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43: Your boobs are comfy

Ethan and I had been doing nothing all day. Literally nothing. I hadn’t moved since I woke up. We were still in pour pjs. And I was completely ok with it. Ethan was doing a little following spree on twitter and Instagram, as I was catching up on homework for school.

My pen was tapping against my lips, my brows furrowed as I had my phone, book and papers scattered around me. I groaned in frustration and decided enough was enough for today. I tucked the papers in the book and tossed it on the floor as I put my phone on the nightstand next to me.

I lay down, my shirt rising a little showing a little part of my stomach as I closed my eyes. I felt a kiss on my nose, making my face scrunch up a bit. I opened my eyes and looked next to me. Ethan’s eyes had a little ring surrounding it. I could get lost in them.

“Had enough studying baby?“he asked, scooting down a bit so his head rested on my stomach. My hands ran through his hair, something that could make him fall asleep in 2 seconds.

He scooted up a bit until his head rested on my boobs.

I giggled a bit, his hands running over my boobs before giving them a little squeeze. His head was positioned in the middle of them.

"Your boobs are so comfy"he whispered, getting comfortable.

"Good night baby"I joked. He responded with a soft "mmm”. Days, or nights like these, were the best.

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Zankie updates Sept 30

- Everyone wakes to find that Zach followed Lance bass on Twitter and the tag continues to have a meltdown. We can’t help but notice the timing….
- Frankie stabs us in the heart with Zankie feels in his morning tweet (‘love Zankie and keep calm’) oh we love Zankie, frankie…. But WE ARE NOT FUCKING CALM
- Frankie continues his Zankie liking spree on Twitter (meanwhile Zach continues liking his own tweets)
- Zach also follows Lance on Instagram and likes a photo of Frankie/Lance together
- FRANKIE 1 MIL on Twitter!!!
- Zach IS alive and still loves froot loops
- Hayden also drinks truth tea and spills that Frankie did way more humping in the jury house
- Derrick/spencer/Mccrae discuss Zachs wet dream and Derrick says if he hadn’t known better he’d think Zankie were sleeping together
-Calebs set to be Zankies best man in their wedding.
- Zachs uncle wants to know when Frankie is gonna visit (and apparently derrick too but maybe that was an accidental tag considering he only addressed frankie)
- Just when we thought Zankie couldn’t get cuter they surprise us yet again with an adorable new interview. Zach can’t stop the heart eyes and winking and everyone wants Zankie on amazing race. Plus Zach kisses Frankie on the cheek and we all emotionally combust.

- Still looking for those Ryan and Rachel interviews (and Ryan basically admits that only Zankie are relevant houseguests)
- Queen Janelle favs a tweet stating her and Frankie are similar and would make great best friends… (Yasssss)
- Derrick responds to Frankie’s tweet and says he misses Frankie too (who doesn’t?!)
- Jill Rance liked a few frankie related posts on Twitter (and may or may not be responsible for Zachs punctuation in his tweets)
- Mama beast mode drags Zach on Twitter (not exactly) trying to claim 'fraleb’ would be a better amazing race pair… Ummmm how bout NO
- haters continue to be irrelevant
- apparently zachtoria fans actually exist?! Who woulda thought…