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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cold Open Compilation - Season Two (inspired by @n-ylander‘s post) [Part One] [Part Three]


Taylor Schilling being a complete dork cutie on the Canadian talk show George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight {x}.

drkhl  asked:

Do you have some recommended tumblrs? :)
Your tumblr is really awesome, and I realized you'd follow awesome people! :)

Oh gosh… on-her-island, katie-shum, emsy-shum, aloysius-minervadaydreamings, minimcguinnessllewis, ncampbelll, kfitch, efitch, camiikin-levan, kpfun, jack-the-lad, kprescott, mprescott, isalec, francos-, hayree, eskimo-jo, bellette, notquiteabsoluteares, parselmouth, g-violet, acciohedwig, franky-fitz-, gayshark-, belcourts, bristolsbest, capturingskins, robgasm, rhardbeck-, wmerrick, and a lot more. Those were the first ones that I thought of, but definitely check some of them out/follow if you’re not following them. :)