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The first transformations were always hard.
My father helped me accept it.
I use “Ricky” as a cover now.
It’s even more convincing with a friend who doesn’t believe.

Welcome to my demon!Ryan AU. This part of the plot is actually way later in the story but the shortest summary I can make is:

Meet Ryan Bergara: your everyday Buzzfeed editor with an uncanny ability to sense spirits better than others in the office. He meets Shane during their days as an intern, and finds out he used to drabble in rituals, until nothing would ever happen (or so he thought), and became a fully fledged skeptic. After visiting Goatman’s Bridge, Ryan feels followed by a dark presence, but it doesn’t feel violent. It feels comforting. Almost familiar.

You kissed me like you planned on doing it again
but you tasted like the kind of person
who doesn’t know how to stay

and I think I could tell what you were thinking the moment you fell asleep that night
I remember waking up so god damn early that morning and I spent hours while you were asleep hopingprayingwishing that you’d wake up and smile at me the way I needed you to

But something cracked and changed
whoever you were before that night didn’t stay
the moment you woke up that morning
you looked away

I guess what I’m trying to explain
is that people like you break hearts
and never know how to mean what you say
you act like you’re in it for the long haul and then it’s oh God can’t we just stay friends but I mean Jesus Christ friends don’t look at each other the way we did when we slept in each other’s beds

so it’s not you and me anymore you know
it’s you me and everything
we don’t know how to say to each other

so we hold it together in the way we never touch;
we hold it together in the way we stay
just friends
if staying friends means seeing each other
in familiar places and laughing and smiling
like you didn’t tear this to pieces

—  you didn’t even have to explain
Cute things boys do

- kiss you and tell you they worship you
- sneak through your window and fucks you
- kills your best friend and enemy
- shoots the boys who bully you
- scares the shit out of you to make you fake your own death to get away from him
- attempts in bombing the school so you can cuddle by the fire
- and lastly blows up themselves leaving you there having to explain and clean up the mess

So cute…


First Look of CONSTANTINE: The Animated Series || New York Comic Con

“Everyone knows the truth now, knows what’s up and who’s been lying, but we just ignore it. We’ve been ignoring it all along, first limping slightly, then an entire leg dropping off, but we’ve kept dragging ourselves, inching forwards with a mouth full of dirt. By now, we don’t even have our head on, but we’re too stupid to notice.”


i’ve seen some episodes of television where noted survivalist speaks of an encounter with a… with a Foot and he hears it in the woods and it makes a - a howling noise that - sort of like a… (x)