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.taking a break from hiatus to reply to all my lovely friends ♥

@john-sims @eenhoornsims @beverlyallitsims @fatpandasims @tofusaucee @108sims @lilytita @winniemoon @simsphony-of-plumbobs

Thank you soooooo much for caring about me ♥ I love you all and you are fantastic ♥

@john-sims @koffeecake thank you so much for tagging me in your follow forever/friends list ♥ you both are definitely my follow forevers and my lovely friends ♥

@waffles-yo @eenhoornsims thank you for sending me beautiful person award ♥ you are both much more beautiful than me ♥

@lilytita thank you for your kind message. You really made my hiatus beautiful. You are really wonderful and I’ll keep your message forever ♥

@anthracite-camelies I love you too ♥

I used to always say I rather have no friends than fake friends……..well here I am alone
—  I’ll just die

I just want to say what an amazing year this has been and I appreciate each and everyone of you. And there are many of you that have stuck with me through the years and I am so grateful. Since it’s the end of the year and I did not really do anything when I hit 2.5K followers, I am doing this as a mutual appreciate post. I may not be around as much but I do try and catch up on your blogs as much as I can! This took me ages since I literally went through everyone’s blogs again one by one! Happy New Year!!

My amazing mutuals: PART TWO (Tumblr says it’s too long so l-z)

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guysss, I reached 300 after this blog was resurrected from years of inactivity! So to celebrate I wanted to make a ff! Being a part of the phandom makes me so happy, everyone is so beautiful and sweet and I hope my blog brings you laughs, joy and positivity!  

bolded are besties whom ilsm🌸  
italicized are my favorite blogs i follow✨

thank you to all my besties on here, you guys are so wholesome and beautiful and i love you so so so much!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

A - D

@agastopiaphan ~ @anotherinternetfangirl ~ @amazingmegara @bloomhowell ~ @bloomingphil ~ @blueberryphil ~ @blushinlester ~ @caitlinmorgan0 ~ @celestinehowell ~ @celestialesters ~ @cloud-9-queen ~ @creamphilled ~ @cheeselester ~ @cloverphan ~ @dayphil ~ @dansforeheadcurl ~ @delicatedaniels ~ @danisnotonfirewhiskey

E - L

@energeticwarrior ~ @eclipsehowelter ~ @elliesfics ~ @eli-howlter ~ @fuckinlester @frecklydan ~ @gloomylesterr ~ @halcyonhowelll ~ @hesitant-dan ~ @intrinsichowell ~ @kissmyphan ~ @kawaiiphancake ~ @killingyouwithphan ~ @lovebirdlestie ~ @lovelydovelylester ~ @lavenderlacelester ~ @lala-phan ~ @lestersdog ~ @limitedlester​ ~ @lovelylilaclester ~ @lethologicahowell

M - P 

@macaronidan ~ @my-lungs-will-phil@my-life-is-pistachiover ~ @novocainehowell@obscurehowell ~ @pastelphanfic ~ @princephil ~ @porn-daddy-dan-howell ~ @phanasourasrex  ~ @phanamored ~ @phangirlingforphan ~ @phillesterthecerealthief ~ @placebophan ~ @phanperra ~ @philsalmondmilk ~ @paradisedan ~ @philester ~ @pretty-boy-dan-howell 

Q - V

@roseyboys ~ @rosydodie ~ @rightmywronqs  ~ @rainbowshowell ~ @softhowellester ~ @snugglyhowell ~ @sexuallyambiguousphan ~ @stylishphil ~ @spiritedawaydjh ~ @sadnessphil ~ @sweetpeachlester ~ @starmadephan ~ @stargazing-lester ~ @snugly ~ @strhwll ~ @scarlett-storm ~ @thephantastickat ~ @torificus ~ @treasurelester ~ @uwannadoitmore ~ @vloggery 


hello my fellow mutuals and followers, and happy holidays to those of you who celebrate! it’s been awhile since I’ve made a follow forever, and thought it was time I recognized those of you who make my dash happy all of the time!

first and foremost, my sister @frostienialler, it’s your fault I’m in this fandom, so I blame you for the work I put into this blog and I blame you for the sleep that I miss constantly because of tumblr and one direction. but I love you, my soulmate.

secondly, @santalous, you’ve probably made this experience the most exciting and I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it. 2 years later and we still talk almost every day. i love you, always!

thirdly, @squishyxeclaire, I’m glad you’re back. I missed you so much when you were gone and I couldn’t imagine not talking to you everyday (or almost everyday anyway) I love my mama steak so much!

to the new groupchat, whatever it is that we are called… @tsevers, @hazkirk, @soloharried, @niallls-smiles, @leggy-pop, @punchmelou, @louisftaoki you all are the most amazing humans and I’m glad we yell about the boys and other things as well!

now, to all of my mutuals, and those of you who aren’t following me but bless my dash anyway;


@adultfansofonedirection, @agenderliam, @appreciatetommo, @aradicalinterpretationofthetext, @arthoestyles, @as-happy-as, @ayajalil, @bangslou, @barbieofcolour, @blossomharold, @blurberrys, @boozeyoulose, @brianaxjungwirth, @briteans, @brittohmy, @bunskirk, @burberryharrie, @butterflytattoohaz, @cantquitu, @changeyourtickethome, @cheshirepuddin, @cloudsofharry, @coveredinclovers, @coveredinthecolors, @crosseyedbubblebaby, @curatedbyharry, @daddystyles, @dansluts, @decktheniall, @denimjacketnarry, @dimpleddickhead, @divineharry, @domestic-styles, @doubledenimniall, @draghs, @drunkniall, @dunquirky, @eringarner10, @flowersuits, @foreverlivingwhileimyoung, @four-teen-styles,  @fvkstyles, @gayanqel, @getsomehaz, @gholfingniall, @golfdadhoran, @goth-talk, @gottabestyles, @gryffindortommo


@hardcoreharrie, @hardystyls, @harktheharold, @haroldysl, @harristylez, @harry-smiles, @harryalmigthy, @harrycarryme, @harrydebuts, @harryftnoora, @harryhonestly, @harryinglases, @harryisthebaneofmyexistence, @harrymemes, @harrys-smiling-nipples, @harrysbunshun, @harrysfilm, @harrysgirlalmighty, @harryshoran, @harryslittlepumpkin, @harryslovelylocks, @harrysohappily, @harryspirate, @harrystemporary, @harrystylesdaily, @harrystylesgotmefuckedup, @harrzan, @hazstylestrash, @hazthelove, @heauxnarry, @hendroda, @honyedew, @hotharreh, @hryhoney, @hsnoise, @hsrold, @ifheartscouldfly, @igottafireforaheart, @infinitees, @inkedferns, @inkedthigh, @iusedtobeabaker, @jamescordenforpresident, @jawllines, @julianbunetta, @kingharrysolo, @kinkyharrie, @ladboylouis, @larrieapocalypse, @liampayne, @liampayneofficial, @libramood, @lighttoguidemehome, @lirryandstuff, @littlecancerthings, @lordhazz, @louisloveslondon, @louistcub, @louisthetic, @louistomlinsonville, @loutropolis, @lovelhes, @madstoran, @meenswear, @memeleanor, @millionharry, @misteltoenarry, @mistfvl, @modernharrystyles, @moscatostyles, @mullingarharrys, @mysticalharry, @narrygolfclub, @narrymccartney, @narrymusings, @narryspace, @niallftlauren, @niallsweatervest, @nicebottom, @nlessed2k17, @nojemmyproteste, @nuzzlenarry


@onedirectiobama, @oneharrystyles, @oscarsforharry, @ot5ownsthisass, @packerhaz, @pansexualharry, @pastelpinkharry, @payneandstyles, @paynesenterprise, @paynoaddict, @peachy-gays, @permanentcross, @pink-ass-heart, @prancingboots, @preciousharry, @purplesabbath, @racontwerk, @ravenclaw-niall, @respects1d, @riptideharrie, @robotharru, @rockinmp3, @rosieharry, @rosyharru, @rudolphkink, @rulingtherecovery, @savage-styles, @scorpios, @seraphlouis, @skellydun, @sluttemoji, @smugniall, @snaperrie, @socialstatuscasualty, @softangelharry, @soloboots, @solohoeran, @solostylesstan, @spnharry, @stockholmsstyles, @strawbharry, @stuyles, @stylesmclovin, @stylesmyth, @stylespug, @stylessemantics, @stylession, @stylesthebaker, @stylininmi, @stylishirish, @styloff, @teamsoloniall, @teenagedirtbagharrry, @temporaryharry, @the1975gifs, @thedailystyles, @theharryenthusiast, @theharrystyleseffect, @thetomlinsondaily, @thetrendeleanor, @thighstattoo, @thirdalbumharry, @thoselipsharry, @tinysilverbird, @tiostyles, @tomlinlouis, @tomlinsapphic, @tomlionsuns, @toobadforthefacts, @truelovealwayshurts, @trulymadlysydney, @valentinehes, @violinistharry, @walkedinthewind, @walkingintheamm, @weeklyfangirl, @whothehellisharry, @wildest-ddreams, @winterwonderziall, @xfactornude, @yvhes, @zarriealbum, @zquad2016, @zrakebytheocean, @zyul

yes i reused the #headerfordan i made last month FITE ME

I finally hit 3k! Thanks to everyone who welcomed me back to this damned website after two years of absence. I still don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into though. Here’s to what’s to come!

special mention to @ravehowell ; jade! im glad we became friends the one and only person in my gc aside from our love for Phil Lester. let’s discuss more stuff about social science and maybe analyze dnp in those frameworks as well. ILYSM!

Now for all my D&P/Youtuber mutuals(?) i luv u all (apologies if i missed you??? just message me omg but ily still !!!)

If I don’t follow you then i still love you dw mwah.

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Happy December everyone! Today is the 20th of December 2016! I decided in honor of my favorite month and because the year 2016 is about to be over that I’m going to make another follow forever. It’s been about 7 years for me on this site, but only about three in dedication to the football world. I cannot imagine life without football and all that I’ve taken in these past three years. Football has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve gotten more confident because of it. I feel like my capacity for love is greater than before. I believe that football is capable of calming me (except you know when it comes to my top three: Argentina NT, River Plate, and FC Barcelona). But honestly, the feelings I have gained and continue to get from this beautiful sport inspire me every day.

Another thing I can say that this sport, this beautiful game, is the people I’ve befriended along the way. There’s the people that I consider my friends even though we don’t live close to each other. Sometimes we don’t have too many conversations, but when we do have them I appreciate every word said to me no matter how small or great in meaning.

There are the people that I follow all over in site. I see beautiful people with personal stories expanding as the world spins. I see people with a whole lot of heart, so much ability to love and to be incredible too! I see everybody so smart, so funny, so filled with potential yet to be achieved and potential achieved and then some. I’m amazed and proud to say I am friends or at least mutuals or at least a follower/followed by incredible human beings.

I see drama on Tumblr. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen it. I’ve witnessed it. I’ve been a part of it. But you know what, there’s a beauty to Tumblr too. It’s the people I’ve met. It’s to the people who follow me. It’s to the people I follow. It’s the people who I am blessed to actually call my friend.

I don’t know how any of your year has been. I don’t know the trials any of you have had to gone through. I know there aren’t words I can say that can make any of it easier, make the load just a bit lighter either. All I know is that I appreciate you, your scrolling through my blog, your following me, your reblogging and/or liking posts I’ve made or reblogged, your replies on posts, your asks, your submissions, and your private messages. I appreciate it all.

Thank you for allowing me to be with you in this community. 2017 is around the corner. It’s going to be grand, somehow and someway. Thank you again.

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hey everyone!! so i recently hit 1k on this blog!! thank you all so much, i never would’ve imagined i had this many followers, most of which i consider friends!! here are just a few of you amazing peeps whom i love dearly

(ps pls don’t feel bad if we’re mutuals and you’re not on here, shoot me a message if you want to talk or something and ill probably love you forever)

here we gooo


@a-drunk-giraffe @acephan @alinaispandi @astronautdan @btsphan @colorphill @dan-howell-exe @dansucc @dantea @dantlers @deadpeej @deletedan @drizzle-lester @etherephil @ethsera @existentialplight @fringegaps @galacticallester @glitterfacehowell


@heartoutphan @hell-scape @heyyoucoolemo @hopinghowell @hotlinehowell @illuminatinglester @ironically-danlester @lesterdans @lesterdreams @lesterp @lettuceiskinkykale @librarylester @lovebirdlester @luminousphil @meepmorpzeepzorp @miobee


@opaquehowell @orbitingphan @phan-smiling @phanniephil @phantastically-unsure @phantasyprone @philtrashblr @phiru @phtl @princessdan @puritylester @rosythicc @shibu-howell @sleepyphan @smolsins @softdnp @starlitfandoms @the-second-star-to-the-right-me @treephil @treetrex-socks @wispyphil @writerlester @xospacerangerxo @youtubes-got-me-fucked @yuri-howell

i hope i didn’t miss anyone and if we’re not mutuals i’m sorry please kick me out the window this is awkward

so i finally got off my arse to do a follower forever! ive probably forgotten some people bc sideblogs and such but know that i love you all! 

some really important people:
@unchillnursey - my dude, my pal u know how much i love u and u have actually saved my life for real,, its so crazy that we met bc of check please,, like can u even believe it

@omgheckplease - babe ur so lovely and sweet and silly and gorgeous ily 💖 (and ur blogs of course) 

@pandowl - pal you are very very kind and helpful and its nice to know that you are in my corner you know?

@legendarydragondefender - we only started talking recently (my bad) but its really easy to talk to you and very good :))

@adopt-all-the-tadpoles, @androgynousspacemango, @antoinerousssel, @aroaceshitty, @artsyhipsternhlbro, @asexualdex, @asexualnursey, @audiaphilios, @autisticchowder, @autisticzimmboni, @autistic–wellie, @benjji2795, @birlcholtz, @bi-ransom@bittebittle, @biholsom@bittleforpresident, @bisexualjustinoluransi, @bisexual-holster, @bobaphichit, @bootytoohella, @bpdkentparson, @blueeyes-and-hockeysticks@bshittyknights, @caitlnfarmer, @camillacollinsfanclub, @captainmorielly, @catknit7, @checkpleasetae, @chilllaxbro, @chillwhiskey, @chowder-chow, @chowderdefensesquad, @competitivefuckinghorticulture, @dadbob, @dallaseguin, @dayslegend, @demidex, @derek-nursey-nurse@dewrecknurse, @dexnurseyheadcanons, @dexondefense@dexs-freckles, @dexthecryptid, @dexydex, @didjamissme, @dixie-champagne, @drinkity, @ehbittle, @epickegster, @especially-shitty

@fatlardo, @fffffuckthelaxteam, @fooiinneeee, @foxtrot-thelaxbro, @foxtrotthelaxbro, @genesiee, @gigglyseguin, @gutsybitsy, @halfnakedshitty, @happyzimm, @harrisonbrownie, @haus-sweet-haus@hellaswawesome, @hockeycaptain, @hockeygarbage, @hoenursey, @holtzy@itsybittle, @ittybittyzimmermann, @jackbittymann, @jckzimmermanns, @jewishtango@jkirkmccoy, @johnnysgaudreau, @kanyeparson, @kenny-jr@king-pengis, @kitpurrsontrashqueen, @kvparson90, @larissadvan, @lardo4lyfe@lardodavinci, @lardoduandefencesquad, @lardoismymom@lardosgirlfriend@legojacques, @lesbiancaptainamerica, @lesbiangeorgiamartin, @lilgaybabes, @littlestpersimmon, @lizards-online, @lobsterdex@lovethygoalies@marcandresfleurys, @marchandd, @marquisdehockey, @matt-marns, @mr-crappy, @multi-purpose-tool-guy, @myboyransom

@nonbinarybitty, @nonbinarybuckys, @nsfwomgcp, @nursepoindexter, @nurseys-long-lost-chill, @nursey-nursey-please, @obihan, @ocdransom, @oduyah, @ohh-watson, @ohsobittle, @olllmaatta, @onethousandroaches, @omggeorgiamartin, @piesandpucks, @phillipsheabutter, @polyfrogsofficial, @redporkpadthai, @reytistic, @rocklardo, @rhysiana, @samwell-womens-hockey, @sick-flow, @sidcrosbybro, @sharkcastic, @showsonface, @shittybnice, @softebuddy@soft-hockey, @softhockeybroaesthetic, @someobscurereference, @spaceyho, @steaderikfrederik, @teamusatrash, @tiny-potatos, @tiptoe39, @thedragonsfate, @thehausghosts, @themetaphysicalgoalie, @theybothknow, @trans-autisticchowder, @trans-cp, @transguytango, @transshittyknight, @transtadpoles, @transwhiskey, @tyranosaurus-dex@unsoliciteddibs, @vegaces, @vimzimm, @violacakes, @weapon-x-program, @whisperydrunk, @zimboniiiiii, @zombizombi

(favs are bolded)

hey! so like i’m doing a follow forever because it’s a little over my one year of being on here, it’s the holidays, and i just hit my next hundred. i’ve never done one of these and i feel like this is a good time to!! i wanna thank everybody in this list for making my dashboard exciting. and this is the part where ppl say their friends are bolded but i rlly dont talk to anybody so like if you wanna be friends hmu!!


@58087 // @a-bgally // @abcgally // @agally-bgally // @alattalove // @alexclutchenyuk // @alexgalchucky // @aliceinhabsland // @armyofdanes // @backyssegway // @bfals // @brandonesutter // @brendamngallagher // @brendan-ga11agher // @brrrakovsky // @buracap // @canadiens-not-canadians // @capitainequebec // @captain-problematic // @carey-pric31ess // @chief0keefe // @christinedoesart // @chuckandgally // @cparayko // @daleweiseit // @ellers // @filipf0rsberg // @folignsky


@galchenyolk // @galchenyucks // @galchenyukwiththepuck // @galla-chenyuk // @gallaghergoal // @gallagherhockey // @gallyhasmyheart // @gallylove // @glovesdropped // @goaliesticks // @goldanklebonecups // @gtfoitshockeytime // @habbydays // @habbygleek // @habsessed // @habsforever // @habsroom // @halvedhab // @highstik // @hockeyaf // @hockeycaptain // @hockeydilf // @hockeyismyreligon @hockeyobsession // @hohohoforcarlo // @holyhabs // @holyschmidt // @horseshitfuckingcall // @icedcaramellatta // @jacksbits // @jamiebenntrash // @joexsakic


@kentprsn // @kuznetsov // @kuznetsovs // @landessblog // @lattaloveforwilson // @lattsandhags // @lesgallys // @liquidtomatos // @lukemichael // @macdrouin // @marntthews // @mcjesus // @meanlarsnicklasbackstrom // @merry-price // @mikerichardsofficial // @milan-lucic // @montrealcapitals // @montrealcaps // @motherpuckers // @mrscurtislazer // @mtchmrner // @mtlprice // @natebeaulieus // @nhl-canes // @nhlfucale // @nhlnewsdesk // @omgcheckplease // @omgittybits // @oshbabee // @ovechkink 


@panic-at-the-goalline // @papabackstrom // @paraykko // @patelaine // @pernell-karl76 // @piesandpucks // @pksuburban // @pricey-and-gally // @priceys // @puckducky // @puckioretty // @pucksbeforefucks // @reimr // @samsonovs // @sarniasting // @savedbyprice // @scaredshotless // @scheifelelele // @sheaweebs // @shittysflow // @sidcrosbybro // @sidmalkin // @sidnezcrosby // @snowbitty // @so-hockey-eh // @stanleycup // @stevedangle // @steveyzermans // @suckmyprusticles // @thatsthat24 // @thornescratch // @tjoshov // @trevordales // @washcapitals // @zetterbabe

My Follow and Thanks

Not going to get all mushy on you guys…I hope. Just…let me say a little something.

This year has been fucking insane, for me personally. You know, outside of everything insane that somehow is true in the real world? I like to ignore that shit when on Tumblr because it’s a getaway for me. Helps calm me and realize there are still some AMAZING people in this world.

And this fandom especially. I mean…how are you guys even REAL? So many of you have stretched your arms so wide I was afraid you were going to break yourselves. 

I’ve actually been in this fandom for a good two years now, but I felt to insecure to even ATTEMPT to create some of the things I saw on a daily basis. You are a talented bunch, ain’t you? And I’m not even talking about only the popular blogs. This goes out to all the blogs I WILL miss recognizing. Keep writing. Keep drawing. Keep giffing. KEEP CREATING. And let our boys live on in our hearts and minds.

Thank you: @a-mountain-ash, @acollectionofsterek, @actually-demisexualhale, @andavs, @annabethlemorte, @baneofawolf, @bashfyl, @batwynn, @benaya-trash, @dexterous-sinistrous, @endgame-sterek (and @nogitsunelichen since you DO have to tag them together), @hale-of-stiles-heart, @halesheart, @kieren-fucking-walker, @kylerinvention, @nosetothewind94, @profoundsterekscamander, @ritarmandi, @sixspades, @spider999now, @sterek-compliments, @sterekseason, @thepsychicclam, @thesparkandthewolf, @wibblywobblytimeywimeygirl, and @vcurtz

See you all in the new year. Big hugs!!!

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hey guys!! i’ve been seeing a lot of these circulate around the stranger things fandom, so i decided to join in and make one as well! i’ve also recently hit 1000 followers on here, and that’s lovely, and i wanted to make this so i could show my appreciation for all 1000 of you! so without further ado, here’s my 2016 follow forever! make sure to check out everyone tagged and give them a follow :)


@afanofthumper @affairiste @allstrangersthings @allthingsstranger @baeleven @barbaraholland @bichaelwheeler @bycrs1971 @byeers @cassssian @cheatons @chiefhopper @cloeggo @dailystrangerthings @dana-in-wonderland @demogorgonx @dungeons-and-demogorgons @dustinlucaswillmikeeleven @eggoel @eggogorgon @eggosanddragons @eggosandpromises @elevenbbrown @elevenell @elevenseggos011 @eleveu @elevnns @experimenteleven 


@fearthedemogorgon @finnseggo @finnxwheeler @flea-and-the-acrobat @for-coffee-and-contemplation @frogfaceandthefreak @fuckyeahmileven @harringtonsquad @hawkinsgifs @heliophobicsoul @hellyeahstrangerthings @iconstranger @imjonathanbyers @incorectstrangerthingsquotes @jancybyers @jancybyers @jancytrash @jim-hopper @jimhoppersbeard @jonathanbyersmom @jonathanbyrs @joycebyersdefensesquad @joyceseggos @justice-for-benny @juststrangerthings @jxnathanbyxrs @kolmikealson @lilween @maplestweirdo @mike-wheeler @mikeleven011 @mikes-promise @mikeseleven @mikewheeleven @mikexeleven @milevenn 


@nance-byers @nancewheelerz @nancybyrs @nancytrash @nancywheeeler @nancyy-wheelerr @natdyerdaily @ofthestrangerthings @papa-hopper @promise–promise @promiseleven @protectmike @raesberri @reallyjustaneggoscommercial @reallylikeseggos @reedstrangerthings @rowseggos @shesavedus @sincerewheeler @sstrangerthaneleven @steve-hairington @steveharringon @stranger-th11ngs @strangerthingsart @strangerthingsfanatic @strangerwhee11ers @supercomsandeggos 


@t-adash-i @tedandchicken @telekineticeggos @the-weirdo-on-maple-street @thecastlebyers @themikewheelers @thesufferbrothers @thiscuriositydoor @tinyryder @upsidebyers @upsidedowneggo @vanishingofwillbyers @wecouldgotothesnowball @weirdoonmaplestreet @whatabouttheonetime @wheelrs @willbyers @winonabyers @wolfhardfinn 

go follow all these lovely people!! also, be sure to tell me if i missed anyone, i tried my best to tag all the people i could think of :) i hope you all have a fantastic new year, and thank you all again for 1000!!!! followers. i love you guys so much, and i’ll see ya on the flip side <3

hello lovely people!! ‘tis the season to appreciate your mutuals, friends, and those cool blogs who don’t follow you but make your dash better daily anyway❤️🎄  (take a gander at that lovely photo straight from my friend google because i don’t know how to make edits, lmao)

i know it’s ALSO the season for christmas and holiday urls so i tried to get everyone right and i’m really sorry if i forgot someone! i hope i didn’t! but if you feel like you should be on this, you’re definitely on it in my heart. y’all know who you are 


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