follow me and ill give u money

heyyyy as ive been saying i just reached 1k followers… yay! 

ive never done a give away (im as excited as i hope u all are!) but i want to thank all of you for staying with someone like me…. it amazes me. i dont even want to stay with me
i know this is nothing big but i sure hope that u guys will have fun and like it and stuff…. !!! i dont hav much money at all but i still want all of u to know i love u a lot! (heart eyes)
also, heres the fun part: NO SHIPPING REQUIRED!! anyone can enter this way and no weird packages that your parents will question! ill just give you the code to the cards ! ^_^

so without further adue (ado? adoo?) here are the rules and prizes!


1. mbf me… duh, i mean it is a give away for reaching 1k!
2. if you want to follow so you can enter, i do not mind! but please dont be a dick and unfollow after, and please only follow if you adhere to the rules in my links!
3. only reblogs count (but u can like to bookmark), 1 reblog per person….. ill put everyones url in some random randomizer thingy and whoever wins wins :P
4. no sideblogs or nsfw blogs r allowed to enter


first prize is a gift card to amazon!!! $40!!!
there will be 1-3 (depending on how many enter) runner up(s), youll (each) get a $15 card to itunes!! support some young artists and buy their music instead of pirating it :P

thank you again!!! lets get it!

art ✨

ayy its me nam joohyuk and i need your help please

  • i aint new but dash is dead
  • new friends would be great 
  • im rich so ill give u money
  • maybe also food
  • but first of all REBLOG this please
  • ill follow u ofc thats for sure
  • and i’ll try my best to mssg u too :))
  • please reblog it when u see it its easy c’mon
  • oh and im illit af  887%