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Wedding Series Pt.2: Groom Reactions (Request) OGOC/Some Magcon

Top Left: Nate
Top Right: Sammy
Under them: Johnson
Left Of the Trio: Gilinsky
Center of trio: Swazz
Right of Trio: Cameron Dallas
Underneath Gilinsky: Nash
Right of Nash: Matthew
Underneath: Shawn
Last Photo: Aaron

Sorry if it’s confusing. If you have any questions please message me.
Also, I apologize for not being able to post ASAP and not having All boys in this preference, apparently you can only post 10 photos on mobile😒😒😒😒😒😒
I hope you like it nonetheless!❤️

I decided to stop putting my username in these just because the art you see me put on Tumblr will soon be on my Redbubble. That’s right folks! I already made my account. I just need a drawing tablet and software to touch these up and they’ll be up for sale in various formats and mediums! So don’t use/steal.

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