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It seems like I add new pictures to my wall everyday.
My room is covered in photos, fairy lights, and succulents.
This is my little air plant, Clark. He’s kept me company all Winter ❄️ and has been a constant reminder to thrive even in these cold conditions.

Lesson 21: Plant Care 101

By:Helper Bee

Live Lesson: 2/24/17 @ 7:00PM

Summary: This lesson provides a basic overview of the knowledge a beginner will need to successfully grow plants. It is not intended to be a class on green witchcraft specifically, though there may be elements of witchcraft incorporated.


  • Shoot system: portion of plant above ground
  • Root system: portion of plant below ground
  • Flower: the reproductive organs of a plant, consists of modified leaves
  • Bud: site of new growth
  • Node: point where leaf diverges from stem
  • Leaf: photosynthetic organ, consists of blade and petiole
  • Root: anchors plant and provides water and nutrients from soil


  • Sunlight
    • Plants require sunlight for photosynthesis. The amount required per plant is variable, but most prefer medium or indirect light. In the Northern Hemisphere, a southern or southwest window provides the most light, followed by east windows or bright spots in sunny rooms, followed by a north window (not preferred).
  • Water
    • Plants also require water. Again, this varies widely, but the most common watering frequency is 1-2 times per week. I personally prefer the finger test, which is simply sticking your finger about 1” into the soil and checking for dryness. If the soil is totally dry, water the plant thoroughly. Thorough watering should allow water to drip from the bottom of the plant, in order to ensure sufficient saturation. In addition, many plants will benefit from a humid environment.
  • Soil
    • There are many different types of soil, but a few are more common than others. Potting soil, topsoil, garden soil, succulent/cactus soil, seed starter mix, compost, and orchid soil are the most common. Potting soil is soil that has been mixed to provide the best environment for potted plants. Garden soil is usually topsoil with compost or manure added, and should NOT be used in pots, as it is very dense. Topsoil is simply the first layer of soil. Succulent/cactus soil has sand added, seed starter mix is used to grow seedlings, compost is almost entirely decaying organic matter, and orchid soil is formulated with bark and moss to ensure healthy orchid growth.
  • Space/Container
    • Proper spacing of plants is most important in outdoor gardens, to ensure room to grow and proper air circulation. With potted plants, the container itself is most important. A container should be large enough for the plant, with room to grow, and have at least one drainage hole in the bottom. Clay readily absorbs water, and is preferred for many plants to prevent them from sitting in water. Plastic and metal are also very common, as is glass jars and bottles. I frequently re-purpose containers as plant pots (and it gives me an excuse to have ice cream).
  • Circulation
    • In order to prevent mold and other fungi, proper air circulation is necessary. It will also help strengthen a young plant. Keep in mind, strong winds can harm plants.
  • Warmth
    • Plants enjoy warmth. Many will be fine at room temperature, but some prefer more or less – research accordingly. Warmth is most important for seeds and seedlings, because they use the heat to tell when it’s time to germinate. I typically wrap my seedling in a heating pad to encourage germination.


When planting seeds, not only should you read the seed packet for information, but do your own research! Google is your new best friend, if it wasn’t already. Seeds vary in preferred depth, soil type, soil density, spacing, warmth, and water, so keep this in mind. Knowing where the plant is from and the general climate there can be very helpful! For example, rosemary is Mediterranean, so it likes lots of sun, somewhat sandy soils, warm temperature, and little water. You don’t have to go memorize average daily rainfall in that region, but it helps to have a general idea.


Maintenance is fairly simple. Outside of the basic needs of a plant, there are a few more to look for. As a plant grows, the root system will grow too. A plant can become “root bound” if it outgrows a pot, which can be very unhealthy, though some plants are more tolerant than others.

To repot, gently lift the plant up by pinching the base and wiggling the plant carefully to help the roots loosen from the soil. You can use your fingers to work the dirt clumps out of the roots, if necessary. If the plant is really stuck, press your hand flat against the soil, with the stem of the plant between your thumb and first finger. Flip the pot upside down (expect a small rain of loose earth) and give the bottom of the pot a sharp smack. Be ready for the weight of the plant to suddenly shift when it comes out! Then you can proceed to loosen the roots and repot. After you’ve gotten the plant itself out, replant it in a larger pot and bury to cover the roots. Most plants won’t mind having part of their stem buried as well, but some get fussy, so keep that in mind.

The other main maintenance that should be done is pruning. Pruning encourages the axillary buds to grow, creating a new branch where the leaf was cut. Many plants require pruning to be fully healthy. For non-woody plants, simply use a sharp knife, scissors, or your nails (wash your hands!) to cut the leaf away as close to the stem as possible. Wait a bit, and you will likely see a new branch! You can also cut the stem above a node to encourage growth. Depending on the growth pattern, you may get one, two, or even more new branches. In addition, some plants benefit from flower pruning (to encourage growth rather than fruiting) or deadheading (removing dead flower heads to encourage new ones). For example, it is recommended that the flowers immediately be plucked from strawberries in their first year, to encourage them to grow “daughter” plants and result in a larger crop next year.


Propagating is the means of producing new plants. There are various methods, but seeds, cuttings, and offshoots are the most common.

Seeds are easy, but require time or money. It takes time for a mature plant to produce seed, plus they need to be pollinated either by hand or by bees or other pollinators, so this may not be ideal.

Cuttings are popular as an “instant gratification” method (my favorite!). Simply take a cutting of a plant by slicing above the node of the stem. The chosen cutting should have several sets of leaves for best results, and it should be a segment of new growth (especially important in woody plants) with no flowers. Pinch or cut off all but a few pairs of leaves near the top, leaving 2-3 bare nodes. Place in water or soil. For water, replace every few days to replenish dissolved oxygen. For soil, keep moist, but not wet. I personally prefer water because I can easily track development, but some claim better success with soil. If using soil, sometimes a rooting hormone may be applied to encourage root growth.

Offshoots are new baby plants that have grown from the root system, stem, or rhizome of an adult plant. To propagate using them, wait until they have several sets of leaves, then use the methods described in the segment about repotting (Maintenance) to expose the roots. With a clean knife, carefully cut the baby plant away from the parent, making sure that it receives a portion of the roots. If the plant has a rhizome, cut so that the baby plant gets a small portion of the rhizome. Repot using previously discussed methods. If the rhizome is large, you can allow it to heal for a few days by setting it in a cool, dry place. This can help prevent infection or rot, but is not a requirement.

Propagating succulents is quite similar to propagating cuttings, though some, like aloe, produce offshoots called pups. In the case of propagating succulents from leaves, only some are fit for this. Use succulents whose leaves pop off easily. Select a healthy, whole leaf and pop it off, then let it sit on soil (not in!). Ignore it for a while and eventually it will produce new roots! For pups, treat them like offshoots (they are a type of offshoot), but do not water for at least a week after repotting. This encourages healthy root development.


Diagnosing plants can be tricky. Below are some common symptoms and potential causes. Be sure to research the plant in question, as some plants are more susceptible to certain illnesses, pests, or conditions.

  • YELLOWING LEAVES – too much/not enough light, high temperature, root bound
    • YOUNG LEAVES – not enough light, overfertilization, mineral deficiency
    • OLD LEAVES – overwatering, natural aging, root bound, root rot, major element deficiency
  • DEAD OR YELLOW SPOTS ON LEAVES – fungal, bacterial, or viral infection, fluoride toxicity, pesticide damage
    • IRREGULAR – pesticide damage, cold water damage, thrips, air pollution
  • MOSAIC PATTERN ON LEAVES – viral infection, high temperature, pesticide damage, major element deficiency
  • VERY DARK, LIMP LEAVES – cold/frostbite injuries, crushing, bacterial infection
  • SMALL LEAVES – low light (in conjunction with spindly stem), too much/not enough fertilizer, low humidity, root rot
  • LEAVES FALLING OFF – overfertilization, overwatering, cold injuries, low light, root rot, natural cycle
  • WILTED/DROOPING LEAVESoverwatering, underwatering (soil pulling away from side of pot), overfertilization, root rot, stem rot, root bound
    • WHITE, POWDERY – powdery mildew
    • BLACK, PATCHY – sooty mold
    • STICKY – insect activity, natural secretion by plant
  • STEM ROTTED – fungal or bacterial disease
    • AT SOIL LINE – overwatering
    • ABOVE SOIL LINE – sunburn
  • TALL, THIN STEM – not enough light
  • SLOW GROWTH – not enough light, compacted soil, too much/not enough fertilization, too much/not enough water, root rot
  • NO ROOTS – unsuccessful cutting
  • ROOTS CLOSE TO SURFACE – hot surface, overwatering, compacted soil, erosion
  • DARK, LIMP ROOTS – overwatering, overfertilization, root rot


BASILOcimum basilicum, 6-8 hours full sun, frost sensitive, likes warm conditions, easy to grow from seed or cuttings, likes moist (not wet!) soil

SNAKE PLANTSanseveria trifasciata, indestructible, rhizomatous, drought tolerant, neglect tolerant, medium indirect light (perfect indoor/bathroom plant!), propagate through offshoots or leaf cuttings

ALOEAloe vera, 6-8 hours indirect sunlight, sunburn sensitive, frost sensitive, prone to root rot, needs cactus/succulent soil, picky about water (water when dry to 1.5”-2”/3.5-5 cm), propagate through pups

WANDERING JEWTradescantia zebrina, I DIDN’T NAME THIS, 4-6 hours full/indirect sun, likes warm conditions, overwatering tolerant (avoid watering directly on leaves), propagates easily through cuttings

ROSEMARYRosmarinus officinalis, 6-8 hours full sun, likes warm conditions, frost sensitive, somewhat drought tolerant, prone to root rot, prone to powdery mildew, difficult to grow from seed, grows somewhat readily from cuttings

LAVENDER – Lavandula angustifolia, 6-8 hours full/indirect sunlight, prefer warm conditions, frost sensitive, overwatering sensitive, prefer drier conditions, somewhat difficult to grow from seed, grows somewhat readily from cuttings

MINTSMentha spp.(piperita –peppermint,spicata– spearmint),MUST BE POTTED, WILL TAKE OVER GARDEN, prune regularly, full sun/partial shade, likes somewhat moist soil, grows extremely rapidly, somewhat difficult to propagate from seed, propagates easily through cuttings

SAGESalvia officinalis, prefers warm conditions, 6-8 hours full/indirect sun, likes pruning, somewhat drought tolerant, somewhat difficult to grow from seed, propagates readily from cuttings

Thank you!

Dean / Protecting Him

You sit on the couch, watching some dumb TV show and munching on a bag of Lays chips. Just as you were about to fall asleep, bright lights flicker outside the window, followed by the low rumbling of a car. The engine turns off, turning off the lights as well.

You feel a burst of energy surge through you because you know Sam and Dean made it back safely from their case. You hop off the couch and run towards the motel door. You unlock the door, throwing it open to see Dean fumbling for his motel key. His eyes lock with yours, and a smile emerges on his face.

He steps forward, wrapping his arm around your lower back and immediately pulling you close to him. “Hey, babe.” he says softly, leaving a light kiss on your cheek.

You wrap your arms around his neck and hug him tightly. “Hey, sweetheart.” you coo back.

Your eyes flicker over to Sam, who is setting down his duffle bag and trying to stay quiet so he doesn’t interrupt you two. You release Dean from your hug and squeeze Sam into another hug. “Heya, Sammy. I’m glad you’re safe.”

You don’t have to look up at Sam to know he’s smiling. His body relaxes, and he hugs you back. “I’m glad you are too, (Y/N).”

“Well, I’m glad to know that (Y/N) cares about my brother’s safety more than mine.” Dean says sarcastically, obviously a little jealous of your affection towards Sam.

“Shut up, Dean,” you laugh. You look up at Sam and say, “Don’t listen to him. He’s just upset that I think you’re the coolest Winchester brother.”

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25 Days of Outlander - Dec 18 - Scene That Really Surprised Me
Fuck the King.

Episode 12 theory

If we’re following Fan’s chart, then it should say that the bright lights will lose. I doubt that the Gland Slams would lose and get a third person out. Then again, the challenge is likely to be painting, considering that many people on Tumblr said they voted from painting.

If it did end up being painting, Paintbrush is obviously gonna ace that challenge unless it’s revealed they can’t draw for shit. Test Tube probably has to make blueprints for many of her inventions, which have to be precise or something can go terribly wrong. There is a possibility that she doesn’t finish in time because she wanted it to be precise. Fan was once a fan of the show which means it’s it highly likely that he made fan fictions or fan art of the show. If he did make fan art then he’d most likely finish in time. Fan is actually very talented, going off of what we have so far. Then this is Lightbulb. Lightbulb is a wild card, maybe inexperienced with art.

Going off of what I just said, the Bright Lights have possibly three out of four people who can draw so therefore, the Bright Lights are more likely to win.

Pranks- Weasley Twins x Reader

Request//anon: Hi can i have an imagine for “Pranking the other students with the Weasley twins” please? Thank you

Originally posted by stunning-i

A long bang echoed through the Gryffindor common room followed by a bright flash of multi colored lights, and then the surprised screams of students attempting to study for their O.W.L.S. 

You burst out in laughter at the sight of the scene, turning to see Fred and George Weasley grinning brightly behind you.

“Nice one,” they chuckled in unison. You’d smuggled the fireworks back into the school from Hogsmeade knowing they’d produce a good laugh.

“Bloody hell (Y/N),” you looked up to see Ron staring at you completely disgruntled. You realized you’d compromised your hiding spot from which you’d been watching the scene take place as you’d stepped to far out from behind your place behind the wall.

“Oh relax Ron,” George appeared beside you, 

“we’re just having some fun,” Fred finished for George. You nodded in agreement with their statement.

“Well did you ever consider for some of us fun would be passing our O.W.L.S,” Hermione stood angrily from her place by the fire, snapping her book shut, and storming up the staircase back to her room.

“We loved the joke (Y/N),” Fred grinned at you.

“Sure did,” George added.

“Thanks guys,” you laughed, smiling too.

No Hard Feelings Part 1

Pairing - Bucky x Reader
Story request: The reader is a normal psychology student who accidentally finds herself in the middle of an avengers mission. She is taken under the wing of the avengers (she still stays in school while living in the compound) and falls in love with Bucky. Who tries to stay away from her because she’s pure and untouched by darkness.
Warnings: Violence, maybe a swear word?
Word Count: 2,125

You were walking across campus, on your way to your next class, the bitter chill of the wind nipping at your cheeks. It was a cold, November day in Western New York, and with any luck, it would snow tonight. You rolled your eyes. You hated snow. You were about halfway across campus when you heard the distinct sound of a woman screaming, followed by a bright light and the sound of metal crashing beside you. You fell to the ground, covering your head with your arms as you let out a cry. What was happening? You heard another loud noise, followed by gunfire, and you stayed down, wishing you could just disappear. You could hear footsteps come closer to you, followed by voices. “Get her out of here.” A man spoke, and you suddenly felt hands on your back. “Hey, sweetie. Let’s get you out of here, come on.” A woman’s voice coaxed you out hiding. You looked up, coming face to face with a beautiful redhead. “Are you okay?” She asked, and you nodded slowly, jumping when you heard more gunfire. She took your hand in hers, leading you away from the fight.

Everything was moving so quickly around you, you didn’t have time to notice the other people who surrounded you, or where you were being led. The woman stopped running when you reached a bridge. “Stay here, okay?” She pulled out a small gun, pressing it into your palm. “This is simple, anyone tries to shoot you, you pull the trigger first, got it?” She asked, her eyes scanning your face. You opened and closed your mouth a few times, your lower lip trembling, “I-I don’t think I…” you paused, looking at the gun. “It’s only if you have to.” She told you softly, a smile on her lips. “Try and stay out of sight, and stay here. I’ll come back to get you when it’s safe.” She spoke and you nodded, watching her walk away as you gripped the gun tighter in your hand.

Once she was out of sight, you pushed your glasses further up your nose before you put your free hand over your heart, trying to calm yourself. Just breathe in and out, Y/N. In and out. You tried practicing some breathing exercises that you had learned in your psychology class yesterday, but got quickly distracted when you heard footsteps coming towards you. You ducked down behind a large piece of rubble, seeing someone that you recognized, The Winter Soldier. You’d know that vibranium arm anywhere. He was walking towards you, limping, obviously wounded, when you saw a man in all black combat gear appear behind him, holding a fairly large gun. “Finally.” You heard the man snicker, and before you could stop yourself, you were stepping out from behind the rock, shooting at him. The Winter Soldier looked up at you, shock written on his face. You didn’t actually wound the guy, you were a terrible shot, but you managed to distract him long enough for the Winter Soldier to take care of him. Within moments, the man was lying on the ground unconscious.

You stood there, your eyes wide and your hands shaking. Did I really just do that…? You felt your lip tremble again, and suddenly there were a pair of blue eyes blocking your vision. You looked down at his lips, seeing them move, but not hearing anything he was saying. He shook you a bit, snapping you out of your daze. “Are you okay?” He asked, his tone laced with concern. You nodded quickly, still shaking. “I..I.. I think so.” You told him softly, and you saw his forehead crease with worry. The redhead woman from earlier came up behind him, her face worried, too. “What happened?” She asked, wiping a drop of blood from her lip. You opened your mouth, but nothing would come out. “I think she’s in shock.” The Winter Soldier spoke, and the redhead nodded. “We should take her back to the compound with us. Get the doc to look her over.” He nodded slowly, before looking over at her. “She.. she saved me.” He whispered to her, and her eyes widened. “That could cause some complications.. She’s gotta come with us, now.” She sighed. You shook your head, tears pooling in your eyes. “Please - I’m already late for class I-” the redhead interrupted you by chuckling, “Sweetie, I think it’s safe to say that your class is cancelled for today.” She told you, and you took that moment to look at your surroundings. The campus was in ruin.

You let out a shaky breath, and the redhead rested her hand on your shoulder. “You’ll be safe with us, come on.” She told you softly, and you nodded, knowing that you didn’t really have any other choice. “My name is Natasha. What’s yours?” She asked, trying to distract you from the chaos surrounding you both. “Y/N.” you told her softly, and she nodded. “What you did, saving Barnes.. that was.. really brave.” She said, and you shrugged. “I.. I didn’t really do anything.. I didn’t even hit the guy.” You replied, and she chuckled. “Maybe I’ll teach you a few things.” She teased, and you found a small smile making its way onto your lips. “So his name is Barnes?” You asked her, referring to the shoulder. “James Barnes.” She told you, and you nodded again. “He usually prefers Bucky, though.” Your eyes widened as you saw the huge aircraft that you were approaching. “Is that…?” You paused, clutching the strap of your bag tightly. “That’s our ride.” She confirmed, tugging the sleeve of your jacket to lead you onto the craft.

Once you were onboard, Natasha had you sit down on a bench, buckling you in tightly. “Just stay here. You’ll be fine.” She whispered, before walking towards the front of the craft. You did as you were told, staring at your hands which were now caked in dirt. You let out a slow breath, closing your eyes slowly. How was this even happening right now? You were just supposed to go to class, ace your pop quiz and go home to your dog, Merlin. Your eyes snapped open. Merlin. You reached into your pocket, pulling out your phone quickly and sending a message to your dad. I don’t think I’ll be home tonight. Can you please check on Merlin for me on your way home? Love you. You shoved your phone back into your pocket, letting your head hit the wall behind you as you sighed once more. “Who are you?” You heard a male ask, and you looked to your left, seeing none other than Captain America standing there. Your eyes widened, and suddenly, you couldn’t form a coherent sentence. “She’s the girl who just saved your best friends life.” You heard Nat call from the pilots seat, and you gulped, shrugging.

The captains eyes narrowed at you as he studied your features, and you felt so small under his gaze. “It’s true.” You heard Bucky’s voice speak, and you let out a small sigh of relief as he came to stand next to the captain. “Not that I’m not grateful or anything, but why’d you do it?” Bucky asked, turning his gaze to you. You tucked your hair behind your ear, staring at your shoes. “Because… it was the right thing to do.” You whispered, guilt washing over you suddenly. What if you had hurt that other guy? You wouldn’t be able to forgive yourself, even if he was a criminal. Suddenly, there was a figure in front of you, taking you out of your thoughts. Bucky knelt in front of you, a small smile on his lips. “Thank you.” He whispered, his hand resting on your thigh gently. “Y-you’re welcome.” You breathed, and suddenly the smile on his face changed to a frown. “The bad news is, now that you’ve been seen trying to protect me… they’re going to be after you, too.” He told you, and you felt your stomach drop. “But I.. I didn’t do anything. I’m no one special, I’m just a college student.” You stammered, and he stared at you, pity in his eyes. “Don’t worry, doll. We won’t let anything happen to you.”

- - - - - -

When the aircraft finally landed, you were feeling seasick and nervous, which was not a very good combination. Nat helped you out of the craft, leading you into a fairly large building. “Where are we?” You asked her, you surroundings seeming vaguely familiar. “Not too far from your college, but hidden enough to where nobody will find you.” She replied, and you nodded stiffly, letting her lead you to what looked like a medical wing. “Why am I here?” You asked her, and she let out a sigh. “Just wanna make sure you’re alright is all.” She assured you, motioning for you to take a seat on the hospital-like bed that was in the center of the room. “I’ve got some things to attend to, Dr. Banner should be right in, okay?” She asked, giving your shoulder a light squeeze before she left you alone.

You set your bag on the floor beside the bed before sitting down, your hands shaking from nervousness. Why am I really here? You wondered. You heard footsteps come towards you, and you looked up, seeing a man with dark curly hair and a white lab coat entering the room. “Y/N, I presume?” He wondered and you nodded slowly, eyeing him warily. “I’m Dr. Banner, but you can call me Bruce. How are you feeling?” He asked, walking over to the sink and washing his hands. You shrugged, “I’m alright. Confused, I guess.” You said softly, and he nodded, drying his hands off with a paper towel. “I heard you had quite the adventure today.” He mused, coming over and standing in front of you. He pulled what looked like a pen out of his pocket, clicking the end of it and making a small light appear. He flashed it in your eyes quickly, before letting out a small sigh. “Do you have any medical issues I should know about? Anxiety, depression?” He asked, and you suddenly felt uncomfortable. “I um.. yeah. I have a bit of anxiety.” You told him, and he nodded. “That’s alright, we all do. Tell me, Y/N, what do you study?” He asked, pulling a stool up to the bed. You let out a small breath. “I’m a psychology major.” You told him, and a small smile made its way onto his lips. “Maybe it’ll be good to have you around then.” He mumbled, and you cocked your head to he side, confused.

That’s when you heard another set of footsteps enter the room, and you looked up, seeing none other than Tony Stark. Your breath got caught in your throat. “Hey there.” He said, approaching you casually. “Heard you saved Barnes’ life today.” He continued, and you shrugged. “It was nothing.” You mumbled, and he patted your shoulder gently. “If you say so, kid. Look, although we are eternally grateful that you saved the life of our soldier, it seems that it has put a target on your back. You were seen protecting him by a lot of people.” You felt your mouth go dry as anxiety boiled in your stomach. Your hands clenched the sheets on the bed under you as your eyes fluttered closed. “Woah, calm down, champ. No need to worry. We’re going to protect you.” Tony spoke again, and you opened your eyes, looking back up at him. “How?” You asked, and he smiled, “You’re going to stay here, with us. One of us will escort you to and from the campus. It’ll be fine.” You chewed on the inside of your cheek, letting his offer sink in. “What about all of my stuff? My apartment? My dog?” You asked, staring at the floor. “We’ll get it all taken care of. I know the team would love to have a dog around, too. Cap is a sucker for animals. We’ll all be friends, it’ll be great.” Tony told you, a smile still on his lips. “I’m not very good at making friends.” You told him softly, your eyes flashing to Bruce who smiled sadly at you. “That’s okay. We’re all a bit fucked up in that sense. That’s why we all get along so well.” Tony reassured you, and you shrugged. “I.. I guess.” You agreed reluctantly, and Tony patted your shoulder again. “Come on, I’ll introduce you to everyone and show you where you’ll be staying while we make arrangements for your stuff to be brought over.” He offered, and you nodded, hopping off the bed and picking up your bag.

This was going to be interesting.

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