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me playing minecraft
  • while exploring: man i wish i could find a village
  • while in a village: I want the Biggest House here with stained glass windows and colored carpet
  • while exploring: I want a castle.
  • while building: you know what would be great? A city. Just...a city built from scratch right here on this mountain.

Warden Travel

Four routes to Weisshaupt from Ferelden Warden bases (Vigil’s Keep, Soldier’s Peak, and Denerim) commissioned by @debbiepuff – thanks for commissioning me!

Vigil’s Keep to Weisshaupt : Red

Total Distance: 860 miles  |  Fastest Time: 23 days

Start: Vigil’s Keep
To Amaranthine: 45 miles on the Pilgrim’s Path
2 days on foot | 1 day on horseback
To Kirkwall: 185 miles at sea
3 days merchant ship | 2 days fast ship
To the Imperial Highway: 210 miles on mountainous &  hilly terrain
19 days on foot | 8 days on horseback
To Vol Dorma: 350 miles on the Imperial Highway
18 days on foot | 9 days on horseback
To Weisshaupt: 70 miles on rough terrain
5 days on foot | 3 days on horseback

Soldier’s Peak to Weisshaupt : Blue

Total Distance: 1130 miles  |  Fastest Time: 38 days

Start: Soldier’s Peak
To the Imperial Highway: 45 miles on mountainous terrain
5 days on foot | 3 days on horseback
To Gherlen’s Pass: 225 miles on the Imperial Highway
11 days on foot | 6 days on horseback
To Jader: 90 miles on mountainous terrain
10 days on foot | 7 days on horseback
To Cumberland: 120 miles at sea
2 days merchant ship | 1 day fast ship
To Ghislain: 350 miles on the Imperial Highway
18 days on foot | 9 days on horseback
To Weisshaupt: 300 miles on rough terrain
22 days on foot | 12 days on horseback

Denerim to Weisshaupt, Sea Route : Pink

Total Distance: 1815 miles  |  Fastest Time: 22 days

Start: Denerim
To Marnus Pell: 1680 miles at sea
21 days merchant ship | 17 days fast ship
To Vol Dorma: 65 miles on the Imperial Highway
3 days on foot |  2 days on horseback
To Weisshaupt: 70 miles on rough terrain
5 days on foot |  3 days on horseback

Denerim to Weisshaupt, Direct Route : Green

Total Distance: 1070 miles  |  Fastest Time: 21 days

Start: Denerim
To Cumberland: 575 miles at sea
7 days merchant ship | 6 days fast ship
To Nevarra City: 140 miles on the Imperial Highway & roads
7 days on foot | 4 days on horseback
To Nessum: 195 miles on the Minanter River
5 days narrowboat | 4 days schooner
To Weisshaupt: 160 miles on rough terrain
12 days on foot | 7 days on horseback

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tfw you host your first MAP


“ My life did not turn out the way I had planned for it to be. I did not walk with my friends at graduation. I did not get a car on my sixteenth birthday. I did not get the straight A’s I strived so hard for. I did not have that magical first kiss and I did not have that magical first time. I did not get asked to dances and I did not get a limo at prom. I did not have both parents and I did not dye my hair a weird color at some point in my life. My life did not turn out the way I had planned for it to be. It turned out better. I lived every day out like I owned the land I walked on. I let the laughter explode through me and I felt deep, deep, love for someone. I stopped to pick the ugly purple flowers on 4th street and I challenged myself to drink the beer faster than everyone else. I drank 6 coffees within 12 hours and crammed essays beneath my fingertips. I ran away from those who hurt me and I ran toward my goals in life. My life did not turn out the way I had planned for it to be. But is that really a bad thing? My life became beautiful, my life became biotic and full of energy and love. I let who I am as a person grow by the second and instead of finding that date to the dance, I found myself. And isn’t that really what’s most important? My life did not turn out to be the way I had planned for it to be. My life will never walk in a straight line and follow a map. My life will never predict the weather or plan out the outfit for the next day. My life will never turn out to be the way I had planned for it to be. And I embrace it. “

- @handwritingmessy (wise words p.1)

Forever flying
Floating on a mind cloud above reality
So close I can touch it; feel it’s energy
But I’m stuck
Completely alone
Lost but so close to being found
Yet here I lay, on this beautiful cloud
Full of wonderment and hope
Not being able to absorb what’s being given to me
Torn with the feeling of being ungrateful
Trying to follow the map to my dreams
X marks the spot of my destructive limbo

Ok thanks everyone for waiting, I’ve had a bunch of stuff to catch up on for assessment but the last one is tomorrow and this is the last thing I had to do so I’ll be posting stuff more regularly again :)

Happy 20th anniversary for Red/Green and announcement for Sun/Moon <3

Pirate AUs

•I’m being held hostage on a ship you just took over please don’t hurt me I know nothing.

•So you followed a map to my house to find riches beyond your wildest dreams? Sorry, no treasure, but would you like some coffee? I also make a mean apple strudel.

•We were rivals, but both of our ships sunk so now we’re stuck on the same island until someone finds us. Oh. Joy.

•You became captain and I wasn’t really fond of that at first but like you look really good in that outfit?? 

•Our ship is currently sinking oh god don’t let go, Jack.

•So you’re a siren, you’re super pretty, and I’m not dead yet. Okay I’m going away now… wait, what? Your sister just tried to eat me? Never mind, do you have wifi? 

Stockholm Syndrome // Luke Hemmings (Prologue)

Stock·holm syn·drome
feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor.


This wasn’t supposed to happen to me.

I took all the classes, avoided all the sketchy parts of town.

I was the last person this should’ve happened to.

But how was I supposed to know he had been watching? Following and mapping my every move. Studying my daily schedule.

He told me he knew every last thing about me. Where I went to Uni, what classes I had which days, my favorite foods, my favorite bar, my favorite television show, who my best friends were.

He said we were meant to be, we had everything in common. That’s why he took me.

I missed the sky. I missed the cold turning my cheeks red.
I missed stressing over the holidays.

I missed my freedom most of all.

I wasn’t supposed to be kidnapped, and I sure as hell wasn’t supposed to fall in love with my kidnapper.


srry its short but its just the prologue i promise it’ll get better

& this is set around december btw!!

Meeting Sarah at LTIH filming ✨✨✨

What made this day even more special is that I didn’t even plan or realise I would be in Manchester on the Sunday. It was late Saturday night when Beth messaged me asking if I was up for going to try find Sarah on set, probably a silly question that any normal person would never turn down. Within 5 minutes my train was booked. I was going to see Sarah, I just knew it. You know that feeling you get inside where you can sense what is going to happen, that today I would see her again. The day began quite early and I caught my train from Leeds to horwich parkway, it took slightly longer as public transport is always a drag on a Sunday but hey ho I didn’t care I MIGHT SEE SARAH AGAIN. Both me and Beth arrived at the same time and I watched her train pull in and everyone gave us a crazy look as we were frantically wave and jumping with joy we were back together seeing Sarah. So this is where the real fun begins…. Beth had got up that they would have set up the filming base for all the crew vans etc so we headed there first and honestly we was so nervous we practically died. We was like omg who do we ask where do we go first???? We also knew that they would be shutting off some roads very close by and knew that the car crash scene was being filmed there so if Sarah was going to be anywhere it would there. AAAA. Ok funny lil moment coming up, so we followed my map to the street we needed to be on, we got there and Beth asked this girl with a neon jacket on if they were filming LTIH and if Sarah Lancashire was filming, to which she replied “ I don’t know what that is or she is, I only found out this show existed 3 hours ago” we were both like oh pfffttt you need to live more girl and go watch it. We then walked further down then road and came to a roundabout where we saw carolines beloved jeep crushed in front of another vehicle and we both squealed at the thought Sarah must be here. We stood opposite the car so we could see if Sarah was there… a few minutes later Sarah walked round the back of the car and opened the door, me and Beth just looked at each other with tears in our eyes and grabbed each other that we would be able to see her 😭😭 I was practically on the floor in a mess at the fact Sarah was about 300yds away from me. We waited for about 1hr ish before we moved closer and asked a few guys if when she had a moment FREE could we possibly see her as we have a little something for her, they said yes and so we patiently waited with extreme butterflies. About 15 minutes later Sarah started to walk over, I started having a meltdown and Sarah was just getting closer so I had to pull myself together 😂 as soon as we gained eye contact she said “ omg my girls, it’s SO lovely to see you both again, how are you?! She then pulled us in a for a extremely long hug that felt like forever. I just wanted to hold her forever. Most of what happened is in two videos of Beth giving her the book so I don’t need to explain that as I’m sure the video is much better than my explanation!! We were with her then for about 15 minutes and we talked a huge lot and we hugged a lot and filled her in on everything. She then got called back on set and she said to us” oh girls are you okay waiting her for me to finish and I promise I’ll be back with you after this" I died inside and we both replied “ yes of course of course, we will wait, we don’t mind, go go!!” We watched Sarah filming with baby flora who I have got to say is god damn adorable, she was dressed in all pink!! It was lunchtime for them and Sarah had little flora on her knee and someone was bringing lunch over and she started saying" din dins, din dins is coming" she helped flora ( who is called actually called Zara) pick out a sandwich and as we watched she started singing peppa pig and doing all the actions *snort snort* I just felt myself melt into a puddle with love and happiness of watching Sarah with a young child. Once the had finished filming Sarah then hurried back over to us and we just burst out into peppa pig song, she laughed and smiled at us both. Sarah then went" oh she’s gorgeous isn’t she" I commented “ she’s absolutely beautiful, you did a wonderful job over there” all three of us then watched the rest of the filmed take action which was the extras heckling in reaction to the crash. Beth also face timed Siwan at this point and honestly you will never witnessed anything as cute as this in your life, it was beautiful. Sarah and Siwan were full on chatting and Sarah sent her get well wishes and she’s currently got glandular fever :( a crew member came over and told us all to be quiet, to which Sarah whispered to me “ don’t listen to them, we don’t have to be” I. Died 😭❤️ how cute. This is when we told her about us passing our driving tests as the first time we met her we was about to take them, she said to us both “ I’m so proud of you both, that’s incredible. So you’re both driving now?” This is when Beth told her about her car accident and Sarah’s eyes just filled with tears, bless her heart. Beth told her everything’s okay now and she will be driving again soon. We also discussed the fact that we hate the term" women drivers" Sarah was disgusted with it, it was hilarious 😂 we asked if we could get a few quick photos and to give her the book again before she would be picked up to go home. She was also was wearing her ugg boots again after swapping from carolines heels. We then had to say our goodbyes and had our hugs goodbye and she then said to us “ goodbye my gorgeous girls, it’s was extremely lovely to see you again and i am entirely grateful for my gift I will treasure it tonight over a cup of tea and read it all. Goodbye lovelies, safe journey home, see you again soon” some guy then tapped Beth and offered us free food and we was like yeahhhhh free food" Sarah saw us and laughed and said yeah take it take it!! And that guys was the end of the most beautiful day ever. I can’t tell you how happy we both are. All videos and photos are posted on our twitters @adoresarahlancs & @queenlancashire

Lots of love,
Abbie ❤️