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My hair decided it wanted to play nice today even though I forgot my hair brush, so I documented this rare phenomenon with some gratuitous pictures of myself, or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bombshell, AKA Me

ACOWAR discourse (no spoilers)

All I’m going to say is this: SJM tried/is trying, but that doesn’t mean it’s enough. Obviously she tried, but that doesn’t make it perfect. No one is expecting her to be perfect, but don’t act like people can’t recognize the problems. 

You can always ignore the anti-tags, you can always ignore the anti-blogs and vice versa. But don’t act like what anti-blogs saying is just mindless hate is what I’m trying to say, if that makes any sense. And I’m not calling anyone out. I’ve decided to stay pretty neutral about acowar, but all I’m saying is don’t call anyone out and try…not to engage in fights?

Never forget that THIS was the night they partied.

And this.

And this.

And what happened that night?

The Sun just happens to be there and make a video and take this well-known picture.

Briana’s mom. Remember if she was ovulating on May 11 (aka had the chance to get pregnant) then it takes about 2 weeks for her period to come. Two weeks so around May 25 she should have her period.

Well this is her mom following baby stuff on wait for it.. wait for it.. wait for it..

MAY 18.


July 14.

It was fake from the beginning. Even before it began.

AND friendly reminder:

JUNE 27: 

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louis: what’s this baby doing here?
liam: who has thrown their baby on stage!? that is OUTRAGEOUS!
louis: it’s not real!!!
liam: oh no… it’s.. it’s a fake baby guys.
louis: it’s not real… it’s.. not… real… (he’s looking on the ground reciting that)
liam: that is for all those people out there who think that was a real baby

That’s all you need to know.

Long Time Coming

Written For: @wakinguptiredfics

Written By: @showingthroughtome

Pairing: Niall/OFC

Word Count: 15,700

Warnings: language, sexual content


Ruby hates the idea of going to Harry’s wedding. She hates the idea of dressing up and seeing friends she hasn’t spoken to in years, acting like they still have things in common.

Niall is the “friend” on the top of Ruby’s hope I never see again list. Or, well, that is until she sees him for the first time in six years and his laugh is possibly less torturous than it was when they were cramped together in the lunch room of their high school.

A reunion fic including the perfect ex boyfriend, his annoying best friend, and a steady flow of alcohol.

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anonymous asked:

Will you write something with lila and Trini?

There are very few times that Kimberly has seen Trini get genuinely excited; and she means bouncing off the walls, talking a hundred miles per hour, and staring out the window with a crazed expression. But whenever Lila Hudson comes to town, her girlfriend becomes like a puppy dog. With a roll of her eyes, Kimberly watches as Trini kneels on the couch with her head beneath the curtains and her butt waving in excitement as she waits for Lila’s Uber to arrive. Because of their spring breaks matching up, Trini begged Lila to come to Angel Grove for the two weeks of freedom so they could spend time together; somehow it became a group trip, and now Lila was being accompanied by her girlfriend.

“Little one, staring at the window won’t make her arrive any faster.” Diana teases as she sips her tea from where she is curled up in a chair.

“Says you.” Trini scoffs.

“Does she always get like this?” Kimberly asks with a look of amusement.

“Only when Lila visits.” Diana sighs with a shake of her head. “Ever since they were young, the two were inseparable. Lila’s mother and I would have to drag them home screaming and making a fuss. Eventually, we just let them be.”

“We built a tunnel thing through the fence, and we’d spend hours in there.” Trini sighs, and her voice is muffled as she presses closer to the glass. “When mom told me we were moving back to Gotham, I wanted to die.”

“There were a lot of tears.” Diana hums as she glances to Kimberly. “A lot of threats of running away, they actually attempted to. It was quite amazing how far two fifteen-year-olds could get.”

Trini pops her head out and smirks, “She’s my partner in crime.”

Kimberly tries to quell her jealousy, but she can’t help it. Lila is great, and it’s clear that she and Trini are only friends but her girlfriend is so attached. She has found that the only people Trini consistently texts is herself, Diana, and Lila; and every Sunday, they FaceTime and watch bad movies together. Secretly, Kimberly hopes that she can somehow bond with Lila’s girlfriend over this; she can’t be the only one who is a little put off every time Trini ignores her for a phone call from Lila.

“She’s here!”

Diana cringes at Trini’s yell, “Relax, little one.”

Trini doesn’t bother replying, she simply pulls out of the curtains and lands in a heap on the floor. For a moment, the trio is quiet before Trini scrambles to her feet and hurries to throw herself at the front door. With a sigh, Diana sets her tea aside and uncurls herself from the chair while Kimberly sets her phone down and trails the woman. On the driveway, Trini bounces on the tips of her toes with her arms outstretched and her fingers opening and closing in excitement. As soon as the Uber comes to a stop, a tall form practically falls out and scurries up the driveway with a cry of happiness.


Lila squeals as Trini races to her and she is quick to scoop up her best friend, “Oh my fuck, I missed you so much.”

“Dude, you smell like airport and apples.” Trini scoffs as she wraps herself firmly around her friend. “I’m staying here for an hour.”

“I am not holding you for an hour.” Lila snorts, and she makes it a point to drop Trini back to her feet before she looks her over. “Did you get shorter?”

“Fuck off.” Trini snaps.

“Language.” Diana scolds as she approaches the pair, and Lila lights up as she eagerly accepts the hug is offered. “It’s so good to see you, my little one. How have you been?”

“Good. I missed you guys.” Lila whispers.

“Lillian Evelyn Hudson!”

The occupants of the driveway look to the Uber where a blonde stands, and they all watch as Lila sulks back to the car. Trini puffs out her cheeks to mask her laughter as she watches her best friend obediently remove a few suitcases before she is rewarded with a kiss. Right then and there, Trini decides that Lila’s girlfriend is probably going to be one of her favorite people.

“Trisket, this is Eli.” Lila grins as she approaches them once more and nods to the blonde. “Eli, this is my best friend in the entire world and her awesome mom.”

“I’ve heard so much about you guys.” Eli laughs as she looks between her girlfriend and Trini. “And when I say so much, I mean I feel like I already know you.”

Trini rolls her eyes, “This is my girlfriend. Kimberly.”

“Hey, gimpy.” Lila greets with a smirk.

Kimberly huffs at the nickname, “Long time no see, Lila. Eli, it’s nice to meet you.”

“How about we take this inside? I’ll make some tea for everyone.” Diana offers as she grabs a hold of one of the suitcases.

Trini moves to follow her mom, and stumbles as Lila pushes her suitcase against her heels. All at once, Trini narrows her eyes before she turns to pounce on her best friend. Somehow, the two manage to land on the grass and Kimberly heaves a long breath as the two begin to slap at each other while calling each other lewd names.

“Well, this is going to be an interesting two weeks…”

Kimberly looks to Eli and shakes her head, “You’re telling me.”


i draw serious things….i promise…

@hubris-but-no-writing wrote a short fic and i just… *sigh

i wanted to draw the hair


Once upon a time, there was a dog named Ginger.

Ginger woke up one morning when she was 8 years old, poked her head out of her blankie, then got up and went out and got into her car.

Her foster mom followed her there and asked, “What are you doing out here, Ginger?” (Actually she used her nickname, Gigi.)

Ginger answered, “It’s time I had a home of my own.”

“That’s true,” said her foster mom. “But how… wait! I know! We’ll write to the Shelter Pet Project!”

So she sat down and wrote this letter:

Dear Shelter Pet Project,

I have the best foster dog in the world. Her name is Ginger and she is literally made of pure, true-blue love. Just being in the same room as her is a privilege!

She loves to cuddle, snuggle, ride in the car, go for walks, and play. All the things you want from a dog! She can even live with another calm dog. It’s amazing!

Can you please ask your followers to share her everywhere, and help us find this beautiful dog the home she needs and deserves and longs for?


Ginger’s Foster Mom

What could we do? Who could resist? Not us… and we hope, not you!

Want to live happily ever after with Ginger “Gigi” the Perfect Dog? Contact the Providence Animal Center at or 610-566-1370. They’re located at 555 Sandy Bank Road, Media, Penn., 19063!

The End… or The Beginning?

AU: Yui finds out she’s a Sakamaki

Okay so I’m just gonna guess that you mean Yui is only a Sakamaki and the other two families are gonna react to it just like the Sakamakis.


- It was a normal night until Karlheinz decides to make a rare drop in and his kids are not happy to see him as always and Yui is just polite to him like always.

- Then he drops the bomb.

- “Ah, daughters are so much more welcoming than sons. I’ve been missing out on the gentleness of a little girl.”

- The brothers stare at him like ‘wtf you old geezer?’.

- casually states “That is why I came here tonight, Yui is your half-sister since she came from a different person than your mothers.”

- “E-Eh? But I’m human…I don’t have fangs or cravings for blood…What…?”

- “Your mother was human, Seiji prevented you from turning into a vampire and so you haven’t gone through the proper stages of developing into one.”

- Now the boys hate their father more.

- Ever since then, they’ve been acting really weird.

- They don’t really attack her blood anymore.

- When they try, they just kinda chicken out which makes Yui even more confused.

- Laito has been more, touchy?

- “Everyone’s been so weird lately, don’t you think so Imouto-chan?” He was hugging her from behind as she was sitting on her bed. “I-Imouto-chan? I’m the same age as you…” “Not really if you don’t count vampire age.” Laito laughed as he suddenly kissed the pale blonde’s ear which jolts her up and she got up and turned towards him with a shocked look. “H-Hey, I’m your sister!” “I know, but it gives us a chance for me to be a little bit nicer to you. Wouldn’t you like that, Imouto-chan?” Laito got up and suddenly pinned her softly to the violet colored wall and gave off a dangerous smile, as if nothing changed about their positions except he was being strangely more gentle. Immediately Ayato came into the room and dragged out his brother.

- “Oi, if this pervert messes with you just tell someone…” “Eh? You’re so mean Ayato-kun~” “Shut up you pervert.”

- Subaru has been distancing himself away from Yui…

- Yui decides to face him in the garden, but it doesn’t work out right and he yells in her face to leave him alone and walks off to leave a confused Yui alone. But when he’s far away enough he sighs and rubs his temples…

- “My first love can’t be my sister…Fuck that old man…”

- Reiji would probably act a bit more decent towards her but he’s still the same, like pointing out mannerisms and such as he would do for his other brothers. He’ll be nice occasionally towards her but like once in blue moon but his sadistic nature towards Yui as lowered a bit…

- “-Don’t sit like that, you’re a lady and one of the only ones who decides to follow table manners.”

- Basically her mom now.

- Shuu really doesn’t care…Like at all. 

- “Oh…Is it weird if I bite you then?”

- So he still acts the same towards Yui.

- Ayato changed a lot, like at one point he’ll be snarky and arrogant like any other day but when Yui comes in he instantly shuts up and it amazes Reiji.

- “Yui, I might need you to come into the living room. Ayato is being disruptive.”

- “Ayato-kun ,did I do something to make you upset?” “No it’s…I…Ah, shut up and leave me alone!”

- As if his highkey salt towards Karlheinz could be any more salty.

- “Y-You don’t have to do those things, I’m your sister now!” “But I don’t like you as a sister and I never will.” Still possessive as he is in denial.

- One day Yui overheard Kanato and Teddy’s ‘conversation’.

- “Since Yui-san is my sister, I don’t think a wedding dress is appropriate for her…Don’t you think so Teddy? Maybe she’ll be more comfortable in a Sunday dress…”

- Still wants to turn her into a doll.

- There are also those times where they bite her and completely forget that they’re half-siblings.


- They’re not happy with the news either.

- Well at least she’s not directly related to them. (Since they’re adopted)

- Ruki wouldn’t change really, probably more homie to Yui since she’s their technical cousin. But he’s still the Ruki she knew, although he had his times he would forget about her relations.

- Yuuma would probably invite Yui to the garden just talk about stuff and it made her really happy that he wasn’t treating her poorly much.

- “Ah shit…I like the neet’s sister…”

- Kou would probably try to get Yui to spill some things about the Sakamakis he can use against them as blackmail. His dislike for the Sakamakis is still there but he really can’t bring himself to hate Yui after all of the things she did, so he labled her the ‘likable Sakamaki’. He’s still a liar towards her though.

- “C’mooon tell me something you know about Laito~!” “But I really don’t know anything!” “You guys are siblings, you should know something!”

- When his bipolar switch is on he’d probably yell at her stuff about ‘Why would I be okay with a Sakamaki’ something like that and he’d hella regret it afterwards. But Yui’s used to it so it was a reminder of sorts.

- Azusa wouldn’t really think much less of Yui.

- “Ah…Kanato-san…Might be angry if I do this…” *bites anyway*

- “Say…Hello for me…Yui-san….”

- 2/4 think: “Ugh, she’s that person sister…I’ll do it just to aggravate him.”


- Carla just looks at Yui and blinked. “Oh…That’s nice, I guess.”

- No hesitation to bite, he gots ta cleanse.

- “Your blood probably is impossible to cleanse now I found out you’re somewhat related to them.”

- Like Kou, she’s the ‘tolerable Sakamaki’. Not much change between their relationship.

- Shin on the other hand would use this information for new forms of teasing. 

- “-Perhaps you’re hiding a secret lust in you? If you’re related to that idiot, you must be one like him!” “Hm? You’re not sleeping? If you’re related to that rock, shouldn’t you follow your big brother’s footsteps~?” “Ah, don’t be so full of yourself. No wonder you’re his sister.”

- They literally don’t care about that.

- Occasionally nice but still treat her like shit.

- “Wait…Does this mean we’re technically you’re uncles?”


- Karlheinz is hated a little bit more.

- Yui was kinda happy about knowing she had an actually family, but not in these circumstances.

- Some in denial…

- She tried call Shuu and Reiji Onii-san once: “Please don’t do that.” “I know you follow family traditions, but you do not have to force yourself to do that”

- Kou and Yuuma cracked up laughing hearing that.

- And so did Shin.

- Yui’s mom is probably long gone dead knowing how Karlheinz treats his wives, but still wishes to know about her and what she was like.

- If Yui decides to stay human, things will be like normal (whatever normal is in a vampire household. If Yui becomes a vampire, she’ll need a lot of training and education about the urges, powers and things like that of a vampire…Someone’s bound to stuff her mouth with blood because she’s too nice and gentle to actually do that to a person.

- Dear god someone help her.

Idk if you wanted Kino or if I even did this right, but here’s what you got. Also be specific on what you want, thanks for requesting!

What if the face cupping is in another deleted scene?? Like after, when they are leaving the Sisters Of Quiet Mercy and Betty is a mess because of what happened in there and Alice is shouting for her to follow her but she is on the verge of a panic attack and insists to go with Jughead and he just takes her a little further away and cups her face to calm her and advises to follow her mom, not to make it worse, but with the promise to find a way to check up on her later? So it ties with the window scene too! Yeah, I know, highly impossible but a girl can dream, right?

the things we need to know

pairing: riley matthews & lucas friar 
word count: 4,000 
prompt: “day three: one exception au - au where everything is the same except ______” you know you’ve heard it before, and even minor changes can have big impacts”
written for: rucas fanfic week 2017 
summary: “in which everything is the same except maya came to her own realization about her feelings much faster.” - or an alternative look at the journey post texas for riley and lucas. 
notes: ok so my original idea for this day was a lot different and a lot angstier then this one came out to be, but i’m pleased with this. it came to me last night and i just had to run with it!!! it starts with the campfire scene in texas 2 and works from there, everything in texas 1 and most of texas 2 happened. i take no credit for the dialogue that was pulled directly from the scene. enjoy!! 

“Maya likes you.”

The group froze as soon as the words left Riley’s mouth. Lucas looked shell shocked, and opened his mouth to say something, but Maya cut him off.


Riley ignored her best friend’s protests and continued on, taking a deep breath before launching into her next set of words. She refused to look at Maya, and Farkle for that matter, focusing only on Lucas.

“She’s been hiding it all this time.” Riley saw Lucas look at Maya, a confused expression crossing his features, but she ignored that, powering on. “That’s why she couldn’t watch you at the rodeo.”

Lucas looked even more confused now, and Riley felt a little guilty for dropping this bomb on him, but she had already made her decision and had to keep going. No matter the strain and pain the confession put on her own heart.

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