follow me or liz will put out her cigarette on your face

AHS Hotel: “Her husband is going to kill you”

Your husband, James was nowhere to be found so you decided to pay Liz a visit at the bar.

Sally happened to be there too, so you sat right next to her. There was also an older caucasian man drinking alone just sitting 1 stool away from you. He looks like he is in his 60′s.

You, Liz, & Sally were having a nice conversation until the man randomly budded in saying, “you’re disgusting.” He was swaying his head as he was holding his drink. He obviously seemed drunk.

You turned your head to look at him and mugged him, not saying a word because you assumed he was just talking to himself. Then you turned back around to face Liz. Sally just looked at him as she was smoking her cigarette and Liz raised a brow at him.

“You’re disgusting,” he repeated while looking at me.

“What?” You looked back at him, with a confused look on your face.

Sally, still having a cigarette in her mouth said, “Excuse me?”

He pointed at me, while drunkily saying, “You have no respect for yourself. Look at what you’re wearing. And too much makeup.”

This man came out of nowhere. You felt more confused than you felt disrespected. You found it quite hilarious, actually. All you’re wearing are 5 inch heels with an all black jumpsuit that showed cleavage. It’s not like you were naked. Maybe this man was just having a bad day or maybe his wife cheated on him. I mean, he was alone. Who knows. But you weren’t going to let it ruin your day.

“Who gives a crap about what she’s wearing?” Liz annoyingly says to the man.

“Yeah, she looks hot. Fuck off.” Sally adds.

The man takes a chug from his beer. “Whore”, he sloppily words. 

You let out a fake laugh and flipped your hair. “You’re funny.” 

The old man is so drunk that he accidentally knocks his beer bottle, having the rest of the beer spill on you. He didn’t even care to pick it up, so he spat on the floor. 

Sally rolls her eyes and puts her cigarette in the ash tray. 

Liz picks up the bottle and quickly grabs a towel to hand to you. “Her husband is going to kill you.” She points at the man.

“It’s alright, Liz. Don’t worry about it. He’s quite hilarious actually. My day has been boring until this loser came along.” You said as you were patting your clothes dry with the towel.

“I ain’t afraid of nothing.” The man says while glaring at you, emphasizing the word ‘nothing’. He stood up, getting ready to leave but Liz walks around the bar and grabs the him by the shirt. “You don’t talk to the lady of the house like that! Do you hear me?”

“No Liz, it’s alright really. He’s just drunk.” You say to Liz, putting your hand on her arm to calm down. Liz was always so loyal to you because you’ve done so much for her as a friend.

“It’s fine, Y/N. Me and Sally are going to escort this punk out of here.” Liz says and glances at Sally. 

Sally nods her head and gets up. “We’ll be back.”

Both Sally and Liz take the man downstairs. Will Drake passes them at the top of the stairs heading to the bar. 

“Y/N, what was that all about?” Will points at them laughing, then goes to pour himself a drink.

“Long story. He’s just wasted.” You laugh back.


15 minutes pass and Liz comes back. Sally didn’t come back with her. She probably went back to her room or something.

“Damn Liz, took you long enough.” You said sarcastically.

Liz sashays to her spot behind the bar, popping her lips saying, “Yup.” She seemed like she was up to something, but you didn’t question it.

“It wasn’t a big deal, but thanks for having my back anyways.”

Liz puts one hand on her hip and snaps her fingers with the other. “Oh don’t worry about it. He was messing with my girl, Y/N. By the way, James said he needs to see you in the laundry room.”

“Uh laundry room. For what?” You were so confused. Laundry room? Out of all places, James wants to meet you there? Whatever. If your husband needs to see you, you’re definitely going to be there.

“Who knows, hun.” Liz shrugs.


Once you’ve reached the laundry room, you see James with his sleeves rolled up standing behind the man that disrespected you at the bar. The man is on his knees with his hands tied up in front of him looking afraid, but not saying a word. You figured James roughed him up a bit before you got there. “You will pay for disrespecting my queen.” You hear James tell the man as you walked in.


“Ah, darling!” James turns around and looks at you with excitement.

“What is going on?” You stood there surprised. You didn’t expect Liz and Sally to really go out of there way to bring the man to James. You really thought they both escorted him out of the hotel. No wonder it took Liz forever to get back. 

“This is the creature that Liz and Sally have informed me that said such vile things to you at the bar, no?”

“Yes. Yes he is.” You said with an evil grin. You knew exactly what James was going to do. So you cross your arms in front of you and watch him. You also remembered that James needed a fix as well. It’s been a little over a week since he’s killed anyone, anyways.

The man turns his head to look at James. “You’re never going to get away with this.” He turns his head back to face the opened laundry chute.

James leans over and whispers in the man’s ear. “I happen to disagree with you.”

Something about James right now just turns you on. You can’t tell if it’s because he’s looks sexy with his sleeves rolled up or if it’s because he’s so protective over you that he’s willing to kill for you. Or maybe it’s both.

James stands up straight, then roughly bashes the back of the man’s head with his hammer and throws his body down the chute. Good riddance.

James wipes his forehead with the back of his hand. You walk over to James and whisper in his ear, “I love watching you kill.” Then you leave the room to head over to your bedroom. You knew that saying that would turn James on and that he would soon be following after you.



I’ve been loving adding gifs to my stories lately! lol I like to make it feel as real as possible as you’re reading. I’ve been starting to get my story inspirations from looking up gifs.

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 2

Hailey’s Pov

i stormed into my room so mad.

i can’t believe Luke hemmings is my new next door neighbour.

i jumped on my bed and screamed into my pillow but i stopped when i heard a car door slam and then i heard my mum’s voice.

great she is already talking to them.

Liz hemmings seems lovely but her son makes me life hell and i hate him much, what is he going to do at home?

10 minutes later i heard the front door open and then my mum shouted up

“Hailey come down here” she yelled

i groaned as i got of the bed and stomped down the stairs

“I need to run to the shop for food, have you met our new neighbours? that boy of hers looks a good fit for you hailey” my mum said

my eyes widened at her words, did she hit her head or did Luke throw something at her head?

she has to be out of her mind if she thinks Luke is a good suit for me, she does know who i am right?

i am not her.

then she continued after me just staring at her for a couple of minutes

“We finally have some nice new neighbours honey so i kindly asked them over for dinner which is in 2 hours, could you do me a favour and run to the shop for me while i go get some food”

She picks now to do something kind.. Really? Could she not invite any other neighbours for dinner, this is going to be great.

I have to eat at the same table with Luke Hemmings and his mother.

This is just great.

I rolled my eyes and said “ Fine, give me the money and tell me what i’m getting”

She smiled and she got out her purse and told me what to get, i took a note in my phone so i wouldn’t forget.

I ran upstairs so i could put a hoodie on because it takes over 10 minutes to get to the shop and i don’t want to get cold.

When i walked outside, i saw Luke was working on his bike.

He stopped and turned around and looked at me, making us make eye contact for a second and then i turned away and started walking, the only problem was i had to walk past him, i just hope he doesn’t say anything.

I was wrong.

“guess were neighbours now, i’m going to have fun having you next door” he said as he smugly crossed his arms over this chest smirking at me

i crossed my arms over my chest and i looked at him unimpressed and said

“and i thought you had better things to do for a bad boy, i guess not”

i walked away from him but i did enjoy watching the smirk remove from his face.

i really hope he doesn’t try to make my life hell like he does at school, i think i will have to move by myself if he did.

When i got home from the shop i only had so little time to get ready, it took forever in the shop.

So i ran upstairs in search for something decent to wear.

I got a shower but i didn’t need to wash my hair because i done that this morning so i just washed my body and then i wrapped a towel around my body when i was finished.

I stood with the towel wrapped around me body doing my makeup in the bathroom, once i was done and made sure i looked okay i walked out and then i dropped the towel as i put on my shorts and tank top.

I walked over to the window because it was warm, as i opened it i looked up to see Luke smirking at me making me scream.

Great i bet that is his bedroom, right across from mine.

I rolled my eyes and turned around so i could get ready, i searched and searched for something decent to wear and then i came across this red dress i haven’t wore in so long.

My mum bought a while ago for me, it’s not something i wear often but it should be okay for tonight.

Luke’s Pov

the last thing i need today is to have my mum nagging at me.

it was her idea to move, i don’t want to help she should know that by now.

i can’t believe who is living next door, i have enough of her at school.

the way she walks around school thinking she is such an angel with everyone wanting to be her friend,she makes me sick.

she’s the only one who isn’t scared of me, she should be but she isn’t.

i don’t know why, i try my best to make her wish she never spoke up to me but she continues to walk around as if i don’t bother her and it really bothers me.

i walked into my new looking around at the plain walls and then i looked out the window.

i could see right into Haileys room, this should get interesting..

even though she bothers me i wouldn’t mind seeing her little body.

the thought of having dinner over at her makes me want to be sick, i tried to get out of it but my mum was having none of it.

it better not take to long because i have a party to go to tonight and i need some alcohol after this move.

i set my guitar down on the ground and i went to open my window so i could have a smoke, i was just about to light up a cigarette when i saw Hailey walk into her room

my eyes widened and i had to get my phone out to take a picture..

a picture of Hailey Wilson naked.

that has defiantly made my day!

i looked through my contacts until i got her number, she doesn’t know i have her number.

i should have deleted it ages ago but there was a time i wanted to get closer to the little virgin and i got her number and then she opened her mouth and spoke back to me and i never wanted to get anywhere near her, there was plently of better looking girls out there to keep me happy.

now i’ve seen her body.


i opened her contact and decided to text her “Damn”

it sent and when i looked up Hailey was dressed but she was wearing the shortest shorts i have ever seen, i don’t think i’ve ever seen her legs before..

maybe being neighbours won’t be such a bad thing..

she saw me outside and came walking over to her window and she opened it and said

“Delete that photo now”

i couldn’t help but smirk as i blew out a cloud of smoke and then i said

“ I didn’t know you had such a hot body little virgin”

she gave me a digusting look which i didn’t like and then she said

“You disgust me”

i couldn’t help but laugh at her words as if i care what she thinks of me and then i said

“I’m never deleting this photo, in fact i’m going to make it my wallpaper”

she looked even more annoyed.. this is more fun than throwing paper at her during class

“Can you think with something other than your cock, grow up Luke for once”

i just stared at her and then i watched her close her window and curtains, i threw my cigarette away and turned back into my room

fuck her and this dinner.

Hailey’s Pov

I had a message from a number i didn’t know.

I opened it anyway.. It read.


I didn’t know what it meant, i really wanted to know what it meant and then my phone vibrated again from that unknown number.

Oh my shit!

It was a naked picture of me, Luke must have taken it when i dropped my towel.

I could not be more embarrassed.

Luke Hemmings has a naked picture of me, i wanted to die more than ever now.

I started to have a mini heart attack and then i looked out the window to see Luke still at his window this time he was smoking.

I walked over to the window and Luke smirked standing up straight and then i spoke

“Delete that photo now”

His smirk got bigger and then he said “ I didn’t know you had such a hot body little virgin”

He makes me sick

“You disgust me” i said angrily to him i was about to turn and walk away but Luke spoke again

“I’m never deleting this photo, in fact i’m going to make it my wallpaper”

Can he be more of a dick?

“Can you think with something other than your cock, grow up Luke for once” I said to him and then i closed my curtains knowing he can no longer see me.

I cannot believe he has a picture of me naked, this is just great.

My curtains are going to have to be closed forever.

i phoned Lauren and Sophie to tell them about my new neighbour, they were shocked more than i was.

They laughed when i told them Luke has a naked picture of me but they thought i was joking but i’m not.

I just got off the phone to them when my mum walked in

“The new neighbours will be here in 20 minutes, what are you wearing?” she asked

I rolled my eyes and pointed to the red dress that was hanging on the bathroom door to her, she smiled and approved of my choice and then left.

As if i was asking for her approval i would have been wearing it anyway.

The dress fitted perfectly, which i was happy about, i put on my small black flats because i will be sitting down eating so i don’t need heels or nothing.

Not that i want to dress up for Luke anyway.

Once i was happy with myself, i walked down stairs letting the smell of food hit my nose on the way down.

My mum has gone all out, jesus..

The bell rang meaning they were here.

Oh great i can already see how this is going to go.

“ Hailey will you get the door” my mum shouted oh great now I have to greet them great, let’s get this over with.

I opened the door speechless, Luke looked really hot,he was wearing a buttoned up black shirt his tattoo’s were hidden and his piercings were missing, he looked different a good different.

I don’t admit that Luke is hot often but right now i have too.

I greeted them both finally finding my word, Liz was very thankful and she walked on in to where my mum was leaving me and Luke alone again for the second time.

I didn’t know what to do, this was the first time i have ever felt uncomfortable in my own home.

“I would love to know what you’re wearing under that dress” Luke said smugly

I rolled my eyes at him already regretting thinking he was hot looking, once he opens his mouth he makes me think twice about him.

“Please don’t talk to me tonight, i want to get this over with and i’m sure you do to so please just leave me the fuck alone” i said to him

My mum and Liz appeared just as i finished speaking luckily because i was sure Luke was about to say something

“ What a handsome boy you have Liz” Was the first thing my mum said she looked Luke up and down god she was nearly undressing him.

“ Foods ready, let’s eat” Mum said and we followed her into the dinning room.

I had to sit next to Luke and my mum sat facing him and Liz sat facing me..

Well if this wasn’t awkward I don’t know what is.

Just as thought that maybe this wouldn’t be too bad halfway through the meal i felt Luke’s hand on my thigh which made me almost choke and spit out my food.

Luke laughed a bit making my mum give us a weird look, i took his hand and pushed it away from me, i couldn’t believe he just touched my thigh.

I felt really insecure about it.

Of course it didn’t work and Luke kept putting his hand on my thigh, i gave up pushing it away.

I was thankful that Luke just kept his hand where it was and he didn’t try to move it.

I almost forgot his hand was on my thigh and then i felt his squeeze my thigh just as i was finished my food and he was finished as well and then his had moved up my thigh more almost close to my middle part.

That’s when i lost it, i got up from the table quick making Luke drop his hand from me and my mum gave me a weird look and so i spoke before she could

“ i need the toilet” i walked off and ran upstairs to the bathroom, i closed the door behind me catching my breathe because i ran so fast up the stairs.

I cannot believe what just happened, Luke hemmings just tried to feel me up, this day is getting worse and worse by the second.

What i couldn’t get my head around was; Luke always picks on me and tries to make my life a living hell but the way he was looking at me tonight and his touch made me think maybe he likes me?

Ha what am i saying? Luke hemmings could never like me.

There was a knock on the door making me jump, i turned around and opened the door to find Luke standing there.

Luke came barging in as if he owns the place, can’t he leave me alone for once?

“Yes please come on in” i said annoyed as i closed the door and leaned my back against it.

Although when he started walking closer to me i decided i should have chose a different place to stand, i was nervous i didn’t know what he was going to do or say.

He’s Intimidating.

“With pleasure although it is your pleasure i really want” Luke said, he was so close to me.

I had to lean my head back just to look up at him, he had his smug of a face looking down at me.

He disgusts me.

I pushed him back from me not wanting him anywhere near me anymore and then i spoke

“I told you to leave me the fuck alone”

I moved until i was by the sink and i looked at myself in the mirror.

I felt him behind me, his front pressing into my back and then he moved a piece of my hair behind my ear and then he looked into the mirror at me and whispered

“I know you want me”

Is he out of his mind? What gave him that idea?

I didn’t spend the night with my hand on his thigh..

He smirked at me through the mirror as i just stared at him and then he leaned down and kissed underneath my ear.

I hand to grip the sides of the sink because i thought i was going to fall over, when Luke kissed me it made me feel something deep down inside. I know what it was but i don’t want to think about it.

“What makes you think i want anything to do with you?” i said to him making him stand up straight, i no longer felt his chest against my back.. I couldn’t help but get cold with the lost of contact.

“I’m Luke hemmings, every girl wants something with me” Luke said

But he didn’t say it with his usual smirk, i heard the sadness in his voice.

I turned around making our bodies touch but he moved back so we wouldn’t touch which is weird, 2 seconds ago he was all over me.

This boy is hard to read.

“Well i’m not like every other girl and i wouldn’t go anywhere near you” i said seriously to him hoping he would know i meant it.

His smirk was back making me nervous again and then he moved a bit closer to me and he put his hands beside me which meant i was now blocked and couldn’t move.

I didn’t know what he was going to do.

I got really scared.

His face was so close to mine, i couldn’t help but stare into his blue eyes, i never realised how blue they were until now. It’s like looking out onto the ocean.

They’re kinda beautiful.

“How about now nerd, tell me has a boy ever been this close to you before?” Luke said slowly and quietly.

The tension in the bathroom changed and it was really warm, i need to get out of here.

I bet my mum will be wondering what we are doing.

I didn’t want to speak so i just shook my head at him making me almost laugh at me which i didn’t like. I screwed my face up at him making me stop and turn serious

“Have you ever kissed a boy before?” Luke said looking into my eyes.

I don’t like how close we were, Luke looked away from my eyes and down to my lips. I really hope he isn’t going to kiss me.

I don’t know what i will do if he does.

I shook my head at his question making me smirk at me and then he looked down to my exposed chest and then spoke

“I bet i would have you screaming my head with just a touch,although i don’t fuck virgins i would love to see those pretty tits bounce up and down as i make you scream my name”

What a fucking disgusting pig.

I pushed him away making him almost stubble a little, i had to hold my myself back from laughing and then i said

“Don’t ever say that again to me, i wouldn’t want you to fuck me if you were the last boy on this earth, you make me sick god love your mum who has to deal with a horrible disgusting prick like you”

I may have taken it a bit far and by the look on Luke’s face i see that i may have pushed a button but right now i was so mad at him.

He looked angry and he was about to speak but then there was knock at the door..

“Everything okay in there?” i heard my mum’s voice say

“It’s fine ” i shouted not taking my eyes of Luke who was staring angrily at me.

“You know nothing” he said quietly maybe i wasn’t meant to hear it but i did and then he turned and walked out of the bathroom

I felt bad for what i said, i shouldn’t have mentioned his mum. He just made me so angry and confused with his actions and words, it all just came out without me thinking about it.

I walked out of the bathroom and downstairs, Luke was gone he must have went home.

Liz was just saying goodbye. i was happy this night was over.

I walked back up the stairs to my room and i found myself looking out the window i seen Luke’s light on i guessed it was Luke’s room because he was looking out the window early at me.

I couldn’t see into his room, it was too dark but then i saw him slam his front door, he didn’t get on his motorcycle he just turned and walked down the street.

I couldn’t help but wonder where he was going but then i hear he goes to a different party every night so i guess that’s where he is heading.

Luke’s Pov

i sat on the swing just letting my legs swing back and forth but i don’t make any movements

i took the last sip of the vodka bottle i had with me

How dare talk to me about my mum like that, she has no idea what happens at home.

i kept drinking trying to blur out the anger on her face as she spoke.

i don’t know what came over me but ever since she dropped her towel and i saw her body i haven’t stopped wanting her.

i told her i don’t fuck virgins and that’s true because virgins will get attached and i don’t need a girl getting attached to me but there is something different about Hailey.

i don’t know what it is, up until a few hours ago i wouldn’t have thought of her in any way but now i can’t seem to get her out of my head.

then suddenly i heard noises coming from behind i turned right now, not to quickly because i have just downed a bottle of vodka

it was Hailey

it’s 1 in the morning

what the fuck does she want?

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i hope you liked it!

i have changed Luke a tiny bit but don’t worry there will be a love story with Hailey and Luke soon.

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Imagine you and your daughter being Ghosts in the Cortez

Originally posted by americanhsbr

“Mommy how come we never age?” Jessica asked as she sat on your bed, allowing you to braid her hair. 

“Well my dear, it is because the Cortez is magic.” You didn’t have the heart to tell her she was dead, and that you were dead, and that he was dead, and that it was all his fault you were dead. 

“Well then why doesn’t it work on Miss Scarlet?" 

 "Well honey see, it is because Miss Scarlet doesn’t live here. It only works on the little children who call the Cortez their home." 

"So is that why Holden and Miss Liz and Tristan never age?" 

"Yes baby." 

"Momma. Is Daddy the one who made this hotel magical?” You finished the braid and took a dead breath. 

“No sweetheart Daddy didn’t make the Cortez magical." 

"Well then…" 

"The cortez made herself magical." 

"Oh can we go play at the park?” She smiled at you, causing your heart to melt, “No baby, we can’t leave remember, but I wonder if Miss Rowena bought you a new game?" 

"Can I go see!" 

 "Yea baby, but remember be polite.” You smiled as she ran from the bed, her little braid bouncing against the cotton fabric of the shirt Liz bought her. 

“She has turned out to be a fine child, hasn’t she?” His accent filled the room like music, it was the song you once wished you could hear forever, now that you could though you just wanted it gone. 


"My love…" 

"Don’t call me that!” You screamed causing him to back up. 

“Fine y/n , I demand to have dinner with my daughter." 

"Why so you can poison her again?” You stormed from the bed and into the parlor room where a pack of cigarettes waited for you to light. 

“You can’t still be mad about that." 

"She was 6 James! She had so much in life she could have experienced. But instead she can only experience what happens in these walls. She had a life to live, she could have done anything she wanted, but instead she is stuck being six, for the rest of eternity." 

"I did it so that we could all be together, and be a happy family like we once were.” He gritted his words between his teeth as you blew the smoke from that first cigarette. 

“James, my darling James…" 

You stepped forward and placed a hand on his face, causing it to lean into your palm more as he shut his eyes and put his own hand over yours. 

"Killing me alone was one thing, I’m glad we can be together like this, but Jessica…. She didn’t have to die. It should have been her choice.” You whispered, as he wrapped his free arm around you and pulled you close. 

“She would have hated us if I did. She would have despised us for hiring a nanny to take her to school and to the park and do all the outside activities we did as a family. She would have never chosen this life and we would have never seen her again." 

 "At least she would have one.” You hissed before she came running back into the room, 

“DADDY! Come play with me?" 

"What are we playing today dear?” He asked as he scooped the little girl up and looked into her chocolate eyes. 

“Miss Liz told me she would play uno with me, but it is no fun with just two. Will you and Momma play with us? Tristan said he would play too." 

"Of course your mother and I will play!” His voice boomed as she giggled with laughter, and squirmed from his arms and went running to the bar once again, James extended his hand towards yours, and whispered, “this is why I did it." 

"I know James, I know.” You whispered as your fingers tangled with his, and you both followed her invisible footprints, as you secretly were wishing you could stop loving this man, but at the end of the day, you still did, and you always would.

Once a Month - James March x Reader

Requested by: Anon - Monthly visits and Anon - Vampire with monthly visits

I smashed these two requests together cause they were similar! Hope you like it!

It was the 15th of the month, which meant it was time for your monthly date with your love. You put on your favorite dress and left your hair long and flowing down your back before grabbing your jacket and heading out the door. When your taxi pulled up in front of the Hotel Cortez you slipped out, paying the driver, and turned to look up at it. It had once been your home, your safe haven from the world, wrapped up in the arms of your lover, the owner and builder of the once fine and famous hotel. Now it was just a reminder of when times were easier for you. Now you only got the privilege of walking the halls of this monster of a hotel once a month. In a stipulation set up by your maker, The Countess, you were only allowed to see James every 30 days. It hurt your heart. You wished you could get rid of her, so you would be free to do as you pleased. However, it wasn’t in the cards. You knew James cared for you, he maybe even loved you, but Elizabeth would always come first.

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Tear You Apart: Chapter 7

Listen to Toxic (Alex & Sierra) while reading.

“With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride. You’re toxic, I’m slipping under.”

By: @jacksonaprils​ & @nickandjoe​ 

(PREV: jenniferandjoshua & joshhutchersn)

Previous Chapters

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Bang, Bang, Have a Nice Dream.

Thompson sister fic, pre-manga. I set out to write about Patty learning to shoot, and this whole thing happened. The mantra she repeats is from “The Wasteland” by Stephen King.

A bright pink pellet of light impacted the brick wall, sending another chunk of mortar crashing to the asphalt. Patty Thompson, ten, wide-eyed, and nervous, swore under her breath. The six coke cans her mother placed on a wooden post remained undamaged. Three shots into her first lesson, and Patty failed to even graze the metal.

Luckily for her, Patty’s gun had unlimited ammunition. 

“Quit shaking me so much,” Liz said, her metallic voice echoing through the nose of the gun. Patty braced her wrist with her left hand to steady her grip, to no avail.

“Again,” said a husky, feminine voice. To her right, Patty could see her mother slouching in her periphery. Virginia “Gin” Thompson, known to most as the best bang on the block, flicked away the butt of her spent cigarette and ground it beneath the toe of her boot. “Repeat the whole thing again. It’ll help you focus.”

Breathing in, Patty raised her pistol again and trained her baby blue eyes on the coke cans.

“I don’t aim with my hand, I aim with my eyes,” she recited. Patty squeezed the trigger–miss.

“I don’t shoot with my hand,” Patty started. She searched for the correct phrasing. “I shoot with my mind.” She imagined the cross hairs of her mind and soul honing on her target and fired. Miss.

Patty tried to concentrate harder. Shooting wasn’t a hobby, not in her fucked up family. If she couldn’t manage to hit even one can, she would never live it down.

“I don’t kill with my gun,” she said. Patty pulled the trigger early, and as she watched a flash of pink hurtle towards the cans, she knew it would be a hit. “I kill with my heart.”

The bullets struck one of the cans with a satisfying plink, causing it to fall off its post. Patty broke into a wide grin and pumped both fists in the air. “Yay! I did it! I hit one!” Her energy and delight got the better of her, and Patty began to chant and dance in place. The gun in her right hand dissolved into pink light, and Liz shifted back into human form. The thirteen year-old was dressed in a tight V-neck and baggy jeans. Her left leg, from her foot to slightly below her knee, was encased in a bright pink cast.

The tallest of the three Thompson women, Liz silenced her younger sister by using her head as an armrest.

“Calm the hell down, you only hit one out of six,” Liz said, causing Patty to puff out her cheeks. “Anyways, I don’t get why you’re teaching her so soon. She’s way younger than I was when you taught me to shoot.”

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James March: "This death of mine, she gives it a purpose”

Today is your birthday. James told you he has planned a private event in the Blue Parrot Lounge to celebrate with the help from Will Drake and Liz. The hotel regulars have really grown to respect you this past year, even more than they do James. At first, you were just a normal hotel guest at the hotel cortez, then it lead to something much different. Something you didn’t expect to happen. You fell in love with the owner of this beautiful hotel, James Patrick March. James insisted having you live here, no charge. You agreed to it, but didn’t want to immediately share a room with James. You weren’t the type to move into things quickly and he respected that. He lived in the biggest suite on the top floor and he let you live in his office, Room 64, until you were ready to move in with him. Of course, you both spent time together everyday and gave each other space when it was needed. After around 6 months of dating, you finally decided you were ready to move in with him and your relationship has been in bliss ever since. Finding about his ‘hobby’ wasn’t something you took in easily, but after awhile, you’ve grown to accept it because you knew that he would never lay a finger on you.

You have no clue what to expect tonight. James insisted that you stay locked up in the room all day so it doesn’t spoil the surprise. You kept yourself busy by watching Netflix movies most of the day. Whenever you were hungry, you would call the bar to send you something up. It was quite boring, especially since you haven’t seen James since early this morning.

It is about 2 hours before the event. Will Drake has quite a lot of connections in LA so he brought in the best makeup artist and hair stylist he knows to glam you up on your day. James picked out your dress and had it covered up in your closet, telling you not to reveal it until it was time.

After finishing having your hair and makeup done, you felt beautiful as ever, gasping once they turned the chair around for you to look in the mirror. It is now finally time to put on your dress. You unzipped it from the cover, and it’s a stunning floor length black dress that features a sleeveless lace bodice. A large smile hit your face as your were examining the dress. James always had great taste.

The dress is on and you’re ready to go, so you waited in the room until someone called for you.

About 10 minutes later, James comes in looking so handsome and dapper in his blue striped suit.. “Dearest,” he pauses after noticing how stunning you look tonight, “your party awaits you.”

James puts his hand out for you to grab onto. You grab his hand, then transition to connecting your arm to his arm, and head out the room to the elevator.

Upon reaching the elevator, you can feel James staring at you. “What?” You asked, putting your hand behind your neck as you’re blushing.

James grabs your hand and kisses it. “You just looking ravishing, dearest.”

“Thank you, James. You look handsome as well. And the dress you picked, it’s perfect.” James smiles at you as the elevator doors open. He bows as he puts one arm out for you to exit the elevator first. As you’re walking towards the stairs, James puts his arm around your waist, pulling you close to him. You just adored how much of a gentleman he is. The way he shows you that you’re his and only his, just sends a shiver down your spine. James is everything to you. He is nothing like the past boyfriends you had. He was different. You honestly couldn’t imagine your life with anyone else. It may be odd to most people that you’re in love with a serial killer, but you didn’t give a damn. James makes you happier than you’ve ever been.

Finally reaching the Blue Parrot Lounge, it’s decorated beautifully. Will really had outdone himself. “Wow. This is lovely!” You yelled out, your face was in awe as you were looking at the decorations. 

As you’re slowly walking around with James by your side, you see a DJ in the corner, playing upbeat music. “I know it’s tempting, but please refrain from killing the DJ, my love.” You said jokingly to James, letting out a giggle. “I’ll try, darling.” James says sarcastically and laughs.

Ramona and Donovan are having fun dancing to the music, John and Iris are sitting at a table near the bar, Tristan’s by the ledge smoking a cigarette, and Sally’s flirting with the DJ.

You notice Liz and Will Drake having a conversation behind the bar, so you decide to join them. You tell James as you’re quickly pointing at Will, “Baby, I’m going to go thank Will.”

“Ah. As you do, I will make my way to go congratulate John on his recent kill.” James points to where John and Iris are sitting. He gives you a kiss on the forehead and you both part ways.

You start walking towards behind the bar to pour yourself a drink. Will notices you beside him grabbing a glass. “Y/N, happy birthday. What do you think?” He asks, smiling at you, showing his pearly white teeth.

“Mr. Will Drake, you went above and beyond of what I expected. I couldn’t thank you enough!” You reply, putting the glass down to give him a tight hug.

“Don’t worry about it. Hey, it’s your birthday. I’ll pour you a shot!” Will has a glass in his hand, looking almost empty from dark liquor. He takes the glass you grabbed and starts pouring the both of you a shot of your favorite whiskey.

Liz greets you by giving you quick kisses on both cheeks. “Happy birthday, hun.” She gives you an elevator look while saying, “Well hot damn. You look fab today.” 

“Well, thanks to Will and James.” You say to Liz as you’re slowly spinning in a circle to show off your look to Liz. 

She has a martini in her hand and raises it up to cheers, you and Will immediately following after. “To, Y/N.”

“To Y/N”, Will repeats.

The three of you down your drinks. Liz lightly sets her glass on the bar table. Both you and Will slam your glasses on the bar table after chugging that rough shot, your face looking more sour than his.

James appears and sits on the bar stool in front of you. With his naturally loud tone of voice he says, “greetings all!” Being slightly excited that James joins in on you three, you quickly make your way to sit beside him on the bar stool, wrapping your arms around him.

“Since James missed out, lets take another drink!” Will says as he’s grabbing a new glass for James.

“Ah, splendid!” James replies. 

John joins in holding an empty martini glass in his hand, sitting on the other side of James. Liz refills his glass with whatever’s leftover from the shaker, then John nods his head mouthing a ‘thank you’. Right after, Liz refills her own glass.

Once everyone’s glasses are filled, Liz has her martini glass in one hand and the other hand on her waist. She raises her glass and says, “cheers!” John and Will following after.

James kisses you on the cheek. Liz rolls her eyes from being ignored. James whispers in your ear, “happiest birthday to you, my queen.” You let out a big smile, biting your lip, then you turned your head to give James a kiss on the lips. “Thank you, James.”

“Oh, come on love birds. Hurry up and take this drink!” John says, being sarcastically impatient. 

Finally, you’re both ready to join in and everyone attempts to yell out “cheers” at the same time.


The following couple of hours consisted of chatting with everyone and thanking them for coming. You did do some dancing. Of course, James is very old school. So he stayed aside, along with Iris, when you and everyone else were dancing to modern day music. James even put a request for his favorite Benny Goodman song to slow dance with you to it, making you just melt. 

The catering provided was delicious. There was a lot of drinking involved, but you were never the type to get wasted to the point of throwing up and blacking out. You always paced yourself and knew when to stop. Luckily, no one was completely wasted. James even gave you a sip of his absinthe to try and you hated it. 

As always, Ms. Evers was in and out, nonstop cleaning throughout the party. Enjoying every minute of it.


As the night was slowly coming to an end, you were standing by the ledge chatting with Ramona and Sally. James was sitting at the bar, talking with John. James grabbed the nearest utensil laying around which was a butter knife. He tapped his glass to get everyone’s attention, “I need everyone to gather around for me.”

You glanced at James, then looked at Ramona and Sally with a surprised, yet confused look on your face. They both shrugged at you, then everyone made their way to gather around James.

“Dearest, come stand by me.” James puts his hand out for you and you quickly followed standing by him. He puts his arm around your waist and gives you a kiss on your temple. His cane leaning on the bar stool.

“James, wha-” He quickly cuts you off and proceeds to making a speech to everyone.

“I know that Y/N was the one planning on making the ‘thank you’ speech, but since this is my hotel and my queen’s birthday, i’ll speak on behalf of her anyways. I’d like to thank you all for putting your time and effort to attend such occasion. It means a lot to me that you all care for Y/N so deeply.” James smiles and looks at you, then quickly looks forward, continuing his speech. You still stood there confused because it is your birthday, it only makes sense if you speak on it, not James. But you just let him continue to do his thing and didn’t say a word. 

“I couldn’t be more happier with Y/N. Her beauty is impeccable and her soul greatly matches mine. This death of mine, she gives it a purpose.” James pauses. He lightly grabs your chin to look at him, then he does something you did not expect. James gets on one knee. He pulls out a black ring box, reaches his arms out to you, opening the box in front of your eyes. Everyone gasps in surprise, no one has seen this coming at all. You hear a mixture of everyone saying ‘oh my god’ ‘no way’ ‘awww!’ ‘what’ ‘holy shit’. You put your hands in front of your mouth from being surprised, your eyes blinking quickly as you are trying to hold back happy tears. Inside is a beautiful vintage, marquise-shaped, 10-carat diamond ring with smaller stones sparkling around the huge diamond. James looks at you with loving eyes as he asks you, “Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

You’re nodding your head as your body is shaking from happiness, replying “yes! of course James! yes! A million times yes!” James still being on his knees, you slightly bend over to grab his face to drown him in kisses. As you’re still kissing him, he slowly gets up. He pulls his face away and puts on your ring. “Marvelous!”, James shouted. He has a giant smile on his face. 

“Oh my god, this ring is beautiful!” You said, while being mesmerized by your engagement ring.

“As you are, dear.” James grabs both of your hands and kisses them both.

Everyone is just watching you both in awe. “I’m going to be a Mrs. March!” You look to everyone, then move your engaged hand back and forth to show everyone.  Then, they all crowd closer to you and James to congratulate the both of you.

You really did not see this coming. You’re with James everyday and he hasn’t shown any sign at all. But, you’re ready. You’re more than ready. You cannot wait to be called ‘Mrs. March’.

James March: New Years Eve

“James, are you almost ready?!” You shout to James while you’re sitting at your vanity, putting on your earrings. James was in the bathroom doing his hair.

“Yes, darling!” You can hear James’ voice grow closer as he’s walking out of the bathroom. “In fact, I am all finished.”

Once the backing of your last earring is clipped, you turn around to look at James, giving him an elevator look. “Oh you look so dapper, my love.” You walk towards him to give him a kiss, then you caress the folds of his jacket.

“And you look absolutely marvelous, my queen.” James returns a kiss to you. “Now. Shall we?” He puts his arm out for you to hold.

You grab his arm and look around him to make sure he didn’t forget anything. It’s a good thing you checked. “James. Forgetting something?”

“Yes?” He questions you with a smile, revealing his teeth.

“Uh your cane.” You point over at his cane resting against the nightstand behind you.

“Ah, yes. And what would I do without you, darling?”

You both make your way to the elevator. 

Reaching Floor 7, you walk towards room 78. You can hear the 80′s rock music grow louder the closer you get. Reaching Room 78, James holds the door opened for you. All of the guests invited are there. (Liz, Sally, Iris, Miss Evers, John, Ramona, Will Drake, Tristan)

Sally, sitting on a chair nearby with cigarette in hand, turns her head after hearing the door open. Seeing that it’s both you and James walking in, she says, “You’re late.” 

“Yeah, you guys said 10 o’clock. It’s almost 10:30, babe.” Liz walks up to you as she’s pointing at the clock on the wall.

“I know I know.” You replied, sounding guilty.

“You simply cannot rush perfection.” James points at you with his cane. He sees John sitting at the table, so he leaves to greet him.

“It’s alright. We’re just messin’ with ya.” Liz pats you on the arm and goes back over to Tristan, who’s chatting with Will to show them that you’ve arrived.

“Yeah, here. Have a cigarette.” Sally stands up and pulls a cigarette out of her pocket to hand to you.

“Sally, you know I don’t smoke.” You said as you put your hand up, denying her cigarette.

Sally rolls her eyes and puts the cigarette back in her pocket. “It’s new years eve, live a little.”

“Hey Y/N!” Will comes up to you, giving you a hug. “Look. At. You. That’s a fabulous gown.” He says, admiring your gown.

You did a twirl and said, “Why thanks, Will. James had Liz pick it out for me.” Liz puts a hand over her chest, mouthing, “Aw.”

“Damn, Liz.” Will put both hands on his hips while looking at Liz for loving her taste in fashion.


Everyone turns around to follow the noise, which came from James.

With his naturally loud tone of voice, he says, “I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight, as you all know, you are all like family to Y/N and I.” James pauses as Ramirez, Gacy, Dahmer & Wuornos crosses his mind, which made a part of him wish they were here to join us. He quickly zones back in and continues. As James is speaking, Miss Evers is holding a tray full of glasses filled with absinthe and passes it around to everyone. “So I would prefer everyone to take a glass so we can all make the first toast of tonight.”

Once everyone has their glasses, James adds. “Absinthe. Our customary libation.” he pauses, “to us.”

“TO US!” Everyone shouts. The men chugged it like it was no problem. The ladies, on the other hand, had a hard time. Now, everyone goes back to doing what they were doing.

James walks up to the record player to put a vinyl on it. You catch James so you walk up to him, to comment on his music choice. “I love you James, but can we please not have Jazz playing all night?” 

Tristan, just a few feet away overhears, then turns his around and adds. “What Y/N said.” 

James raises a brow and glares at Tristan. You hug James from behind hoping you didn’t hurt his feelings a little because you know how much Jazz music is his favorite. “I mean, it’s okay for right now. Just not the whole night.”

James turns his head to eye you. “Oh alright, dear. As you please.” He turns his body around to release your grip from him and kisses you on the forehead.

Passing the time until midnight consisted of constant socializing. Not everyone got together in one group, so you made your way around every group.



“Everyone, it’s almost midnight!” Ramona shouts. Everyone rushes towards the clock, gathering around together.

You noticed Liz and Tristan have a moment together, which made you happy inside, being that they are your favorite couple.

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James keeps you close to him with his arm around your waist, with the opposite hand gripping his cane. James looks down at you with infatuation in his eyes. You were too excited watching the clock that you hadn’t noticed. With 25 seconds left on the clock, you looked up at James. “It’s almost time sweetheart!”

“How marvelous.” James responded with a smile, then you looked back up at the clock.

Now that it’s 10 seconds until midnight, everyone starts counting down.

“10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

When the clock hit midnight, you jumped up into James’ arms to make out with him. Without a care in the world, James lets his cane fall to the ground as he picks you up.

After a blissful kissing session, he slowly sets you down, putting his face close to yours as he says, “Happy New Years, darling. And to forever more.” James lightly grabs your chin and gives you one sweet kiss on the lips. 

“Forever.” You smiled. Noticing that James cane was laying on the floor, you bent over to pick it up, then handed it to James. “Here you go, James.”

“Why thank you, dearest.” James lightly grabs your hand to kiss it, then walks away towards the dining table to rest his cane against it.

With both hands behind him, James watches with a smile as everyone in the room starts taking turns hugging one another. The love and happiness in the air was just impeccable. No matter how crazy or different these people are to some, this is your family. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

Once James notices that everyone is about done, he goes to the back of the room to grab a bottle of champagne. 

With champagne bottle in hand, James starts loosening the cork, then he raises his voice to get everyone’s attention. “And now!” He pauses, holding the bottle at a 45 degree angle. “Happy New Years to all!” James pops open the cork out, letting the foam burst out. Then, you hear a mixture of shouting and clapping from all the guests.


The remainder of the night consisted of everyone socializing and having a great time. The music genres constantly changed. You even added a couple of Benny Goodman songs to keep James happy. 

Majority of the guests drank, but the only ones who were pretty drunk were you, Tristan, Donovan, Sally, Ramona, and especially John.

But of course, not to anyone’s surprise, James kept his composure. 

You were a bit wasted, so every time you would start swaying, James was always there to hold you up. He made sure to ask if you were okay and if you needed anything like water or food. Also, he was pretty amused seeing how much more needy and loving you were being under the influence.

Slowly, the guests started leaving one by one. John was passed out drunk, so Sally happily struggled to carry him to his room.

Miss Evers was left to clean, which she enjoyed to the full extent.

With you being too drunk to walk back to the room straight, James left his cane behind and carried you up bridal style. 

“You know I love this…this beautiful face.” You said to James, slurring your words as you caress his cheek. Then, you went back to your own little world.

“And I adore yours, my darling.” James starts walking out the door to make his way to the bedroom. Right before he reaches the door, he stops to tell Miss Evers. “Miss Evers! Would you be a dear and bring my cane up to the room once you are all finished? And a glass of water as well, for the misses!”

Miss Evers shouts from across the room as she’s cleaning. “Of course, Mr. March! I wish you and Y/N a happy new years!”

“Thank you, Miss Evers!” James continues to walk out.

The trip to the bedroom was a bit of a struggle for James. There were times when you would want to be put down and even sloppily moving your arms back and forth. Luckily for you, James had the patience and even laughed a few times. On an average day, he wouldn’t have this much patience with you. Thankfully though, you eventually ended up passing out in his arms.

Once reaching the bedroom, James carefully set you down on the bed, then removed your shoes, setting it on the floor. Since your gown was too difficult for him to remove without waking you, instead, he tucked you into bed and set a pair of pj’s on foot of the bed, in case you were to wake up in the middle of your sleep and would have the need to change.

James removed his dress clothes, setting them in the hamper, leaving only his wife beater and boxers on. 

Letting out a sigh of relief, he laid down next to you caressing your hair as he watches you sleep, whispering, “Happy New Years, my queen.”

James March: Come Back Pt. 2




You arrived to your destination which was your relatives house that is about 45 minutes away from Hotel Cortez. 

“Hi Y/N, it’s so great to see you!” Your aunt said to you, as she gave you a hug. “The guest room is upstairs to your left. Make yourself at home.”

“Thanks Auntie, this is only temporary until I find a place to stay.” You said, giving her only a half smile.

“Oh don’t worry about it sweetie. Stay here as long as you need.” She gave you a smile and walked to the kitchen to finish up on washing dishes.

You took all of your bags to the guest room. Unpacking was the last thing you wanted to do, it’ll only remind you more about how you felt while you were packing. You laid on the cozy bed exploring through social media on your phone. A moment later, you phone rings and it’s Liz calling you. You ignore the call because you’re just not in the mood to talk to anybody.

It did hurt leaving because the Hotel Cortez is your home. Even before you and James dated, you were just a regular guest at his hotel. He had told you that you are always willing to stay free of charge. But you were so angry and in the heat of the moment, you just wanted to get away from him and everything that reminded you of him. Of course you love him, but you’re not going to continue to allow being a second option. He needed a wake up call.


Back at the Hotel,


You called twice. She ignored both of your calls and you rolled your eyes standing behind the bar. You can see James pacing back and forth. “Sorry James, she won’t answer my calls. I tried, babe.”

James started clenching his jaw from anger and frustration. “Well where could she have gone?! None of her things are in the room! Why didn’t you and Iris try to stop her!” He had a glass of whiskey in his hand. From shaking with anger, half of it spilled on the floor.

“James, we tried hun. But she completely ignored us and stormed out. Even if we tried, there’s nothing we could’ve done.”

“This is just nonsense!” James threw his glass at the wall and stormed out of the bar, making you flinch a little.



It’s the following morning. Your phone was the first thing you checked when you woke up. You saw a missed call and a voicemail from Liz:

“Hey hun, this is Liz just checking up on ya. James has been asking me to try and get a hold of you. He’s just a mess right now and he needs you. Call me back whenever you’re ready. Okay, buh bye.”

You let out a sigh and threw your phone next to you on the bed. You did miss James, you couldn’t deny that. But you wanted him to see how his life (or death, since he’s a ghost) would be without you. He needed to learn his lesson. You didn’t know how long you were planning on being gone. It can be anywhere from a couple of days, a week or maybe even a month. Who knows. It all depended on when you knew you were ready.



It is day 8. Those past nights were restless. You would toss and turn throughout your sleep because your mind was so awake. James was all you thought about. You would keep asking yourself: Did I take it too far by leaving? Is he a mess without me? Is he doing perfectly fine without me? 

Those last 8 days consisted of spending quality time with your relatives and even exploring southern California with your friends. Anything to just keep your mind off of the drama.

Although, you had a great time, you really started to miss your family back at the Hotel Cortez and you especially missed James like crazy.

You decided it was time to go back, you were ready. It is now 5pm. All of your bags were packed, you hugged your relatives goodbye and your uber was ready for you.

45 minutes later and there you are, HOTEL CORTEZ. 

Your driver helped grab your luggage from the trunk and set it alongside of you on the sidewalk. You took a deep breath in and out, then walked in. As soon as you walked in, there was James sitting on the couch of the lobby smoking a cigarette. He’s been sitting at the same seat everyday, just waiting for you to walk through the door.  

He didn’t realize it was you at first, but once he saw a figure walk into his Hotel from the corner of his eye, he turned his head and finally noticed it was you. His eyes widened out of shock. He put out the cigarette in the ash tray across from him. “Dearest?!” He yelled out of excitement. You’ve never seen him so happy to see you.

All of the anger you had from that night went out the window just by seeing his face. Oh, how you missed your sweet James. You let all of your bags down and started running towards him, jumping up for a hug and he carried you up. “Oh baby, I missed you!” You said and you started grabbing his face giving him kisses on his lips and cheeks.

James sets you down slowly. He cups your left cheek with his right hand, rubbing his thumb along it while making eye contact with you saying, “I’m sorry dear for upsetting you by forgetting about our dinners. It shall not happen again. I promise, we can have one tonight, tomorrow and the following night. Anything for my queen. Just don’t leave me ever again. I need you to be mines forever. This death is purposeless without you.” He gets on both of his knees and holds both of your hands with a sad, desperate look on his face.

“Its okay, James. I forgive you. I just needed you to learn a lesson. I wont leave ever again. I missed you every day that I was gone.”

“As did I. I will make it up to you, dear.” James stands up, grabs your right hand and gives one kiss at your knuckles. He picks you up bridal style and starts walking towards the elevator. He sees Iris at the reception desks and tells her, “Oh Iris, can you call Ms. Evers to take Y/N’s things upstairs to OUR room.”

“You got it, Mr. March” Iris replies.

You leaving really did help James open his eyes. 

Being away from him did hurt like hell.

The Hotel Cortez is your home. James Patrick March is your home.


Hope you guys enjoyed reading Part 2! Sorry it wasn’t super super detailed, I just didn’t want to make it too long. But I hope you guys get the point. If you have any requests, feel free to send it to me in my ask! <3

arialis  asked:

Prompt: soma, prohibition era. That is all, go forth kitten! (please no angst)


This took me forever, sorry! Anyway, here is this weird little jazz club thing that probably isn’t entirely historically accurate, but hopefully pretty close. Also you didn’t ask for genderbent!Kilik BUT YOU GOT HER ANYWAY.

P.S. - This gets a *tiny bit* risque toward the end, but it’s like PG-13 risque. Read at your discretion. Also I apologize for typos and such, this is a little less edited than my usual fare.


The Green Mill spun lazily overhead, casting its harlequin light over the building and recalling the streets of Paris. It shone brighter than Maka’s eyes and she sheathed her sneer, careful to keep her face doe-sweet and smiling. Kili Rung nudged her with an elbow, cocking a brow above her black specs.

“You ready? We don’t have all day to wait. The audition’s calling.” Kili ran a hand over her close-cut braids, her dark skin shifting with every turn of the infamous windmill atop the jazz club.

Maka pulled out her pocket mirror and checked her hair and lips for the fifth time in the last hour. She had to look the part.

“Hold tight,” she said, snapping the compact shut. “We’re not really angling for the job, anyhow.”

“We still gotta sell it,” Kili said with a shake of her head. “You know who else sings here? Billie Holy Pipes Holiday, that’s who. She’s the bar we’re aiming for, and being late isn’t gonna help. Come on, slowpoke.”

Maka took a breath. “Now or never, I guess.”

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Good Girl Gone Bad (Lucas H.)


Turning around, I caught a glimpse of 3 fringe-tastic boys jogging their way over to me. A smile spread across my face, “Hey guys.” I waved at them, “Hey y/n. We have a first gig today wanna come?” Michael asked. My eyes shone, “Of course! I’ve been waiting for you guys to give me the details.” I replied as they all grinned. “Okay good! We’re going to meet up at Luke’s house then Ashton will pick us up.”

Knock Knock!
“Y/N’s here!” A voice called from behind the door, and it swung open to Luke’s mum. “Dear! Nice to see you again.” She pulled me into a hug, “Good to see you too Liz.” I giggled, she started to lead me to the living room where the other boys are. “Y/N!” They chorused with big smiles on their faces. Mikey handed me a controller and I sat down on the couch next to Luke. “Ready to get crushed Lucifer?” I teased, as he laughed and scrunched his nose up. “We’ll see about that.” The blonde said with a playful wink.

“No!” “Yes!” I cried, jumping up in happiness. The blonde boy next to me on my right and the kiwi on my left groaned in defeat as I high fived Mikey who sat on the floor. “We own Mario Kart!” He exclaimed, only to be interrupted by Luke’s brother Jack. “Ash is here.” We all nodded and stood up. The three boys grabbed their guitars and we all walked out of the house. “Hey Ash!” We greeted in unison, “Sup guys! Hop in!” He called ad we obeyed. Since I’m the smallest, I sat in the middle seat in the back in between Luke and Michael while Calum sat up front with Ashton. “Put on Bowling for Soup!” I called, while ash started to drive. He chuckled and attached his phone to the stereo. “DEBBIE JUST HIT THE WALL SHE NEVER HAD IT ALL.” The whole car burst out in a melody, singing along with the music. 15 minutes later, we arrived at the small venue. “Wh- I thought there was gonna be 200 people!” Michael exclaimed, looking extremely Down. I pat his arm, “It’s okay Mikey. It’s good to start out small. Who knows? You guys might play stadiums!” I giggled as my four best friends chuckled and went back stage.

And that was when it all started. Where my best friends left me. Especially my first love. And no one ever forgets their first love.

Slamming down the small glass cup onto the counter, I nodded at the bartender to give me another. “Wow y/l/n. You’re getting pretty feisty tonight aren’t cha?” He said, pouring me another shot and I smiled at him, “Not even a little tipsy bro.” I replied nodding my head with a sly smirk. “Yeah all those shots gave you a high tolerance to alcohol now.” The bartender chuckled and slid over another shot which I quickly downed. “Gimme your strongest.” The bartender chuckled with an amused laugh, “You’re havin’ the strongest already girly.” I giggled, “Well your shots suck!” He chuckled as a tall man approached the counter. I looked him up and down, not really interested until I saw his hair. Black and white. “Nice reverse skunk hair, boy.” I complimented, lighting a cigarette and puffing and small cloud of smoke. The guy turned around after getting his 3 beers, and his green eyes looked deadly familiar. Skunk hair boy looked at my hip tattoo which said Dan with a heart by it. “Thanks miss. Nice tattoo.” He replied with a small chuckle, “So, you need help with those beers?” I asked with a smirk. Skunk hair looked up at me again, “Nah I need to give em to my buds.” I laughed. “I meant do you need me to help carry them to your friends?” He nodded, understanding my statement and handed me a glass. I followed him through the crowd and sat down on a seat by him. His two other guy friends looked up, and again they looked extremely familiar. How the fuck are they all familiar? “Hey, have I seen you guys before?” I asked, pointing a finger at them, trying to see where I’ve seen their faces. “Oh we’re a band! 5 Seconds of Summer!” I felt my whole face drain from all it’s color and I stared at them in shock. That day… It’s coming back.. “Fuck. No!” I cried, standing up, only to trip over my heels. Ashton got up and grabbed my arm before I could react. “Hey! Are you okay?” He asked as I tried to yank my arm out of his grip but the god damn drummer had a death grip. “No! Get away! I hate you!” I cried, trying to pry my wrist out of his fist. “Wait- but..”

“We’re best friends right y/n?” Ashton asked with a small smile, and I returned it with a warm grin. “Of course! Forever!” Calum and Michael’s lips curled upward lightly, as if something was bothering them. I turned to Luke, “Why do you guys seem sad?” They all hesitated a bit but just shrugged. “Uh. We’re just tired.” Luke replied with an eyebrow raise. Slowly, I nodded my head, trying to detect a lie out of his statement. “Um okay. So you guys excited for tomorrow? We get to have a sleepover after school.” I said as Michael, Calum and Ashton got up collectively. “Yeah we’re super excited.” Calum said, “Uh we gotta go somewhere.” “Bye y/n!” Michael and Ashton waved quickly before running out of my house. I looked at Luke again, my stomach erupting in butterflies. He didn’t say a word, “Luke what’s all this about? What’s the big deal-” I was interrupted by him leaning into me, connecting our lips together. My eyes widened but soon closed while I melted into the kiss. He pulled away and I smiled at him, expecting him to do the same but he just seemed shocked. The blonde 16 year old got up in a panic and ran out of the house. There I sat, thinking about my first kiss ever. How I like my best friend and how he just kissed me. And how he just ran off. ‘Ill talk to him about it tomorrow.’ I thought to myself.

Next Day~

As I waited at the lunch table where I usually ate with my three friends, I searched the crowd for them. No one has seen them the whole day and I’m starting to get worried. They were always there to protect me when my bullies came by, and having to sit by myself made me feel extremely vulnerable. Suddenly, I smelt something sour, then something slimy on my back. Spoiled milk. I looked around, and my mouth hung open in disgust. There stood Janelle and her boy friend David with big smirks. “Hey you little goody goody.” She greeted sweety, “What do you want Janelle?” I asked through gritted teeth. “Nothing just wanted to say hi. Since your rock star friends aren’t here.” Janelle smirked, emphasizing ‘rockstar’ since she always teased them about it. “Leave me alone.” I whimpered, shrinking into my seat. She cackled, “Make me! Your friends can’t! Because they left you!” Janelle exclaimed cackling into my face. My whole body froze and I stared at her, “L-Left me?” I questioned, “God you’re stupid for a nerd! They left for this tour with a band!” David said. My eyes filled with tears and I covered my mouth. I got up, grabbed my bags and ran to the girls restroom to call my dad. I cried in his arms while he tried to soothe me. He called their mums and they all said that they had no idea their sons didn’t tell me about them leaving. Especially Liz. Her son kissed me for goodness sakes! “I hate them!” I screamed into my dad’s arms. “I hate them! Forever!”

And there was the death of a good girl. And the birth of a bad girl.

I snapped back into reality with 3 pairs if eyes staring into mine. “Hello? Ms? Are you okay?” Calum said, shaking me a bit, “Get the fuck off me Thomas.” I seethed, pushing them all off me. I froze, realizing this wasn’t the club I was at, but was now a hotel room. “Why the fuck did you take me here?!” Ashton tried to calm me down, but I pulled my fist back but then decided against it. “Hey hey. Why are you mad at us? Why do you hate us?” Michael asked, putting his hands up in defense. A low, throaty humour less chuckle escaped my lips as I blew a bit of my y/h/c hair out of my way. “You don’t recognize me huh, you dickheads.” The three boys seemed taken aback at my question, “Um. Not that I know of.” Ashton said, cocking his head. “Where’s the other cunt? Huh? That big fucktard. Lucifer.” I no longer felt just mad, but my body filled up with disbelief and rage. “Uh. No. We never met you. Miss. And Luke is in another room. He should be coming soon.” Calum stated, still kind of unsure of his words. “What? You guys don’t remember your best friend?” I cackled as the three boys stopped in their tracks, “C-call Luke.” Calum said, with all his color draining from his face as Ashton grabbed his phone only for me to snatch it out of his grip. “That’s all you guys can say? ‘Call Luke’? 2 years later, that’s all you can say?” I grit my teeth so hard I was surprised I didn’t break any molars. My y/e/c orbs flashed at theirs, “Yanno. Fuck it. I’m out.” I threw my hands up and got up to get my purse. I popped a cigarette out of my pocket and lit it before puffing a cloud of smoke. Ashton’s eyes were sad and he looked like a scared little puppy, “Y/N… You’ve changed a lot.” I turned around and laughed at his comment. “Gee Ash. Didn’t know you were smart enough to figure that out.” The sarcasm on my statement was strong and his face dropped and he looked down, and Michael spoke up. “Why?” Strangely, a pang of guilt hit me in my heart, but I avoided it and continued. “Well. Mikey. People change when they’re fucked over.” My hand reached for the doorknob of their hotel room but the door swung open, hitting my left hand in the process. “HEY GUYS!” Great. The person I was trying to avoid just FUCKING CRUSHED MY HAND. “Ow! You asshole!” He looked taken aback, “Sorry Miss. I didn’t see you there.” Luke apologized only to get scared looks from the boys. “Luke! It’s her!” Calum emphasized ‘her’ as if I was the girl version of Voldemort. “Who?” A groan left my lips and I rolled my eyes, “I’m out.” I turned around and grabbed my heels before walking out.