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otp(s): jeon jungkook x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 962

synopsis: the one where jungkook’s just a shy, awkward bean.

“you look small in my hoodie.”
a hoarse, but radiant chuckle broke the silence of the room, followed by the deep sound of skin striking cotton.
“do not!” you shot back, ardently.
“do too,” jungkook quipped, tranquilly. you could barely see his pearly white smile in the dark.
“fine,” you scoffed, sitting upright now. “since you hate it so much, you’d rather me take if off?”
you didn’t need a source of illumination to notice that jungkook’s face had suddenly burned with a blush; the sound of your guffawing only made it worsen.
“n-no – i – it was a compliment!”
“supposed to be,” you grumbled under your breath, settling yourself back against your boyfriend’s chest. he was silent.
after a few more moments of imperturbable silence, gradually broken by a distant howl or a car speeding down the road, jungkook spoke again, his voice barely mounting over the mewling of a cat from across the street, “i’m sorry.”
you angled your head to look up at him. “for what?”
“i was trying to hint that you looked good in my hoodie, but i don’t think i did a very good job.”
you chuckled, facetiously poking his cheek. “that’s okay. i wasn’t even offended – just wanted to mess wi'cha.”
he emitted a breathy chuckle, more out of relief than mirth. the arm draped around your shoulder pulled you closer to his body.
“and i’m sorry, too,” you breathed, “about what i said. i should’ve been considerate that you probably weren’t ready for that.”
jungkook laughed again, softly, another noise where another emotion fought over mirth: nervousness. “yeah…i mean – no – i – er –”
“it’s okay,” you interjected, gingerly. “i mean, we’ve only been dating for about 2 months and we haven’t even kissed yet, so i know that probably isn’t comfortable to consider yet.”
“no – no,” jungkook sat up, in his haste making your head fall from his chest and clash into the mattress. “oh – i’m sorry, i – fuck –”
you watched as jungkook dipped his head in his hands, struggling not to let a bout of laughter burst out of you. you failed and quickly masked it behind a fraudulent cough. he let his fingers slither through his hair, his knees drawing up to his chest, before speaking.
“i’m such a mess.”
“you’re a cute mess,” you murmured softly, resting your head on his shoulder. his lips barely quirked with amusement, before his eyes lowered to his sock-clad feet.
“i don’t want you to think i don’t love you,” he whispered, turning so his eyes bored into yours. the shock on your face gradually mirrored on his and in a swift motion, his hand carpeted his mouth and his eyes clamped shut so tightly, terse wrinkles lit his eyelids. you couldn’t stop the grin that grew on your face.
jeon jungkook loved you.

damn, that felt good. it would be even better the moment you were alone in your room and could whisper it incessantly to yourself.
jungkook, on the other hand, looked like he wanted to fucking die and you didn’t how to feel about that. his eyes were wider than saucers and looked almost bloodshot, like he’d just been slapped by the hulk.
“i – i just said i loved you, didn’t i?” he turned to look at you, removing his hand from his mouth, and you fought back a giggle at how cute he looked.
“yes,” you replied, a soft smile playing on your face. “and if it makes you feel better” – you laced his fingers with yours – “i love you too.”
it was like something had passed over his face: one minute he looked utterly horrified and the next he looked like he’d just sought the largest cone of ice cream in the world.
a sudden, tumultuous bout of laughter shook his whole body, making him nearly look like a mad man as he chuckled to himself. “th-that’s great. that’s really damn great.”
you wrapped your arms around his waist, feeling the heat pouring off him. all of the tension he’d endured had clearly made him anxious and you could only imagine how fast his heart was beating at the moment. he held you close, an easy smile on his face.
“sorry,” you whispered, “i didn’t mean to make that so nerve wracking.”
“no, no, i knew it’d be like that,” he said. “well, not like that, but…you know…”
you nodded, and he seemed relieved and a little impressed at the mutual understanding. “i know, kookie, i know.”
the smile grew on his face.
“do you like me calling you that?” you asked. “kookie? i mean, if you don’t –”
“no, it’s fine,” he said. “perfect.” he gingerly regarded a strand of hair that had fallen onto your forehead and smoothed it back into place, the smile on his mouth becoming of admiration. as his hand fell back in place on his thigh, you took it in yours, wounding your fingers back together, letting your fingertips run along the calloused skin. just as you made to comment on how firm his hands were, one of them was poised on your chin, gently lifting her head up, and next thing you knew your lips were melting into jungkook’s and you were gently kissing him in the darkness. time didn’t seem to exist, you couldn’t recount how long your mouth stayed settled against his, but when you broke apart, it didn’t feel to be enough. jungkook looked almost amazed as he disconnected his lips from yours, as if he’d never felt such a sensation before.
“that was nice.”
you laughed and he couldn’t help but smile. “thanks.” and lifting yourself, you touched your lips to his again, having no other plans than to keep them rooted there for the rest of the night.

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Never forget that Pitchfork called Born To Die a "fake orgasm", I know it was basically an Olympic sport for music critics to hate Lana back in 2011/12, but that was a reach honestly

tbh, her SNL performance really created that domino effect for her. i feel like after Honeymoon, she should be out of probationary status now and this reinvented image should be more favourable in the eyes of critics.

right now, L4L is sitting at 84 on Metacritic.. so i really hope that she gets positive glowing reviews across the board cause I would love for her to get an above 80 for an album in MC

and yeah, Lana’s Born to Die was a misunderstood record tbh.. but yeah people dismissed her as not authentic due to her bad performances. so it sucks cause BTD is iconic. although it is not her strongest album imho, it really cemented her status as a soon-to-be-icon. and since BTD encouraged many indie singers to follow her sound like halsey, etc

and i think the modest acclaim Honeymoon received should be an indication the critics are now warming up to her and dispelling those preconceived biases

Senseless Violence (Drabble)

General; Hana talking to Hanzo. Entire self-indulgent. No pairings–for the love of everything, there is no pairing here.

It was quite the sight that Soldier: 76 and Roadhog stumbled upon. The ruins of D.Va’s MEKA nearby, in smoke and in pieces, and the operator herself, clearly wounded but not down for the count, straddling a Talon operative, his helmet knocked off and weapon far from reach, receiving the most brutal assault against his face he’s probably ever seen in his life. 

The two men remained dumbstruck at the sight, Korean expletives piercing the air followed by the hollow sound of repetitive impact.

Soldier didn’t need his tactical visor to notice that her knuckles were bloody, and tears were streaming down the young woman’s eyes. 

“Aw, geez, mate. Save som’ for th’ rest'o us, will ya?”

Like a spell breaking, the two men rushed into action. Roadhog turned to pull an insensitive and eager Junkrat away from the scene, and Soldier ran in to pull Hana, still screaming and furious, off the unconscious Talon operative. He nearly caught a leg to the head, and Soldier made a note of her flexibility as he tried to muscle her back to safety (though, whose safety is a question left unanswered). 

No one gets the story until much later, and Soldier: 76 himself had to hear it third-hand from Genji, who heard it from Hanzo, who had pulled it from the source. 

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I also read your previous post about what not to do when you go into the forest so you won’t be tricked by the faeformers.

In my country, there are a lot of jungles around and my dad used to live near one. He told me that he would follow his mom into the jungle to pick fresh jungle produce. He said that among the things he was told not to do was shout in the jungle or ‘something’ will call his name and make him believe it’s his mom calling him. Which would lead him to follow the sound of the voice and cause him to get lost. Then there’s no eating any fruit or food that’s placed out in the open or far from its tree. He said those were either offerings, food for the creatures in the jungle or a trap. A tour guide once said when I went into a jungle to avoid going through branches or parts of trees that have grown and twisted into an arch, for fear that you will step into the ‘orang bunian’ world. Or something similar to that.

That is so fascinating!!!  OMG!  I had never heard of the orang bunian before but the legends sound totally cool!  I might have to use some of these ideas in some future posts.  :3

being multilingual like...

What people think it’s like:

  • *speaks multiple languages fluently on command*
  • *is very sophisticated*

What it’s actually like:

  • constantly speaking to people in the wrong language
  • managing to squeeze 3 or 4 languages into one sentence without noticing
  • gradually forgetting your first and second language, while not speaking anything fluently anymore. not even your first language is safe
  • Grammar? What grammar? Which grammar??!!
  • being permanently confused
  • can’t even order bread at a Danish bakery after 2 years of language training
  • cry and curse yourself for moving somewhere where they don’t speak English or your first language. but mostly cry. and weep

I don’t understand people who are really baffled by other languages like “wAit!!!! This letter…. makes a DiFfereNt sound in ThAt lanUuuauuage wAT???! The rulEs for garammmer and spilling is diFfrrfrent???” like yes Sharon those things are what make it…. a different language


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the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout

Lance is totally the kind of guy to teach his boyfriends how to skateboard in a Toys R Us and 11:30 at night

Hunk is the boyfriend who is very much not okay with that and does not want to be escorted out of a toy store

And Keith is the boyfriend who has never ridden a skateboard, but he’ll be damned if he isn’t fast enough to outride the Toys R Us employees

i had a flashback to the above exchange after reading the most recent tweets-

fuckin mr planned out practical and concise boy whiskey vs “uhhhhh idk sure ok sounds fun” tango

like whiskeys just “im gonna do things This Way Specifically because that is The Most Sensible and Works”

tango: im gonna wing it

whiskey: [short circuits] [cannot Deal w/tango’s casual approach to life] [steals last of the pie]

also bitty with the relatable content-

Right to Left ples.

based on this post