bee joke of the day
  • me: hey what did the california sushi roll say to the bee
  • person: what
  • me: WASA-BEE!!!!!
  • person:
  • me: also it wanted to say thanks for pollinating some of its components. without avocado and cucumber would it honestly *bee* that good? probably not.
  • person: wh-
  • me: save the bees

“I don’t look at Mickey as a gay character. I look at him as a person, who happens to be gay. I think it’s weird how we, as a society, try to put the LGBT community in a box, when in fact, they are just people. They have the same complexities as you and me. That’s how I look at Mickey, as a complex person.”
Noel Fisher on Mickey Milkovich.
Morning Tumblr.