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FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             The Well: “After The Fall” by Kodaline (x)


Because I absolutely love (meet) online and phone AU’s I decided to combine them both and do a fic rec list for you all! (So yes, they’re all mixed together sorry!)

I Hope you all enjoy and please remember, as always, to check tags and warnings before you read any fic recced!

Do We Even Live In The Same Town? aka the phone AU (1/1 | 1,429 | PG 13)

Stiles was blushing, hard. Because being calling pretty is one of the best compliments ever. Being called pretty feels like being compared to a rose or a sunset or something equally as cheesy and pleasing, and this guy that Stiles doesn’t even know is saying something that nice to him. He would think it was creepy but Stiles started it and it was obvious the guy is pretty much a gum drop after he said “I drink a lot of green tea.”


derek gets drunk and decides to send an ab pic to his ex.. instead of an angry reply he gets a picture of a hot mole splattered torso instead, a conversation ensues.

The Silence Between (14/14 | 66,492 | Rated E)

When Stiles began volunteering at the Beacon Hills Crisis Center, all he hoped for was to help out kids (like him) that needed somewhere to turn. He didn’t expect to find something that he needed in a stranger’s voice on the other end of the line.

Prior to season one. Mostly canon-compliant.

Call Me Maybe (Leave a Message at the Tone) (1/1 | 1,599 | PG 13)

Human!AU where Stiles does telemarketing for a high-end store where Laura shops, but whenever he tries to call her, he always manages to have “just missed her”, much to the annoyance of her grumpy (and hot) sounding brother. 

Alpha and Omega (16/16| 58,579 | Rated E)

High School AU: Derek is the head Lacrosse player at Beacon Hills High School and Stiles is an Omega that no one really knows. Stiles had been talking to someone online and wished they would meet up in real life but he knows it won’t ever happen. He could only wish.

Midnight Wolf vs Abominable Snowman! (2/2 | 20,409 | PG 13)

Derek almost makes the mistake of saying, It’s not fanart, but he manages to catch himself, biting his tongue. This stranger, who’s already identified himself as at least a casual fan of Midnight Wolf, doesn’t need to know that he actually is the artist and author, not just another fan.

behind these two white highway lines (1/1 | 5,262 | Rated M)

Stiles calls the wrong number and comes across Derek Hale. This is what follows.

Friday Night (1/1 | 6,149 | Rated M)

They’ve talked about sex a lot. They’ve watched porn together. But when they actually meet in real life it’s not that easy.

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Hey, hey, hey! 

It is exactly as you see it, next month will be a special for the owl pairing, as us admins of the kuroken-weekend blog are holding yet another weekend specially dedicated to the bokuaka ship of Haikyuu!! 

Themes for the days are the following:

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Select either (or both) of the themes for that day. If you can’t make it, or miss a day and post work afterwards, we will reblog late stuff! If you’re struggling with the specified prompt, feel free to come up with one of your own!

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This weekend Vans skate team riders Alex Perelson, Omar Hassan, Josh Borden and Christian Hosoi will be getting their shred on in Virginia Beach on the COASTAL EDGE ECSC halfpipe on the beach. Come say, “What’s up,” to the guys and grab some free swag.

Demo Times are as follows:

Friday, August 22nd 1:00pm – 2:00pm / Skate Demo
3:00pm – 4:00pm / BMX & Skate Demo

Saturday, August 23rd 1:00pm – 2:00pm / Skate Demo
3:00pm – 4:00pm / BMX & Skate Demo
Sunday, August 24th 11:00am – 12:00pm / BMX & Skate Demo

Photo: Rhino