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- All Time Low
- Black Veil Brides
- sleeping with sirens
- Bring Me The Horizon
- Fall Out Boy
-Panic! At The Disco
-Twenty Øne Pilots
-My Chemical Romance


hey y’all! so recently my blog hit 750 followers, which is super crazy because in just a few months I’ve gotten back over half of the followers that I had on my old blog that I had for 5 years and accidentally deleted [learn from my mistake and always read things really carefully before you just click stuff, okay?] 

in honor of (re) hitting this milestone, I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who follows me, whether it’s for my writing or gifs or you have no idea how I started showing up on your dash and you haven’t bothered unfollowing me ;) I so much enjoy interacting with all of you on here and I appreciate your support of my creative pastimes ❤︎ as always, even if we’re not mutuals, I’m always up to chat (or flail) with you, so hit up my ask sometime :) 

I also wanted to give a shout-out to some of the people that I love seeing on my dash with a little follow forever….


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this is definitely not a complete list and I know I forgot some people while trying to sort through side blogs and main blogs, so if you see me in your notifications, consider yourself included in this ;) keep up the amazing writing, giffing, graphic making, meta-ing and just all around awesomeness! 

❤︎ Morgan 

i dunno if anyone’s interested in this sorta thing, but i made an OC twitter (wow … SHOCKER i know) where i sorta dump all of my ideas for my OCs! if we’re mutuals and you want to follow let me know :’)

I just wanted to say that I love all of you. Every single one of my followers – I love you.

Even the ones I don’t follow back. I love you.

Your support means a lot to me, and it keeps me going every single day.

I just wanted to let you know that.

You make a difference. Even if you think you don’t, you do.

Remember that.

*garbled sounds*

I hadn’t checked my follower count in a bit and just–



Thank you all for the follows, the support, the RP, the likes and reblogs- for everything! I never thought, in a million years when I started this blog a bit over a year ago, that I’d get more than a handful of people interested in my writing (and occasionally my soapbox rants)- and I am so thankful to all of you for listening to me. I love RPing Aymeric and I’m glad so many of you enjoy him as well, whether you interact or just sit back and watch the shenanigans.

Here’s to another great year!

Quick Note (+Following Spree)

Hi guys, I just wanted you to know that I do follow back from my primary account and it dawned on me that some of you don’t even realize that I’m following you! I changed my main blog name to @alternativetrumpmain (blog that I just use to meme) to make it more obvious.

Also now that I’ve made it obvious, I’m going to follow more people back, so let me know if you also post (or reblog) about politics and social issues. Just reblog or reply to this post idk. Other types of blogs are fine too.

Sidenote, thanks for 1000 followers. In such a short amount of time too. It’s incredible how many people can come together over issues 🙏

i was contemplating holding back on this blog but i wont. most of you following me here/reading this blog are friends that have followed me for a good while and quite a few that i’ve even met irl so i was having second thoughts about the way i was using this because my usual reaction to being seen in a vulnerable state by ppl close to me is to feel embarrassed/ashamed, esp since this is probably a side of me y’all have never seen/rarely seen. but the whole reason why i made this new blog is to keep what i had in my old personal, which was basically documenting my state of mind in a way. so yeah im having a hard time and im sad and its ok and im going to keep grieving until im no longer sad but for the time being im still going to vent here probably. like i said before i dont want this to rub off on anyone, especially if you’re a v empathetic person it can be overwhelming, so feel free to take a time out from me if you need to, i literally wont resent anyone for doing that and i wont take it personally. 

i also didnt mean to write a manifesto but here it is i guess lol


I want to take a moment to thank my followers that had my back yesterday, there was an incredible amount of support (from mostly male followers). It seems some people have forgotten why I created this tumblr in the first place. Let me give you a recap. I started this (posting pics, which hello, I’m clothed) because I had struggled for years with self love (or lack there of), and acceptance. I’m proud of who I am today, I love who I have become (confident, and emotionally strong), and I use this as my way of expressing that.

Please give me some respect, I’m not some cheap piece of trash that gets off on you degrading me. That’s really shitty of you, if you continue.

With that said, THANK YOU THANK YOU to the good guys, cause you definitely made me feel like a real person, and a couple of you even came to my defence (y'all know who you are, I hope). Head held high now 🙌🏼☺️. Thank you again, I appreciate it more than you know.

1k celebrations! (actually 1.1 but lets not talk about that) i’m just gonna be doing make me choose edits and maybe something else a bit later on in the week, once i get my life together (oops, if i ever do). but for now, just send in an ask with a make me choose and reblog this post! or a character request! actually just any character edit! and i’ll complete them as soon as i can! so just reblog, ask, and wait. maybe for a long time. sORRY. but everyone following me thank you so much and i love you all. i have no clue how i got this many followers but i appreciate all of you to the moon and back <3 blacklist “allie does edit requests” if you don’t want to see these

okay I feel like I’ve gotten my other blog set up well enough that i can link you all to it. it’s the same url (pearlsgalpal) so you won’t have trouble finding me….

I’m also going to be extremely picky with who I choose to follow, so if you’re somebody who posts a lot of discourse, I probably won’t be following back, I’m sorry. I want to keep my blog a positive place.

The new blog is also going to be self insert centric, so if you’re not into that type of stuff, I would also suggest not following.

I also have a twitter that I’m going to be focusing my regular blogging on seeing as it’s a more relaxed environment.

Again, sorry for the sudden change, and sorry for moving again,

sean-loves-green  asked:

Hello Dark! I'm sorry about my previous question. I didn't mean to offend you... Also, thank you for following me. Why is your name Darkiplier anyway? Do you have a nickname that I can call you? Also, why do you hate Anti?

Dark brushed the back of his hand against his sternum, feeling the bumps of his ribcage against his knuckles.

“I overreacted, it was a simple question, so I see no reason for your apology although it is accepted nonetheless. As for my name, it was given to me by Mark’s followers after he did not make it clear what my true identity was. It was a partial mockery and partial repetition to Mark’s identity through his social output, but it grew on me and became my source of identification. I have yet to deny such a name and have taken to it more than what I was produced with.”

His tongue danced against his bottom lip, bloomed and red velvet like a rose petal.

“My nicknames are limitless as long as they maintain a theme of respect and adulation, I will not tolerate being considered a child or be called a ‘female dog’ for some odd reason. As for Anti… I do not hate the boy. There are few ill feelings I possess towards him and more of those ill feelings are produced towards those who assume I have some sort of romantic affiliation with him. I am more tolerant of his existence and find his source of humor… annoying. I would rather be in my own space than with him, but on occasion should I need a source of amusement I will go to him and tease him about just how small he is.”

Hello everyone, it's been a while.

This blog has been here for over 3 years now, and it’s honestly astonishing how far I’ve come - how far WE’VE come - in such a short time. I know I have moved to Twitter (as I was beginning to feel a bit stifled going back and forth here) but that doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for everything YOU GUYS have done for me. I still get notifications of people following me here when I haven’t really posted anything in such a long while. It’s fascinating, honestly.

TL;DR: Thanks everybody for liking my work and for getting to where I am here today. And if anybody still wants to see my work, just follow me @saixekyl on twitter! Ciao bellas!

This Blog is Getting Old

// Old in the good way of course??

As in it’s about to reach it’s 1st year anniversary 6-7 days from now!

 Me, in all my bird wisdom decided embark on the journey of pain and ceaseless suffering of keeping a writing blob alive in this community on LEAP DAY of all days. So now, this bloge’s birthday doesn’t exist at all and I’m celebrating jack nothing but I’m still going to because I’m a stubborn nerd.

 Whether you’ve followed this bloge back when it was travelerbraviary or whatever, or have decided to follow this weird not-at-all-PMD blog after the name change and the original continuity got rekt, I nonetheless thank you for following my trashy endeavors in writing an equally as trash birb.

 To say I’ve improved my writing this past year would be the understatement of my life.

  For the last while, I’ve been active on @serpentine-judge , doing things with my spooky snek there and the heaps of old scrapped canon he has to work with. But with my muse dwindling as of late, and my general motivation, I’ve decided to come back here and give snek a short little break.

 I don’t know what I’ll do in celebration of this bloge’s actual birthday, but expect activity to pick up here once again - or atleast until I hit another plot wall.

There’s plenty of characters I’ve yet to properly introduce here, and I hope to reveal them before I slink back into inactivity and my snek’s bloge.

I’ll get working on plot either tonight or tomorrow, but keep an eye on things here for the time being. Whether I end up doing a birthday thing or not we’ll have to see.

Hello it's me just thanking you all... again

So I have 700 followers and it’s great. This week has sucked less because of 1. Karamel makeout scene ;) 2. I got an IPhone 7, upgraded from a 5s 3. And you lovely people decided to follow me So thank you so much, and please if any of you need to rant anonymously or just want someone to talk to, my inbox is open and I will try to message you back as soon as possible!

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