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What to Do If You See A Werewolf

1. Positively identify werewolf as a werewolf

2. Panic uncontrollably

3. Think (at least a little)

4. Derp like crazy

5. Joyfully give a large stick as a parting gift

6. Leave him in stick-induced confusion

Family (what you were missing all those years)

@Stanuary week four! The moment he really remembers why he’s sharing a house with all these nerds :)


The Stages of Getting Pulled Into a Mirror By a Shapeshifter

1. Understandable surprise, hair foofing up

2. Looking nothing like yourself, yet strangely similar to how characters are drawn decades later

3. Look even less like your character, start weirding out the viewer big-time

4. Revert to normality, gain melting shirt and stretchy hands


Ted the Animator: “Here we go again. What’s wrong?”

Carl the Animator: “There isn’t enough right-side background for the next shot!”

Ted the Animator: “…so, Scooby’s getting pulled off-screen by a tentacle monster, and you need to show what’s over there next?”

Carl the Animator: “Right.”

Ted the Animator: “So, uh… why don’t you just draw it? Seeing as that’s your job and all?”

Carl the Animator: “I have a date at 5.”

Ted the Animator: “…we usually work until, like, 7 or later.”

Carl the Animator: “Yes, and?”

Ted the Animator: “…sheesh, the things I let you get away with.”

Carl the Animator: “Look, it’s just one time, could’ja draw this background for me?”

Ted the Animator: “No can do, friendo, I’m already overburdened with Scrappy-related deadlines. A certain someone kept getting weirded out by him, and asked me to do his scenes.”

Carl the Animator: “Wait, never mind, I fixed it.”

Ted the Animator: “…eh?”

Carl the Animator: “I just zoomed in a bit after he got pulled off-screen, so it LOOKS like the camera cut to further on the right.”

Ted the Animator: “…it doesn’t. At all.”

Carl the Animator: “Sure it does.”

Ted the Animator: “It looks like Scooby and the tentacle monster just teleported in the same spot, probably because SCOOBY AND THE TENTACLE MONSTER JUST TELEPORTED IN THE SAME SPOT.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, look at the time, gotta run or I’ll be late, see ya!”

Ted the Animator: “…kids these days, I swear.”

“I’m Peri! P for pulverize, E for eviscerate, R for ruin, and I for impale!”

I couldn’t stop myself from dressing up Peri in Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad look. You can’t tell me they don’t go together.

Portami lontano dai fantasmi delle mie paure
Cucimi il coraggio sulla pelle nelle notti scure.
—  Ectoplasmi- Mezzosangue ( via volerenonsempreepotere )

Cherny and Bely - Monster High Catty Noir and Catrine DeMew

Original dolls: Cherny (black) is Mattel Monster High Catty Noir
                      Bely (white) is Mattel Monster High Catrine DeMew

Wigs: (dyed) raw alpaca fiber
Tails: posable wire with cotton fabric and (dyed) alpaca fiber
Body mods: eyes cut open, heads acetone shrunk
Eyes: selfmade follow-me eyes from polymer clay, acrylic paint and epoxy resin
Faces: chalk pastels, colored pencils, acrylic paint, clear gloss, fake lashes
Dresses: hand sewn from cotton fabric, lace and ribbons
Shoes: selfmade from polymer clay, cotton fabric, ribbon, acrylic paint and matte glaze