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remember after the trial when taylor literally said that she recognizes how privileged she is and how she wants to help those who are less privileged and everyone just,, ignored it?

short & sweet ♡


Sugar Pine 7 Season 1 Finale poster


Moments in life like bits of paper in the wind… the start of one thing marks the end of another. Do you understand this?


25:8 hi guys, just home from a long day at work, august is shaping up to be an eventful(not always good)month so sorry about the lack of posts. thankfully i’ll be done working full time on friday, straight onto a hectic bank holiday weekend followed by a few holidayzzzzz💃🏾  also shoutout to @aboysmessyblog for sending me the cutest, BEST message ever….thank you sugar💛

side note, keep an eye out on your inbox as i’ve sent a message to the winner of my lil giveaway. if i’ve not heard anything back by end of tonight, i’ll have to pick another person👍🏾 now to shower, sweaty from this unexpected🌞london is experiencing!!!

this is really weird for me because I started this tumblr when I was in high school in like 9th or 10th grade or something and now I’m in college and I’m so different and this blog has been there with me and now somehow has half a million people following it

I remember being so excited whenever one of my posts got a couple hundred notes or so way back in the beginning lol thank you so much for anyone that’s still following me throughout these years or even if you’re a new follower! I don’t know why anyone ever thought it was a good idea to let me have any semblance of influence but I love you all very much thank you