getting better as each day passed. Peter helped a ton and so did Natasha and Wanda.

Summer was over and it was time to leave town and go to college. You didn’t get into your choice of school but you were still going to Los Angeles, the city of stars, to continue your education. After a long and tearful goodbye with your parents, Natasha, Wanda and Peter, you were off on a plane to the West Coast.

You met some new friends and though you were having a great time at school, you missed your home too much. You and Peter did a great job at keeping in touch while you were away. You believed he was the one you had always dreamed of.

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Title: Jurassic Park (Stark! Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Tony is invited to tour the world renowned Jurassic Park before its opening and begrudgingly brings you alone, even if he feels that something is off about the whole place.

Word Count: 2422

A/N: HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th!!!! I LOVE THIS!! I’m reading Jurassic Park and am just having so much insp right now. I hope you enjoy!

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Why are you interested in me? You know how easily I could slice your throat without feeling any guilt. ” she said with her eyes locked onto his neck, almost making it appears as she was mentally tracing a dotted line to follow. 
Gema wasn’t really impressed by it, even knowing how terrifying Takeo could be when she was acting like the yakuza boss she was. He witnessed it and, oh boy, he somehow wish that he could forget what he saw. The only good point was how immunised he became to murders and corpses…. even if he wasn’t sure that it was really a good thing.
You’re a bloody bitch who’s the leader of hundred of criminals and you’re an impressive manipulator.” Gema shrugged “Hanging out with you is way more interesting than being with any other moron.

It probably wasn’t the best answer to give, but at least, he was honest.

5 times tony forgot peter was just a kid and the 1 time he didn’t


two weeks ago…

By the time Peter made it to Tony’s penthouse, he was three hours late and the pizza was cold.

He knocked, even though Tony had repeatedly told him to just come in whenever he wanted to drop by. Even if Tony was not in the apartment, Peter was more than welcome to make himself home.

It wasn’t as big as his Tower but it was still a penthouse and it was a place that Tony could stay at and be close to Peter.

DUM-E opened the door for him and he threw his backpack to the ground the moment he was inside. There was no happy, “Hi, Mr. Stark!”

That’s when Tony knew something was wrong.

Tony paused what he was doing to watch Peter walk over to him, scowling at the ground the entire time.

“What’s up, sunshine?” Tony asked, hoping to get the kid to crack a grin. It was weird to see him anything other than happy and bouncing off the walls.

“Nothing.” He fell to a heap next to Tony on the couch.

Tony raised his eyebrows. “Doesn’t look like nothing.”

Peter remained silent.

“You’re three hours late. I thought we were going to work on the suit tonight?” Tony leaned over to pull a slice of pizza from the box.

“I’m sorry” Peter’s hostile attitude disappeared as he sighed. “I got caught up with something…at school.”

Tony nodded. “It’s a school night. I don’t think Aunt May will appreciate me bringing you home past midnight. We’re gonna have to work on the suit another night.”

Peter nodded and few times. “Yeah, okay, I’m, I’m really sorry, Mr. Stark.”

Tony waved him off. “Don’t sweat it, kid. As long as you’re okay.”

Peter hesitated for a second before saying, “I’m fine.”

“Good. That’s good.”

Tony should not have let it go as easily as he did.

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What do you think the black turtles in Over the Garden Wall represent? I've debated it back and forth with myself but I'd love to hear your interpretation because your cartoon analysis is always interesting. :)

Ah yes, the dreaded black turtle question. I knew this day would come sooner or later. (Spoilers follow.)

In his interview last week with The Dot and Line, Patrick McHale responded to the question “What’s with the turtles?” thus: “It’s an imperfection in the quilt.” At first, when I read this, I thought he was just admitting that he didn’t know himself. (Poets, am I right?) But my second thought was that he might perhaps have intended it more literally. That the turtles might be little fractures–cracks between the spiritual plane of the Unknown and the reality which Wirt and Greg inhabit. There have to be rips in the fabric somewhere or they would never have been able to fall through. And it’s fitting somehow to consider the Unknown as a quilt, stitched together as it is out of a hundred eras into something eerily coherent. But you can’t hem a world like that together and expect it to lack a tear in the seams here and there. 

I don’t have much in the way of concrete evidence to back this up, but it’s nice to think about. 


by Guillem Balague

For most of his career Victor Valdés Arribas has lived the dream. Now, for the former Barcelona goalkeeper who has won 21 titles, including six La Ligas and three Champions Leagues as well as five Zamora awards for the goalkeeper with the lowest goals per game record in the Spanish league, the dream has turned into a nightmare.

On the precarious tightrope that is football’s fickle fortune, these days he cuts a forlorn figure; ostracized, isolated and marginalized by the club that he had hoped to represent at the highest level.

So how did we get to here? How did one of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the game end up unwanted at a club where he is now forced to train alone with just a goalkeeping coach for company?

Much has been written about Valdés’ short but controversial spell with Manchester United, a great deal of it based on assumption, rumour and conjecture. Sometimes bald facts blur what is the simple truth which is that as far as he is concerned, firstly, he has nothing but affection for everyone at Manchester United, and, secondly he is 100% fit and raring to continue his career. The position taken by Louis Van Gaal is purely a footballing one. That Valdés should end up mentally bloodied and deeply affected by events will represent to him no more or no less than yet another example of the collateral damage the game so frequently creates.

So where did it all go wrong?

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Hello...I was thinking, would it be okay if I ask for some advice? You see I draw, and I really love drawing, but I draw more on the animated side. But I love realism, my wish is to draw a person, and that it will look a like, but I keep trying and trying, and it's never good. When I see all your works, I wish I could draw just like you and the other artists. I really want it, but I don't know how to.

Hi! ^^

First of all, I’m sorry for this late reply. I just wanted to wait a bit until I have more time so I can make a short tutorial about this since I promised to give some tips/make tutorials a while ago. ^^ (Friendly reminder, English is not my first language, so forgive me any language mistakes.)

The most important thing in realism is being accurate with the proportions of our model’s face. If you don’t catch their characteristic features, our model won’t be recognizable.

I won’t explain here basics of face anatomy because there are plenty of tutorials about that everywhere (for example these two: male, female).
When I sketch a face I always try to remember all those rules. For example eyes are in the middle of the head (not face), tip of the nose is in the middle between eyebrows and chin. These two are always the most important for me as you will see below.

Step 1

I sketch a circle which helps me with catching a basic shape of skull. I always draw it so it runs through the tip of the nose if that makes sense (ofc I don’t draw it on the reference, all of the lines sketched on this reference are drawn for the sake of science to show you how I translate all those proportions in my head >.<). After sketching the circle I try to catch directions of a jaw, ear and forehead.

Step 2

As I said before I remember that eyes are in the middle of the head (in this perspective) and that’s where I draw the line. Then I mark the tip of the nose - the circle tells me where it should be drawn.

Step 3

Next I try to imagine where I should place the rest of details. Eye line and nose are my anchors at this point. I try to translate distances between the corner of the eyes and nostrils. I also notice that here the corner of his eye is in the same line as the corner of his mouth. It’s the same situation with sketching eyes. The upper eyelid of his right eye (our left) is in the same line with the left pupil.
This step is probably the most important because if you translate those distances messily your sketch won’t be accurate and won’t catch the distinctive features of the person you draw. For example if you draw wider nose it won’t be Jeon’s nose anymore.

Step 4

At this stage I connect those dots I made in step 3 and follow the lines from step 1 to draw initial lineart. Also according to the basics of face proportions, his ear should be the same lenght as his nose, it’s just a bit lower.

When you draw a specific person it’s important to remember about their characteristic features just like Jeon’s thin upper lip and quite big nose, Joonie’s round face and big lips, Tae’s big ears and big eyes, Suga’s triangle eyes and quite wide nose. Just try to observe which features are characeristic for a specific person. (Here noran made great BTS faces studies)

What is really helpful with noticing your mistakes that may ruin a portrait so it doesn’t look accurate? Flipping horizontally and zooming out! Our eyes quickly get used to what we see so flip your painting often. Also taking short breaks every hour helps to look at your drawing with a fresh eye.

Yeah, i think that’s all i wanted to say here. I hope I answered your question, my dear anon, and helped you with this messy tutorial :’D (and a few more people who asked me to make them^^)
Also draw what you see, not what you think you see (this is the coolest advice I’ve ever heard and I will repeat it forever, I’m not even sorry haha). You can flip your reference vertically and paint it like this, that’s a really nice practise! :D

Just don’t give up and practise a lot, you will finally get there! Good luck! ^u^

dean grins, an unabashed smile he doesn’t usually let other people see.  he gives sam’s ass a hard whack, laughs when sam jumps a hundred feet into the air.

“ready?” dean says, both hands in the “r” hand shape, shaking them gently.  the sign for ready.

sam just gins back at him, trying not to get lost in dean’s eyes.

“you can’t look.  that’s cheating.”

sam rolls his eyes, but does as he’s told, rolls back over so dean has perfect access to the expanse of sam’s naked skin.  this game they’re playing is different.  he doesn’t often use his voice – ever, if he can avoid it – but alone with dean, it’s different.  they sign 98% of the time.  it wasn’t like that a few years ago, maybe longer ago than that…  but they’re so in sync with each other now, dean doesn’t appear to miss talking.

he feels the warm pad of dean’s finger press gentle against the small of his back, a small, straight line, followed by a dot.


dean places a kiss to the globe of sam’s ass.  apparently a right answer.

two lines, a right angle this time.  a circle.  an acute angle.  a stranger shape, has to be some other kind of letter.  dean’s finger sends electric shocks through sam’s body.


another kiss to sam’s ass.

some more strange shapes, letters that sam has to grasp for.


he finally feels dean smothering his skin with his own body, fully enveloped by dean – dean’s scent, dean’s skin.  dean’s kissing his neck.  he holds a fist up and rocks it back and forth – yes.

sam manages to roll over underneath his brother’s body.  he could sign, but he chooses a different path – wants dean to hear it even though he can’t.

“i love you.”

BTS reaction: falling asleep while waiting for them

B.A.P ver.

JinQuietly he opened the door to your apartment. It was already past midnight and the last thing he wanted to do was to wake you up. He knew that you had to work tomorrow and that you should rest well. So he was even more surprised when he found you, at least asleep, sitting on the coffee table with a book in front of you. The candles you have lit were burned down and the CD you put into the player already run for the hundredths time. Jin stood in the doorway and looked at you with a warm smile decorating his face. That’s when his mom-mode kicked in. He quickly blew out the candles, put a bookmark into the novel you were reading, turned off the CD player and then, very gently, he shook you awake. “Y/N, you need to sleep in the bed or else you will wake up with bad neck pain tomorrow.” He stroke your hair and smiled. When you slowly woke up, still dazed with sleep, Jin took your hand in his and lead you to the bedroom. “I’ll join in a moment.” He promised, after he put you into the bed and covered you with your favourite blanket.

SugaTo fall asleep next to you. That was everything he thought of, as he ponderously walked up the stairs to your apartment. When Suga checked the time he whined, knowing that he could only sleep for a good amount of six hours, before he had to wake up again. The door swung open and he threw his bag into the corner, walking directly to the bedroom when he saw your figure from the corner of his eye. Seemed like you turned the couch into a bed and according to the DVD boxes on the table, you had a nice evening while you waited for your boyfriend. He tilted his head and smiled widely. Yoongi quickly changed into his sleeping clothes and then joined you on the couch. He wrapped both of his arms around you and pulled you close. “Goodnight, jagiya.”

J-hope He sent the sixth message, saying that he was on his way home now. You stopped answering an hour ago and he was worried a little bit, but according to the time, half past midnight, it was possible for you to be asleep already. He was calmed down when he opened the front door and spotted you on the sofa. A big grin spread across his face and he pulled out his phone. Hoseok walked over to you, kneeled down and gave you a kiss on the nose. He raised the phone above his head and took a selca, which he planned to share with the rest of BTS. Just to brag about how cute you are when you were sleeping. He didn’t plan to wake you, but instead he fetched your blanket from the bedroom and covered you with it. He decided to stay awake for a few more minutes, so he sat down beside your face and leaned onto the couch. Ten minutes later you were both snoring like world champions.

Rap Monster He completely forgot the time when he sat down in the studio and worked on some new songs he wanted to release eventually.  A gasp escaped his mouth when he looked at the ticking clock on the wall. It was nearly 3 a.m and when he checked his phone his heart dropped. He had twenty unanswered messages from you and three missed calls. Namjoon quickly responded to you, saying that he is on his way home now. You didn’t answer. When he opened the door to your apartment he expected you to be all angry, but instead the sweet tune of your favourite Disney movie caught his ear. You’d only watch this one, when you were in a good mood. He walked towards the bedroom door and opened it a crack. “Y/N…?” The rapper asked softly. He peeked through the door and spotted your face, buried in between the numerous pillows you owned. His lips curled into a warm smile. He chuckled and went to your bed, where he laid down next to you and placed his hand on your cheek. You opened your eyes slowly and when you saw your boyfriend laying right beside you, you couldn’t help but smile too. “You’re home?” You put your hand on his. “I’m so sorry I didn’t call you. I was at the studio and turned my phone off, because the boys always spam the group chat but I had to work an-”. You silenced him with a soft kiss on his lips. “It’s okay. You’re here now. That’s what counts”

JiminHe could barely keep his eyes open as he entered his apartment and threw his shoes in one corner and his bag in another. The dance practice took longer than he thought and every bone of his body longed for the comfortable bed. A yawn escaped his mouth and he definitely just wanted to go to sleep, when he heard a dull sound coming from the living room. He raised a brow and went to check where the noise came from. The book on the floor lowered his anxiety that it might be a thief who wanted to visit him, and when he recognised your sleeping face, a sigh of relief left his body. Smilingly he walked towards the couch where you rested and put the book on the table. Jimin didn’t know you would wait for him in his apartment. He was flattered. The thought of you deciding to come over while he was at work and wait for him warmed his heart. He ignored that you were sleeping and pulled you into a warm embrace. The vocal hid his face in your sleep-warm neck as you slowly woke up. “Hey” You whispered and lazily put your arms around his waist. “I love you” , he mumbled into your hair and placed a kiss on it, too.

V: Summer was finally here and somehow you managed to catch the flu. It was hot outside, the sun finally shone and every one of your friends asked if you’d like to join their BBQ party, but you had to turn them down. Coughing and sneezing you wondered what Taehyung was doing. He left about twenty minutes ago and wanted to grab some medicine for you from the store around the corner, but being the idol he is , some fangirls probably saw him and now he’s busy signing their phonecases or schoolbags. Whatever they had. You turned around, covered your aching body with the heavy blanket and closed your eyes. ~ “Where is it again?” Tae scratched his head and looked left and right. He finally spotted a town map and ran towards it. The red dot showed his position and he followed the lines with his index finger. “Left, right, left, left and right. Thats my apartment and where I came from… I went left from there but I just had to go right?!” He grimaced and turned around again, to walk all the way back. While he continued to scold himself for being so stupid he pulled out his phone and send you a quick message, confessing that he went into the wrong direction. About ten minutes later he left the pharmacy with a coughing syrup, something for your headache and a medicine for a sore throat. V ran home as fast as he could. He stumbled up the stairs to your apartment, swung the door open and hurried to the bedroom. “Y/N, I’m so sorry I live here for such a long time and I mana-” He cut himself off as he realised you were in deep sleep. “Oh, so cute”, he whispered and sat down on your side of the bed. Taehyung placed the medicine he bought on the small desk beside your bed and turned around to face you. A loving expression arose on his face and he smiled brightly. Completely ignoring the thought of getting sick too, he bent over and kissed the corner of your mouth. V decided to let you rest, even though it was in the middle of the day. He quietly left the room and went to the kitchen to prepare some food for you.

Jungkook: “Yah, you were up all night just to finish this book?” It was 7 o'clock in the morning and Jungkook walked into the living room where you sat on the couch and held the book you were reading yesterday in your hand, like it was a precious treasure. “Of course! It was to interesting to put it down!” You defended yourself and threw a pillow at him. “And I’m not even tired!” The proud confession left your mouth together with a yawn. Jungkook chuckled. “Of course you aren’t. I’m in the kitchen and make some breakfast. Do you want a tea?” You nodded and stretched yourself. When your boyfriend left the room, you sprawled out on the couch and closed your eyes. “Just five minutes.” You mumbled into the second pillow that was left on the sofa. Jungkook came back two minutes later, only to find you snoring and drooling all over the cushions. “Not tired, huh?” He lifted his eyebrows and fetched your phone from the table. The maknae took two pictures and saved one as your background and one as your screensaver. “What a nice evidence”, he chuckled and sent himself the cutest one, just to save it as his phone background. “But I’m not gonna carry you to the bedroom. You will sleep here.” Jungkook said, as he smilingly placed a blanket over your body.


I hope you like it

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I really liked "In The Shadows!" Will there be another part?

Yes there is!  Right now.  Here is Part 3 for you NCIS fans, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Epilogue)

Feeling his phone vibrate, McGee puts his cell phone to his ear.

“Please tell me you got somethin’, Abby,” he pleads.

“I do, but you’re not gonna like it,” she says from her lab, her expression sulking as she stares at her computer screen.

“I have the camera feed traced, and I have an address,” she says.

“Well, give it to me!” McGee shrieks.

“That’s the issue.  The bombs strapped to her have an automatic detonation on them.  When you guys walked into the building, you walked through miniature bio-metric scanners that uploaded your body prints to the little memory chips implanted in the individual bombs strapped to her body.”

As McGee’s face drops, Gibbs rips his phone from his hand, placing it to his ear as he takes a deep breath.


“Long story short?  None of you can leave without detonating the bombs,” Abby breathes.

Sighing as Gibbs looks around, his eyes darting around the room as he tries to find any way to escape, he takes a deep breath and turns his attention back to the stage.

“What about her?” Gibbs asks.

As Dr. Mallard furrows his brow, his body turning to Gibbs as DiNozzo and McGee open their mouths in protest, Gibbs shoots them a death-glare as Abby clacks away over the phone.

“Technically, I would think so.  Her bio-metric scan isn’t showing up on any of the memory chips,” she confirms.

Cutting the phone call as he tosses the cell phone back to McGee, he approaches the stage as he hops up, taking your hand from Palmer as Gibbs wraps his around around your back, steadying you on your exhausted legs as you place your forehead onto his shoulder.

“We have an address,” he murmurs into your ear as Palmer makes his way to the side of the stage, sitting down and catching his breath.

“Alright,” you breathe.

“Next question!” your brother roars.

Whimpering as you wipe the sweat from your brow off on Gibbs’ shirt, you stumble in your dancing, prompting Gibbs to reach out and catch you around your waist for fear of you plummeting onto your back.

“We can’t leave the building,” Gibbs says as he helps you to your feet.

Looking at him as the two of you begin to move once more, your feet slipping and sliding on your pools of sweat as you breathe harder and harder, Gibbs leans into your ear and whispers, “…but you can.”

Nodding slowly as your mind processes what he is asking, you close your eyes as your brother begins to boom over the loudspeaker once more.

“Who are you?” he asks.

“No,” you whisper, shaking your head lazily as your eyes begin to roll into the back of your head.

“WHO ARE YOOOOU!?” your brother yells, causing everyone in the room to jump.

“No!” you roar, letting go of Gibbs as you stand taut on stage, your eyes situated above the massive archway of the door at the little blinking red light that everyone, except for you, had missed.

“10…” you brother starts.

“Y/N,” Palmer begs.

“9…” he chuckles.

“Miss Y/N,” Dr. Mallard pleads.


Feeling a tug at your hand, you look over to see a stone-faced Gibbs, his jaw taut as he squeezes your hand in reassurance.

“I have an idea!” you call out.

No response…but the counting had stopped.

You had his attention.

“They can’t leave,” you say, pointing around the room as your chest heaves, your scantily clad body beginning to form bruises on your legs and feet from dancing for a full-on 5 hours.


But still…no counting.

“What if I did?” you ask.

“No,” you brother states.

“You didn’t let me finish…” you sing-song, a light grin ticking across your lips.

“What if I came to you?” you breathe, your eyes focused on the red dot as McGee follows your line of sight, his eyes widening as he begins walking towards the archway.

“Be careful, Timothy…” your brother warns.

“You didn’t answer my question,” you state.

“It’s not your questions that need answering,” he retorts.

“What if I continued to answer them?” you throw back.


“How would you do that?” he asks.

“Simple.  I come to you.  They stay here.  No guns.  No handcuffs.  Just you and me and the microphone broadcasting your voice,” you state.

As Palmer shakes his head in the distance, you swallow hard, trying to keep your fears at bay.

“Seems James isn’t a fan of that plan,” your brother muses.

“It’s not James’ call,” you slap back.


As the seconds tick by, your head slowly turning to Palmer as his eyes plead with you to find another way, you hear your brother take a deep breath.

“So…do we have a deal?” you ask, your eyes never wavering from Palmer’s.

“………deal,” he growls.

The Mirror

“Help Me, I’m drowning.”


Wen Junhui

Word Count: 428


The mirror was your enemy. Your flaws somehow seemed more apparent, more… disgusting. You pinched and poked and at the fat, you scratched at the stretch marks, harder, harder, until dots of blood followed the white lines trailing behind your nails. You were reminded of your scars. They’ve never seemed more real than in this moment right now. Fuck

Where did you go I fucking need to you. The mirror is laughing at me and I’m so damn close to losing it.

The mirror is shattered what have I done? Let me clean up so you won’t hurt yourself. Oh no.

There’s blood all over the floor baby please where are you? They’s started to mock me, am I that much of a fuck up?

Here are the demons again, do I even need to fight? I need you baby. Help me, I’m drowning and I don’t know how to escape. I thought holding my breath would be okay but look at me now. I can’t save myself anymore.

“Babe I’m home!”

Shit. I still need to clean up! Um, the glass! I’ll start with that I just need the trash.

I can’t get up anymore. I’ve lost all strength please come I need you.


Are those your footsteps come faster, I’ll take your help if you offer. I want you to save me.

“Y/N! B-baby, what happened are you hurt. God I’m so sorry I wasn’t here I’m so sorry.”

“Jun baby, it’s so hard. It’s so hard to be perfect. This body look at it, it’s appalling, my skin is filled with scars and bumps and God this fucking heart of mine. It’s so fucking fragile. it’s so hard to be okay. I just want to be okay.”

“Y/N baby, you are perfect as you are, with all your flaws and imperfections you don’t need to change any of them, the only thing you need to change is the mindset that you need to change.”

“But it’s so hard to. Do you know how many times I’ve had to hear it? I’ve tried to soar over all of it but somehow it manages to bring me down. I just want it to go away. I want to love myself the way you love me and I love you.”

“And I’ll help you baby. I promise I will. I’ll be there every step of the way if you let me.”

The glass and blood was scattered across the floor but here we were in the midst of the mess together. And stronger that we ever were.

False Pretense IV

Prompt: Jensen manages to convince you to take him with you on the shapeshifter hunt.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 5750

Fourth part to False Pretense

[Part I] [Part II] [Part III]

It felt as if Jensen had forgotten to breathe. Looking at the real Bobby made him feel like he has been lied to his entire life. He couldn’t deny the fact that Eric was great at keeping a secret, telling lies rather than the truth, but he couldn’t help but wonder how many times Eric has exactly lied to him. And Jo… even Jo has lied to him, which makes him think how reliable Jo really is. He wondered if she intentionally went along with the whole thing and how long she was willing to extend it. He tried to go back in time to remember if you had anything to do with this little scheme as well, but he couldn’t remember to save his life.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” Jensen whispered, watching as Bobby stood up to walk around the desk. “What-” He scoffed. “What’s happening? Is this… Is this some kind of joke?”

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