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“ sure there aren’t a couple frames missing in that eating animation?”

Carl the Animator: “Nnnnope. Magical popcorn.”

Ted the Animator: “Just checking.”

*42 minutes later*

Ted the Animator: “…why do I feel like I missed something.”

Carl the Animator: “You do have a tendency to focus too much on the little things, and miss the big ones.”

Ted the Animator: “…”

Carl the Animator: “Waaaiiiiiiit for iiiiiiiiiit….”

Ted the Animator: “…the hand.”

Carl the Animator: “You got it!”

Ted the Animator: “WHY DOES SCOOBY HAVE A HAND.”

Carl the Animator: “Have you ever tried precision-tossing food with a paw? Ain’t easy, y’know.”


to the people who just want to avoid the drama because they know it will upset taylor don’t realize that there are fans who are hurting and feel like they aren’t good enough to meet taylor because of the things some people say on here and i know some of you are getting mad at me for addressing it because you know it’s going to upest taylor and make her notice you less, but i’m sick of getting dms on instagram and messages on tumblr from fans who are just really sad and ready to give up on being noticed by taylor.  no one in this fandom should feel that way, but the environment some of you are creating is making them feel that way.  this fandom is like a family to me and to ignore those who aren’t “popular” blogs and aren’t taylor’s “faves” is invalidating their feelings and it’s just not okay.  so if what i’m saying is creating drama, then so be it, but i want those fans to realize that their time will come and they shouldn’t feel inferior to anyone in this fandom regardless of if they met taylor or not.  i love you all and hope you have a wonderful day.

Ok, so, Shaggy is at the grocery store, twerking in the frozen food aisle.

Which is not a sentence I wanted to ever have to type, but such is life.

Bad guy nabs Shaggy with shopping cart, Shaggy decides it must be Scooby, and shouts:


Scooby runs ahead of him, slides out door…

…and is directly in front of Shaggy as Shag rolls along, seconds later sitting prominently behind a glass door.


Yup… Shaggy still managed to think it was Scooby pushing him, and failed to see him either time.

But that’s not the best part. Oh no.

The best part is how Scooby does a camera take, because even he can’t believe this that happened.

“…wait, really? Really?”

“C’mon folks, that’s so crazy, even the fourth wall can’t contain the nonsense.”

Regular Scooby black spots.

Non-filled-in, transparent Scooby spots!

And finally, no Scooby spots at all!

Step right up, ladies and gents, it’s time to play Continuity Roulette!

No matter who wins, character design consistency loses.