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[Green Jardine’s parrot sitting on top of a wire playstand watching as it rains outside the window. Bird peeps at the beginning of the video, then immediately followed by a downward tone of a text message. Just before the end of the video Dax makes a “bloop” sound like a water droplet three times]

The little “Bloop bloop bloop” at the end was what I was trying to capture.

Whenever it rains, Dax will make that sound for hours watching the rain. Just sounding like a droplet to go along with all the rest. It’s one of his most adorable vocalizations.

geezus truscum are ridiculous

I blocked one that kept reblogging our posts and adding commentary on how we were being “intolerant of truscum individuals” (true) and how we “hated nonbinary individuals” (definitely NOT true) and the like and

as soon as I did they immediately followed again with their personal blog??

as if we wouldn’t notice??

smh (shake my head) truscum are ridiculous

I don’t know, just, please stay safe friends! Don’t let truscum get you down too much ;;

-Mod Muon

“Do you have any hand sanitizer?”
“No, ma’am.”
“What!? How am I supposed to get my hands clean!?”
“Well I mean we have soap and water in the bathroom.”

this is a conversation i have at least three times a week at the buffet, and if i were to say that the look i get immediately following this interaction is not dissimilar to one i would receive had i just suggested they rub their hands in mud and feces, i’d be seriously underrepresenting the look i get
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I just discovered the instagram profile that so aptly mocks the kind of social media photography I can’t stand (because of how plastic and narcissistic it is) so I immediately followed it. 

Do you know who you were for me?
You were my whole world, whole galaxy. I left everything for you. If you called me, I could leave my friends and family and go to you. You were my hope. You were the first person I’ve ever trusted. You were my everything. I was happy with you.
Do you know what you did?
You walked away like I was nothing.
—  me, 11:20pm 15.07.14
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