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(yeah, I went a little crazy with the hearts, but that’s just cause I love you guys!)

Been thinking a while about doing a follow forever, but since I’m lazy I haven’t. Well, today was the day I had to study so naturally I did this instead! Procrastinatorqueen sitting right here! I’m gonna mention a bunch of blogs, and those who are bolded are the ones I’m talking to/secretly admire, and are just awesome, loving bloggers whom I admire dearly.

YOU ARE ALL WONDERFUL AND SO IMPORTANT FOR MY DASH! You are making me the blogger I am :)


♥ 1-have-a-blanket ♥ 23books ♥


♥ alicesbookshelf ♥ acrossmyfictionaluniverse ♥ amberthebooklion ♥ a-book-junkie ♥ ashitloadofbooks ♥ athousandbookstoread ♥ alibraryismyparadiseananasbooksalex-loves-books ♥ alittlebookblog ♥ alittlebookthief ♥ an-obsessive-reader ♥ abookblog ♥ adventuresonpaper ♥ anothergenericbookblog ♥ bibliosaurusrex  ♥ bookgeeksam ♥ booksforsaturday ♥ bookreveries ♥ buttermybooks ♥ bookavid ♥ booksnotlovers ♥ brittsbookshelf ♥ booksbebeautiful ♥ booksareportals ♥ books-and-turtles ♥ bookishchatter ♥ because-books-matter ♥ booksyrup♥ books-and-kittens ♥ books-and-sketches ♥ booklover ♥ booksandbookmarks ♥ bisexual-books ♥ bibliophilejournal ♥ bookishbee ♥ books-glorious-books ♥ book-escapism ♥ booksandtea ♥ booknerderie ♥ books-to-me ♥ books-are-my-everything ♥ bottombookshelf ♥ books-wrote-my-story ♥ bittenandwritten ♥ bibliophilicwitch ♥ booksnmore ♥ bittenbybooksblog ♥ books-and-butterflies ♥ bookhauler ♥ beckisbookshelfbookdrunkinlove ♥ booksarehereforyou ♥ book-answers ♥ booksandsugarquills ♥ books-and-ashes ♥ book-giraffe ♥ booketta ♥ bookish-delights ♥ booknerdjenny ♥ bookshelfadventures ♥ books-to-love ♥ booktown ♥ bookpillows ♥ bookporn ♥ bluestockingbookwormbooksandhotchocolatebooks-and-cookies ♥ booksfrommyshelf ♥ bookmad ♥ booksandwords ♥ booksnbutterbeer ♥ booksandtheirstories ♥ booksturnmugglesintowizards ♥ bookphile books-cupcakes ♥ bloodybrilliantbooks ♥ booksarefriends ♥ bookprince ♥ c-parks ♥ caughtwithinpages ♥ chibireads ♥ cozyrainydaybooks ♥ captivatedbybooks ♥ compulsivebookworm ♥ cooksbooks78 ♥ countingbooks ♥ cityof-heavenlybooks ♥ completelybooked ♥


dukeofbookingham ♥ dragon-in-a-bookcastle ♥ darkestwings ♥ daughter-of-blood-and-starlight ♥ dreams-with-eyes-wide-open ♥ drownmewithbooks ♥ duckduckbooks ♥ date-a-girl-who-reads ♥ eternal-books ♥ freshface-blankpage ♥ foureyesorbooksfindinghomeinabook♥ fantastiquelibrary ♥ fuckyeahprettybooks ♥ falling-inlove-with-books


grangerandherbooks♥ girlthatreads ♥ girlfromthemirrorworld ♥ hugbooks ♥ hermionegrangeres ♥ hipstersbook ♥ hreadsbooks ♥ infinitebookshelves ♥ inthebookcorner ♥ isasbooks ♥ inkandboundpages ♥ introvertedbookworm24 i-have-beards ♥ inbetweenfictionandreality ♥ ifyougaveagirlabook ♥ itsbookishness ♥ ifreakinlovebooks ♥ i-liketo-read ♥ ipreferbooks ♥ iprefertoread ♥ introverted-reader ♥


justanotherbookblr just-one—more-page ♥ joyfulchild ♥ journeyintotheshelves ♥ kissabookworm ♥ kindleliterature ♥ literaryglamour ♥ lilys-library ♥ library-lessons ♥ laura-whateverfloatsyourboat ♥ littlesbookblog ♥ laurenreadsya ♥ lemonadeandliterature ♥ likeakidinabookstore ♥ living-stories-living-libraries ♥ letmereadinpeace ♥ littlebookowl ♥ livingthroughbooks ♥ lovegoodslibrary♥ livinginabookstore ♥ literatureloveaffair library-heaven lovelyowlsbooks


♥ mybook-haven ♥ mychemicalbooks mybooktopia ♥ malelibrarian ♥ myheartheartsbooks ♥ manikinfear magic-in-every-bookmarylovesbooks ♥ missbookblogger ♥ nerdfighter-steffie ♥ novelblogging ♥ negative-pessimist ♥ nicolesbookreviews ♥ newtsbookblog ♥ noseinabook ♥ nowacceptingfirstborns ♥ novelreveries ♥ neverendingnovels ♥ needsmorewords ♥ ohsomanybooks♥ overflowingbookshelf ♥ ofliterarynature ♥ onthewingsofbooks ♥ owlalwaysbereading ♥ onthebookshelf ♥ onceuponaplotline ♥


♥ prettybooks ♥ penw0man ♥ parchmentjunkie ♥ paperbackcastles ♥ pessimistperceptions ♥ partnersinbookspixelski♥ prettypaperback ♥ queennovella ♥ readathousandlives ♥ readthebloodybook ♥ rahzeldazzle2 ♥ readmybookshelves ♥ reservoir-fantasy ♥ rainydayscoffeeandbooks ♥ rossyreads ♥ reignofbooks readingaroundthemovies ♥ readaroundtherosie ♥ readin-n-dreamin ♥ readingrook ♥


♥ stxrybooks ♥ sterekandbooks ♥ shecarriedthestars ♥ stefito0o ♥ she-was-too-fond-of-books ♥ signourneybooks ♥ secondquarterquell ♥ smallbookthings ♥ samreads ♥ sydneythelibrarian ♥ soo-many-books-so-little-time ♥ staybookish ♥ stashingbookssuperbibliophile♥ socially-awkward-bookworm ♥ superbooked♥ storiesofayoungfrenchgirl ♥ thecityofbookshelves ♥ thefictionologist ♥ thebookishowl ♥ thewizardthatreads ♥ thebooktarian ♥ thebookloving-teagirl ♥ thesedustypages ♥ thatonereader ♥ themindofafictionbooklover ♥ thegayya ♥ thebookhangover tea-books-lover ♥ toxicbooks ♥ thebooky ♥ theartofyoungadult ♥ two-lumpsofsugar-and-tea that-bookworm ♥ thesilkmothcalls ♥ theardentone ♥ thebookwormbrittany ♥  thatcozybooknook ♥ thebookphotoblog ♥ the-bookshelf-at-the-end ♥ the-book-ferret ♥ teabooksandblankpages ♥ thebookishdragon ♥ thegirlofnovels ♥ thebook-lover ♥ twentysomethingvagabond♥ thatbooksmell ♥ thebooktrend ♥ the-book-addict ♥ teastainedpage ♥ tilly-and-her-books ♥ thebookmine ♥ thebooker treesofreverieunboundbooks ♥ utterly-bookish ♥


♥ volatilereign ♥ valentinapoole ♥ wherethewildbooksare ♥ worshiperofwords ♥ wondrousbooks ♥ wanderlustforbooks ♥ weneeddiversebooks ♥ what-lovely-books ♥ write-me-jessica ♥ yabookers yummibooks youngadultread

I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for making this booklr experience so good, and please don’t hesitate to talk to me!(I really hope I didn’t forget anybody)

*hugs for everyone*

I literally have no words. I’m speechless! When I started this blog, I didn’t think I would ever reach the day where I had 1,000 followers! I still can’t believe it! Ahhh! I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you who do follow me! This is so unbelievable. 

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Now, to thank you, I’m going to (attempt) a follow forever!

But, not just any follow forever. THE. ULTIMATE. FOLLOW FOREVER

I’m going to put as many of my followers in here as possible, and also most of the people that I follow, along with my closest friends and blogs that I have looked up to and admired from the beginning until now! (If I consider you a close friend or if we used to be friends or if I have admired you from afar, your blog’s name will be bolded. :) Also, if you are under my friends list, same thing applies!)

So, here they are:

Firstly, shoutout to my “biggest fans” at the moment:

1. magnetmoose 

2. livingmydaydreams

3. love-books-films-and-music

4. amber007things

I’ve had a lot of blogs be my biggest fans at some point, but I can’t remember them all, so I’m sorry if you aren’t mentioned, but thank you so much for blowing up my activity feed! Feel free to reblog this and include yourself! I won’t mind!

Now, other people who have recently been in my latest notes:

love-multifandomgirl coffeeandlit giddyup-fangirl grangerandherbooks booksmook saintliz bucketballet ashley-the-bookworm anything-fiction readingbooksdevouringstories trinareadsbooks kerouacmeoff bookie-babe gloriouszion whatwouldidowithoutbooks lovelytresia booksand-cats wayfaringreader @mysticdinosaurwombat thebook-pusher ahundredthousandbooks sophienizynskireads captainlibrarynerdstuff freshface-blankpage obsessedwithnovels book-cloud myweekendsbooked hugbooks cityofbookishthings ofpagesandink apaperbackparadise coky152 super-ninjaness leylinedrifter mischievousbookfairy netherreads mischiefmanagged readinsolitude secretfangirl221b art-by-death artbookslife caffeinatedchapters mybook-haven mybook-myfriend alwaysreadingx books-and-coffe-are-my-drug booksarebetterthanpopcorn bookish-soliloquies books-and-tea-and-kitties 

(A few) Recent followers:

giddyup-fangirl (thank you for being my 1,000th follower!) caffeine-4ddict lovelytresia locs-and-books littlefallingdiamonds magicaljournaling reading-and-reviewing xotruegirlxo thesubtlescienceandexactart christianlayfieldgifs leylinedrifter ifeelsogoodwhenyouhugmesotight saintliz i-just-love-reading-books books-and-tea-and-kitties 0crazykate0 kimbooklr alwaysreadingx an-obsessive-life the-word-shaker-the-sky-stealer lostinthefictionalworld

My friends and the ones that I admire from afar: :)






























They are all awesome blogs and you should follow them! (Forgive me if I left anyone out!)

(Most of the) Blogs that I follow: 


-books-and-coffee- 21stcenturyrapunzel 221books 23books 50shadesoftobias a-book-junkie a-boy-and-his-books a-chipped-teacup-and-books a-girl-and-all-her-books a-heart-of-books a-novel-ty abagofbooks abbies-writing-nook abookblog abookishwonderland abooklion abookowl aboutbooksanddreams acrossmyfictionaluniverse adaughterofsmokeandbone adriansivashkinator adventuresoflitgirl adventuresonpaper ahopelesswallflower ahundredthousandbooks aimeeabsinthe alchemical-albedo alibraryismyparadise alicesbookshelf aliteraryescape alittlebookblog littlebookthief all-bookedup all-the-world-is-a-story alliegant allineedisbooksandtea allthewritingcontests alyssa-readsbooks alyssabooking amadtributewithaship amberthebooklion americankinderegg amity-flowers ami-strawberry-cupcake an-obsessive-reader anidori-isilee annaandbooks anothergenericbookblog antstepsbooks aqueenofbabble athousandbookstoread austenchanted awkwardbookguy 


b-br4ve b-ookaddict b00kishfantasy b00kwurm badlybehavedbookworm bae-tay bagfullofbooks bannedbookreader beabook beckisbookshelf beautiful-bibliophile battlingbooks beautifulquotesfeels beautiful-bookshelves beautifulbookborrower beccaandbooks becomethebooks becoming-thereader bedfortsandbookshelves between-the-pages-of-a-book between-the-pages bekabeebooks bestweaponsintheuniverse betterbooksandthings betweenfandoms betweenthelinespage bibliophilebynight bibliophilem bibliosaurusrex bmmsmg bonus book-nooks book-a-holic7 boneseasonofglass book-a-licous book-answers book-book-books book-brat-gurl book-dragons book-obsession book-pause book-galaxy book-house book-escapism book-stargirl book-store-blog bookables bookaddict24-7 bookandwords bookaddictedlonelywolf bookavid bookbaristas bookbee3 bookblog101 bookdrunkinlove bookenticed bookeuphoria bookfuls bookgeeksam bookhauler bookgiveaways bookie-babe bookinganimelady bookingbymary bookish-bibliophile bookish-delights bookish-introvert bookish-nobody bookish-reads bookish-related bookish-shenanigans bookish-soliloquies bookish-thinking bookishbowties bookishchatter bookishfanboy bookishfellows bookishleaves bookishgirlthings bookishlyaffected bookishmadness bookishwave bookishreaders bookishwallflower bookishworld bookishworld-main bookishwonderlands bookisphere bookitybookitybooks booklife4life booklikes booklover bookloverkat booklovingbibliophile booklovingirl bookmania bookmad bookmatchmaker booknerdjenny booknerd-worldgeek booknerd197 booknerdreads bookpeace bookphile bookpillows bookprince bookquotesfromanerd bookrecs bookriot books books-and-ashes books-and-bubbles books-and-chocolate books-and-coffee-lover books-and-cookies books-and-library-nerd books-and-squats books-anovelidea books-are-my-life17 books-are-my-escape books-are-my-happy-ending books-books-feminism books-books1234 books-booksandmorebooks books-cupcakes books-foreverandalways books-give-you-wings books-glorious-books books-infinities books-make-it-better books-n-dreams books-tea-cats-dance books-the-most-powerful-weapons books-to-me books-to-love books-wrote-my-story booksactually booksad booksandhotchocolate booksand-beyond booksand-cats booksandahotbeverage booksandblankets booksanddebris booksandeverything-in-between booksandheros booksandpostits booksandpublishing booksandtea booksandquills booksandteacups booksandtheirstories booksarebetterthanpopcorn booksarebomb booksarefriends booksarehereforyou booksarehugs booksaremadeofawesome booksaremycupoftea booksareperfection booksareportals booksaretruelove booksattack booksbeyondimagining bookscoffeeandcats booksgamesmovies booksdirect booksfrommyshelf bookshelfadventures bookshelfbelle bookshelfblogger bookshelflife bookshelves-infinity bookshelves-and-house-elves bookshelves2full booksimpressions booksinourstars bookslooks booksmook bookspark booksnblankets booksnmore booksnotlovers booksofeverything booksofmylife booksownme booksopeningdoors booksplosion booksquoteslove bookstainedsoul booksteagoodcompany bookster-lover booksterdam booksthatstartwitha booksturnmugglesintowizards bookswifts bookswithbazzi bookswithbenefits bookswithburry bookswithkris booksy-books booksydaisyreviews booksyrup booktivities booktown booktubenews booktubes bookworminabox bookworm-of-camelot bookworm10111 bookworm854 bottombookshelf boyishbookworm brazilianbookishgirl breathe-in-books breathetheroads breathingbooks bri17marie14 brideofsevenless brilliant-bibliophile bringithmebooks british-teenager brittsbookshelf brittsreadery brookebooks browneyed-gypsyqueen brunettebibliophile btwnbooks bumblebookbee busybooklr buttercupsbookclub 


cadettecarswellthorne caffeinatedchapters caffeinated-bibliophile callmebookish came-too-far captainenvyarchive captaingally captainlibrarynerdstuff captivatedbybooks captureitrememberit carrieeedaway casuallybreaking cat-thecatlady catphaneuf caughtinabookhangover caughtwithinpages certainrandomthings chaotic-bookshelf charlie-and-books chris-reads-books chroniclebooks chronicintrovert cinderglass city-of-adventures cityof-heavenlybooks clarade-lune classicpenguin clockworkbibliophile codenamereader coffee-books-tea coffeenotes coffeeandlit coffeeforcollege coffeepeople coffeestainsandbookpages colour-of-a-rain-cloud communitybookstore compelledbybooks completelybooked compulsivebookworm confessionsofbooklr confirmance cornreadsbooks cosmictangerinedream countingbooks cozyrainydaybooks crazy-happy-bookworm crownofpages crazyweirdbookworm currentlyreadingthatbook cup-of-letters cupcakesniffer cuppateaandabook curls-and-books dancers-and-dragons dancingthroughthepages days-of-reading darcythornton daughterofmortalinstruments deadpoetsmusings dear-fantine derramo didyousaybooks different-nerd divergentofficial divergent-fangirl divergentsource divergentsraven diversityinya dontthinksomuch doorinthegrove doorwayintootherworlds doubledaybooks dragonsinthewords drea-alfa-wolf dreaming-at-nightfall dreamlabyrinth dreams-with-eyes-wide-open duckduckbooks duckduckandaway dukeofbookingham dustjacketreview dystopianbookworm eadlynschreaveofillea earlanddoriangray ejsmash ekbarnesauthor elisabsuniverse emilialua1 enchantedreading endlesslibraries englishmajorhumor englishmajorinrepair epicreads escapingintoabook escape-through-books everyonelovesbooks eveardeen evielikesbooks 


fairytalemood falling-inlove-with-books fan-of-many-fandoms fandomsandship fandooms-and-books fangirl-blair fangirltothemoon fanne97 fantasticworldofliterature fantasysongreads fashion-by-the-book fearnotthepen feedthefiction feelingsofthesecondarycharacters fetchingreads fiction-bibliophile fictionalheroine fictionalworldtraveller findinghomeinabook findingpaper finnickodaier fireflies2344 fireinthestars-book firstjumper-tris fishingboatproceeds flippingintofantasy flourishandblotted foldedbetweenthepages folding-corners fondofbooks-sheis foodhumor foralltheplacesitravel foreverbookish foreverlostinliterature formerly-thebookhangover forthe-love-of-books fourtriss fouurr fortheloveofthebook frankensteinanddarcy freakofliterature freckles-and-books frenchkissanna frie-nds freshface-blankpage friendlybookworm g-r-a-c-e-f-a-c-e galadriel-of-lorien game-of-books garrulus gayleforman garyranger gatsbook geekybookscollection genderbentlordoftheflies giggle gingerbookblogger girlthatreads girlovesbokks gladerintheglade gloriouszion god-loves-u-sweetheart goldenbooksblog  goodbadanduglybooks goodbooks-prettyjournals goodcoffeebetterbooks goodreadsindeed gr8writingtips grangerandherbooks groovygoat01 greekgeekshelly granny-reads-books haillynne hannahmarie-reads happy-readers hardbackednooks hassel-hassel haveabookmydear hazel-rose-h heartbreakingwords herreadingglasses heyteenbookshey hidden-in-the-chapters hipstersbook hopefulladywonderland hreadsbooks hugbooks hummingbooks


j-k-reading jadeholifield :) janeaustentime jessethereader johngreendaily just-shower-thoughts journaling-junkie journeyintotheshelves joycepauline juicyfilms-books jumpinginmymoonshoess just-one–more-page justalittlebooknerd justalittlebookcrazy justanotherbookblr kayleedactle keep-the-pages-turning kelbywoo14 kerouacmeoff keytounknownlibraries kids-and-their-falling-boys kikyra34 kissabookworm kissyour-lips kittymaiden knightsdragons knittingandbooks knocking-books-down kristinathebookaholic l-now-walk-into-the-wild larasjean larcber leylinedrifter latte-art latte-books lauren-oliver leatherbound-books leftmyheartbetweenthepages lettersandlight librarianproblems librarianlucy librarianish library-grrl library-heaven librarygirl12 libraryshelves lifeofbookworm librarysniffer lifewithchronicmigraine light-and-serenity28 likearegularbookworm lissyreads listentothepages literatureismyutopia listhacks literaryglamour literature-and-coffee literatureilove literatureloveaffair little-bookish-things littlebooklings littlebookowl littlesbookblog lived-a-thousand-lives living-between-paperbacks livingmydaydreams livingoffbooksandtea locked-in-the-pages locs-and-books lonelyfour longlivethebookqueen look-infinitehazels lost-in-dreams-ocean loudreads love-books-films-and-music love-multifandomgirl lovebeingabookaddict loveforeading loveforeading lovelyenchantedwords lovelyowlsbooks lovereadingreadingismylife loveyabooks lucyreadsromance lovingprideandprejudice 


maddyten madhatterssbookshelf magnetmoose malelibrarian mariadahvanaheadley marielubooks mariethelibrarian marylovesbooks matildasbookshelf mazerunnermovie meanstoabookend memyselfandabookshelf merilibooks michellehodkin michael-gainey milareadsbooks milestogobefore-isleep mind-constellations mingledyarns mischievousbookfairy miss-bookish misslizzibennet missdarcy87 missinlightningbugs mockingday mockingjaysource monthlybookreview mostarrdently muggleborndauntlessinitiate mybibliophileside mybook-haven mybookloversblog mybooktopia mychemicalbooks mykingdomofbooks mypaperparadise mynameisbibliophile mythousandlifetimes myweekendsbooked mywonderfulpaperworld nataliedormear naturallysteph nerdsraisingnerds nerdy-books-and-fangirling nerdygraykitty newtsbookblog nicolesbookreviews nicoledigan nightleafreads nightlockbooks nocturnalbookworm noemisbooknook noisilyvirtualbooknerd noseinabook novels novelreveries novelsandnailpolish obsessedwithnovels obsessive-book-disorder obsessivegirlfan oceanofreading oceanoftears octoberreads ofliterarynature oddlittlereader ofbooksandbookworms ofpagesandchapters ofpagesandink ohhreader ohsomanybooks oldknittingandbooks optimistically-inclined onthewingsofbooks ourworldinsidebooks overwhelmed-by-books owl-i-want-is-books owlcrate paellego pagesfullofstars pagesfullofstars-moved pagesniffersparadise paigeinbooks pandasandbooks paperbackcastles paperback-dreamer paperbackcities paperbackd paperbackcastles papertownsy partnersinbooks perksofreadingbooks perks-of-being-kawaii pixelatedfangirl plagal poetryproliferation pollyandbooks prettybooks prettypaperback problemsofabooknerd proverbs-and-prophecies proudbookjunk psychofactz qualityfangirls queennovella quirkbooks quoted-books quotemybooks 


rainbow-books rand0mbookgirl ravenette rapunzelie read-and-be-merry read-chocolate-books readandbejoyful readaroundtherosie readthebloodybook readbeforeyouwrite readbooksandescape readeatquote readerinprogress readerofstories readerxpro readingperks reading-books101 readin-n-dreamin reading-out-loud reading-takes-you-places reading-to-be-lost readingandtheatre reading-with-lattesnlipstick readingbooksdrinkingtea readingdidyoumeanbreathing readingfreak readingismyhustle readingisbreathing readingwiththeowls readinglunch readinsolitude readmyselfaway readsomemore readsthebooks readunderthestars realrobynschneider realitiesescaped refrescorojo redlipstickandcombatboots reviewallthebooks rosehathaway5000 rosey-reads samreads sarah-lou-who sarcasticpirate sassyfour screamingiminlovewithyou screamingbooks secrets-teen-bookworm secretfangirl221b senseysensibility seriustory shaaaaymitch shaileneywoodley shaewoodley she-loves-books she-was-too-fond-of-books shecarriedthestars sheisbooked shuckitnewt shutupfour sincerelybooked singulariteas skyfullofowls sleepy-bookworm smellofthepages smiley-dmd slightlyignorant soo-many-books-so-little-time so-im-a-fangirl soihaveabookblognow sooorry-im-booked sophieinbookland sophienizynskireads sortingmypriorities study-well spearmintpatty stacksofbooksandcoffee stackofbooks stiiiiiiiles stephanotis97 stashingbooks staystrong-mydarling summerscourtney susanwho swoonreads swaggykillerbee stories-to-live-by stephisamess


talkingbookworm taylorswift tea-and-vintagebooks tea-and-bookishness tea-books-and-middleearth tea-books-lover tea-books-lover-main tea-trees-books teachingliteracy tearsofwonder teas-and-pages teacoffeebooks thatbooksmell thatcozybooknook telltaleink teastainedpage tessalivesandbreathesbooks tetheredtobooksandthesea that-bookworm thatgirlwholovesreading thatgirlreads thatonereader the-belief-in-books the-book-ferret the-amazing-bookshelf the-book-addict the-book-labyrinth the-bookish-wanderer the-doodle-ninja the-evergreen-reader the-hidden-dragon the-joy-of-reading the-library-and-step-on-it theartofnotwriting the-literaryowl the-shy-introvert the-redhead-that-reads the-smell-of-books theaebarber theangelscity theanthonyreads thebibliofiles theartofyoungadult thebibliophileblogger thebook-pusher thebook-whisperer thebook-raider thebookbanshee thebookcafee thebookcastle thebooker thebookfix thebookishdragon thebookhangover thebookfreakthatlovesmusic thebooklandrealm thebooklands thebookloving-teagirl thebookmine thebookofowls thebookproblems thebookrealm thebooksanctum thebooksiholddearly thebookthrone thebooktrend thebookstorebeauty thebookupapp thechosenpages theboywhoreadsbooks thebookwormbrittany thecityofbookshelves theclassicsreader theeverlastingword thefaultsinourwallflowers thefictionologist thegirlandherbooks thegirlwithglassbooks thegodwhosaves thehappybookishdinosaur thehana7991 theintrovertedartist theintrovertbookfreak theintrovertedgirlygirl thelifeofabibliophile theliteraryluggage thelovely-books thelunarchroniclesbooks themiddleshelf theperksofbeingabookseller theosjames theonewholovesbooks thenovelblogger theperksofbook thereadables thereaderbee therealelizabethbennet theredbookpanda thereaderinourstars theresabookinmynook thesedustypages theselectioness theunitedbookdom theselectiongivesmefeels theveganbooklady thewhitespacesbetweenthewords thewildredreader thewondersofbookshelves theworldofabookworm thewritingcafe thingsaboutbooks thisisjustabookblog thominho thomasangester tied-together-with-a-bow tilly-and-her-books today-im-a-dreamer together-we-are-a-cyclone tohiaseaton tootsierolll toskahiraeth totallynotabooknerd tranceofreading transparentbookshelf travelbookslife travelingworlds traveller-europe-takeover traveltheworldwithaflaskoftea treesofreverie turningpagebooks twentyone-bookish-bands twirlingpages twirlyeleven trinareadsbooks typical-musical-bookworm two-lumpsofsugar-and-tea ultravylance unapologeticallybookish unboundbooks unintendedwonderwall unravelthestory untexting 


valeriareadsbooks veronica-rossi (aka, my favorite author, EVER) vibinwithbooks vintagelibraries wake-up-and-smell-the-books wanderlustforbooks wattpad wayfaringreader welcomeinitates welcometotheworldoffandoms wewalkbyfaith whatlovelybooks whatwouldidowithoutbooks wherethewildbooksare whitesnowandredrose winter-cap wishfulbookkeeping wittybookdragon womenreading wonderfullybookish wonderlandbooks wondrousbooks wordbookstores wordsfromthesugarbowl wordsto-remember worshipgifs wowchesters write-me-jessica writetothestars writtenbybella xgingerbookworm (I love your hair, btw) xotruegirlxo xpaperbacksandteax yahighway yabookers ya-book-reports ya-bookluver yabookscentral yadaily yaseriesinsiders yeahitsmarina yodareads youmeandbooks youngadultatbooktopia youngadultlityay youngadultread youthbookreview zuzumes zoethebookbender 

Some blogs that have been here from the beginning: 





books-and-cookies (Thanks for everything! I have always admired you and your blog tremendously from the very beginning of my blog, so I just want to say thank you so much! You are an awesome human being!)

introvertedbookworm24 (Thank you, too! I have always seriously admired and looked up to you and your blog from the beginning! Thanks for everything and continue to be the awesome person that you are!)

I could go on and on and on and, well, you get the idea! If I forgot you, I’m sorry! Feel free to message me and ask me (nicely, or, you know, I probably won’t add you) to add you to the list. This took me, literally, all day yesterday to do, and, you’ve probably noticed some notifications saying I mentioned you in posts, and I’m sorry about that, those wouldn’t post, so I have spent another day (today) going back and retyping everything, and I do mean everything, so I can now post this Ultimate Follow Forever! (Let’s hope and pray it works this time!) Okay! I am officially done, so, one last time, I am going to say THANK YOU EVERYONE! :) :D :) :D :) :D :) Have a great, wonderful, awesome, amazing day! (Or night!) :) :D :) :D :) :D :) 

I wanted to do this for a couple of different reasons, mainly because this year I discovered the book bloggers of Tumblr and because of this my love of books was reignited and I have discovered and read so many new, amazing books. And I have all of you lovely people to thank for it. Also because I recently hit 1600 followers which is CRAZY and again down to YOU so thanks!

So really this a list of my favourite bookish blogs. I love seeing you all on my dash everyday and every time you like a post of mine or send me a message it’s really brightens my day. Thank you!!!

I really wanted to make this before the year was out so I’m really sorry if I missed anyone!

bold = special place in my heart *hugs*…if you’re not bold then I still love you and I’d eventually love to be able to call you all friends so please come and chat to me if you want to!

• • •

# - b


c - j


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p - s


t - z


I know I haven’t made any follow forever since I made this blog not because I don’t want to but because I find it hard to choose which blogs to include without having to put every single blog I follow. But because it’s my blog’s second birthday and the end of the year, I think it’s time to make one. 

escapingintoabook | ifreakinlovebooks | thebooker | girlthatreads | maugrimsbetweenbooksandfandoms | 

gwendolenfairfaxx | devine-infinities | lostinfictionbooks  

booksandahotbeverage | prettybooks | booksandtea | booksfrommyshelf | bookaddict24-7 | bookish-thoughts | compelledbybooks | literatureismyutopia | books-cupcakes | noseinabook | ifyougaveagirlabook | acciobooksandsunshine | samreads |coolnerdyreader | grangerandherbooks | 

shriekingbooks | booksaremadeofawesome | feelingsofthesecondarycharacters | betweenscrawledletters | talkingbookworm |  youngadultread | bookphile | booksthatstartwitha | literaryescapist | bookmadtravismdxx | yabookers | superbooked |

 alittlebookthief | kissabookwormtheheroinenextdoor | bookprince | joyfulchild | printedwordsonuncutpagesbooksandsugarquills |

 tea-books-and-blanketssolitudeinbooks | thelovelylifeofareader | blame-it-on-the-books | asolitarybookworminbetweenfictionandreality | bookshelves-infinity | readsomemore | bookswithkrisseizethebook | parchmentsandquills thebookhangover | didyousaybooks | eternal-books | booksarefriends | abookblog | paperbackd

There are more awesome book blogs on my BLOGROLL

Thank you for following me here and on my other blogs, I really do appreciate it.

To my followers and everyone I follow : THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE PAST TWO YEARS WONDERFUL! Here’s to another year together.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! :D - Gayle

Follow Forever

Hey guys! I’ve recently spiked over the 900 follower mark and I thought I’d do a little shout out to all the blogs I love and adore for this occasion - some of them are witchy and some of them are not. Enjoy!

A: auntiecakewitch, arcanemysteries, aneclecticyoungwitch, astralpink, a-tigersjaw, actually-an-elf.

B: br0ken-and-lost, bunkyy, babytarot, bewitchingsasstiiel.

C:  constantine-spiritworker, chaosisyourfriend, casual-witchery, craftingawitch, craftofthewitch

D:  deadl0cks, demon-disguised-angel 

E:  emeraldthewitch, eclecticgreenwitch, etneybrokenstone

F: flaming-demisexual

G: greenwit-ch

I:  insanityraginginside, i-am-what-lives-in-the-woods, idle-ghosts, imawitchywitch

K:  kahlinka, kookywitchboy, kindbelladonna, kat-of-a-different-color

M: mamawinterwolf

N:  novembersdawn, nightshadeandroses

P:  psy-anide

R: rhiannonchristine 

S:  supreme-astrology

T:  till-the-stars-go-out, texaschainsaw-witch, theouijagirl

V: venus-rabbit

W: wanderedlust, witching-aint-easy, witchphreak

Z:  zagreaus

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! I was following lots of book blogs on tumblr but they were all too similar so I unfollowed most so now I follow around 30 people.. You are my favorite can you tell me other blogs that post content similar to yours or your favurite blogs?? Blogs that are varied like yours, not just young adult. Please give me over 25 suggestions because my dashboard is nearly always empty....

Oh my gosh, thank you! <3 And of course I can recommend some of my favourite blogs to follow! Here’s a short list of the people I stalk regularly admire from afar: 

ablogwithaview - acambridgestudent - astreeeaneee - beautiful-bibliophile - beckisbookshelfbooksfrommyshelf - bibliochor - bookissues - bookslooks - bookphile - bookishwanderings​ - bookswithbazzi - dukeofbookingham - englishmajorinrepair - feelingsofthesecondarycharacters - freckles-and-books - gweargroal - harley-reads - insidethebookreader - isilluminating - ladyariels - magicofstories - myownliteraryself - negative-pessimist - noseinabookohidigressoptimistsdaughter - paellego - paperbackcastles - prettybookish -  prettybooks - readthebloodybook - sleepyshawl -  stxrybooks - theaebarber - thebookcastle - thebooker - thefictionologist - theitchofliterature - thelastparagraph9 - the-rybrary - thesaltyowl - tilly-and-her-books - traveltheworldwithaflaskoftea - violinwaist - windblownpages - yanlogic-soinsainthood - youngadultread 

These are the blogs that I’ve noticed I either reblog (a lot) from or look up to because of their wit and humor, or because their tastes are similar to mine and/or we have a rapport. You asked for over 25 blogs, I’ve given you a list of blogs thats close to 50 (Sorry, not sorry) and even then its not the entire list of all my favourite blogs! The aforementioned blogs contain varied content like you asked and trust me, your dashboard will never be empty or dull any more! Cheers!!

YABookers haven’t done a follow forever in a while and it seems like the trend at the moment, so here you go! These are our favourite book blogs and they’re all pretty awesome! The list isn’t in any specific order, we love you all just the same! <3

thebooker ⋆ omfgbooks ⋆ mylovelysummergirl ⋆ compelledbybooks ⋆ inlovewithreading ⋆ paperbackd ⋆ superbooked ⋆ bookprince ⋆ thebookhangover ⋆ kissabookworm ⋆ thebooknextdoor ⋆ prettybooks ⋆ libraryshelves ⋆perkybooks ⋆ didyousaybooks ⋆ isilluminating ⋆books-cupcakes ⋆ booksandhotchocolate ⋆ youngadultread ⋆ thelittlebookblog ⋆ literaryescapist ⋆ thebookhangover ⋆ lovelyowlsbooks ⋆ thegirlofnovels ⋆ staybookish ⋆ bookmad ⋆ thebookishdragon ⋆ thegirlandherbooks ⋆ noseinabook ⋆ qualityfangirls ⋆ reignofbooks  ⋆ bottombookshelf ⋆ animperialafflictionbyfiction ⋆ bookphile ⋆ gwendolenfairfaxx ⋆ pprbckd ⋆ deliriaforbooks ⋆ yapages ⋆ yalitdaily ⋆inkyopinions ⋆ onthebookshelf ⋆ folding-corners ⋆ anothergenericbookblog ⋆ queennovella ⋆ bookandwords ⋆ the-book-ferret ⋆ yagraphics ⋆ young-adult-books ⋆ beautiful-bibliophile  ⋆ paperbackcastles 

This next list are of blogs that are fanfom specific or multifandom! (Still bookish, though!)

maugrims ⋆ lvashkovadrian ⋆ adrianivaskov ⋆ tobiasherondale ⋆ cromwyll ⋆ clarysrunes ⋆ asheathes ⋆ dievrgent ⋆ clarymorningstar ⋆ willherondale ⋆ daisycalloway ⋆ myangeltessa ⋆ e-mmacarstairs ⋆ sydriansmadness ⋆ themazereader ⋆ shallandavar ⋆ teresagray ⋆ agentthao ⋆ penrynyoung ⋆ jemherondale ⋆ adriancarstairs ⋆ greywaren ⋆ shadowandbone ⋆ trcdaily ⋆ lunardaily ⋆ l-inhcinder 

YABookers is a sideblog so we follow on our main blogs! We’ve probably missed people, if we have we’re sorry!

I’ve been running this blog for almost a month and a half now and 150 followers seems like a milestone worth celebrating (although Siegfried doesn’t look very happy here), so I decided to compile a list of some blogs for you to check (mostly my mutuals).

Thank you for sharing my interest in literature and history, for your nice messages, and for your own informative and entertaining posts. Hopefully you’ll find new sources of all kinds of things below.

In alphabetical order:

algernon-wyse * anawfullotoftigers * andrebagoo * angeltoska * anglosquare * apopyllus-now * arcadiaego * asplendidaffair * asyayay * bibliochor * carlopaulus * christopherrealism * classroominthewoods * cmissary * colossalvitalityofillusion * cor-inquietum * davidcorvine * deathisabitch * dmaurier * drop-da-bates * eaudewerther * ebparentheses * edinburghblogger * even-in-arcadia * evoquezcesgenerationsperdues * exsanguinationcontrol * fille-du-nord * fromthebygone * herautsurnaturel * honeyfred * ignite0me * ishervvood * islandadventures * jenpainter * knightsofsummer * larazontally * laura-silvae * lillyandliberty * limeys * linepainter * lord-kitschener * lucerei * mayakovsky6 * michaelgayland * mooncontramundum9 * mydearchevy * new–tomorrows * notaboutheroes * novemberfoxtrot * nyebevans * old-glory * ouphrontis * pablo-neurotic * prancy * pseudoculture * queerwatson  * recalled–to–life * redmayne-pontmercy * rufussixmith * scheisskaiser * sibyllae * siegfriedssassoon * sontagbloodysontag * tadeusch * thecrackedkettle * thecultoftheamateur * thelittlegreenpig * themastersbeard * thomastherhymer * tirezaveclesdeuxmains * trashofvenice * unarosaconlespine * underground-tracks * universeofviolets * velarapproximant * velociraptorwithaquillpen * warfilm * whalestoeletters * whaudens * whitespats * whyhellocynthia * wilfredowen * wolvesinthebay * wordsandshadows * ziggy-rigby

If you have any questions, comments, requests (within the scope of my interests/materials at hand + possibly something about Poland) – message me.

I’d also like to hear how you found some of your favourite writers/poets because such stories can be very interesting – you can send them to me (anonymously or not) if you feel like it ;)

TheBookHangover's 2k13 Follow Forever

It is now January 1st, 2014 in my neck of the woods and I thought I’d start off the new year with a list of my favourite book blogs (or book-related blogs) of 2013. Some of these blogs are on here because they’re amazing people, some are here because they make amazing graphics, and some just run awesome blogs that I admire.


asheathes | bisexual-books | bloodybrilliantbooks | books-cupcakes | bookmad | bookporn | bookprince | booksandhotchocolate | booksandtea | booksfrommyshelf | booktown


didyousaybooks | dievrgent | enchantedreading | fuckyeahyoungadultlit | gryfflndor | gwendolenfairfaxx | ifreakinlovebooks | iprefertoread


noseinabook | ofpagesandchapters | paperbackd | readingrook


thebooker | thebookishdragon | thewritingcafe | trashybooks | travismdxx | what-lovely-books | yabookers

Over the past few years I have discovered many book blogs that I’ve come to love and enjoy. I’ve also developed friendships that I will cherish forever. To show my appreciation I want to take a moment to share with you my favorite book blogs on tumblr! 

First and foremost I would like to give a special thanks to the following blogs for being so supportive, caring and just all around amazing. Thank you for being my friends. Love you!!

buttermybooks ♥ iprefertoread  ♥  bookphile ♥ magic-in-every-book ♥  

Bold: Blogs I love!


booksownme , bookaddict24-7 , bookmad , bloodybrilliantbooks , bookporn , compelledbybooks , crini-allaboutbooks , acciobooksandsunshine , thebooker , thenovl , 23books , abookblog , amandaonwriting , bookprince , countingbooks , books-wrote-my-story , bookswithbenefits , booksandsugarquills , booksintights , adventuresonpaper , a-book-junkie , booktown , beckisbookshelf , bibliophylumbluestockingbookworm , the-book-ferretbookdrunkinlovereviews , duckduckbooks , booksandwords , buttermybooks , bookishchatter,


epicreads , flourishandblotted , girlthatreads , eternal-books , faery-tales-and-nightmares , hccfrenzy , fizzlereads freckles-and-books


literatureismyutopia , lauren-oliver , libraryshelves , laurenreadsya , library-heaven , livingthroughbooks , youngadultread , jreadsya , booksareperfection , jessethereader , ifreakinlovebooks


noseinabook, omfgbooksprettybooksprettypaperback , nicolesbookreviews , paperbackd , myheartheartsbooks , miminour , paygeturner , problemsofabooknerd , newtsbookblog , novelreveries , mariethelibrarian


teacoffeebooks , tea-books-and-blankets , theresalikesbooks , thatonereader , readingfreak , readinglunch , turningpagebooks , read-tea-breathe , treesofreverie , rainydayscoffeeandbooks , rainbowrowell , sooorry-im-booked , theboywhoreadsbooks , thebooker , thebookblr


unboundbooks , what-lovely-books , wondrousbooks , yabookers 

Thank you all for being such fantastic, friendly, devoted, and inspirational book blogs! 

So, I reached 1k Followers a few days ago and i wanted to say Thank you one more time to everyone who helped me reach this amazing number of Followers and to everyone who just followed me or follows me for a while now. It means so so much to me that you follow my little Blog! When I first joined Booklr I didn´t even imagine getting more than 100 Followers and look where I am  now haha. Everyone on here has been really nice to me and I´m glad I found a place where I can talk about books and Tv shows as much as I want without annoying anyone. Thank you again! If you ever need anyone to talk, I´ll try my best to be a good listener.

Originally posted by rukiimi

Okay, enough emotional shit! To celebrate I´ll do my second Follow Forever, this time (hopefully) including all my favourite Book/Fandom blogs that I really love (and will follow forever :D ) some of you may don´t even know who I am

xgingerbookworm //  bookslivresandlibros // adarlansassasssin // ianbrunner //  
fallingfxrbooks // wondrousbooks //  poeticteaholic // immzies-adventures-through-books // alwaysbuythebook // mystackofbooks //  mariethelibrarian // 
allgoodbooks // inthebookcorner //  voidpercy // dembooksdoee // thefictionologist // boyishbookworm //  themundanemuggle // ananasbooks // 
booknerdjenny // a-bookish-feminist // ahoybooks // thefandomwhoolived // 
resident-book-nerd // booksterdam //  fiction-enthusiast // bookish-wonderland // francesandbooks //  thebookdreamer // the-seventhavenger // city-of-fiction //  thebibliophileconfessions // readinsolitude // rosey-reads // paellego // bisexual-book-thief // teacoffeebooks // that-bookworm // bookavid // 
sparkylovesbooks // boneseasonofglass // sofsbooks // teaandalotofbooks // bookswithbazzi // the-bookish-blog // pocahontis-little-book-nook //  cat-thecatlady //  tranceofreading // ursula-uriarte // shelivesinbooks // clockworkbibliophile // charlie-and-books // stuckinafictionaluniverse // 
booksbringmagic // alesreads // loquaciouslyliterate // stacks-full-of-books // 
ohsomanybooks // tessalivesandbreathesbooks // reignofbooks // 
seducedbybooks // kaylasreads // thequeenofbooklr // the-amazing-bookshelf // the-shybooks //  lemonade-and-literature // booksattack // kat-from-minasmorgul // pillowsandbooks // thebookthrone // youthbookreview // 
theworldofabookworm // ifreakinlovebooks // books-booksandmorebooks // 
screamingbooks // celestial-delinquent // beautyofb00ks //  cityof-heavenlybooks //  harley-reads // bookdrunkdemigod // between-the-chapters // onechaptermore // bagfullofbooks // heartbreakingwords // wittybookdragon // foreverbookish // amberthebooklion // books-and-violins // thehappybookishdinosaur // antstepsbooks // thewildredreader //  thequeenofstories // booksnbutterbeer // ohhreader  //  longlivethebookqueen // the-belief-in-books // books-and-cookies // 
anislandofbooks //  theboywhoreadsbooks // mychemicalbooks // bookdrunkinlove // thewizardthatreads //  dukeofbookingham // 
littlebooklings //  the-book-ferret // beckisbookshelf // 
rainydayscoffeeandbooks // readingdidyoumeanbreathing // booksandheros // 
thereaderinourstars //  thebookishdragon // alibraryismyparadise // 
kristinathebookaholic // lovelyowlsbooks //  b00kishfantasy // bookwild // readthebloodybook // whatlovelybooks //  buttermybooks // stxrybooks // 
badassbookhugger // perksofreadingbooks // readaroundtherosie // pollyandbooks // foodsnbooks // loonylovesbooks //  bookmad // 
abookblog //  thebookhangover //  mariesbookblog // ignited-by-books // booksandeverything-in-between // tilly-and-her-books //  thebooker // introvertedbookworm24 //  bluestockingbookworm // theboywhocriedbooks //

okay this list is really fucking long, I´m sorry 

I recently reached my next thousand so I thought I’d mention my fave blogs/people since I’ve never actually done a Follow Forever before. I probably haven’t spoken to a bunch of you that much but I love ya all the same. I’m also probably forgetting someone and you’re probably already following most of these peeps but if not you totally should. but okay, in no particular order: 

j-k-reading ☆ superbibliophile ☆ abooklyingidle ☆ literatureloveaffair ☆ the-book-ferret ☆ trashybooks ☆ thebooker ☆ tea-books-lover ☆ bookmad ☆ writer-robin ☆ longlivethebookqueen ☆ bookdrunkinlovereads-alot ☆ thebookhangover ☆ perksofreadingbooks ☆ books-and-cookies ☆ bluestockingbookworm ☆ booksturnmugglesintowizards ☆ bookavid ☆ thesedustypages ☆ tilly-and-her-books ☆ beckisbookshelf ☆ books-and-wolves ☆ introvertedbookworm24 ☆ manikinfear ☆ magic-in-every-book ☆ literaryescapist ☆ neverendingnovels ☆ duckduckbooks ☆ queennovella ☆ boyishbookworm ☆ mychemicalbooks ☆ negative-pessimist ☆ octoberreads ☆ matildasbookshelf ☆ letmereadinpeace ☆ foreverlostinliterature ☆ booklovingbibliophile ☆  the-bookshelf-at-the-end ☆ *stops cos its getting long*<3

This entire year has been completely and entirely amazing. From starting this blog in April, to meeting Alexandra Bracken (!!) and hitting 2k followers, this year has soared past my expectations. I want to thank each and every one of you for following my blog and helping this year be the best one I’ve had in a long time. Here are some of the blogs that have made 2014 special, and will (hopefully) continue to make the following years even better! (Sorry if I forgot anyone, I think I got everyone though :D). 

Happy New Year, everyone! :D

Bolded are mutuals. 


abookislife | abookthiefandawordshaker | aboutbooksanddreams | a-boy-and-his-books | acciobooksandsunshine | adventuresonpaper | alibraryismyparadise | alittlebookthief | ananasbooks | aperfectbookshelf | aqueenofbabble | beckisbookshelf | betweenbooksandfandoms | bibliophilejournal | bittenbybooksblog | bloodybrilliantbooks | bluestockingbookworm | bookandwords | booksarefriends | bookbaristas | bookedj | bookeuphoria | bookishleaves | bookishwallflower | bookmad | booknerdjenny | book-pause | bookphile | bookprince | bookriot | books-and-ashes | books-and-cookies | books-andfeminism | booksandhotchocolate | booksandstraycats | booksandsugarquills | booksandtea | booksandquills | booksareportals booksc0ffee-andtea | books-cupcakes | booksfrommyshelf | booksnbutterbeer | booksofmydreams | bookshelves-infinity | booksturnmugglesintowizards | bookswithkris | books-wrote-my-story | bookthehalls | book-topia | booktown | bookwardeverlasting | callmebookish | chronicintrovert | cityof-heavenlybooks | cityoflostlightwoods | codenamevani | compelledbybooks | crushingonbooks |


daughter-of-blood-and-starlight | deadpoetsmusings | direwoif | diversityinya | duckduckbooks | dukeofbookingham | enathebookworm | englishmajorinrepair | eternal-books | falling-inlove-with-books | fangirling-overbooks | ficticiouslives | findinghomeinabook | fireflybooks | folding-cornersfuckyeahyoungadultlit | funnilybookish | 


gatsbook | ginmpotter | hannahmarie-readsheyteenbookshey | highlyfunctioning-fangirl | iamnotyourbook| inbetweenfictionandreality | ifreakinlovebooks | inkandboundpages | insomnious-bookworm | intoxicatingstories | introvertedbookworm24 | introverted-reader | iprefertoread | isilluminating | ipreferbooks | kimrainbows31 | kissabookwormlandofwrittenwords | livinginabookstore | longlivethebookqueen |


magic-in-every-book | mind-feed | mybook-haven | noseinabook | obsessivereaderandwriter| ofpagesandchapters | ohremus | oliverswinford | olivianbooks | @organizingbookshelves | perksofreadingbooks | prettybookish | prettybooks | prettypaperback | readaroundtherosie readbeforeyouwrite | readingismycupoftea | readingwritingtea | read-tea-breathereadthebloodybook | reignofbooksromanticreader |


seizethebook | shesgotthebooks | sheisbooked | she-was-too-fond-of-bookssincerelybooked | sofiaisthere soo-many-books-so-little-time | sooorry-im-booked | starvingpoets | stxrybooks | superbooked | talkingbookwormthatbooksmell | thatonereader | thatwriterchickyouknow | the-angels-have-the-bookshelves | theartofnotwriting | the-book-addict | thebookcastle | thebookerthe-book-ferret | thebookhangover | thebookishdragon | thebook-lover | thebookmine | thebooksniffffer | thebookqueen | thefictionologist | thefictiontree | theneverendingworldofbooks | theperksoflovingtoread |  thescalex | thewildredreader | this-book-nerd | thisisjustabookblog | tilly-and-her-books | treesofreverie | turningpagebooks | turn-the-paige-over | twentysomethingvagabond | unboundbooks | waitingforwinterr | what-lovely-books | wherethebookwormlives | with-a-book | wondrousbooks | writinglivingbreathing | writtenbybella | yaay-books | yabookers | yainterrobang | youngadultatbooktopia youngadultread |


NEW VIDEO: “SUED BECAUSE OF MY BOOK - reblog if you want me to check out your blog! i’ll be following a bunch of people who do! :]

Let’s just ignore my ugly banner and appreciate that the highly requested REIGN OF BOOKS FOLLOW FOREVER IS HERE!!! This is a list of my favorite blogs and my followers also deserve to have these awesome bloggers on their dash. I love you guys so much, thank you for existing! 




My summer vacation just started and I just hit 14k followers (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و !!
It baffles me at how much people actually bothered to follow me for my edits/art/whatever I post and that makes my heart warm and nice because that (might?) mean you guys appreciate all the work I put into my blog :’) 
Anyways! The thing is, I appreciate you too, A LOT, because this blog and tumblr overall is like a safe haven where I can run away from reality, talk to lovely people and generally just enjoy my free time. Thank you all <3

Let me keep the cheesy things short so here are the blogs that show up on my wonderful dash that make/reblog amazing content that you guys should all definitely follow ok you won’t regret

dehcimdehkimdressrosasescarleteseyepatch-centipedefantero-tghaisesaski haiseyohalf-ghoulharutenshiindyctatorishidasuijinruinosaikyojuhzoujvuzou
k-aneki​ • kaeveeoh​ • kammishiro​ • kanekiknkikokus​ • kkishou​ • kurokucchi​ • kuronekie
kyokaens​ • lenreli​ • littletinydots​ • lonelywhalelusethxiimakisshimazmakyun
maridoodlesmarincolosseomikotoraymmakotozmukoros​ • mutsukih​ • naixyai
nelkk​ • nenhunter​ • nnishikih​ • nuustal​ • oizuumi​ • onenakamapieceorpheeworuobozado
suzuyastoukyoghoultsukiymauriekukiusoappviolalandvoronasdouglanikov whitehairedanimegirlwolf49y-a-n-d-e-r-eyamakenzyamineftiszoans