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Happy December everyone! Today is the 20th of December 2016! I decided in honor of my favorite month and because the year 2016 is about to be over that I’m going to make another follow forever. It’s been about 7 years for me on this site, but only about three in dedication to the football world. I cannot imagine life without football and all that I’ve taken in these past three years. Football has changed my life in so many ways. I’ve gotten more confident because of it. I feel like my capacity for love is greater than before. I believe that football is capable of calming me (except you know when it comes to my top three: Argentina NT, River Plate, and FC Barcelona). But honestly, the feelings I have gained and continue to get from this beautiful sport inspire me every day.

Another thing I can say that this sport, this beautiful game, is the people I’ve befriended along the way. There’s the people that I consider my friends even though we don’t live close to each other. Sometimes we don’t have too many conversations, but when we do have them I appreciate every word said to me no matter how small or great in meaning.

There are the people that I follow all over in site. I see beautiful people with personal stories expanding as the world spins. I see people with a whole lot of heart, so much ability to love and to be incredible too! I see everybody so smart, so funny, so filled with potential yet to be achieved and potential achieved and then some. I’m amazed and proud to say I am friends or at least mutuals or at least a follower/followed by incredible human beings.

I see drama on Tumblr. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen it. I’ve witnessed it. I’ve been a part of it. But you know what, there’s a beauty to Tumblr too. It’s the people I’ve met. It’s to the people who follow me. It’s to the people I follow. It’s the people who I am blessed to actually call my friend.

I don’t know how any of your year has been. I don’t know the trials any of you have had to gone through. I know there aren’t words I can say that can make any of it easier, make the load just a bit lighter either. All I know is that I appreciate you, your scrolling through my blog, your following me, your reblogging and/or liking posts I’ve made or reblogged, your replies on posts, your asks, your submissions, and your private messages. I appreciate it all.

Thank you for allowing me to be with you in this community. 2017 is around the corner. It’s going to be grand, somehow and someway. Thank you again.

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There has been a long long time since my last one and only follow forever and I thought it was time to make a new one and what better day to do it than today? It’s a pretty simple one but I just wanted to show some love and give a shout out to my favs.

  • 💋 - I love you! 
  • ⭐️ - You’re one of my favorites 
  • 💬 - I want to talk (/more) with you
  • Friends are in bold (Who I consider friends)

# - H

@19hobi | @agustae | @agustlab | @angstsuga 💋 | @artofennun ⭐️| @ask-artist-jin | @ask-bts-stuff ⭐️| @ask-chimchim ⭐️| @ask-hoseokie ⭐️| @astotaele | @bananatictac | @bfjoonie | @big-bangtans | @booptae | @boyscoutstyle 💋💋| @busanie 💋| @chimchams ⭐️| @chimchimsmiles 💋 | @chimsshi 💋| @chimines | @chimx2trash💋| @chokemejimin | @cloud-bangtan | @cmtae | @creepy–girl 💋| @cypherslut | @daeilsgrl 💋| @dlazaru | @eternalxgyu | @eto-nani | @frostae 💬 | @frostytae 💋| @geniusinlab | @heykook 💬💋| @himtohim | @hob-e | @hobakery 💬💋| @hobibliophile 💋| @hobih💬| @hobilu | @hobismole | @hobiue | @hobuing | @hoseoksadamsapple

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@i-hate-snakeu | @igotbulletproof | @isnoopiegirl | @jade-dupree 💋| @jamsproof-boyscouts | @jeonsshi@jeontrash | @jimineed | @jiminhales 💋| @jiminsguns 💋| @jjeoncookie | @jjks | @joreneee 💋| @jungflower  💋💋| @jungkook-e  💋| @jungkookjpeg  💋| @jungqook  💋| @kassareo | @kimtaeheart | @kookno | @kths ⭐️| @lauperak | @lets-go-north ⭐️| @lollipop-tae | @mochirapgod | @monbell | @monchoi 💋💋 | @monions 💋| @moonsuns | @mvssmedia | @mytaeddy 💋| 

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@thatjungkookbooty | @taehyuugh | @the95liner 💬| @nochujeongguk 💋 | @with-hoseok | @wydkook | @younas | @zico-mino-trash

Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone! or if anyone is not in bold (It kept un-bolding for some reason while making it)



I entered this fandom by chance and I still don’t blog a lot about it. I just LOVE to lurk on these awesome blogs, I like to read stories and theories and opinions about royals so I found myself visiting more and more royal blogs lately. I met amazing new friends, people that loved history as much as I did and even a bit of historical and royal gossip. I LOVE ROYAL GOSSIP, OK? DON’T JUDGE ME, PEOPLE.  So, I promised on my other blog I was going to make a list of all my favorite royal blogs and here it is! Follow them all, you will not regret it!


katemiddletons was the very first blog I followed in the royal fandom. It feels like an eternity passed by! I followed Bella at the end of 2011 I think, or the beginning of 2012…to be honest I don’t remember, but she is a sweetheart and you should all follow her. Her blog is just a little bit about herself and the rest is all dedicated to Kate and the Windsor family. I followed only her and these other two blogs for soooo long, I was like “NOPE, I DON’T NEED TO FOLLOW ANYONE ELSE” but this fandom is so good I ended up following everyone and their mother.

teatimeatwinterpalace I’ve been following this blog since forever. It’s not only about the Romanovs, you can find Old Hollywood black and white pictures and very old pics of other royal families. INSTANT FOLLOW, GUYS! COME ON!

historyofromanovs eeeeeeeeh, Rebecca, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Her blog is FANTASTIC and you can see from her theme and the way the blog is organized that she deeply cares about it. If you love the Romanovs, THIS is the blog to follow.


myroyallove, royalwatcher, godsavethetsar, royalprinceharry, romanovdreams, ohsoromanov, teaandroyalty, gracie-bird, estellesilvia, kronprinsenfrederik, dutchqueen, theroyalfirm, memory-of-the-romanovs, gracefullycatherine, monaco-princely-family, imperial-russia, maryandkateourfuturequeens, the-lovely-estelle, tsarevnamaria, scandinavian-royalty, crownprincely, europesroyals, romanovqueen, hisroyalhotnessprinceharry, leroyalrealm, babycambridgesus, houseofwindsor, ravishingtheroyals, hrhgeorgeofcambridge.


Since it’s December I thought I would make a follow forever to say thank you for continuing to follow, I really appreciate it! These lovely blogs listed below are the reasons why I love being a part of this fandom, so please follow them all. Merry Christmas everyone, I love you all! Hugs and kisses from me (Michelle) xx


christiansgray christiangreyss chritsiangrey coffeewithgrey  c-gris dailyjenns dailyfsog dakotadornan dakotajohnsonn dakotcjohnson dakotjohnson djohnsondaily dornanshades everythingdakotajohnson fckthepaperwork fiftyshadesofgreydaily fiftyfuckedshades fiftyshadesgifs fiftyshadesofjamie fiftyxshade fifty5hadesofgrey fiftyshadeswithvanilla fuckyeah-fiftyshades


greydornan greymore greyspam greyxsteele grey-seduction grey–steele hddlston infiniteshadesof-grey itsjamiedornan jamieanddakota jamiesdornann jamiedornant jamiedornun jamie-dornan jdornandaily jesuisdakotajohnson jmiedornan latersjamie latersmrsgrey latermsteele lipbiiter meetfiftyshades missteeles mllemileycyrus mxgrey ofgreygifs ohdornans ohlatersbaby ohmrgrey ohmrgreys ohmygrey ohmytwitchyfifty


shadesofgrey-50 teawithgrey twitchypalms weaimtopleasegrey weaimtoplease-miss-steele worldofchristiangrey


50shades 50shadesedits 50shadesfallen 50shadesofgifs 50shades-ofgreys 


So hey guys! This is gonna be a quick-edit of my follow forever cause it’s almost December 1st and I really want to hit that timing!! Okay, first things first. I WILL BE CHANGING MY URL DURING THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON TO… MISTLETOSEOK (●´ω`●) So please don’t get confused when you see ’MISTLETOSEOK’ lurking around y'all dash … yeah? :D And well ~ what perfect time to do a FF ! I’m about to change my url and I almost hit my followers milestone! (I didn’t get to do my 200+ followers … so I’m doing an almost 400+ followers) … Either way, AHHH THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! I LITERALLY STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM (after being hacked :<) AND WAEH, STILL RECEIVE MUCH LOVE FROM ALL Y'ALL. I really don’t deserve all these kindness I get from you guys.. But I can say, I’m truly blessed to have you guys. :) I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. /huggles/ (✿づ◠‿◠)づ♥ - Kitty
NOTE: I love you guys. okkie bye. c: AH! MEMBER~ 

                             ✿ LAYMINARY —> MISTLETOSEOK ✿

its officially December 1st, 2015 . Let the Christmas songs begin  ♥

MY KINGS AND QUEENS oKAY YOU guys. Like Y'all already know how i feel about you guys. No need for much words right? Other than… I love you guys so much and i’m so thankful for getting to know you! You know i’m always here for you right? :3 (even if im a slowpoke sometimes keke… :s) 

@slutforyoongi - @yoonmin-vhope- @jisooscat - @snugglejin - @see-the-xiububblebutt-twerking - @kim-taehyvngs - @banhsoo - @dinosaur-anus - @protectyixingfrombirds - @fatheryixing - @sheepishxing - @sami-dare - @babyzyx - @jiminteresante - @gotta-love-that-baozi - @exoownsthisass - @baektrackd - @baby-baek - @fallibleparadise - @hunseyeol - @hoosier1124 - @h-a-j-i-m-e-ru - @lnuars - @bowlerrootx - @suho-sblackcreditcard - @parkoyeolo - @bbybearnini (srry dear , totally forgot about your newrule! tell me whether to tag you here or your other account) - @hoshis-sweatband - @yixing-senpai - @reinedeselfes - @iibambichan - @starlightaes - @chancasso - @paige-isqueen - @daddy-exo - @hellomellowyellowjello - @kai-bai-no - @samira-ah - @mtndewgiraffes - @jinisthemomfriend - @youremyexodus - @xiningstar - @our-happyendings - @pandabearlikes - @laymerence - @getlayd - @hellnohelen - @awkward-asshole - @tinyexoticpixie - @blondejonginnie - @wolfpcy - @the-ultimate-szuzanya - @tangledface - @kyungsoos-eyebrows-on-fleek

Im so sorry if i miss anyone :c Do tell me if i do ! Dont be shy ~

 MY FABULOUS FLOWERS ✿ : OkaY FIrst Of aLL ~ Sorry for the really lame nickname… Like what the heck Kitty :c Bleh. FOrgIve me . But anyways, ah! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO FOLLOW MY WEIRD-ASS BLOG LIKE WUT. Ugh If i can just hug you guys for making me feel all giddy inside. To think my weirdness can actually be seen favorable :P I love you guys so much … and I really do want to get to know you guys more! Dont feel scared/shy to drop by ~ hehe c:

@yixingmetosleep - @ai-zhang-yixing - @relatable-kpop - @jins-right-hand - @protect-anime - @theobliviatorblog - @leftladystranger - @megajamlessjiminnie - @junghxseok - @xingisbeautiful - @hotcrosscum -  @slytherinjimin - @white-taileddeer- @lay-ai - @xngyizhng - @sugasmixtaepe - @lol-nerd - @sunnyhoseok - @s-yehet - @jimins-got-jams - @are-yixing-what-im-seeing - @holdmehoseok - @dokyxnqsoo - @haruchans-pool - @yixingsfloor - @armyhiheel - @justanaveragehuman - @adoree-choihansol - @fantastic-alih - @zhangyixng - @taehyqng - @milk–tae - @kainks - @bangtan-hobi - @viilcy - @graveyardhymns - @luhangotthegoodgood - @cloudytaozi - @mywhimisicallymundanelife - @yee-xeeng - @flourishxing - @hopseoks - @taetaetown - @sehunfreckles - @chimchimgotyesjam - @wonjpg - @sehowontrash - @yixingisthehealingbae - @kyungysoo - @heyheyheyheonia - @sehunhun - @kris-eyebrows - @hobiswife - @jinniestjin - @rollingballade - @yeollywood - @bitterbluewell - @haze-heizu - @glitterjin - @sonyeon-damn - @frozen-apes - @baobei-rapper - @dokyxng - @chanzyx - @y00ngi-bear - @thenocturnalwarden - @eggnogtheeggheadblog - @show-me-the-mwoni - @darklordkyungsoo - @promixing - @sooxingyeol - @taetaey - @planetkaisoo27 - @bootyful-jams - @elle-x-x-x - @hajimarks - @junmew - @5elo - @jungkooks-left-shoe - @lugeismycar - @kai-high - @jiminychoos - @hosop - @kimjonginhearteu - @affectare - @celery-sehun - @exoticbabyandproud - @chansootrash - @miniseokjin - @escape-society-and-have-a-laugh - @blessedjimin - @melliibearr - @littlest-deer - @minseokbby - @krisdeul-is-so-real - @ohnonotexo - @baeknopeyeol - @mxnxcv - @memoriesfromacamera - @kurootetsurcu - @soo-nim - @yaboyyoongi - @shingeki-no-problemo - @taezawr - @syrinfin - @absolute-overdose - @absolute-exo-trash - @seungwangs - @tadashiburns - @substantiallysizedbang - @idontgiveasuga - @chen-booty - @exotic-by-night - @kim-taehug - @cherry-jimin - @youresoadwhorable - @pcyoshie - @hikari-chingu - @meadowstar0915 - @theonewayintomyheart - @kyungsoosfanboys - @fcksoo - @amazing-hoseok - @toffeeyeol - @sehunicornbaozi94 - @taebull - @hajintao - @xiningstar - @wet-sehun - @kpopunicornbaozi - @chan-yeol-o - @jamlesstrash - @deaniner - @lionessarcadia - @kpop-is-her-style - @lavstar - @choi-min-no - @jiminsrose - @redheadsoo - @hansolvc17 - @itsmythief - @sugabyun - @kimnamdayum - @mellifluousperusal - @zyxxhan - @igiveuponfindingadecentusername - @daceyoftheminority - @honestlykrispycandy - @clis4evermine - @krystalkaisoo - @definitely-not-a-psychopath - @bangtansqueen - @suga-to-ur-coffee - @g-e-e-k-y-exophan - @playboyjongin - @damnkyung-soo - @itsghostx - @chocoltaechipkookies - @fairlytae - @exo-and-chill - @moonlightoasiis - @gaybunnie - @leebathehealingunicorn 

NOTE: To my precious followers : Ah, you guys too! Don’t feel too shy to send me a message or anything. I’m always here for you guys too :) Thank you -as well- so much for following this blog of mines! Haha you guys are awesome too c: 

Merry almost-not-really-but-i-like-saying-it Christmas Everyone c: Goodnight~ ♥

I know my last follow forever was in december but a lot of people changed their urls and I also followed a bunch of new people and I somehow don’t want to update my last one so I just gonna make a new one!

the crew :
3-c-majayghalaiddantesbootydickrnovefinnschigarrussexkariangeneralcharlesleejinshinodaleftnostrilofthedivinemhyinart / mhyin-maharmistergandalfqueenofthebarasreservoirdaddyssaenisteam-laufeyson ♦ 

bold : awesome blogs
cursive : friends/mutuals I talk to(sometimes)

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H-N :
hai-resdayniaheathughilariouskidhouseofpavusifuckinglovedragonsisabelasbootyjayjayeditsjinshinodajon-knowsnothin-snowleftnostrilofthedivinelovelyanimelunaxiemaryfuckingmasonmasterjameskiddmhyinart / mhyin-maharmisterbilbo ♦ mistergandalfmiykumusically-frustratednexyanovakly ♦ 


V-Z(+ symbols) :
vincisomethingwardenbattletitswedontgivethatupwelcome-to-the-cumberbatchzevransbutt3-c-m ♦ 

tbh ,you are all hella awesome

  •  + Thanks for making my 2012 best. Happy Holidays

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✿ Happy December Follow Forever : aquaterrariums

Hello there, my lovelies! ♥ We’re reaching towards the end of the year, so I took this opportunity, before my final exams start, to “finally” make a follow forever as my friend requested. ‘Neeways, I want to thank my awesome followers. Thanks for following me, although my blog and edits look crappy. I’m sorry that I didn’t reblog or do edits as much as before; been hell busy with university, that’s why. Last but not least, to my dearest people I am following. You guys are beautiful and my source of inspiration and happiness.

- ✿ H
-jenjam a-sakuras afterstories akahshi akashis altairis amuriita animedits argentuums babushkas bakusaiga chocobunssss daughterofsatan derikisu escarletes firaja gaarakagez garekis gasaisyuno hanae-ichihara hanaheichou hhiyorin horitsuba
I ✿ Q
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R ✿ Z
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Thank you very much! Stay awesome!

I’ve always wanted to thank all of the wonderful blogs that I follow. Hitting my first follower milestone is just an excuse for me to do so. But more importantly, there’s something that I’ve really wanted to share since I jumped down the fanfic-writing-blog rabbit hole, and that’s my reason behind starting it in the first place. And I’ll just ask you to bear with me on this one, it’s a bit lengthy. :P

You all are some amazingly talented people, putting long hours into beautiful works of prose and art, sharing with us all manner of humor, wit, and geekiness. That’s not even taking into account how open and kind most of you are. I was so taken aback by it all that I felt an urge to give back to this community. After pouring over a library’s worth of fanfiction and savoring so many pieces of art, I really wanted to make up for it all by contributing. I’m just pleased to be able to share what talent I have. And it’s blogs like those below that inspired me in the first place. So here’s to you all. Thank you for all that you do, no matter what you bring to the table. And I hope you’ll continue to share your wonderful talents with us. 

(mutuals bolded)

A - F

allegoricalrose | anniviech | asthewheelwills | atimelordswife | badwolfrun | blueboxarchives | blueboxtraveller | braveten | burningupasun | burntlikethesuncalmingbrits | ceruleanbluesart | chocolatequeennk | clumsypumpkin | cryingmanlytears 

| dirty-brian | doctorandroseanon | doctortenny | dredshirtroberts | dwficfinder | elliealec | fadewithfury | firebirdswolfchild | fleurdeneuf | flypup | fogsblue

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special somebodies:

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i definitely forgot people but ok ://// if i follow you count yourself on this list!!

so 2015 has been the first full year of having this blog and honestly im really happy for that so i thought id make my first follow forever ! i didnt want to make a huge list of blogs though so i apologise for everyone i missed out…

firstly id like to make a special mention to @diggitydamnsebastianstan for being the best person ever this year; dude im so glad we became friends so quickly this year and honestly i dont know what i would do without you

also my irl friends @loveyrose07 and @billdecipher i love you guys !

mutuals / favourites

abcde // @argorns @astrologycas @amyskhaleesi @buucky @buriedbilbo @bhrnes @bravelyclara @capbxrnes @castiell @cahrliecox @demidameron @deanaerys @dreamyjensen

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uvwxyz // @undomiells @victimsteve @zcbini

also check out my blogroll here for everyone else i follow; there are really great blogs there

ablogwithaview's three year blog guide

If you’re at all familiar with my blog, you know I’m in to a variety of things. I go from posting library photos to quotations from literature to food to fashion to Doctor Who and coffee several times a day. I love lots of things, and so the blogs I follow are all over the place. So, I thought that since I did a follow-forever in December and have discovered quite a few more blogs in the past few months, I’d celebrate my three years on tumblr by updating that list by organizing it not only alphabetically, but by general interest. If you’ve ever asked me for blog recommendations, then I suggest checking out as many of these as you can! They’ve all contributed to making my tumblr experience what it is. (Favorites are bolded.) 

 Category of their Own

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Dougiepoynter’s follow forever!Most of you were in my follow forever last December, but some of you are brand new to this thing. Whether this is your first year here, or your second, I just want to say thank you for providing me with such a great year. Between travels, adventures, school, work, up and downs, good and bads, it has been one of the best years I have lived. Some of you I have exchanged a few words with, others I have had conversations, and unfortunately, some I have never spoken to. But either way, I hope this brand new year, 2015, will bring me new friendships with you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all, and I wish you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (I’m probably going to add some more people because I suck and know I forgot some; forgive me!)


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