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I drew some Cars OC’s because I’m a weak human being (and mainly because @halpdevon inspired me to do it)

Cooper is a Mini Cooper and has no fashion sense whatsoever

Minnie is a Mini Van and is the mom of the group

Alex is a Lexus and is always the life of the party

(I’ll probably add more to their backstories/personalities later)

How to make friends


Mel is officially the most aggressive ‘mmmmmmmmm’er I’ve ever met.

(I dont own 2/3 of this art, and i asked premission to post this dont worry~ <3 Just doing this because why the fuck not).


“I love you Dad!” Luna squealed with delight as she threw her arms around Nick and gave him a affectionate hug.

Nick was startled slightly by the suddeness of the action but after a moment he found himself hugging the little vixen back and replying truthfully “I love you too kid.”

Hi folks here’s a sneak peek at the next chapter of Take A Stand. This wonderful artwork was drawn by @judylavernehopps please check out her Tumblr and follow her because she is a great artist and has some awesome pieces.

The next chapter of Take A Stand should be out on Sunday so see you soon 😄

Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

So if you didn’t know, August 21st is Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day. I thought I’d make this post for my favourite fic writers within this fandom to spread the love and let them know they’re appreciated <3 

@jvghead-jones-iii - one of the first blogs I followed in this fandom, and one of the first people to speak to me on here. The Nicest person and also an incredible writer (seriously I read all of her stuff and I am never disappointed). Favourite Fic: Yours Truly

@betty-coopers-number-one-stan - again one of the first blogs I followed and the day she followed me back I was so shook I didn’t know what to do with myself. Any time she reblogs one of my fics, I literally smile for the rest of the day. Her writing is unreal. Favourite fic: Nothing At Stake

@ju-gg - beautiful writing. Honestly, when she writes I picture everything so vividly I’m amazed. We are New Friends and she has something in the works that I am SO excited for. Favourite Fic: Shed Your Skin

@r-ivertales - such a kind, lovely blog. One of the first people I spoke to. I am eagerly anticipating a Peter Parker fic from this blog and I’m so excited (unless I missed it?? pretty sure I haven’t missed it) Favourite Fic: Why Don’t You Ask Her

@onceuponagladerhead - honestly I first followed Ruth because she was so kind to everyone on here, and I didn’t even know she was a writer. Then I Learned and I was shook and ashamed I hadn’t been following her forever. Favourite Fic: Cinderella 

@full-dark-no-starsxx - my dude. One of my first friends on this site. One of the most precious, kind people in this fandom. Favourite Fic: Fools Who Dream (it might be her only fic so far but that doesn’t make it any less incredible)

@mrsjugheadjonesthethird - everyone in this fandom knows who this is. Incredible writing, incredible person. Favourite Fic: there’s too many to choose from so I’ll just link her entire masterlist and let you make the decision yourself. 

@thatsadbreakfastclub - again, beautiful writing, beautiful person. One of those blogs that you just look up to, I’m not sure why. Maybe because her whole blog is just Goals. Favourite Fic: RIP to My Youth

@wearelondonbound - first followed her because she seemed like an awesome person. Then I realised she has one of the most poetic writing styles I’ve ever read and she doesn’t even post fics. So I can’t recommend a fic for you, but you should definitely read This Post because you will know what I mean.

@thesuitelifeofjughead - dude. She once destroyed me with a fic. Like 100% destroyed. I remember leaving an anon (bc I was shy) saying something like 10/10, would be destroyed by this fic again and it’s TRUE. Favourite Fic: Butterfly and the Beanie

@archiebones - awesome and very easy to talk to. Writes incredible Jarchie fics on this AO3 account (my favourite is probably not leaving now honey not a chance)

@jugheadxreaderinyourhead - so cool. She has so much talent I really don’t know how she’s a real person? Like she writes, draws, paints, does photography. Literally you name it, she’s good at it. We have had an ongoing discussion about liquid lipsticks (among other things, of course) for about three months. Favourite Fic: Quiet Eyes

@forsythe-pendleton-jones-iv - amazing writer, amazing person. Their writing style is really poetic and full of gorgeous imagery. I can’t wait to read more from them. Favourite Fic: Atomic Man

and last but not least–the Harrison to my Tom, the Trashlord to my Drash, the wind beneath my wings, my tumblr bff:

@thekillingquill - have said it before, will say it again; Quill could write a contemporary novel about Donald Trump and I would read it and love every word. Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s an amazing friend. She gives the best advice, she is supportive, and knows what to say all the time?? I can’t choose a favourite fic, so I will link her Masterlist, but be warned: Quill is a sadist and hasn’t updated it in a while because she wants to watch us suffer. You should just go on her blog and search the tag #quill writes (you’re welcome)

This list is not exhaustive, and I’ve probably forgotten someone because I am Problematic. If your favourite writers aren’t on this list, tag them!! That way I can check them out and binge their stuff <33 Or, you could send me an anon with their url and I’ll @ them, so they know they’re appreciated xx

Have a lovely day, friends xx

The Other World

Spoilers I think. If you haven't seen the episode where Dean and Sam go to their actor world, This fic is not for you my dear. Hope you enjoy!

I’ve been meaning to do a fic for my friend @nickiwinchester97 because she is an awesome person. Follow her! :D

Reader: 18+

“Dean! Sam!” You yelled for your brothers who have mysteriously disappeared. You were all on a witch hunt when your brothers told you to stay where you were.

After a long while of waiting and searching the house, You called Bobby; Who told you to go to the bunker and wait until your brothers came back. Worried for their sake, You started researching on how to get them back; Even though you didn’t even know where they were. You were like a headless chicken, Running around and researching all day.


“Where the hell are we?” Sam looked around, Immediately recognizing the set.

“We’re in this world again..” Dean frowned, Looking at the unfamiliar faces.

“This is the world where I have a wife right? Where I’m married?” Sam spoke with a slight excitement.

With a bump from Dean’s shoulder, He snapped back to his normal self.

“We need to get back and you know it- Wait- Where is (Y/n)!?” Dean realized that you weren’t even there.

“Hey guys” You ate the donut happily, Looking at your best friends.

“(Y/n)! You’re here!” Jared hugged you out of nowhere, And you returned the hug.

“Duh? We have to film that episode remember? Don’t tell me you guys forgot. Jensen, Did you take Jared to drink out again?”

“Uh yeah! We went to the bar and one thing led to another and we drank a few shots!”

“Jared! You know Genevive doesn’t like you drinking when you’re gonna film” You finish your donut, Going back for another one.

“Dean! What the hell are we gonna do? This isn’t (Y/n)! This is the.. Actress!”

“I don’t know.. Just go with it?” Dean looked at the crew and his surrounding.

“What about our (Y/n)? She’s back at our world..” Sam walks toward the food table, Taking a sandwich and biting into it.

“I don’t know.. -” Dean takes a bite out of the donut you ate earlier. “God! These are good!” He began to stuff his face.

“Calm down Jensen. Gosh, You act so much like Dean.” You take a sip out of your water bottle.

“I am-”

“Yeah (Y/n). He wants to act like Dean before we film” Sam saves his brother, Watching as you buy his act and nod.

“Also, Why are you calling me (Y/n)? We haven’t even started shooting!”

“As Sammy said, Getting into character” Jensen winks, Giving you his signature smile.

“Yeah yeah. We start in a few minutes get ready!”


It’s been a week. A week that you haven’t seen or heard from your brothers. You haven’t slept a wink; Coffee was your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You began to feel hopeless. You cried on your cold bed at night, And the quietness of the bunker was driving you insane. You missed Deans goofy smile and Sams soft eyes. You missed your brothers dearly. You slept on your brothers bed periodically, Switching beds each night.

You heard something outside, And with your gun aimed; Made your way to the noise. When you made it to the living room, Your eyes watered.

“D-Dean? S-Sam?” Your brothers looked at you. “Who are you?! Toying with my emotions! You’ve hit a new low.” 

“(Y/n)! It’s us!” Tears were running down your cheeks, Unable to stop.

The gun slipped from your fingers, And you immediately ran toward them, Engulfing them in a hug; Sobbing.

“Where the hell where you guys!? You’ve been gone for a week!” You hit their arms, Your emotions taking over you.

“A week!?”

“Dean.. D- Do you think we altered time? It only felt like a few hours”

“I looked and researched and looked again! You guys just poofed out of existence! I thought you guys were dead!” You hold Dean’s face in your hands, Afraid this was a dream.

“(Y/n)! Don’t worry.. We’re here. See? We’re here. You’re not alone. We’re here and we’re staying here. You know what? I’m going to make it better. You want us to order pizza and watch movies together?”

You nodded, Hugging Sam tightly, Not wanting to let go. 

“Alright princess. Anything for you” Dean pats your back and walks off.


A Cronus and Eridan scalemate plush! I COULD NOT LOVE THEM MORE. This was a PERFECT AND LOVELY Christmas present from my best sis, @akiralios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I was instructed to open early, so don’t come to my inbox waggling your finger at me. XP

Omfg though, aren’t they beautiful? You should follow her and love her because she is awesome. And she makes incredible plushies. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Best Christmas present. Now everyone else can envy over them. :D

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Cillaaaaaaa my love I’m just stopping by to show my love & support & anyone reading this should follow or be friends with her because she is sweet and awesome and I’m so glad to have met you baby!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘

What, Chrystal…I don’t deserve this. YOU are the sweet and nice one…And I’m soo happy to have met you. Ilysm. Really!! 😍

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Who are your artist senpais or fav tmnt artists on tumblr? :)

Artist Senpais are definitely a great title for my list, thank you anon! XD

Just to let this clear, there’s NO ORDER, if I’m calling them senpai it’s because they are so much badass and there’s definitely no way to be more badass in tmnt art than that!
















black-and-blue-fancomic (<- can’t tag her main blog TuT)

There’s probably more, but I lost half of their urls XD But well, at least you know 93% of my senpais list  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

*sweats nervously in fear that other senpais will notice me now*

The signs as types of debaters:

Aries: The serious debater
Taurus: The I-Forgot-My-Entire-Argument-But-I’m-A-Good-Bullshitter debater
Gemini: The Interp Debater (“Let me act out my argument.”)
Cancer: The intimidating debater
Leo: The twitchy debater
Virgo: The organised debater
Libra: The debater who goes over what they’re going to say 10,000 times.
Scorpio: “Now back to this bitch who had a lot to say about my contentions, [enter opponents name here], what’s good?”
Sagittarius: The Loses-Every-Round-But-Is-Still-Cheerful-Debater
Capricorn: The angry debater
Aquarius: The flirty debater.
Pisces: The Debate Coach Who Brought Snacks So They Wouldn’t Have To Pay.

Requested by: @congressionaldebater btw you should all go follow her because she really awesome, she’s also a member of our debate team!


HUMAN (hide all your secrets in the dark). — a fanmix for one of my favorite sylaire’s fanfics. (◡‿◡✿) + [ LISTEN ] & [ READ ]

i.  retrograde —james blake // ii. afraid — the neighbourhood // iii. back to the start — mr. little jeans // iv. sword — ashes divide // v. just a little girl — trading yesterday // vi. home — daughter // vii. slow dancing in a burning room — john mayer // viii. once — caleb kane // ix. running up that hill — placebo ft kate bush // x. smother — daughter // xi. circle — flyleaf // xii. nitesky — robot koch // xiii. move — sol seppy. // xiv. overjoyed — bastille // xv. breathe me — sia // xvi. if you wait — london grammar // xvii. last hope — paramore

Scare Away the Dark

HI OKAY I LEGIT HAD THE CRAZIEST DAY ANYWAY I JUST GOT HOME and after eating a lot of food the first thing I did was run to my computer to post this I’m super sorry it’s so late at night. Anyway…

Happy birthday Bella (bellalou5)!!!! I sat down to write you a Percabeth birthday fic and somehow an angsty solangelo came out of it so??? I really hope you like it and that you have a wonderful birthday because you are super awesome. Everyone go follow her because she is pretty fine, if I do say so myself.

Welcome to being 17; it’s the same as being 16 except a year older :)

(Title creds to Passenger)


It’s Nico’s first night in the hospital that the panic attack happens. 

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I declare today to be Reilly's Day.

So you remember how you wanted Brian Holden for your birthday? He wasn’t able to make it tonight, but he sent this to me…

External image

True story. He said he’ll make it up later. Along with Benedict Cumberbatch. 

Happy freaking birthday AGAIN.

You’re finally 19!!!

Let’s dance to this occasion..

I also hope today is filled with happiness, friends, lots and lots of books along with some other smashing presents, gorgeous guys and tumblr post.

You’re my phineas to my ferb.

my harry to my Ron.

and my Roger Federer to tennis.

All I can say is…