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Hey guys, this is GRACE (dearmyjimin), your resident Jungkook and Jimin stan. My blog has just hit it’s first-year anniversary and I wanted to start a series of yearly follow forever posts that serve as both a personal compilation of some fav graphics of my own (so that I can track how much I’ve grown as a designer), as well as to thank everyone who has helped me in one way or another. Each and every creation was made possible because of all the support I received. I wish to thank those who follow and support me, my lovely mutuals and friends who encourage me and all the blogs I follow for decorating my dash with amazing content. I am proud to be an ARMY and to stan 7 Kings who are the sources of inspiration behind my creations ♡

my mutuals - bolded
♡ - personal message under the cut

# - F

@97x95  | @acaracahehe ♡ | @aishjimin | @apgujeon | @artofennun | @ask-bts-stuff | @ask-joonie | @bangtannoonas@bang-tan | @baobwi@beui | @beuits@bloominflowers@booptae | @bwibelle | @bwink ♡@bwipsul | @bwiyomi | @chimcheroo | @chimchams | @chimchins | @chimilkeu | @comeherejimin | @cowjimin | @cyyphr | @deartaetae | @exolutelyx​ ♡ | @fhawn | @forjimin

G - L 

@gotjhope​ | @hobuing​ | @hohbi​ | @hoseokxx| @inkcassette​ | @jeongguk​ | @jeonheart @jeonify​ | @jeonity ♡​ | @jeonsshi@jiminrolls@jimiyoong​ ♡ | @jinthebunny | @jjilljj​​ | @jjks​​ | @jpgtae​ | @junghope​ |  | @j-helpless​ | @j-cypher​ ♡ |  @kimdaily​ ♡ | @ktaebwi​ ♡ | @kthish​ ♡ | @kths​ | @kkumri​ | @kookiebuff

M - R

@nerdjoonie​ | @nikkmonoxyls​ | @noranb​ | @maengion​ | @mangaetteok​ | @maja-sinika​ | @meitiandokaixin​ ♡ | @mewchim​ ♡ | @minblush​ ♡​ | @minpuffs​ | @mintsugakookies| @mintear​ | @park-jimizzle​ ♡​ | @pawjimin​​

S - Z 

@seonmuriya | @sosjimin ♡ | @sunbaejin | @sunshine-hobi | @sevenkookiejars |  @sweaterpawsjimin | @taeguk | @taebokkii | @taenekiii | @taevisual | @thumino | @tttaehyung | @wonkkyun | @yeoongi | @yoohnseok | @yoonem | @yoongles | @yoonseok | @yoongsins ♡ | @yoonmin@war-of-hormoan@wonpei | @vmiin

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ignore the banner i have no talent in the digital realm

so umm holy shit i hit 1k??? i’m honestly still in shock and my only emotion is !!!! i made this blog back in august because i wanted somewhere to rant about the loves of my life (take a guess who) and be really open with myself in a way that i really can’t irl and i’ve literally never had a negative experience on here,, everyone is just so lovely and accepting and i couldn’t be more grateful :(( 

now that i’ve had my classic soppy ramble, here are only some (this is still so long wtf) of my amazing mutuals and pals, i’d include everyone but i follow sO many people i just couldn’t fit everyone in, they are all quality blogs and quality people :’) 

of course if i included you and we aren’t mutuals feel free to punch me 

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Hi guys! Today (170320) officially marks the first birthday of this blog! 🎊 I’ve never expected anything much other than just a place for me to yell and post about the group I love the most. To my surprise, I was able meet so many talented, wholeheartedly creators/bloggers and as well as a few very amazing close friends on here! Thank you to all the people who have like/reblogged my things, sent me any nice messages (though I really suck badly at replying I always try), and of course for even following such a blog as mine! Thank you thank you so much for supporting my blog, I am so grateful and thankful for all of you. (this is too long alrdy lol)
Lastly, a special thanks always to the tae to my chim alicia for pushing me to make this blog in the first place! We homies for life. Now without futher ado, let’s get to it! 

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Random Follow forever

Originally posted by amlashinee

No special occasion, but I’ve never done one and want to show my appreciation for all my friendos and/or mutuals! In no particular order:

@hakujiin @the-man-who-sold-za-warudo @o3o-b @juliehetathug @gurikajis @evangelikon @zsaber @uchigtana @dezaki @gurrenlagging @hiratzuka @jattoba @kyun @laughoutloli @lilium @my-waifu-is-better-than-yours @little-bird-in-your-universe @more-moe-more-problems @alphastigma117 @assdare @adorable-anime-girls @ahegao-infection @akali @aku-no-homu @ayumi-bear @ama-neee @aegao @araragichan @azusa-nakano @aich-see-em @aokyofu @aoichan @basedkanbaru @banishthisworld @byzantine-love-machine @cutegirlsdoingcutethings @catgirlsdoingcatthings @caskitsune @cresciento @cute-girls-from-vns-anime-manga @cutthroatcity @cosplaysex @corn-chan @csgostash @ccs @danmachi @hestiagasm @darkrai10 @darkchunni @deadecchi @dragolla @discobrando @doujinshi @ero-cos @ephchi @elin-thighs @ecchifortheplot @evange1ion @emilia-subaru @feariie @fixanime @fileth-fileth @fairykeis @fluffymoe @getyournekoshere @griff-x @gunnm @godweeb @gnarlysensei @hexagon431 @healing0831 @htmlcodes @hiratzuka @hiyaron01 @hothotmiso @honotard @holleyteatime @hxh @ieaka @irityu @irukas @itscalledmoeufuk @itapc @itadaki-italy @izuyn @ipscell @is-the-order-a-destroyer-new @is3cute5me @isucktoesforreal @idiot-shinji @ikuhara @ikari-shinji @iloveemilia @ichigo-sundae @internet-bun @inushige-san @imoutofeet @imitation-ghost @imasian123 @justintaco @johnathon @jpurin @keropamyupamyu @kuzuchu @kitthies @kongou-san @kvnai @kv3dia @lavaloli @lacey-hime @lewdest-lounge @lewdbooru @lunaticyuno @lolisarereligion @lolitahime @lnoue @mudkipsan @miuroko @milky-lait @moonfluff @moecuties @moehi @moenekomimi @mahouprince @mangafascination @mymoeblog @nyanpasuminasan @nekomimimi @nelnia @nemupan @nursejpg @nozoshi @nobues @narumeias @not-senpai @notyoursafeharbour @nflstreet @nge-nerv @nyararagi @nyanberry @nczj @orenogazoo @oujiz @ookazaki @oshino-ougichan @officialprinzeugen @officialevangelion @officialyasen @okmsk @onyasumi @onulohayou @ominous-misaka @puni-punishment @pure-loli @pink-loli @pmymb @qtlolis @qualitymadoka @relife-project @rurori @sagiri-izumi @sachi-komine @secretotaku @sugoihentai @sirren @shoujoromance @sleepyidolmango-chan @slylolishake @sylferino @takeyourmimis @trashwaifu @truestbish @tippy-the-rabbit @tojoh @tsukissed @threemilk @uchigtana @uruka @usagipng @usobear @udon-udon @uberchargedderp @unit00s @vergil03 @wolf0716 @wakata @waifu-01 @xyzismywaifu @xdeyuix @xorfox @xedous @littlelolihime @little-miss-ancient @officialnagato @kantaikore @kanariiya @kannakamui @alwayslackadaisical @remyos @kabanru-suruga @hotanimeboy @hot-pocket-rabbits @loliblues @kouir @nihonbo @futa-prince-owns-za-warudo @loli-succubi @lilsiscon @this-is-cthulhu-privilege @thiscrush @hentai-pope @error100110 @lovelymonoko @chilly-ashiteru @thivus @kekoji @shinoboops @moeitall @moepig @aokyofu @xshunin @dont-challenge-the-queen @me-tree-me-spam @kyunari @a-precious-loli @shirobaka @sofeira @anime-scarves @shiintan @yuubarii @yuudoshi @yatsuhashi @remu-remu @mechacutie @senjyogaharara @senj0ugahara @skyholic @lostmayoi @blackberryteapot

That’s it I tried to mention as many as possible sorry if I forgot someone!! Thank you all for following / making my dashboard great <3 

hi there, its qis here! i am so proud to announce and share with you all that i reached my first 1000 followers on this blog. its been a good year and yeah, its a slow feat but till this day, i cannot believe i have such wonderful people that follow this trashy ass blog to read my stories, reblog my shitposts and share my endless amount of love for 7 dorks✨. over this year, i met such extremely amazing friends and followers from all around this world, and i want to thank you all for sticking with me and this shitty blog of mine like srsly thank you so much i didnt think i would have made it this far 💕💕💕

also a big fat JUICY THANKS to all my favourite writers and artists who have given me so much inspirations and drive to reach to where i am right now. im just a struggling amateur writer still in search of her style but being surround by such amazing writers and stories, i have never been so secure:) once again, a big fat JUICIER THANKS to my followers for supporting me, and my friends and mutuals who have been such amazing sisters to me🙏🙏

thought i would do another follow forever hehe. summertae is a sideblog and i will just tag blogs who also followed my mainblog @dulcetdaisies 

bolded - mutuals
amazing high quality friends - ❤️
favourite writers / artists aka no.1 inspirations - ✨ (notice me senpai :3)
trashy hoez who thirst with me 24/7 / snapchat buddiezz - 💦

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500 Followers Follow Forever!

I just hit 500 followers! So I wanted to do one of these “Follow Forever” posts, even though I’m a little unsure how they’re supposed to work. But I’m grateful to every single person who follows me, because it encourages me and makes me feel appreciated that you find my posts worth reading. I appreciate every single follower, every single like, every single reblog, every single comment, every single ask, and every single message. You guys mean a lot to me, so I want to acknowledge every single one of you. Mutuals are italicized, and my favorite blogs and/or people are bolded. But even if your name isn’t bolded, always feel free to message me and strike up a conversation! Lastly, I apologize profusely if I’ve missed anyone in any way, because compiling this list was way more complicated than I expected!

@1ddream0utl0ud, @1dphanlarrie, @1thousandminus7, @2022hadmefrickinzazzed, @abiannagrande, @acupofbullshit, @acwisegirl, @addictedtoanesthesia, @aestheticmeme-jpeg, @aestheticpigeon, @afyghm, @agastopiaphan, @agingphangirl, @alecdoesnotmakepie, @alizoosh, @alonelyfangirl, @amazin-philly, @amazingdan-philisnot-onfire, @amber184, @ambrosialphan, @amourdora, @andrea18ab, @andreaboney, @animalqueen17, @anna-annacandoit, @annacloupsalumpa, @annaortega13, @annenonimus, @annietizzle, @anotheranti-socialphangirl, @ansulara, @apostbakinguniverse, @artesthetique, @asforthesoundtrack, @asleepycactus, @ateyourusername, @attackonmuffin, @attackonshenshi, @avatarastrid, @awesome-bandphangirl, @awkwardbird, @ayestus, @ayresa, @azaethal, @babyboo-92, @babyturtlepanda, @baerotic, @bakingbfffangirl, @banoffeephan, @barelyalivebarelydead, @basicbailie, @batslin99, @beatricehavo, @beautifulchaoticmess333, @beautifulthoughtsandmistakes, @bellawolf12, @bibliophagist17, @billgreenuniverse, @bionicscorpio, @bitchitsbushra, @blanket-howell, @blueberry-cupcake-no1, @blueberryphancakes, @blurry-pug, @blushing-phan, @bookish-troye, @breadstic-k, @brightlesters, @british-giraffes, @broccoli-blogger, @brook3mcloughlin, @brooke-godwin, @brunettedog, @bubblegumbliss6776, @bubblylester, @bucketsofsunshine, @bumblingbeauty

@campingphan, @canvis-art15, @casthedanosaur, @catwhiskers-andnoses, @celestinehowell, @centuryoldlove, @chaartjexx, @charlee-rose2001, @charlottekath, @cheerqueenn, @chlogiel, @classicalphilip, @clear-sky-howell, @clevertangerine, @closetedirony, @cocacolalester, @cois, @colormehazelnut, @crabies, @crazytrumpetgal, @creamphilled, @cute-gamers, @cutelittletyrant, @dallowmayhem, @daneyelash, @danhowlite, @daniels-daddy, @danislame, @danisnotofficer, @dansforeheadcurl, @danthememequeen, @danyellz, @dazzling-phan, @deathbystars, @delusionalphannie, @die-child-peck-peck-peck, @dikenhe, @dimplescapitalcity, @dipsometoastinyoursoup, @discretephan, @doctormelapples, @dodiedoodle, @douxgabs, @dovahkringe, @dragonsaphirareads, @drarry-phan-larry, @dressesagent, @dylanoscroft, @e-scapeit, @efi-goo89, @ellenwhite80, @elzicozeee, @emilysshook, @emmalita, @emoeater, @emonerd-io, @emoprincezuko, @ericatheterrica13, @ethanrocks76, @evakandphantrash, @evehp7, @existencewell-whatdoesitmatter, @existentialgleeking, @ezraboyy, @failingphan, @fairy-light-phantasy, @falling-howlter, @fanculooalmondoo, @fancyasscupoftea, @fandom-baby, @fangirlfir, @fangirling-all-night-long, @filledwithweirdness, @findasafeplace, @floofytrees, @flumod, @fourthingsandawizard, @freitzfangirl, @frickingdan, @frihed-liberty, @fringegaps, @fromoutofspace, @gamergoodwin, @gdusbdjwkbdidfnj, @geoandloca, @georgiemary, @gilinaciotumb, @girlmeetsyoutubesphillester, @golenarrowshot, @gooseyhouse, @gravityphil, @gregorypatelna, @gwenyourfren

@happinessismyfight, @happyabby1113, @happysaddeepquotes, @hardcorefangirl15, @hayley-nicola, @headfullofhollowstars, @heathnes, @hedge-is-in-fandoms, @helloandwelcometosurvival, @hesitant-dan, @hetalia-heroin, @heyitsawkard, @heyitsbekahashleigh, @hoezlays, @hothowell, @howellcanyounot, @howellscrunchynuts, @hwlle, @hypnotic-howell, @i–am-a-mushroom, @ifeelspecial, @iforgotwhatsleepis, @ifyoucouldnotthatwouldbegreat, @ileanamh, @imdeletingmyinternethistory, @imissrupertgrint, @impala-potterhead-67, @imphantrashaccepthat, @imsimplystupid, @infinitelyinterested, @inkyhowlter, @insania9, @insert-selfdeprecating-songlyric, @instant-taffy, @isthatagasleak, @itme-nofaithleft, @its-captainmoon, @itsaphansplosion, @ittylar, @iwantashibainu, @izzybbell, @jammydoodler, @jellyfish4012, @jimmytheinternetperson, @jorzuela, @joselinne22, @jucbw, @juliaisthebatman, @jurassicphan, @just-another-black-cat, @justpitylaughplease, @k-is-not-amused, @kaorumuse, @karadarkraven, @kateinmadison, @kawaii-phan-cx, @kawaiiphancake, @kaylee-walsh, @kcwinchester, @kenzcurr, @kevinisunicorn, @kill-me-now-vine-rip, @killermess, @kissesandcuddlesphan, @kissmyphan, @kissyphil, @kiwicheekychica, @knyhe, @kreeolecaay, @krpz4, @kylowho

@ladym1dn1ght546, @laliaguiar689, @latte-howell, @lavenderlacelester, @lavieeenrose, @lazi-otaku, @leahclaire119, @lesterria, @lestersnebula, @lestr1987, @libbiistuff, @liconanna, @light-estheim, @liguisticals, @lilyimnotlily, @literalangellester, @litral-human-trash, @literallyhusbands, @livelaughlovelester, @lizzielula, @llamas-and-lions-phan, @loufighters, @lovablehowell, @love5secondsofs, @lovelydovelylester, @lucile-nietok7jx67, @lunnisthegirl, @lvtiger32, @macaronidan, @madstarrocks123, @maggiemoo652, @mahdieyyy, @mairenyaf, @make-phil-howell, @marriedpan, @mat-matte, @me-and-phil, @melapples-oil-on-canvas, @memoraflynnia, @menapples, @merlijne-joling, @methegabbage, @metilose1984, @mia–d0lan, @midnight-shipping, @misakichan274, @miss-mandragore, @mitsleo99, @monstermunch321, @moonphilight, @moosthie, @morgeous-ren, @mrbrony65, @muggleblue, @mxria-is-fangirling, @my-pal, @myaani, @mylifeisaverysadjoke, @myreputationandmygoodintent, @nahp023, @nanaomi12345-blog, @nebulaedaniel, @nekotoast, @newhappythoughts, @nicelester, @nicodigaybaby, @nillavanilla21, @nostalgicallyphan, @not-a-phan-of-blueberries, @nottobeeexpectedof, @nuttshellz, @nyx-nox-11, @obv10usly, @ohwellmetoo, @okuma-holmes, @orphanisthenewcreampuff

@paigedowle2002, @parasoll-af, @passbyers, @pastelwhorehowell, @patrick-i-guess, @peachmdt, @phan666nice, @phanarchy, @phanasourasrex, @phanda, @phandasy, @phandyademigod, @phandyfloss, @phanetixs, @phanickingpilotss, @phanisnotonphire, @phanlover28, @phanplusphotos, @phans-r-us, @phantastical-squish, @phantasyprone, @phanyone, @philsalmondmilk, @pikalenekoo, @pinkymoony, @pizzaphil, @planet-explorers-kicked-peej, @planetliguori, @playmelikeacello, @poeisburdenedwithglorioushair, @poppunkandtoodrunk, @porkcutletdanny, @portslock, @potato-being, @potterwholocklin, @pphtaxn, @presidenthowell, @princaxiety, @princewu, @probablykinkshaming, @professorrobot, @queen-maple-howell, @questionableturtle, @quirky-book-girl, @quitefriendly, @quotewagon, @rainbowandgayaf, @rainbowcakejoy, @rainbowdork16, @rainfallinginthewoods, @rakhee0158, @random-whovian4621, @randomness-and-stupidity, @razzmatazzkaty, @realismandromance, @reapingwithjoy, @rebeccastylinson-world, @rebhappily, @renaroo123, @rephil, @rexysworld, @rikethespacellama, @rinstern-sixkmylife, @riteofashkente, @romithedevil, @rosblad, @rubberupandmakedanhowell, @rubydoobydooo, @runwiththisdinosaur

@sam-adamz, @saraaflorees, @sarahdoesntknowhowtocook, @sassykels102, @saydeegalvan, @secret-phan, @semolinacello, @serenephil, @seupphereicome, @sevenseela, @sh0t0, @shawn-mendes-is-every-thing-blog, @shawneemorrow, @shelly-snugglebunny, @shhhlistentothefeels, @shisaphan, @sinalock, @singergirllovespenguins, @sivanxphan, @skunkparadise, @slythindork07, @smarthedgehogs, @smeverdoodle, @smolsoftbab, @snowwhiteinblack, @so-ca-ma, @softhowellester, @softinsidemyheart, @sogigallow94119, @somuchwastedpotential, @sonotinclinedtoresigntomaturity, @soxnsand, @spacecowboyforever, @stargirllindsey, @spnphantrash, @sporadictalebread, @sprinkle-of-lester, @squishowelester, @ssddnfff, @stargirllindsey, @starmadephan, @starryskylester, @starsdustkid, @stevicity, @stilettodan, @storms-and-stardust, @strategicallybeautiful, @subtextlester, @suchaseriousband, @sunkissedlester, @superfluously-mellifluous, @supermassivefangirl, @superoriginal-name, @superpenguicorn, @superyoutubeobsessedlove, @sushittrashh, @svtcarat17, @swallow–nostalgia, @sweetbitterland, @sweetcharite, @sweeter2577, @syddakate, @sylveondreams

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Apparently there is a maximum number of blogs you can link in a single post, and so none of the blog links are showing up. Sigh.

guys, i’m still sitting and screaming because of this milestone??? i just wanted to take a moment to say that i love each and every single one of you so much and this means the world to me ❤❤❤ tumblr is truly one of my favorite places and you all make it that special place for me!!! so here’s to all of my faves and mutuals for sticking around and making this place feel like home! 

really quickly, before i do the whole ff, here are a few shoutouts: 

@goodformcaptainjones: thank you for being my friend since the fifth grade even though i fucking obliterated your trampoline the first day we met. you’ve been there for me through most of my life and i love you so, so much. you mean the absolute world to me.

@rentthewoods: giiiiirl you’ve been here for a longass time too!!! thank you for being the loveliest human being on the fuckin planet and all of the memes when i’m feeling down (still not thankful for that sin you sent me of dallon humping a guitar tho,,,,)

@madstheadventurer: thanks for being the funniest person that i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and for being one of my best friends!! your sense of humor and creativity has really influenced my own!! i miss and love you very much!! i can’t wait to see your films in theaters some day!!!!!!

@oika-cos: thanks for being my partner in crime and for many, many years of being best friends. i honestly wouldn’t know who i am without having you in my life and having had you in my life for so long!! you’re my writing partner and weeb buddy and those are two big parts of my life that i wouldn’t have without you!!! thanks for being my inspiration and also for introducing me to haikyuu!! and voltron and bts!!!!!! 

@kyvber: thank you for always making my day better with your lovely asks and equally lovely personality!!! you’re honestly one of the sweetest people on this website and in the entire goddamn world and i’m so thrilled that i get to be blessed by your sweetness so often!!!! you deserve the entire world and more❤❤❤❤

and last but not least, @ahsoaka: we’ve seen some shit this year, my dude. from moving into a dorm room together to having late-night star wars marathons/conspiracy theory/quiz nights to making a good friend and then losing him and to a giant fucking rollercoaster of sexuality crises, you’ve been there with me through it all. i love you with my entire fucking heart and soul and i know that we’re gonna be like obi-wan and anakin (pre-ros lmao) for the rest of our lives. thank you for being my other half. 

anyways, now that i’m crying, on to the actual ff!! 

(i felt that i should only include mutuals in this, because of my mutuals being my fam, but i’ll have faves italicized! faves are people that i talk to sometimes and really like or just some mutuals who make me smile whenever i see their content on my dash :) ) 


@adamparrsh, @alexisnovak, @alohomra, @amysantigao, @anankinskywalker, @andorooks, @andorsement, @anthvnystarks, @assian-candor, @barnesstevie, @barnesbottoms, @bisney, @boobie-fett, @boodhirooks, @bucchananbarnes, @buckbarnesx, @buckybarnx, @bxnres, @captainjimtkirk, @cassianandior, @cassianspilot, @celeana-sardothein, @charlieecobalt, @charmedcas, @chekkovv, @cinnamonrollpavelchekov, @clairenovac, @clizzyjimon, @commvnderdamerons, @couture39, @criminalreid, @cxptxinkirk, @damehrons,  @darkvaders, @darthlightwood, @darthmual,  @davthvaders, @dawson-rosario, @doctoreids, @dustnhenderson, @elphiesglinda, @emma-watson, @evenbechnaeshiem, @faerondale, @fallawayoongi, @fantasticase, @finnskywaalker, @gangseeey, @gillijacobs


@hanksmcoys, @harleyquinzel, @haydcnchristensen, @hkarusulu, @iconicbane, @impossible-woman, @iowakirk, @isaksarchie, @iwasonce-aqueen, @jacesimon, @jaceslewis, @jamesfuckingpaxton, @jedichirrutt, @jedigradstudent, @jervmyknox, @johnlcok, @jsmarv, @kazandmatt, @kitkatmcnamara, @kknobi, @knockedsoloose, @lancelotmorton, @leondrmccoys, @lightscbers, @loonydru, @lukasswaldenbeck, @mandysmilkovichh, @marinadiamondes, @mattmurdockss, @mothmanned, @neilsminyrd, @nerdpcy, @newtscamanders, @niifflers, @nimphatonks, @officialpavelchekov, @oh-fili, @ohsulu, @owengrcdys, @pamhlpert, @pasteldameron, @pawnees, @pendragqn, @pettydarthvader, @poeahdameron @poeedamerons, @prettyinfeels, @prxncessleia, @queeniigoldstein, @queensargent


@reikenobi, @rginadiaz, @rickonstvrk, @riichardharmon, @romanovanatalia, @rreyy, @ryanreyolds, @saintjvst, @scorpbius, @scottisbae, @scoundrelhan, @shadowhunting, @shitlordanakin, @shywookiee, @skyrey, @softdameron, @softhairmac, @softjimon, @sokas, @spacekogane, @spitouts, @starfighters, @starlordskywalker, @starsandsolos, @starwanda, @stevebucky, @tatooineknights, @tatoooine, @tattooine, @tchallabread, @teenage-queer, @thatonejedi, @thewincheters, @thicckevin, @trapdun, @waldenshxa, @wanximoff, @werifsteria, @wildetears, @williammagnusson, @winchesterze

Hey guys! I hit 1k a little while ago, and I meant to make this sooner (but i’m super lazy lol) I’ve wanted to do a follow forever for a while now, and 1k seemed like the perfect reason to do one! Image made by the wonderful @spacemcclain

There’s gonna be a lot of people so no bold/italicized lmao


@acestronmer @acrylicgreen @actualsvenshirogane @alteanlance @astrolance @avar1cious @avoidantyuuri @azarathianscribbles @bisexualleo @blackwally @bluemcclain @bluepaladiiin @breadpoetsociety @cheritsundere @cherryandsisters @chickenmcgucket @cindersart @cryptidcriss @cryptidkogane  @datklance @devanshe @dipper-mabel-pacifica @dismaydreamer @distantcroaking @doritopines @druidlance @facemasklance @finch-wing @fluffytheasianpanda @forsaken-spirits @forsakenspiarts


@galraboyfriend @garrettshunk @gaydrienagreste @genderfluid-lancemcclain @grandparicksanchez @himeki @holtmatt @hylianchocobro @ikimaru @itsnotgayifitsinspace @jameyfawkes @jimsdeadbones @jkwynn @k1ance @k3ithkogane @keef-kogayne @keithkoganeoffical @keithkogayne @klance-ing @klanced @koganx @lance-lance-revolution @lancehunks @lancemcclains @lanceologist @lancesgun @lanceskogane @legendarykids @lesbeansqueen @letkeithinfodump @littlestpersimmon @lordzarcock @luxites @m-arci-a @martziey-art @mcclaln @milkshakeprnce @mister-outer-space @mmabelpines @mothsgrl @mulletkink @mysteryseeker2000 @mythicalmaz 


@nctswitch @nekolance @ninatucker @oceanpaladin @orokanaato @paladinlxnce @paulblart-animehunter @percycalypso @phisobi  @piningallura @plsklance @pngpotpies @polaroidpidge @postals @princesszeldaz @promsien @quiznaks @qaladins @reignbow-tyrant @rizahawkstang @roseqtz @runaway-jade @samuraikeith @satanicpigtails @sergle @sharplmages @sniperlance @snowwhitehairandthesevenghosts @solarscam @spacekogane @spacemcclain @sproutson @starfleetrambo @stevenquniv @tervmob @thatsthat24 @the-ballad-of-serenity @the-blue-paladin @the-ice-castle @thecartoonbaes @thegaywasian @thelastzackk @thesaxymcclain @torifalls @velocesmells @vld-keith @vodka-aunt-coran @volrton @voltron-klance @volyoo @voretrons @vrepit-sals @weirdmageddon @whatsupiexist @witchkeith @xenavitani 

Networks i’m part of

@voltron-net @lancenetwork

These are all people who i’m friends with or have been following for a super long time or just have really rad blogs in general! :-)

guysss, I reached 300 after this blog was resurrected from years of inactivity! So to celebrate I wanted to make a ff! Being a part of the phandom makes me so happy, everyone is so beautiful and sweet and I hope my blog brings you laughs, joy and positivity!  

bolded are besties whom ilsm🌸  
italicized are my favorite blogs i follow✨

thank you to all my besties on here, you guys are so wholesome and beautiful and i love you so so so much!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ 

A - D

@agastopiaphan ~ @anotherinternetfangirl ~ @amazingmegara @bloomhowell ~ @bloomingphil ~ @blueberryphil ~ @blushinlester ~ @caitlinmorgan0 ~ @celestinehowell ~ @celestialesters ~ @cloud-9-queen ~ @creamphilled ~ @cheeselester ~ @cloverphan ~ @dayphil ~ @dansforeheadcurl ~ @delicatedaniels ~ @danisnotonfirewhiskey

E - L

@energeticwarrior ~ @eclipsehowelter ~ @elliesfics ~ @eli-howlter ~ @fuckinlester @frecklydan ~ @gloomylesterr ~ @halcyonhowelll ~ @hesitant-dan ~ @intrinsichowell ~ @kissmyphan ~ @kawaiiphancake ~ @killingyouwithphan ~ @lovebirdlestie ~ @lovelydovelylester ~ @lavenderlacelester ~ @lala-phan ~ @lestersdog ~ @limitedlester​ ~ @lovelylilaclester ~ @lethologicahowell

M - P 

@macaronidan ~ @my-lungs-will-phil@my-life-is-pistachiover ~ @novocainehowell@obscurehowell ~ @pastelphanfic ~ @princephil ~ @porn-daddy-dan-howell ~ @phanasourasrex  ~ @phanamored ~ @phangirlingforphan ~ @phillesterthecerealthief ~ @placebophan ~ @phanperra ~ @philsalmondmilk ~ @paradisedan ~ @philester ~ @pretty-boy-dan-howell 

Q - V

@roseyboys ~ @rosydodie ~ @rightmywronqs  ~ @rainbowshowell ~ @softhowellester ~ @snugglyhowell ~ @sexuallyambiguousphan ~ @stylishphil ~ @spiritedawaydjh ~ @sadnessphil ~ @sweetpeachlester ~ @starmadephan ~ @stargazing-lester ~ @snugly ~ @strhwll ~ @scarlett-storm ~ @thephantastickat ~ @torificus ~ @treasurelester ~ @uwannadoitmore ~ @vloggery 


hey everyone!! so i recently hit 1k on this blog!! thank you all so much, i never would’ve imagined i had this many followers, most of which i consider friends!! here are just a few of you amazing peeps whom i love dearly

(ps pls don’t feel bad if we’re mutuals and you’re not on here, shoot me a message if you want to talk or something and ill probably love you forever)

here we gooo


@a-drunk-giraffe @acephan @alinaispandi @astronautdan @btsphan @colorphill @dan-howell-exe @dansucc @dantea @dantlers @deadpeej @deletedan @drizzle-lester @etherephil @ethsera @existentialplight @fringegaps @galacticallester @glitterfacehowell


@heartoutphan @hell-scape @heyyoucoolemo @hopinghowell @hotlinehowell @illuminatinglester @ironically-danlester @lesterdans @lesterdreams @lesterp @lettuceiskinkykale @librarylester @lovebirdlester @luminousphil @meepmorpzeepzorp @miobee


@opaquehowell @orbitingphan @phan-smiling @phanniephil @phantastically-unsure @phantasyprone @philtrashblr @phiru @phtl @princessdan @puritylester @rosythicc @shibu-howell @sleepyphan @smolsins @softdnp @starlitfandoms @the-second-star-to-the-right-me @treephil @treetrex-socks @wispyphil @writerlester @xospacerangerxo @youtubes-got-me-fucked @yuri-howell

i hope i didn’t miss anyone and if we’re not mutuals i’m sorry please kick me out the window this is awkward

So, if y’all can’t tell by the banner today is my birthday, 19th birthday to be exact, and I wanted to do one of these in honor of it. I also hit a pretty cool milestone on Sunday. After being on here for quite a while I finally hit 1k, which is pretty fucking awesome, so thank you to everyone for that. 

Before I actually list all the wonderful people I think y’all should follow, I just wanted to give two quick shout outs. One to the awesome people in the lenaluthornw and supercorpnw as well as their group chats (y’all have definitely made this past week a good one). And another to my friend @dream-your-reality: Thank you for being there for me so much last year. You have become one of those friends that I don’t think I can ever live without and I hope that we are friends for the rest of our lives. I love you bud, I hope you’re having a great school year, and I really miss you.

I’m shit at picking favorites so instead I’m just gonna list all my wonderful mutuals! If you wanna see more of the amazing people that I follow, just go to my blogroll.Thank you all so much for sticking with me through everything! I love you all!

@acciosupercorp - @alexzorels - @altsameen - @badasssupertash - @crayscience - @danveers - @danvers-grant - @danversgrants - @directordanvers - @dream-your-reality - @flowerbisexual - @gayshorty - @its-all-in-your-imagination - @karadabvers - @karadancers - @kara-luthors - @karaluthrs - @karedanvers - @karlenah - @katiemcqrth - @kinkylena - @lenailuthor - @lenalumberjack - @lenaluthcr - @lenaluthhor - @lenaluthordefensesquad - @lenaluthorisgay - @lenaluthrr - @lenvluthor - @luthoring - @luthorology - @luthxrs - @memberofnumerousfandoms - @nevertobeships - @nxncy-wheeler - @prettyaveragewhiteshark - @queeralex - @rosesdancinginmymind - @singinprincess - @slightly-unpredictable-queen - @suprcorp - @swanquecn - @westsanvers - @wildsanvers

Hi this is @honeyheonie previously @wonholypeach​ or Jaz as most of you know me. Its already time for my second follow forever. I had my first 2 months ago with 500 followers and now I am back with 1000+. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! I love you all, even if we don’t talk just know that I see you and I appreciate you. I have met so many nice people and some who I am so thankful to call true friends. Everyone has shown me such immense love and supported my fics and moodboards and I just thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making my Tumblr experience so blessed. So onto before I bore you all. Tagging my wonderful mutuals who I hope to never lose. You all are super special too me!! And a huge thank you to @ckyun for the beautiful graphic she made for me. Im still blown away and I don’t know how to repay you. Please if you aren’t already following her go and do it now and check out her amazing gifs and graphics 💜 

Honorable mentions and mutuals/friends who I always talk with are Bolded!

#’s: @1leeminhyuk (My sister would be first lol. Ilhsm💜)

A’s: @ameehhhhh, @aka-minhyukuu​ (Take me too the moon😂 Forgive me Natalie💜)

B’s: @babywoon (Stan Beauty! Stan Sherry!💜), @bryony-raylene (She understands the pain Jooheon and Wonho bring me💜)

C’s: @ckyun (An honest to goodness angel. ILHSM💜), @ch-hyngwn (Idk if you all are aware but Janie is the shit💜), @cngkyns (My precious little bean💜), @chubby-burrito, @chiqkihyun

D’s: @daisydokyung​ (One of my youngins. I love her💜), @daehdream, @datingmx (Kai is bae. Get too know Kai now💜), @dorkyun

E’s: @evaxsy (Check out the amount of art and talent on this blog💜), @eternally-nocturnally

F’s: @flawlesskihyun (This smol makes me so happy💜)

G’s: @girlinawardrobe (A.K.A my soulmate. I love her too the moon💜)

H’s: @hyungnu (1/3 of my bestie trio. I Don’t know what I would do without her💜), @honeybeerapper, @himu-kwon (My precious smol bean!💜), @hotseok, @hidingintheshadowx, @honeyvevo  

I’s: @im-all-in-for-you, @ikonic-monbebe, @igot17jams, @in-wonhos-dreams (Massive love for my Lulu bug💜)

J’s: @jackseung (Look all you should know is this is boo💜), @joreneee (Another of my youngins.Treat her right!💜), @jikoo-k (this is my lub. You can’t have her!💜), @jooheonster (My daughter, and a damn good writer!💜)

K’s: @kimyumbin (The other 1/3 of my bestie trio. I love this girl more than I can say!💜), @ksuu (Another of my beautiful daughters💜), @kihqun, @kaimikachan, @kittyminhyuk, @kihyunsbb

L’s: @lostinmonstax (My sun kissed princess💜), @laviette (I love you Romi Bear💜)

M’s: @monstax-monbebex, @monstax-things,@minpuphyuk (My precious little pup💜), @moonxgi (The love of my life! My Baby Girl💜), @madtwn, @minhyuksmelody (Such a sweetheart💜), @monstax-trash-valora, @milk-hooney (My other Lulu love💜)

O’s: @osakishinya

S’s: @supersaiyum (It’s my super Sam💜), @spicyramyeonmonbebe (I MISS YOU💜), @seoulscapes (Precious Em Em💜)

T’s: @tomatoholmes (My Ana Bean! Ily💜), @thedodoslastmelon, @thequirkyone (Hobi’s wife and my boo and a goddess💜)

U’s: @untimelyy

W’s: @wonholes (My other half. I love her to bits💜), @wonhos-monbaby, @wonhontology, @wonhosthiccthighs, @wonhopes

Again thank you all for making my tumblr experience so special. If I missed anyone, I’m sorry!

wow look at this edit i did in five minutes 

Wow… as I’m making this post I can’t believe i made it to 2.5K followers!!!! My angels I just want to tell you all thank you so much for sticking by me and giving me unconditional love!!! I never thought I would meet so many wonderful and kind people who love me for who I am. I can truly say that you all are truly my angels and I cherish each and everyone of you. I hit another milestone so you know what that means…….that’s right another FOLLOW FOREVER!!!! Let’s get  started shall we?

bold: mutuals (sorry if i left some people out)

italics: inspiring/fav blogs

☀️ : sunshines of my life

 ❤️: OG Fam™

™: Fam™

# - D
@4jenissi | @930615 | @a-tomsfabhair | @a-tomtastic | @alien-colorida22| @amberrrthefangirl  | @artsyhobi ☀️  | @astrosjams | @asupercoolperson  ☀️ | @axsh-chica ❤️☀️| @awakening-menace | @baliwkaybias17 | @bangtaneun  | @bigbangteen ☀️  | @big-daddy-gohn | @bjoogie | @blanketkickworld | @bts-army-girl | @btsgot7girl ☀️ | @bwiyomi | @byungjoobae |  @cchimcchim | @chentrollchenlovechen | @chiimiicecreamy |  @crystalhoshi | @cuzimtoppdogg| @dearjunghoseok | @desperatefire | @dont-touch-my-neckkk

E - H

@every-thing-kpop | @exo-aeri-actions | @exo-sanctuary | @exoctopus | @exo-m | @fiftyshades-of-lay | @floral-hobi ™☀️| @flufftae  | @freestyle-tears | @futuremelon ☀️ | @fyjiho | @gdsugalove  | @gingerbreaduniverse | @glowinghobii ™☀️| @gothic-hobi  ☀️| @gyuwifeu  | @h0bi | @hansol-official | @hansolsdog | @hazelnuthobi ™☀️|  @heartseok@hob-e  | @hobibliophile @hobie-yah |  @hopeing-4-suga ™☀️| | @hobiconfetti ☀️ @hobi-fever ☀️| @hobihype ☀️™  |  @hobiini ☀️|  @hobilu | @hobi-oppa | @hobipd | @hobiplz ☀️ |   @hobismole  ™☀️| @hobisnatchme ❤️☀️@hobistrash | @hobistummy ☀️| @hobixing  | @hobieu ☀️| @hobshine  | @hobuing | @hoseoksgal | @hosshit ™☀️|  @hugsforhobi ☀️ | @hyungmon

I - L

@igot7dabs | @iigotjams@imadeadhoe |  @im-always-a-slut-for-topp-dogg |  @immortal-pandemonium@infiresquxxn | @j-dopee ☀️ |  @j-hobies-angel ™☀️| @jhobisunshine  | @jhopesanddreams |  @jnopejimin |  @jenissas | @jenissisleeping | @jhope-shi | @jihoops | @judgmental-jenissi | @lovelyzc ☀️| @khadrasupportingstyle ❤️☀️ | @kidohgangdol| @kimyoujinis186cmofpuregoodness  | @kingsobi | @kpopcruiselines | @lazilyperfectpanda | @leftladystranger ☀️ |  @love-hate-drama | @lovbhobi

M - P
  @markmyet18 | @meadowstar0915 | @micahjiminie | @midnyteblaque| @ml-wizard |  @myonlyhopeisjhope☀️| @nuanny61  |  @omgbtsvines | @omgbwimine | @onetimesarang | @oppas-fine-ass| @ourexobtsgot7us | @oshworld ❤️☀️| @owlcitybvbarmy ❤️☀️| @p-guns | @pandacaks  | @pinkmizu | @piridal ☀️| @pixelyeol | @potatogoon ☀️ | @prince-hobis-castle ☀️

Q - T

@queenjunghoseok | @relatable-kpop | @risingsea101 | @rvelevet ❤️☀️| @scottsbaddestgirl  | @sheisnotthatweird | @shypcy | @smhsehun ❤️☀️| @smexykai | @snowbunnyartist | @softparkbogum | @sope4one | @sparkly-yugyeom | @staeyongforever ☀️|  @suga-rushx  | @sugashines |  @taesflower ™☀️ | @tdooggy | @syub-baby ❤️☀️| @tahyungs | @th3demoninside | @thebaekery | @thehoeinjhope | @thejinblossoms ™☀️| @thelifeofminji | @trollintraining ™☀️ |  @toppdoggintl | @toppdoggnetwork | @toppdoggsg | @toppdoggtd | @toppklassbitch

U - Z
@usagixhime | @vampirehansol | @violentious ❤️☀️| @vixxgotnojams @whydoistanthesedorks | @w-o-r-l-dw-i-d-e | @whilewestand | @wonhobe | @yaratwa | @yoongi-aka-agust-d ☀️|  @yoongimfact | @yoonginim | @youngjaes-husband | @yukilopez | @yusangno  | @zelos-small-dick

~thank you all my lovely angels 💞

spontaneous follow forever !!

i felt full of love for all of my mutuals on here, so i decided to make a small follow forever of just mutuals! (if you’re confused i follow from @cornspiracy)
faves and friends are bolded, let’s go!

@acephan @agastopiaphan@articulatehowell@astronautdan @blazing-eyes @calmthellamadown@clio-is-amused@cluelesslester @cyxical  @dansforeheadcurl @dantlers@dearlylester@demonphannie @dimplydan @disgustinglygay 

@eli-howlter@energeticwarrior @ephemeralester@foreveralonephil@forphil@fringegaps @glomplester@heckdan@hesitant-dan@hobbithair @hopeful-fountain-kingdom @interstellarphil ✨ @lawsofbiology ✨ @lester-nerd​ ✨ @lestersdog​ ✨ @lovelylilaclester @lumoshowell ✨

@macaronidan ✨ @moonphilight@nasa-howell@nasa-howell ✨ @oops-phan@peachyphantimes@phandaya@phangamers@philpov ✨ @philester @philledwithpuns@phillionphangirl@phillp@planethowell@plesty@princessdan @pugjumper ✨

@ratinof @roseyboys  ✨ @rotting-souls@royaltydan@sharkdan @shibes-howell@sighphil@simply-phantastic@snowflakephan@softphil@space-lestxr@sparklephil ✨ @starhowell ✨ @starmadephan@starryhtml@sweetpeachlester@the-wayward-idiot@thisguydan ✨ @treephil@willowponderosa ✨ 

if i forgot anyone please drop kick me into a lake that’s it, have a good day !!