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What's the difference between Yangire and Yandere?

This ask has been sitting around for quite some time, as I was not sure whether to respond with heavy sarcasm (Click that link it’s great), giving “useful” information or name a bunch of characters that fit in the two stereotypes. I decided to do a bit of the last two.


Wikipedia got it quite right and there is not much to add. Although following addition from Urban Dictionary describes it with more than one sentence:

It already speaks about Ryuuguu Rena, and the anime School Days which features Kotonoha Katsura, Hetalia features the yandere character Belarus, and I wouldn’t dare to forget Gasai Yuno from Future Diary. Queen.

As 7th in Future Diary would say “Live for love, die for love!”, this applies to the yandere stereotype. Also stopping anyone in their way in whatever manner, may it be manipulation, bulling, actually murdering, ect.

If this is all old news to you, then you probably have heard about the game called Yandere Simulator/Lovesick that is currently developed. It is, I repeat, still in development but you can try out the debug builds which are pretty good already. (Or watch YouTubers, depending what you enjoy.) 

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Yangire is a little harder to grasp than the term yandere. It starts with the same “yan”, which means violence, but ends with -gire (to snap) instead of -dere (lovely). 
Yangire’s are intelligent, charismatic and independent, hiding their real personality and wearing a mask. Unlike a yandere they are not motivated by love, but “snap” due another strong emotion like jealousy or a past trauma.

My personal favourite yangire’s are Oh Sangwoo from Killing Stalking, Dokuro-chan from Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan, Annie Leonhardt from Attack on Titan, Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter and lastly Hannibal Lecter. (I am aware that HP and Hannibal are not anime, yes.)

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Isn’t he handsome? 

Anyway, I hope that clears up the difference! 

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Do you think that Jak's hair went green as a child to blond tips as a teen because he stayed out in the sun more?

yes, absolutely!

I headcanon that some jnd humans have a gene that causes hair pigments to deteriorate and fade away with sun exposure (specifically UV radiation); this usually affects some pigments more than others, which accounts for the extreme gradients seen in some characters’ hair. In addition to Jak, Keira and several TPL npcs display this trait; Jak inherited it from his mother (it wasn’t present in the Mar lines) and he probably had the beginnings of lighter tips when he was first kidnapped since he was definitely in the sun a lot in Spargus.

Hair gradients are rarely seen in Haven due to various factors (including air pollution and city folk typically spending most of their time indoors) though it’s still technically present in the population. Most Havenites (those who ascribe to cultural norms and mainstream beauty standards) consider hair gradients an ‘undesirable’ trait, as it’s associated with heavy labour and is something of a ‘country hick’ stereotype; most city folk with the fade gene would prefer to dye their hair darker or wear it cut short in the event that they actually get enough sun to develop a gradient. By contrast, people living in the past and modern-day wastelanders are more likely to display the hair gradient phenotype as they spend a lot of time outdoors and lack the social stigma towards it, and Havenite colonies fall somewhere in the middle (small farming communities are less likely to care as much while bigger and more urban colonies like Kras generally follow the Havenite norm).

And while we’re on the topic of hair genetics, jnd humans naturally have a much wider range of available hair colours than irl humans (we have two pigments; I’d give jnd humans four to account for the possibility of green/blue/purple hair colours) and generally speaking their hair tends to be relatively light even among darker-skinned people. Also, frequent eco users commonly go white at a relatively young age, as seen with the Acherons and Damas; this is probably unavoidable for Jak as well.

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