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“I don’t like girl groups because they always do cute concepts.”
“They always have to do a sexy concept or a cute concept.”
“Girl groups always dress like sluts.”

So what you’re telling me is that you’ll watch this:

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 But not this:

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And you’ll watch this:

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But this is too much:

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This is okay:

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But this is too cute:

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You’re okay with this:

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But this is slutty:

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Male groups can do all the hip thrusts and can take their shirts off anytime they want, but a girl group does something even remotely sexual and it’s bad.
Male groups can do cute concepts and aegyo 25/8, but if a girl group is super adorable, it’s too much and they’re trying too hard.
I don’t understand.

Note: I’m not throwing shade at any of these groups. It isn’t the groups that I dislike, it’s the hypocritical people that will watch all these guy groups, but then shit talk girl groups.

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Trading Spaces

Title: Trading Spaces

Summary: A series of thoughtless and reckless decisions lead you to a truck stop in the middle of nowhere and a large gruff of a southern man who excites and thrills you more than he should be allowed to.

Pairing: Benny Lafitte x Reader

Word count: 4396

Warnings/tropes: Un-betaed, trucker!Benny, explicit smut

A/N: This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I didn’t get around to it, so here’s Day 6 of my February Fuckfest Week. If I can sort out a smutty drabble I might post Day 7 but if not then that’ll have to wait. bows apologetically Sorry, guys… Still, though, thank you for joining me this week! It’s been awesome and fun and I’ve gotten to speak to a whole bunch of you, and gotten to know you better and it’s been awesome! :D

Tagging: @angel–radio​, @bogganheart​ (It was lovely being able to talk to you more, hon) and @bkwrm523​ (for letting me complain about how stuck I was on this Benny fic AND for telling me to read all the shit on my chrome tabs XD)

You stared up at the grey, snowy sky as if it bore all the answers to your current predicament of sitting in the passenger seat of a sixteen-wheeler while a half-giant with a southern drawl crooned out Janis Joplin under his breath with a voice that sounded like it had gone six rounds of chain-smoking and followed it up with a bottle of Jack.

This was not you.

Okay, really, Janis Joplin was pretty you.

But the whole hitchhiking and getting dropped off at a truck stop – objectively the worst place to want to get dropped off at with the glitter-eyed, red-lipsticked prostitutes and the burly men who whistled and catcalled as they were dragged into the back of their trucks by said prostitutes – was so not you.

But the dude in the backseat of the Prius was trying to feel you up and you’d kicked your boyfriend – now ex - in the gonads about twenty miles back after some girl called and you caught the caller ID - Booty Call. Really? Booty Call? You’d obviously given his intelligence and his creativity too much credit.

Finding yourself at a truck stop had been an eye-opening experience. You were naïve. Far, far too naïve for this world of middle-of-nowhere bars and not entirely tasteful – or safe – company.

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Shiny (Russian Translation)

Moana has been out long enough that some people are starting to post different dubs of its songs, including, of course, “Shiny.”

The Russian dub of “Shiny” sounds pretty good, but you might suspect, the lyrics in Russian can’t be exactly the same as English. That’s just a fact of dubbing. Due to the differing nuances of each language, as well as the need to lip-synch and produce lyrics with certain beats and inflections, you’re going to have to change the meaning of the words.

I know nothing about the Russian language whatsoever, but a user on Youtube by the name of StarTsurugi was kind enough to provide an English translation of the Russian dub.

And, oh man, it’s pretty great. Some of the Russian lyrics and really dark and biting as well as hilarious. The English lyrics are too, of course, but it’s like… a different kind of darkness. 

In case you’re interested, the translation is below:

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On this day in music history: April 6, 1968 - “(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone” by Aretha Franklin hits #1 on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 2 weeks, also peaking at #5 on the Hot 100 on March 30, 1968. Written by Aretha Franklin and Ted White, it is the fifth R&B chart topper for “The Queen Of Soul”. The track is recorded on December 16 - 17, 1967 at Atlantic Studios in New York City with the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section providing musical support. The B-side “Ain’t No Way”, written by Aretha’s sister Carolyn Franklin also charts (also featuring a background vocal solo from Cissy Houston of The Sweet Inspirations), peaking at #9 on the R&B singles chart and #16 on the Hot 100. Issued as the as the follow up to her previous chart topper “Chain Of Fools” in late February of 1968, it is the second single from Franklin’s “Lady Soul” album. Racing to the top of the R&B singles chart and into top five on the pop within six weeks of its release, it is the fifth number one R&B single for Aretha Franklin, only a year and one week after first hitting the top with “I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)” in late March of 1967. “(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You’ve Been Gone” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


is this the skating video that was posted up that’s on Tumblr? Because he isn’t holding anyone’s hand on the snippet that I saw, if anything him and Lili are one of the few not skating in a chain, but following up in the back together, skating separately..

I haven’t seen it, but that makes this even funnier as her “proof”!!! So Lili was there and he maaaybbbbeee held a friend’s hand so she/he wouldn’t fall at some point and almost everyone held hands because skating chain.

And this somehow “proves” they’ve only been “dating” since late January/early February for the sole reason she inexplicably wants it to be the case…

This just keeps getting better…..

Someone needs to send me the link….

Name’s Quill. Peter Quill. (Star-Lord x Reader)

As requested by anon: It would be super-duper awesome if you could write a peter quill insert where you kick some guys ass at a bar and then peters reaction to that.

You’d been fired, dumped, and knocked into a puddle of mud over the course of one day, and for that reason, you figured you deserved a very strong drink. You weren’t looking to get drunk, as all that would achieve is making you prone to more misfortunes, you just wanted something that burned your throat on the way down but left you with that nice, hazy feeling of relaxation that only alcohol could obtain. It was the only logical way to follow up such a shitty chain of events.  

The bar you selected was new in town, and probably more expensive than you could afford seeing as you were newly unemployed, but nonetheless, you were here and you had an order of fries coming.

As you sipped your drink, you winced a little. It certainly gave you that burning feeling you’d wanted, but maybe a little too much.

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yanderehetaliadrabbles  asked:

I am sorry for not specifying what I meant, but yes I meant that what would Baltics to with their crush when the kidnap them

(I’ll just do this in scenarios)(also doing this in three parts because i got a bit carried away)

1p Lithuania/ Toris Laurinaitis:

“Hey (name)? can you wake up please? i have something to show you.” You groggily float into consciousness, blinking your heavy eyelids up, your eyes eventually come into blurry focus of your best friend, Toris. As your reality becomes less clouded, you realize in slight panic that some things are not as they should be. For instance, what is the pressure on you wrists? And why are they in such an uncomfortable position? What’s the weird smell? Why does Toris look wet? Why is it so dark in here? Where are you even? You feel your heart speed up as your brain goes real time while your limbs remain heavy and immobile. Your eyes adjust more to the low light and you turn your head back to your friend. Toris looked back at you, but his eyes held something you’d never expect from him, pure, uncut, insanity. You hear your blood pounding in your ears. Toris smiles, it wasn’t the kind ones he normally gave you, it was crooked, wide, scary. It dawned on you that this was in fact NOT your Toris. You tear up and his face drops, almost to a point where you could see the old him, but you knew better “(n-name)? What’s wrong? Why do you look so scared? h-h-hehe. . HAHAHA! I HAVEN”T EVEN SHOWED YOU ANYTHING YET!” You flinch as he yells and a tear escapes, a wet trail being left as it glides its way down your cheek, why was your sweet, innocent friend doing this? You reopen your eyes to find him mere inches from your face, and the smell becomes clear, the color gets pigmented and a new rush of adrenaline jolts you back up as you realize that your friend is covered in blood. But why is he? “(name), I’m sorry for scaring you, but as i said earlier, I have something to show you, h-here, I’ll untie you.” He reaches around you in an almost-hug and fumbles with what sounds like chains. But why were you chained up? You practically gag as the metallic scent drowns you. Toris pulls away, with sure enough, chains, draping across his palms. He drops them before grabbing your stiff arm, dragging up and steadying you on your shaky feet. “Follow me, (name)” “W-where are we going, why was I chained up? Why are you covered in blood? What do you want to show me? Why are you acting like this?” You sputter out, getting more and more choked up with every word. You finally let out a sob and Toris stops, whips around and envelopes you in his arms, dragging you to the ground and sitting against a wall, placing you on his lap and whispering, what you supposed he thought, as comforting words. But they only frightened you more. “sshhh, (name), (name) sshhhh, it’s alright, it’s alright… they weren’t important, they don’t matter, sshhh. They had to die, sshhh, you’ll be fine with me, don’t worry.” What? Who’s not important? Who had to die? WHY did anyone have to die? You’ll be safe with him? HOW? He’s insane! You sob harder and he sighs, pulling you to your feet and mumbling, “Maybe seeing it will calm you down, yeah? Come on, hun.” he finally approaches a door, the stench of blood consuming you, what was behind that door? You don’t want to go in. But none the less, Toris yanks the handle and unveils chaos. Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, even Russia, well especially Russia, seeing as he was the only one with his ribcage ripped open and his heart on a pike a few feet from it. You feel bile rise in your throat, but Toris rips your shoulders towards him, that smile was back. “They had to die, (name). Of course, only Russia had to originally, he said I couldn’t keep you, Then I went after him and then that stupid bitch Belarus tried to step in, HA! Can you believe I used to crush on that useless bitch? Then Estonia and Latvia tried to get help, so they had to go, and then Ukraine was trying and screaming too much, which could have messed everything up. But don’t you see? I did this for us! I know you only thought of me as a friend, but that’ll change soon enough. Anyway, I was thinking I should take you away from here later tonight, wouldn’t you like that? We could be together forever!” You examine the blood stained room once more, another sob racking your body, you hear a deep sigh and turn back to look at your Lithuanian psycho, who had a bottle and a cloth in his hand. “I THOUGHT I could make you happy by showing you my dedication, but I guess you need some more time to get used to t.he thought of it all.” And with that he shot outhis arm and grabbing your hand, yanking you to him. He sets the cloth across your face and readjusts his arm to go around your back, locking you in place as you feel your reality slip once more, you feel another tear slip down your face and your heavy eyelids drop over your iris.

Beta - Luke Hemmings AU Blurb

A/N: So after watching the trailer for season 5B of teen wolf, I realized I wanted to write a blurb with Luke being a wolf, so here I am now. I hope you enjoy! :)

Disclaimer: This blurb contains a small amount of gore, mostly just the hinting of wounds and blood. Nothing too graphic, but I want people to be aware.

Originally posted by biteinthenight

They told you the bite was a gift, something you’ll thank them for later. Every time those words came out their mouths, you wanted to scream that they were wrong, that maybe what was a gift to them, would never be a gift to you. Instead it was a nightmare.

It was a cold night it all happened, the moon was shining bright and big in the sky. The crunching of leaves under your boots was the only sound you could hear. You walked through the forest, using the flashlight from your phone as your guidance. The woods weren’t a place you were a stranger too, it was somewhere you went to find comfort when you were sad and stressed.

You heard something that sounded like feet running fast towards you. Standing there still, you didn’t move one inch. You could feel your heart pounding against your chest, and you suddenly became overwhelmed in fear.

A dark shadow appeared before you, it’s eyes shining bright in your direction. Before your brain could tell your legs to run, the wolf was already charging you, a loud howl escaping it’s mouth.

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30 days of micheoff smut: day 14

Day 14: Predicament Bondage

Super nsfw. Geoff/Griffon/Michael implied, 2700 words. Griffon works up a perfect gift for Michael. Michael learns something about himself.

“OK, but I’m not a sadist,” Michael had said.

“Oh no?” Griffon had asked in that sweet way she had, one eyebrow raised. “So you wouldn’t be into Geoff with a gag?”

“Guys –” Geoff had cautioned, his brow furrowing. Christ, they were grabbing drinks after work – not exactly the atmosphere he wanted to be having this conversation in.

“I mean,” Michael had said, trailing.

And both Griffon and Geoff had noticed, then, the slow flush from Michael’s collarbones to his forehead.

“So you are,” Griffon had said, smiling and triumphant.

“Anything to get Geoff to shut up for a second,” Michael had said quickly, rolling his eyes.

“Hey – watch it –”

“I’ll drink to that” Griffon had said, raising her beer to clink it against Michael’s.

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rev! starter for billcipherrp

rev! william was storming the forest of gravity falls. he was bored, and thats not a good thing….he huffed and stomped around. after a wile a saw a trent….oh, the gleeful twins….he had nothing better to do…and he liked watching though two scam….

he watched the show and wanted to go back stage to see if there was anything better to do. he wondered to  back for a wile till he heard crying. he followed the sound and saw a man, chained up in the corner. 

“hey, why are you crying? “ he huffed and put his hands to his hips.


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How to catch a satellite

Standard space dockings are difficult enough, but a future ESA mission plans to capture derelict satellites adrift in orbit. Part of an effort to control space debris, the shopping list of new technologies this ambitious mission requires is set for discussion with industry experts.

ESA’s Clean Space initiative is studying the e.DeOrbit mission for removing debris, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of the space industry on Earth and space alike.

Decades of launches have left Earth surrounded by a halo of space junk: more than 17 000 trackable objects larger than a coffee cup, which threaten working missions with catastrophic collision. Even a 1 cm nut could hit with the force of a hand grenade.

The only way to control the debris population across key low orbits is to remove large items such as derelict satellites and launcher upper stages.

Such uncontrolled multi-tonne items are not only collision risks but also time bombs: they risk exploding due to leftover fuel or partially charged batteries heated up by orbital sunlight.

The resulting debris clouds would make these vital orbits much more hazardous and expensive to use, and follow-on collisions may eventually trigger a chain reaction of break-ups.

e.DeOrbit is designed to target debris items in well-trafficked polar orbits, between 800 km to 1000 km altitude. At around 1600 kg, e.DeOrbit will be launched on ESA’s Vega rocket.

The first technical challenge the mission will face is to capture a massive, drifting object left in an uncertain state, which may well be tumbling rapidly. Sophisticated imaging sensors and advanced autonomous control will be essential, first to assess its condition and then approach it.

Making rendezvous and then steady stationkeeping with the target is hard enough but then comes the really difficult part: how to secure it safely ahead of steering the combined satellite and salvage craft down for a controlled burn-up in the atmosphere?

Several capture mechanisms are being studied in parallel to minimise mission risk. Throw-nets have the advantage of scalability – a large enough net can capture anything, no matter its size and attitude. Tentacles, a clamping mechanism that builds on current berthing and docking mechanisms, could allow the capture of launch adapter rings of various different satellites.

Harpoons work no matter the target’s attitude and shape, and do not require close operations. Robotic arms are another option: results from the DLR German space agency’s forthcoming DEOS orbital servicing mission will be studied with interest.

Strong drivers for the platform design are not only the large amount of propellant required, but also the possible rapid tumbling of the target – only so much spin can be absorbed without the catcher craft itself going out of control.

Apart from deorbit options based on flexible and rigid connections, techniques are being considered for raising targets to higher orbits, including tethers and electric propulsion.

TOP IMAGE…One capture concept being explored through ESA’s e.Deorbit system study for Active Debris Removal - capturing the satellite in a net attached to either a flexible tether (as seen here) or a rigid connection. Copyright ESA

CENTRE IMAGE…Simulations of orbital debris show that actively removing large items of debris, such as entire derelict satellites, should help stabilise its population and prevent a collision-based cascade effect. ESA has performed a system study for an Active Debris Removal mission called e.Deorbit. Copyright ESA

LOWER IMAGE…All human-made space objects result from the near-5000 launches since the start of the space age. About 65% of the catalogued objects, however, originate from break-ups in orbit – more than 240 explosions – as well as fewer than 10 known collisions. Scientists estimate the total number of space debris objects in orbit to be around 29 000 for sizes larger than 10 cm, 670 000 larger than 1 cm, and more than 170 million larger than 1 mm.

Any of these objects can cause harm to an operational satellite. For example, a collision with a 10 cm object would entail a catastrophic fragmentation of a typical satellite, a 1 cm object will most likely disable a spacecraft and penetrate the International Space Station shields, and a 1 mm object could destroy subsystems. Scientists generally agree that, for typical satellites, a collision with an energy-to-mass ratio exceeding 40 J/g would be catastrophic. Copyright ESA


Captain Marvel star crochet pattern. I couldn’t find a pattern online for the star, so I made one myself. Thought I’d share it for any of the Carol Corps who want to use it in their own projects. Enjoy! And if you need any help, feel free to message me. I’m still fine tuning the pattern myself.

Hook: H-8

Round 1: Magic ring, chain 3, double crochet(dc) in ring 12 times, slip stitch(ss) into top chain of the 3, tighten the ring

Round 2: chain 3, dc twice in each dc around to make 24, ss into top chain again

Round 3: *chain up 5, sc in second chain from hook, hdc in next, dc, triple treble in last chain, skip one dc on circle and ss into the next, +slip stitch into following dc, chain up 4, sc in second c from hook, hdc, dc, skip one dc on circle and ss into next, +slip stitch again* repeat ** 3 more times, tie off. 

+ Rather than slip stitching twice, you can skip two double crochet on the circle and chain up from the same ss that you join with. This makes it more pointed see nightsister. I prefer mine a bit rounder, but that’s my preferred look for my crochet projects.

Imagine Demon Dean Feeding You Demon Blood And Getting You Addicted And Sam Walks In On You Both

Requested By Anonymous

You had been sitting on your bed with a book in your hand chewing on your lip as Dean walked in. Your head snapped up as he gave you that smirk you loved but hated at the same time. Dean was a demon now. He was out of control for a wail but it seemed like he had it under control.
“What cha doin sweetness” you smiled up at him as he moved closer and leaned down to kiss you pressing his lips to yours kissing you deeply as you returned it. He didnt stop kissing you as he took your book and set it on the night stand crawling onto the bed taking you into his arms. 

Almost an hour later in the middle of your heat he pulled away his lips whispering “I want you to be with me forever..” your heart raced as you stared at him in the eyes “Dean..we will get you back to normal” he cut you off shaking his head “No…” he whispered kissing your neck “I want to be with you forever…” you didnt know what had gotten into you as your eyes closed and he sat up grabbing your knife on the side of the nightstand cutting his arm. Your eyes still closed he ran his finger over his cut then ran his finger over your lips into your mouth you licked your lips what ever was on them taste amazing… You opened your eyes but as soon as you did dean covered them putting more blood into your mouth. 

You trusted him…with everything you had you trusted him so you let it happen..

When you awoke the next morning your head was ringing from the down fall of the high you had last night. Walking into the bathroom you looked in the mirror seeing blood all over your mouth. You gasped turning on the water washing your face. 

Running back into the room where dean had been laying in bed still naked watching tv you stood in front of the tv with your hands on your hips.

“What did you give me last night…” you started walking to his side of the bed “What the hell did you do!” you screamed he sat up gabbing your arm that swung at him pulling you down next to him “I HATE YOU!” you screamed but he just pulled you against him “Y/N….stop..” you tried pulling away from him but you couldnt he was to strong. “WHY!!!” you sobbed into his chest digging your nails into his arms.

Walking back home from the store your muscles were tense you couldnt think about anything but the blood..You didnt know why but it was like a drug, you couldnt get enough of. It had been three weeks and you tried fighting it as much as you could. Your hands shook as you got lost in your mind they shook more as you thought of it more. 

Walking into the bunker you had made it down the stairs and saw dean standing there. The six pack of beer you had in your hands came smashing down to the floor. “Oh..god shi-” you got on your knees as sam came over with a towel and started to help you as did dean picking up the broken glass. “Im sorry” sam chuckled “No need” dean hissed when he cut his hand your eyes snapping to his hand seeing the blood you could smell it. He just smirked at you getting up and walking away. You didnt move your eyes stared at the place dean had been.

You jumped when sam touched your shoulder lightly “Are you ok..You have been acting weird lately…” you shook your head snapping at him “Im fine!” you covered your mouth as he lifted his hands “You have been short with me lately too..” you slowly uncovered your hand as tears came to your eyes “Im sorry…” you got up and ran into the bedroom closing the door. 

You froze when you saw dean standing there with a towel against his hand. Your hands gripped your hair as you closed your eyes sitting down on the bed putting your head in your lap. Your head was throbbing and your hands wouldn’t stop shaking. you could hear dean walk closer to you. “Leave me alone..” you whispered but he just lifted your head removing the towel to show the cut and the blood. “You need it..” you sighed hating that you wanted it so badly so you gave in taking his hand putting the cut up to your mouth…..

You knew dean was watching you but you couldnt stop it taste so good and your high started gripping his hand tightly.

Thats when it happened…

Sam had walked in. You didnt hear the door open but dean did. Dean just smirked at him as sam stood in awe. 

“What the hell are you doing!” you dropped deans hand unable to think from the high as you fell back onto the bed closing your eyes. You could hear fighting in the back ground but you couldnt move you didnt want to move. Things started to smash and break as they threw each other against everything. “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS DEAN!” you heard sam yell. You tried sitting up but everything seemed like a blur.

You stood up following the sound into the hall way “YOU CANT HELP HER NOW SAMMY SHES MINE!” you heard dean as sam punched him in the face doing no good as dean pulled out his knife cas appeared behind him.

The last thing you heard was dean scream as you blacked out and fell to the floor. When you awoke on your bed knwoing sam or cas had carried you there. You heard sam and cas talking down the hall you followed it into a room where you saw dean chained up to a chair.

When he lifted his head and looked at you, you froze as his eyes were pitch black. A knot in your stomach started to grow as tears fell from your eyes and you ran out the room….

That wasnt dean…your boyfriend…your lover…your all…it was pure evil…..