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Sounds that can be heard from my room
  • Me: issat my bOI KILLUA
  • Me: se...bas...CHAN!!!!
  • Me: *muffled screams of agony*
  • Me: ...a month without uploading he comes back with a tag...
  • Me: *every 24 minutes* his boDY ROLLS IM GONE
  • Me: ill double suicide with youuuuu
  • Me: *having a seizure*
  • Me: nico my smol son...u are too precious for this world
  • Me: its okay its okay nezumi said he will come back its okay
  • Me: *heavy breathing followed by tears*
  • Me: mikaela hyakuya is my sexuality
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i started rewatching free! with my friends and i noticed some things:

  • i literally forgot like half of it because it’s been yEARS
  • gayer than i remember
  • funnier than i remember
  • so many FEELINGS
  • honestly it’s amazing
  • i hate when ppl shit on it and call it “just fanservice & queerbait”
  • yeah there is indeed fanservice but the anime itself mocks fanservice too it’s fUN
  • also you cant make an anime about swimming without showing some half naked ppl like be realistic
  • if you havent watched free! watch it! it’s awesome!
  • dont worry if the fandom “is not active” because THREE (3) more movies are coming out this year and free! fans will rise from the ashes 
  • me: *hasn't seen the new episode but reblogs gifs from it*
  • me: I'm lying to my followers. I'm a fraud
  • me: ...
  • me: *finally sees new episode*
  • me: *reblogs more gifs, now guilt-free*

☆ R I N ☆ M A T S U O K A ☆

Watch your back - you don’t want to get bitten.

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RinHaru Week Day 5 - Fame

I feel like even when they become famous and popular, they’d still mess around a lot. Rin might try to act cool at first but then they get too tempted to mess with each other in their social media. And post stuff that they find funny (maybe even cute) about each other.

Their fans just can’t not follow their shenanigans.

Haru’s underpants based off a pair he owns that appears for a split second.

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-books?? i rlly like ari & dante and i cant think of anything else atm but books in general will do lol 

-literally anything at this point my dash is s o d e a d

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other nerdy stuff-

• Doctor Who
• Harry Potter
• Dan and Phil

I’ll go and check your blogs ^u^ Thank you !❤️

  • Me: *spends their entire life dedicated to a fictional character*
  • Me: *follows the character tag, ships them with myself, has a folder dedicated to just that one character, stays awake nearly every night until 2:00am reading fanfics of said character, will fight anyone who disagrees on their beauty and godlike presence*
  • Also me: *is still not convinced that they're obsessed*