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do you have some otayuri slow burn recs?


if u mean like,,, slow burn longfics tho i dont have a lot bc there arent a lot of good ones LMAO

  • i mean you’ve probably already read From Almaty With Love but iN CASE U HAVENT UR MISSING OUT ON LIKE EVERYTHING
  • if u’ve followed me for a while now u know how in love i am with till our compass stands still anD ITS SO UNDERRATED AND ILL TALK ABT IT TILL I EITHER DIE OR IT GETS THE ATTENTION IT DESERVES READ IT
  • (Almost) Made It is an apocalypse au but with the Good Shit such as pining and slow burn winks
  • where summer boys go has both slow burn ota.yuri aND VIK.TUURI WEDDING PLANNING

lololol thats it woops but if anyone has other recs feel free to hit me :o


So i started this blog like a year ago as a multifandom blog and then like after 7th Sense came ouT I SWERVED LANES SO FAST AND BECAME A NCT BLOG!!! And its been like 3 months now?? I think? 

In these 3 months I made some great friends and memories. I think these 3 months are also my favorite time spent on Tumblr. 

Recently I also hit 1k!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! So I made this post as a “Thank you <3<3" for everyone who was part of making my Tumblr experience so fun!

Bolded - Friends 

Italicized - I have a short note for you at the end<3

# - D

@127-firetrucks ☁  @adeptfox  ☁  @changkyunsactualwife  ☁  @chenlegum ☁ @cheunle ☁  @chokemewinwin ☁   @clittaphon ☁  @coconutminhyung ☁  @darlingtaeyong ☁ @doyoungsforehead   ☁  @dreamingjaemin ☁  @dytrash

F- J

@fy1ao ☁  @fyncten ☁  @hanbokjohnny ☁  @hansoulji ☁  @iridiscentao ☁  @jaeguns ☁ @jaehyun-n ☁  @jaemin ☁  @jaeminology ☁  @jaeminswife ☁  @jchnnyseo ☁  @jenorise ☁ @jenosgf ☁ @ji-hansol ☁  @jisungnct@jung-yoonoh@jvhnnyseo

K - O

@kunhoney@kunkardashian@lordwinwin@markhyuck@merakii-soul@minirookiesnct@namjoons-gf  ☁  @nakaamoto@nct-10  ☁ @nct-for-life@nct127mom@nctepdnim@nctokki@neo-culture-technology-dream@okayjaehyun@osaka-aunt

P - Z

@peachittaphon@renjunnie@something–lovely ☁ @stanjeno@succaphon@taesaesthetic@taeyongshi@tenanin@tensneck@tenwhy@tenyonce@thehaechan@tutti-frutti-nct@woahfan@y-ta

Please let me know if I missed you! I’ll make sure to add you to the list!

-Notes below the cut-

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Random Shout Out!

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. so here it goes! 

@charmaineevangeline : Honestly, if you aren’t following her, You are lame! lol jk. But seriously. This girl is amazing! I can’t even describe how great she is as a person! She is new to the fanfiction world but already her stories are just phenomenal! Love you Charm! 

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@bovaria : Man, where to begin?! I swear, this girl knows exactly how to capture my heart and rip me to shreds! Her stories are so beautifully written, I seriously can not get enough of it! She knows how to make you feel like you’re part of the story. She makes you feel every emotion there is to feel! My favorite Fan Fiction series is ‘Lets Pretend’ because Dean with Tattoos is UNF! Never stop doing what you’re doing! I dont think I could live without your stories!! 

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@winchester-writes : This girl is absolutely Amazing! Her Jensen series is probably one of my favorites! She sure knows how to captivate you into the story and keep you interested! You’re awesome hun! XX

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@balthazars-muse : This blog is by far adorable! With all the different writing ideas (I.E. DFOTM Idea was freakin BRILLIANT!) Whenever i have a bad day or just need a little cheering up, I know i can go to their blog. You love spn? Then go follow this blog!!!!! 

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@chris-evans-imagines : Now this is by far my FAVORITE Chris Evans/Steve Rogers blog!! I absolutely love everything about it and the stories I read from Cameron is pretty Fan-Freakin-Tastic! If you love Steve Rogers, this is the place for you!! 

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@abaddonwithyall : I am sure most of you are already following this amazing blog, but if you arent. Well you better stop what you are doing and freakin follow her!!! I am not a big fan of CasxReader fics but damn, her Professor!Cas Au series is just to die for!! Go check it out!! 

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@jensensfreckleddick : Just go follow her. She is Bae, and We are going to dominate the world together. 

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@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog : I am sure you all have read Her Professor!Dean Series. But i honestly cant get enough! She is so freakin amazing and ugh the way she writes smut….UNF. Okay I better stop. 

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Okay, that is all. Now you may carry on with your life!! xx